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AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker with Tote Bag

  • AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker with Tote Bag
  • AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker with Tote Bag
  • AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker with Tote Bag
  • AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker with Tote Bag
  • AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker with Tote Bag
  • AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker with Tote Bag

AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker with Tote Bag

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Unique coffee espresso maker uses total immersion and gentle pressure to produce coffee with extraordinarily rich flavor
  • Makes american style coffee or an espresso style shot perfect for use in lattes or cappuccinos
  • Made in the usa
  • Micro filtered coffee so pure and particle free that it can be stored for days as a concentrate for Cold brew coffee
  • Included travel bag makes this item great for traveling the world and brewing great coffee
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Customer Reviews

I'm glad I have it.I love this little coffee press. I originally purchased it to press herbs from tincture and it works great for that. With a good cleaning I than used it for coffee, I love French press but don't like the silt so I use this much like a French press but only let it set in water for 1.5 to 2 minutes instead of the 3 minutes for French press, I've tried about ten different ways of making coffee with about 6 different types/blends/grinds and the flavor is above drip coffee but not quite as out of this world as some people would make you think, yet anything above drip coffee is great. I gave an over all rating of 4 because it is way over priced for what it is. I'm glad I have it though and maybe that extra cost will eventually not seem so bad down the road. I would buy another one when the cost comes down. This is great for camping, travel, gifts, conversational piece and for that special cup of coffee, but most of the time I use the drip pot because it is already set up with a hot plate and pot sized coffee for many people. 4The possibilities are endless!I bought this for my coffee-loving girlfriend and at first she was unconvinced. There is, I admit, something unmistakably cheesy and even off-putting about its appearance. Everything about it screams "As Seen on TV," and how you react to hucksterism will likely dictate your first impression of the AeroPress (from the people who brought you the Aerobie Superdisc and Flying Ring). But give this cheap-looking contraption a chance! The proof is really in the pudding, and once you get past the initial learning curve (which is considerable), you can make a perfect cup of coffee in just a few minutes.The process my girlfriend has settled on is:1) Boil about 500ml of water (roughly a pint).2) Insert the plunger into the chamber and turn the whole thing upside down.3) Add 2 tsp coffee to the chamber.4) Add water until you reach the "4" fill line.5) Stir coffee and water.6) Wet a paper filter, place it into the screen, then lock the screen into the bottom of the chamber.7) Hum a happy tune for 30 seconds to 2 minutes (a longer wait means a stronger brew).8) Turn the whole thing upright on top of your mug.9) Press the plunger down slowly (thanks to physics, it's not possible to do it quickly) until it reaches the bottom.10) Add a little more water to your brew, along with whatever else you like in your coffee.11) Enjoy!If this seems somewhat complex, that's because it is (at least the first few times you do it), but it doesn't take long. Cleanup is even faster: you pop the filter out, slide the plunger out of the chamber, and give both a quick rinse with hot water.But it's precisely the amateur-scientist complexity and potential for nerdy experimentation that makes the AeroPress such a cult sensation there's even a World AeroPress Championship, which features try-it-home "recipes" like this one:17 grams of coffee (light roasted fresh crop washed Sidamo from Heart roasters)fine filter grind on a Mahlk nig Tanzaniapaper filter rinsed with hot waterwater from Maridalsvannet (brought in glass bottles from my flat in Oslo, Norway)inverted brewing methodpreheat aeropress for 10 sec96 Celsius pour temp (gives a 90 C actual brew temp)260 grams of waterno stirring50 sec steep time20 sec press time slow enough to get a clean brew but also some fines (yuck) and oils (yum)stop pressing before air comes outwait for the fines to sink and temp to cool, then pour but hold back the last part with the fines (taste sample for yourself!)The cup: a clean brew with floral notes and taste of sweet lemons.As the diversity of winning recipes makes clear, there seems to be no definitive best way to brew coffee with an AeroPress, only what's best for you. Give it a shot you may just find your own holy grail brewing method! 