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10oz Stainless Steel Cups - Metal Drinking Cups For Kids - BPA free (4 Pack)

  • 10oz Stainless Steel Cups - Metal Drinking Cups For Kids - BPA free (4 Pack)
  • 10oz Stainless Steel Cups - Metal Drinking Cups For Kids - BPA free (4 Pack)
  • 10oz Stainless Steel Cups - Metal Drinking Cups For Kids - BPA free (4 Pack)
  • 10oz Stainless Steel Cups - Metal Drinking Cups For Kids - BPA free (4 Pack)
  • 10oz Stainless Steel Cups - Metal Drinking Cups For Kids - BPA free (4 Pack)
  • 10oz Stainless Steel Cups - Metal Drinking Cups For Kids - BPA free (4 Pack)
  • 10oz Stainless Steel Cups - Metal Drinking Cups For Kids - BPA free (4 Pack)
  • 10oz Stainless Steel Cups - Metal Drinking Cups For Kids - BPA free (4 Pack)
  • 10oz Stainless Steel Cups - Metal Drinking Cups For Kids - BPA free (4 Pack)
  • 10oz Stainless Steel Cups - Metal Drinking Cups For Kids - BPA free (4 Pack)

10oz Stainless Steel Cups - Metal Drinking Cups For Kids - BPA free (4 Pack)

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  • 👶 GREAT FOR KIDS - Are you looking for that perfect set of cups for your kids?? We were too, but couldn't find anything! That's why we created the Greens Steel 10oz Stainless Steel Cups. We've cut no corners, using only the Highest Quality Premium 304 18/8 Food Grade Stainless Steel. Our Kids love them and we know yours will too!
  • SUPERIOR FINISHING INSIDE & OUT - Brushed outer finsih giving them a smooth exterior & electro-polished on the inside so your cups remain pure and rust-free! Imparting NO nasty metallic taste or unwanted flavors. Clean tasting drinks every time.
  • EASY TO USE STORE AND CLEAN - Stackable for easy storage and portability! Light weight, and the perfect size for kids hands allows safe and easy drinking. Unbreakable & Dishwasher safe!
  • HEALTHY, SAFE & ENVIRO-FRIENDLY - No nasties guaranteed. BPA Free, Phthalate-free, Lead and Toxin-Free. Our cups are always environmentally friendly and completely recyclable (including packaging). Keep it clean! Keep it Green!
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE & 100% SATISFACTION - Yes! All Greens Steel Products come with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE! 100% Satisfaction or your money back. Order now and put us to the test! Don't settle for any less.
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Customer Reviews

