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40 Spools Polyester Embroidery Machine Thread

  • 40 Spools Polyester Embroidery Machine Thread
  • 40 Spools Polyester Embroidery Machine Thread
  • 40 Spools Polyester Embroidery Machine Thread
  • 40 Spools Polyester Embroidery Machine Thread
  • 40 Spools Polyester Embroidery Machine Thread
  • 40 Spools Polyester Embroidery Machine Thread

40 Spools Polyester Embroidery Machine Thread

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • SET OF 40 SPOOLS - Embroidex brings to you a set of 40 Polyester Embroidery Thread Spools which come in beautiful colors to embellish and brighten up any of your projects. Colors' numbering is similar to Brother Embroidery Thread Colors, just to make sure thread matching is a little easier for you. Embroidex is known for its best-in-class and cost-effective Machine Embroidery Supplies and you bet you can't go wrong when you buy from us!
  • IDEAL WEIGHT & LENGTH - Each spool has 40 weight (most commonly used) and 500 meters (550 yards) long polyester machine embroidery thread which makes these spools ideal for all sorts of embroidery projects - The threads are ideal for Brother, Babylock, Janome, Singer, Pfaff, Husqvarna and Bernina Machines.
  • HIGH STRENGTH - Our embroidery machine thread has excellent tensile strength which brings down chances of any breaking or fraying - fewer thread breaks allow you to complete your projects more efficiently and in a frustration-free manner. Long elongation of polyester also helps eliminate the chances of looping and puckering. These characteristics which impart high durability to the thread become extremely important when your clothing is expected to go through commercial laundering!
  • COLOR FAST - Not only strength is important but even the color fastness of the thread when it comes to laundering, chlorine bleach or for that matter use of any harsh chemicals. Polyester is known for its ability to hold its colors really well when compared to other threads like rayon and is, therefore, a preferred choice of many as it doesn't easily shrink or bleed. This spool set for sure makes for an essential embroidery supply!
  • 100% RISK-FREE SATISFACTION - We also offer you 100% Risk-Free satisfaction to let you buy with confidence; no questions asked. However, we are quite sure that you will be super-impressed with the full spectrum of bright and beautiful colors that you get in this 40-spool set, the sufficiently long length of the threads, and their weight which makes them useful for a wide range of projects.Thread Spool rack NOT INCLUDED!
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Customer Reviews