5Best Coffee Maker (Beats Drip, French Press, Percolators, Pour Over, K-Cups, etc.)110% recommend this for those looking for the perfect cup of coffee. I've tried regular drip coffee, French press, percolators, and pour over, but this AeroPress is without a doubt the best. You can take away all the bitterness out of the coffee (the trick to do so is that when you're pressing the coffee, stop immediately when you hear the first hiss of the air releasing), and you have a rich flavor that is the smoothest I've ever tasted. The only downside (if you want to call it that) is that the AeroPress does take a bit more time/effort to make, compared to something like a Keurig. You can't argue against the convenience of k-cups, but they give you coffee that tastes like you just had to press a button to make. I used to not mind k-cup coffee, though, because of the convenience factor. But after tasting AeroPress coffee, I cannot go back to k-cups, as they comparatively taste like bitter grass. Just like anything, you get what you put into it.Also, if you get this AeroPress maker, I highly recommend getting a ceramic hand-crank burr grinder, too. It really does make a difference in cutting back the sharpness and extracting a smoother, deeper flavor from the beans. 5AeroPress, get it!Former barista here, I have a Keurig and French Press. I know I'm not supposed to say this because it may put me out as being an authentic coffee lover, but I've never truly loved the french press. The reason? The coffee taste is amazing, however, the silt in it doesn't do it for me. Aeropress gives you the option to have all the flavor of the french press, without the chalky silt. The aeropress does right by the coffee.It's really simple: stir your coffee to the right strength then press it through the filter. If you like a stronger cup, I suggest using the inverted method. You have total control over the specifics of the coffee flavor. I love crema but dont like the silt. In the Keurig, you can hang it up, you just won't get crema. In the aeropress, using the ultra fine mesh metal filter you can get ultra fresh coffee with silky sweet crema! I kid you not.It does take some time to get your recipe to your liking and I wouldn't suggest trying to get your recipe down in one day. If you do, decaf. I kept my Keurig up and running because when you like your coffee just so and you don't have your morning cup just right... i mean, can i get an amen? So, on the weekend after having your morning cup(s), THEN play around with the recipe.I found that the aeropress cups I'm getting are less bitter and more well-rounded. I found that I didn't even need creamer to take the bitter edge off the aeropress cups of coffee. Whereas with the K-cups I was going through creamer trying to take the bitterness out so I could taste the coffee.The aeropress makes it fun to make coffee again. It makes it fun, but also it's not so time consuming you'll have to carve out time for the learning curve. If you can stir and push you can make a darn good cup of coffee! 5Aeropress more complicated to brew and clean than Hario pouroverI bought this AeroPress with the hope of simplifying my coffee routine. I wanted the ability to make a 16oz mug full of coffee quickly and efficiently, with minimal cleanup and effort. I had been using a Hario pourover previously, but I thought I could streamline by purchasing a coffee maker that promises ultra high quality coffee in less than 2 minutes. I played around with proportions until I made a very high quality 16oz cup of coffee with the Areropress, but unfortunately the setup is much more complicated than a pourover system both in process and cleanup, especially since I wanted 16oz of coffee. The difference in quality of coffee between the two is negligible, so I ended up going back to a pourover setup which brews directly into my Zojirushi travel mug with no issues. The Aeropress just wasn't for me. 3The best coffee maker I've ever had...and then some!This is my second purchase of the AeroPress coffee maker, I put the old one in my camper! This inexpensive French Press work just as good as more expensive ones if not better because the AeroPress filters out all the crud and some of the oil if you use the paper filter, if you prefer the oil but not the crud there is a steel mesh filter that you can buy and use instead of the paper filter. It's easy to use, no electronics, no buttons to push, just heat the water to almost boil either in a microwave or stove top; and it's easy to clean too, just rinse real well and then slide the plunger into the main part of the device till it goes all the way through, this wipes out the main device of water, then occasionally take a soapy rag or sponge and wipe off the rubber plunger and rinse, there isn't any need to even wash in the dishwasher.The AeroPress makes a very strong cup of coffee, but it is not an Espresso maker as the manufacturer claims it to be, it's a modified French Press that I feel works better than a traditional French Press. As with any Espresso or French Press taste depends on the coffee being used, freshness of the coffee, grind, and water temperature. Is this device as good as a $2,500 espresso maker? Probably or maybe not depending on the coffee and grind used but it doesn't cost $2,500 either!! For those that can afford to pay $2,500 they also can afford to pay $20 a pound for fresh roasted coffee and that alone can make a big difference in taste even using the AeroPress, but for us normal folk who don't want to spend $20 a pound for coffee the AeroPress is definitely as good or better than Espresso makers, Moka Pots, drip coffee makers, or French Presses, I know because I tried all of those methods for long periods of time and found the AeroPress to be a revelation when it came out.There are YouTube videos that review the product and show how to make coffee in one, I like the nuke version instead of the AeroPress instructions. The Nuke version stand the product upside down, put in the coffee and then pour water slowly over the grounds till about 1/2 inch from the top, stir for 30 or so seconds, put the lid with the pre-wetted filter then invert the Aeropress