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100 Plain White 30 Strike Matches Matchbooks Wedding

  • 100 Plain White 30 Strike Matches Matchbooks Wedding

100 Plain White 30 Strike Matches Matchbooks Wedding

£52.00 £31.20 Save: £20.80
£31.20 £52.00 You save: £20.80



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • 30 strike matches
  • 2 boxes of 50 match books
  • white jackets
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Customer Reviews

Five StarsThey were perfect. Thanks. 5Five StarsJust what I needed! 5quick shipping excellentExactly as described, quick shipping excellent price 5Need a light?High quality matches at a competitive price. 5DO NOT BUYDO NOT BUY THESE MATCHBOOKS. I bought them for my wedding and they are the absolute worst matchbooks I have ever seen. They will not light. They also state they are not glossy, which they are. If you buy them and return them, they will not refund your full money either. Again, DO NOT BUY THESE MATCHBOOKS. 1No duds!Every single one lights, some with the fire of a thousand suns. Good cheap matches. 5Buy them up like shots at a bar.Ordered these outside of amazon not knowing amazon carried these, I only just found them here. Anyway, onto the review.These are great matches, although the photo is not accurate, the ones I received are a very light brown, like thick cardboard, not black like in the picture, this is not a problem though. The sleeves they are stapled in are in fact white, and the matches do look good, but are not top of the line. I'm saving them for emergencies that include extended power outages greater than that of 1 month, cause eventually after the propane is gone, and all your lighters are empty, and there is no more gas in your car or generator, you're gonna need some way to stay warm and cook food, and that's with good old fashion firewood.The quality of the matches, I would guess that at least 1 in every book will fail to light, and no more than 3 per book will fail, this is just a guess though, and I hope I'm wrong, but 3000 matches over 100 books, if my guess is correct (which I hope not) i have 2700 to 2900 good matches. Of course you'll have that one bad apple, every carton does, I know that at least 1 of the 3000 matches wont light, there's always that one failure, it's a fact of life, everything has its flaws. Now that this is starting to become philosophical, I'm gonna move forward.At the time of this writing (typing), there have so far been two reviews, but only one that actually matters stating that they are indeed quality matches. Due to the other also being 5 stars, I would have to guess they worked well for him (her) also. To me though, this is definitely an intelligent buy, think about it, if you use 1 a day in a survival scenario, this lot will last for 8 years and 80 days given all matches work, but you may have some failure, so lets say this carton will last you 8 years if you use 1 a day. Maybe you're a chain smoker that smoke 10 cigs a day (please stop smoking if you do) this will last you 300 days, or 600 days (1 year 235 days) if you smoke 5 a day (still, please, stop smoking if you smoke that many). Maybe you light a match in the bathroom to mask the smell, burnt matches smell a lot better than #2, lighters can't mask the smell.How long does a typical lighter last? 2 weeks - 2 months? and one lighter cost what? a dollar and 67 cents, so 10 lighters costing the same as this (with shipping comes to 16.90) and it'll only last you 2 years at best, less if you need to use it more frequenty. So these matches will keep you lit about 4x as long for the same price as 10 packs of lighters. And if you payed attention in boyscouts (girlscouts) you'll know how to build a proper fire and cook all your meals.The only real problem I see with these is if they get too moist, maybe they got spat on by a camel (that would be an interesting story) or your backpack wasn't quite waterproof enough, or it started raining literally out of nowhere, like God poured a glass of water on you, just like, the rain wasn't there, then it was, and now you're soaked. The matches won't recover from that, even after they're dry again. Of course at that point you may have already burned through a few boxes, so now you have 2500 useless matches. You may want to invest in a water tight box, like an M2A1 military issue ammo can, you can store these, and much more in there, like an emergency tube tent, some instant heat hand warmers, and some rations, some rope, a medikit and flares, now you got yourself a survival kit started, and you'll have these matches to thank.I am currently keeping 1 box in my car, and the other box in my house (you will receive two boxes containing 50 books), this way if that white out blizzard hits and I'm at work, my family will have some matches, and I will have some matches. There are literally tens of insignificant things you can do with these matches. Maybe your propane grill with that fancy auto ignition button you payed an extra $20 for broke because it was clearly made in china, just light that 100% American match and toss it in there with pride, again, this will last you 8 years, this will out-live propane tank after propane tank after propane tank, it will be 2024 before you have to buy more matches.You know what, if you're gonna buy a bunch of matches, why stop at 8 years worth, why not go for broke buy 80 years worth. Yep, just redact buying just the 2 boxes... buy 10, they'll probably out-live you, given you ration them correctly. Give leave them to your grand children in your will, they'll thank you, but maybe not at first, but when the apocalypse hits, and all their lighters are empty, and they just have the thousands of matches they decided to hang onto they'll thank you. They'll realize they didn't need all that money for that fancy college to get that fancy degree in liberal arts, or a car, all they really needed were these matches. All anyone really needs are these matches, and nothing more.Be careful, one wrong move and you'll have an angry fireball on your counter. Also, send your kids to college just in-case the apocalypse decides not to show up again. If you're still reading this, just stop and order 5 sets, I think I've given enough reasons. It's your patriotic duty to do so, just think of how many fireworks you could light on the 4th of the 7th... seriously, stop reading and buy these. I'm gonna stop talking in the back of your mind so you can order these. 5Five Starslights very well. I will definitely buy again 5Great, plenty and it works.Superb matches, that s all I can say. 5Nice presentationI like. I used for gif box 5
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