I Will Be Buying More I came across the cups when I was searching for toddler cups that weren't plastic. I'm not sure why these came up, they are much too large for small kids. Whatever reason they were included in the search, it was a good thing. I ordered them so I could have some cups I didn't have to worry about breaking when my daughter is older that also did not leach dangerous chemicals into her drink. These are it.Before I break down the pros and cons, let me tell you about when the cups first arrived. They were so firmly stuck together, it became a "pull Excalibur from the stone" game at my house. Luckily, before someone resorted to drastic measures (me and fire) I emailed the company. They responded immediately with how to wiggle them apart and what happened (a new method of packaging to be more green as a company which they have already remedied). I pranced around the house with my separated cups, showing all the men I was the strongest.Pros- Durable, No Chemicals Leaching Into Your Drink, Pre-Chill Them To Keep Drinks Cooler For Longer, Great Sale Price, Heavy-Duty. The company is on the ball.Cons- The rolled lip little open, it makes me nervous about trapped bacteria and I pay extra attention while drying (upside down then right side up after a little shake). I guess worse case scenario, I can always boil them because they are so darn durable. Also, to me, soda seems to lose fizz and taste different in the steel cup. Who needs to be drinking soda anyway?*The logo is permanent by all appearances. It is discreet enough, it doesn't bother me but may bother someone else. 4Rust after a few days. Poor customer service. Cups arrived with a very small dent in bottom of one. No big deal. The lips of the cup were not quite as closed as I had hoped (for a toddler the first time we used them some food got stuck in the lip of the cup, which I hadn't expected). At this point I thought they probably weren't worth the $5 a cup but still didn't plan to return. However after a few days of gentle use and washing, rust spots began appearing. I contacted the company directly but they have not yet offered any solution. I was surprised by the poor quality of the product and also the lack of customer service from the company (who ironically had sent an email to ask if everything was ok but didn't offer a solution when it wasn't). Would not recommend. 1A great durable drinking cup for outside, kids inside, and for dad's in the workshop or study Great for cold beverages. Will protect against accidental dropping on floor and great for outside use. Though not double walled transmits cold through the cup and feels good on hot days. Excellent for outdoors and for use in a workshop or office where upsets are more likely to happen.One reviewer said the measurements were so close there is a danger of creating a vacuum if you squeeze them together too tightly, and it created a vacuum which makes the cups difficult to pull apart. I tried it and though I didn't get to the vacuum level it did appear that with rough treatment you could make that happen which would making the cups come apart again difficult. I decided to make sure it didn't happen again and got a cheap plastic foam place mat for dinner and cut it up into pieces that would completely fit at the bottom of each cup. I used two of these foam pieces at the bottom of each cup. They do not create too much space but enough to stop any chance of a vacuum between cups when you are storing them. The foam is durable and can be used many times over. I use two pieces at the bottom of each cup and it creates enough space that no vacuum will happen. These cups have great utility from parties outside, to kids inside and dad's in the workshop or the study. 5Stackable yes. Efficiently no. I have a bunch of 12 ounce stainless steel cups that replaced a bunch of plastic ones. I loved how I could fit 15 stainless steel cups in a stack that took up as much space as a stack of 4 or 5 plastic cups.So I purchased 14 of these 20 ounce cups hoping to replace my plastic cups and take less cupboard space up.I was very disappointed to find that they stack so poorly they take more space up than the plastic cups. 4 stainless steel cups take up more space than 5 plastic cups. There is a little more than an inch between the top lip of one cup and the bottom lip of the other taking up lots of space and making the stack a lot taller than needed. This make no sense and may make me return the cups. They re also often very hard to separate after stacking even when just lightly stacking them, I hate to imagine if you compressed them together at all.They look like nice cups other than this huge fatal flaw. 1Just Right! It's surprising how difficult it can be to find something so simple. I knew exactly what I wanted: (1) Stainless steel to avoid use of plastic - (2) Stackable for convenient storage - (3) At least 16 oz. capacity - (4) Durable build. It took several mouse clicks till I finally came across these and boy am I glad I pulled the trigger and ordered two sets. They are seemingly tough with wall thickness of about 1/16th inch. I tried squeezing the top with both hands till my fingers started hurting and they barely budged, thought they did slightly flex before returning to normal round. Dropping these on the floor MIGHT cause them to bend or dent, but I have a feeling they would simply bounce since they are pretty light. The rolled lip is very nicely done. The edge tucks up very tightly to the cup so you don't have to worry about cutting your fingers on an exposed sharp edge.If I had to nit pick for the sake of finding something to complain about, it's that the cups will sweat (form condensation on the outside) if you pour in a cold liquid, and they will get very hot if you use it for tea or coffee. But seriously, these are single wall cups, that's to be expected.These cups satisfy all 4 of my seemingly simple requirements and yet they appear to be the only ones on Amazon that do so. I've included some pics to give an idea of weight and capacity. 5Easy to clean, store, use...awesome find!! We LOVE these stainless steel cups for our kids!I found these because I'd initially purchased another brand of stainless steel cups about a year or so ago. I love those cups, but they were more expensive than these and they have a harder edge around the lip. So I started researching toddler/kid stainless steel cups on Amazon and came across these.Here's what I love about them:1. They are affordable. Sure, you look at the whole set and the larger price tag and may think they're expensive. But, I would easily buy a handful of plastic sippy cups at the store for $6 each...and those get gross in the dishwasher and are plastic and all that stuff...harder to clean. These, per cup, are only slightly more expensive than most plastic sippy cups I've bought...and they will last longer.2. Durability. Yup. These are totally durable and will not break when my kids throw them on the floor, out of the stroller, etc. I'm so tired of my kids breaking expensive Target cups that are made of hard plastic...what a waste of money!3. Can be fitted with a silicone lid. My youngest daughter prefers to have her milk out of a sippy cup lid, while my 3 year old prefers to have her smoothies with a straw. So I got Boon lids to fit these cups and they can both have the cup of their dreams. Plus, with the lids, my kids can still throw them overboard and they won't leak.4. They are sooooo easy to clean. There's a lot in the news about certain brand cups being really hard to clean so they get moldy. I think there are even lawsuits going on. I never have to worry about mold with these cups. They go in the dishwasher--top or bottom shelf (wherever there's room), and get perfectly clean!5. The rolled lip is easy for my kids to drink from and it doesn't damage the floor when my kids throw them. The other brand I mentioned is great...but the lip is not rolled, so it actually has become jagged in places where the cup has fallen.I've purchased two boxes of these and replaced all of our plastic cups. It saves room in our cupboard...SO MUCH ROOM and has just helped us simplify. As soon as I have some extra cash on hand, I'll be buying some more, as we're expecting another kid any day now. Def transformed our kitchen space 5Good, basic stainless steel cups Good, basic stainless steel cups. The only negative with these cups is that the rolled rim where you drink from is not completely sealed on the outside of the cup so water collects inside the rim from washing in the dishwasher. Every time I take them out of the dishwasher, I have to wipe down the outside of the cups because water drips down from inside the rim. I have some other stainless steel cups where the rim is completely sealed on the outside which is what I thought would be the case with these when I ordered them. Otherwise, they are fine. 4Perfect everyday tumblers Although very casual in appearance, I doubt you will ever find a better tumbler for every day use. Overtime I have purchased eight of these 20 ounce tumblers. At first I only owned two, but friends and family kept asking why I got to use the good cup while everyone just got glass or disposables. In order to accommodate I ordered enough of Green Steel's 20 ounce tumblers to make everyone happy when they came for a visit.One cosmetic benefit to these tumblers is that they take a beating and you can wash them as intensely as you please, yet they still basically look brand-new every time you take them out. 5Good But Ended Up Returning And Purchasing Double-Walled SS Cups Instead Good quality steel. Good size. Returned when toddlers complained they can feel the cold/hot temps of the beverages inside and refused to hold their cups. I don't give them anything too cold or hot but they didn't like feeling changes in temperature on their hands. Overly dramatic? Probably. But I just don't want to deal with whiny toddlers. And the issue was easily fixed by purchasing double walled stainless steel cups instead. I got a 3 set from Amazon that cost the same as these. The double walled are safer for handling anyway because anyone, even adults can accidentally burn their hands, too.But if you are looking for good single walled stainless steel cups, you can't go wrong with these. 4Great size and weight for kids, feels durable Perfect size for toddlers/young kids. Have held up well. Light enough they won't hurt a toe if dropped like some other stainless items, but still feels sturdy and high quality. Definitely recommend. I actually use these as sippy cups paired with https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B017IQZ9PY/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1 (see pictures) 5
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