over a cup and proceed to press the coffee out of the Aeropress into the cup. 5From drip machine to AeroPress Connoissuer!Wow. Life-changing is the best way to describe this "coffee maker." I first learned of the AeroPress (AP) in fall of 2018. I thought it was neat and owuld be cool to travel with, based on how good the coffee was that came out of it. After I purchased mine, I started using it only on the weekends as a treat. The coffee tastes WAY better than anything from my drip machine. Although I said I wouldn't next thing I know, I'm ONLY making coffee with the AP. The drip coffee just flat out stinks anymore compared to the AP's final product. It's amazing how the same grounds you've been using to make coffee for years can taste so much better and bolder and full-bodied simply by using a different prepartion method. I prefer the inverted method, as it allows more steep time in the tube before pressing. I haven't used the drip machine in months, and likely won't unless I have company visiting and need to have a lot of coffee at once. This has become my new normal routine, and even though it does take more prep time (i.e. boiling water, steeping, pressing), the results are totally worth it and superior to a drip machine. I just allot more time to prepare a cup. I've also found that since the quality is so much higher, I only make one cup on workdays and enjoy it SO MUCH MORE than I ever did a cup of drip at home. 5Best coffee makerI love the AeroPress coffee maker. It is a genius simple, quick, and manual way of making coffee and brings out the taste better than any other coffee maker I have used. The AeroPress gives me a lot of control over the brewing process and it feels more organic than using an electric coffee maker. Cleaning is very quick and reaches every part (no coffee stains in hard to reach places).In comparison to a drip coffee machine, the AeroPress extracts much more flavor, particularly if used with a metal filter (see below). And in comparison to a French press, the coffee is less bitter because the filter minimizes particulates in the cup.I substitute the paper filters with fine mesh metal filters (ordered separately) so that more flavorful oily coffee ingredients make it into the cup instead of being retained on a paper filter. Having tried both filters, I think that the metal filters show a clear advantage, giving a deeper, richer, creamier, and more satisfying taste. The metal filter pores are not as fine as the paper filter ones, so that there are slightly more particulates in the cup but not to a degree that it affects the taste negatively in my opinion. Due to the fine filters pores, the coffee can be ground much finer than for a French press and finer than for a drip coffee machine. Therefore the brew time can be short (~70s) and gives the opportunity to also make a good strong Espresso style coffee. 5... into the hype of this product and wanted to love it, butI think that I was getting into the hype of this product and wanted to love it, but... It makes a good cup of coffee and I'm pleased with that, but....I love going on Youtube and seeing how others have used it to get different results. I'm an espresso drinker and saw that you can get close to an espresso taste and that intrigued me! And, how to even get a crema! The more research that I did, the more I was loving it! Then when I actually got this... Well... I'm happy with it, but I'm not as impressed as I hoped I would be. Maybe, I just need to keep working at it see achieve the different results...I have a pump driven portable espresso maker and love it!! I was hoping the AeroPress would be just as impressive, if not surpass it. But, in my opinion... I enjoy my other one more....This makes a solid cup of coffee, but so does my french press... Yes, the extraction is different in both, thus the results are different, but with the french press, it uses less "equipment."At any rate, it's not that bad of a product, but I think that there are other products out there that uses less equipment, less grind, and achieve slightly better results and the results are that I don't feel like one gets all the bang for you buck on this product... 3Best cheap home-brew coffeeI've had a number of consumer-grade espresso machines for ten times this price that haven't made coffee as good. I love a good espresso, but the cost of entry for home brewing is quite high. On the other side of the coin, I've almost never had a french press cup of even decent quality, and most folks don't know to coarse-grind the coffee. Sediment and mediocre cups. Pourover filters come close, but they're still messy and demand a lot of attention to detail.The Aeropress simplifies the quality and the disposal. Tiny round filters (you can reuse them, or get stainless steel rounds if you want to avoid the tiny bit of paper). I find the original method fine for my purposes, and easier to measure and press. I even purchased a gram scale to increase my consistency, and I'm still not spending as much as for an entry-level espresso machine.You can try the inverted brew methods and various times and temps, but good coffee beans, and some mediocre, often result in surprisingly good cups. You might find a difference with unique and expensive beans, but, for a daily brew, this is a great solution.If you have the resources, sure, go ahead and spend a grand or so on primo equipment. I'm guessing a lot of folks will find this better than their current daily brew, and save them some $ to get a truly exquisite cup when they want to splurge. 5
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