Read before buying this threadI want to start saying that this thread is gorgeous, this is the only reason I give 2 stars. I really would have liked to be able to use it all for my projects, because is gorgeous, but I've stopped using it after seeing how much it breaks throughout even a simple design.I had a SE400 ( that I returned as I wanted something bigger for my needs ), and now I have a PE770. I worked on few projects with both machines, and this thread was fraying almost every 5 seconds, it was driving me crazy to always try to adjust tension ( thinking that's the problem, rethread, etc) . I destroyed many t-shirts/onesies trying to get my design right, and it was awful. I changed the upper thread tension ( nothing changed still fraying), went ahead and bought new needles , Brother bobbins, still having the same problem. I read lots of reviews about the fact that the thread is very important.I bought this Embroidex thread as it looked very beautiful, and I thought that the low price doesn't mean the quality is low also, but I was wrong. I used this thread for all those projects that I ruined, but I said to give it a try and bought more expensive thread ( Polystar brand) to see if that makes a difference. Guess what? A miracle happened. No thread breakage, no need to adjust any thread tension, no destroyed projects. I went through a whole very difficult and intricate design and the thread broke only once ( in a very difficult part of the design, not 200 times throughout the design as the Embroidex one), in rest no problem. Can't believe is the same embroidery machine. Don't settle for cheaper quality, as the end product will be the same, and it will also ruin your machine which will end up in spending more money to repair it.It might be good for other embroidery machines, but for both mines didn't work. What I'm sad is that I wasted my money, and have all those 40 spools that won't be able to finish using them, and have no idea what to do with them, as I can't return them. 2Beautiful threads!I am really enjoying these threads! Having had to take a loan to purchase my PE770, I was not in a mood to spend another $100 on threads so when I saw these, I thought about giving it a try. It was a fabulous decision. The threads are beautiful. I have not had any issues with it. I am brand new to embroidery and getting adjusted to all the nuances of the machine has happened, but the threads have stood up beautifully. Every single color that I was searching for is there. The numbers match the Brother colors. The numbers come on a sticker which peels off but what I do is write the numbers with a sharpie at the back of the spool. I highly recommend this product and expect to buy some more when these run out. 5READ IF YOU'RE HAVING PROBLEMS WITH IT BREAKINGUPDATED REVIEW. PLEASE READ IF YOU'RE FRUSTRATED WITH THIS THREAD.I'm changing my review because I figured out how to use my machine a bit better and understand this thread.Things to know :1. I'm a beginner, had just gotten a machine at the time I wrote my original review.2. I'm using a Brother PE770HOW I MADE THIS THREAD WORK:Before it was shredding and breaking what seemed like every 50 or so stitches. This is how I finally got this thread to work for me with no issues.1. CLEAN YOUR BOBBIN COMPARTMENT. I cleaned mine last night and removed a big knot of thread remnants, dusted it with the provided brush and blew it out with some compressed air. Then I reassembled everything and threaded the machine.2. Not sure if this helps but I changed how I installed the spool. I used a smaller spool circle and the netting that comes with the machine.After I did these things, I can stitch with no shredding or breakage. Totally changed my mind about this thread. The issue was with ME just not knowing enough about embroidery machines (namely mine) and not being able to find any helpful information from more experienced stitchers.Other thread that worked well was a brand from Hobby Lobby. You can see the difference in the photos.---Original Review:Terrible. Breaks constantly. 4Nice selection of colors at a good price!The 40 Spools Polyester Embroidery Machine Thread were a suggested add-on item for my order of an embroidery machine. After a quick comparison review for price and apparent quality, I decided to add the thread to my purchase.The thread and machine are gifts for my daughter's upcoming birthday. I was pleased with the wide selection of thread colors and packaging. My wife has used the Embroidex brand before, and it has always performed well in her machine. This item is a great way to get started or increase your color options in an economical way. As you know, going to the store to buy thread can be intimidating with so many choices for color and thread material. It is nice just to have a wider color selection on hand at an economical price over purchasing by single spool. There is also a nice color selection chart by number printed on a hard-card included in the box. This is helpful, for the color number often comes off the spool after use. As a note, you may also want to consider buying a color selection of Rayon type thread. My wife prefers to use Rayon over Polyester for tee-shirts and sweatshirts. Hope this helps...enjoy! 5Love it!I purchased a Brother SE400 at the same time I purchased this thread. It's been amazing in my machine! I love the variety of colors and their vibrance! 5My second set and still greatWhen I ordered an embroidery machine back in July, I also bought this set! I have had NO issues with any of the thread colors! Since I almost used up so many of the colors, I needed to purchase another set of thread so I decided to go with these again! I have no regrets! I have purchased other threads from Joanns and such but the cost is much much more for the same quality! Of course there are colors I use more than others, but I am willing to take the risk of not using some of the colors very often because of the great price per spool! I highly recommend this set of threads! 5Colors are very shiny and vibrantBought to use with my new Brother SE625 embroidery machine. These work perfectly and stitch out beautifully. I really like how they have a shiny look to them when they are brought under the light. All of my projects so far have turned out great with this thread.I am also very happy with the selection of colors I have recieved. I bought a little box to keep all of these in and although the box was for 30 and this came with 40, they fit perfectly inside. I also don't know much about thread, but the numbers on the top of each thread indicating the color, correspond with the color numbers loaded into my machine which is great for working on projects. Definitely recommend! 5Great starter thread kit!I am so pleased with this embroidery thread! Great color, good quality spool, and it holds up very well at high speeds. I also really love how all the spools have the embroidery thread color number listed at the top as well, makes it really easy to find and locate thread I'm looking for and also reorder the ones I run low on :) If you are looking to buy a starter thread kit for your machine, look no further! You won't be disappointed 5Very good buy!Do not listen to all the people that are saying this thread breaks! It is very strong! I use it with a brother SE400 and have not once had any thread break. I use mostly the dark colors too! It is a great buy and is a must for anybody doing embroidery!!! 5worth the investmenti've had a sewing machine that does embroidery for 3 years now and decided to start the year off finally teaching myself how to use the embroidery piece. Once I started putting it all together, it all made sense. Once I realized the cotton thread was for sewing and not for embroidery, it got even better. I chose this pack of embroidery threads and was a little cautious after reading some of the reviews. I even kept the box for a couple weeks just to make sure I was going to keep them. Now that I've used them on over 20 projects, its safe to say I LOVE THEM! The thread is great quality, the colors are bright and beautiful and they work great with my Brother machine. The only issue I had with them was learning how to get them started off the spool. There is either a single thread by itself going across the spool to the bottom or in some cases there was a little bitty thread sticking out at the bottom to start the spool. I'll admit, I messed up a couple spools trying to figure it out at first, but once I figured out the single thread down to the bottom, I got a straight pen and picked that thread up and away we went! If you're trying to decide to buy this pack for embroidery or not, do it. You'll love them too. 5
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