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AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker with Tote Bag and 350 Additional Filters - Quickly Makes Delicious Coffee without Bitterness - 1 to 3 Cups Per Press

  • AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker with Tote Bag and 350 Additional Filters - Quickly Makes Delicious Coffee without Bitterness - 1 to 3 Cups Per Press
  • AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker with Tote Bag and 350 Additional Filters - Quickly Makes Delicious Coffee without Bitterness - 1 to 3 Cups Per Press
  • AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker with Tote Bag and 350 Additional Filters - Quickly Makes Delicious Coffee without Bitterness - 1 to 3 Cups Per Press

AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker with Tote Bag and 350 Additional Filters - Quickly Makes Delicious Coffee without Bitterness - 1 to 3 Cups Per Press

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  • Popular with coffee enthusiasts worldwide, the patented AeroPress is a new kind of coffee press that uses a rapid, total immersion brewing process to make smooth, delicious, full flavored coffee without bitterness and with low acidity.
  • Good-bye French Press! The rapid brewing AeroPress avoids the bitterness and high acidity created by the long steep time required by the French press. Plus, the AeroPress paper Microfilter eliminates grit and means clean up takes seconds.
  • Makes 1 to 3 cups of American coffee per pressing in about a minute, and unlike a French press, it can also brew espresso style coffee for use in lattes, cappuccinos and other espresso based drinks.
  • Perfect for home kitchen use, the AeroPress is lightweight, compact, portable and durable. The tote bag makes it easy to pack with some coffee and a cup for use while traveling, camping, backpacking, boating and more!
  • Includes the AeroPress press, funnel, scoop, stirrer, 700 microfilters, a filter holder, and a zippered nylon tote bag. No Phthalates or BPA. Mug not included. Assembled measurements: 9 1/2" h X 4" w X 4" d
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Customer Reviews

Disappointed and not sure what all the fuss is about.Overrated to say the least. You read the reviews online and the quotes on the box - which get you excited about what this thing can do. Then you make coffee going by the instructions in the box and lose all hope.Basically the instructions say to place filter in the bottom cap, tighten it and add coffee grounds. After that add water, stir and place plunger. Well, by the time you stir the water everything already drains in to the cup and all you're plunging is just air. The coffee you get is basically a cup of water with a little bit of coffee.I figured this cant be right so I researched online and apparently this is how they all are and the right way to do it is to let the coffee brew for a few minutes upside down or after placing the plunger pull up and create a vacuum letting the coffee brew.All in all this doesn't produce coffee any better than my old french press, at least with that I don't have to mess around with pulling the plunger up or even placing it before all the water drains down into my cup.It almost feels like one big scam. If I could still return it, I would in a heartbeat.The ONLY thing that's really nice is how easy it is to clean. Ill take a messy cleanup and good coffee over mediocre coffee and easy cleanup any day though. 2Literally THE BEST coffee I've ever had.This makes the best cup of coffee I've ever had. It's also the fastest method that doesn't involve k-cups. Since purchasing the aeropress I've demoted my French press from its home on the counter to a new space in the back of the cabinet and I've actually begun turning down chances to grab coffee from the coffee shop in favor of making my own to bring with me places.It's very simple, especially so if you have a variable temperature kettle. I set mine for 180 and grind two scoops of beans fairly fine while the water is coming up to temp, drop the coffee in the assembled aeropress, pour in the water, stir once, rinse the stirring utensil, then press, clean the press, and dilute the concentrate it makes (it comes out roughly espresso-strength). From the moment the water hits temperature to having cleaned the press and filled my mug is about a minute and a half, without hurrying.Iced coffee is also simple, you can press the coffee over a cup of ice and it comes out perfectly.The only con is that it makes a very small amount of coffee. It claims a capacity of two cups, but by that they mean two very small cups. I usually make the full capacity just for myself. If you can live with that, then everything else about this is fantastic. The coffee is smooth and rich and never bitter, and the thing is ridiculously easy to clean. It may not look like much but they really designed it well. 5A review by an average Joe (ha! SWIDT)This review is for the average coffee drinker, the camper who wants better coffee "in the wild", and/or someone trying to choose between the Aeropress and a French press. Keep in mind that my wife and I aren't coffee-nistas. Me: 16 ounce mug in the morning with sugar and flavored liquid creamer; my wife: 16 oz mug in the morning with regular powdered creamer. Neither of us drink espresso and the menu at Starbucks intimidates me. 'Nuff said.When we would go camping in our small trailer, my wife and I would drink instant coffee because it's easy and not messy, but the flavor and caffeine levels were lacking. We bought a French press and the flavor and caffeine were definitely an improvement. However, the messiness of it put us off: smacking it like an almost-empty ketchup bottle trying to get most of the grounds out, then having to rinse out the rest.Then we heard about the Aeropress. We bought it and tried it at home and while camping. It makes good coffee, but it didn't knock our socks off (sorry, Aeropress aficionados). But we liked it enough to buy another one and give to our son to help him save money from always buying at coffee houses. More recently, we bought a couple of ultra-fine metal filters for the Aeropress on Amazon from Cornucopia Brands. We wanted to see if there was a taste difference between the paper and metal filters for our unsophisticated palates; more on that in a minute.Comparing the French press and Aeropress: My wife and I think they make similar-tasting coffee and both are better than our drip machine and light years ahead of instant (granules or bags). IMO, the French press is easier for making the coffee (scoop coffee into the cylinder, pour boiling/very hot water in, wait a few minutes, press plunger down, pour coffee out) while the Aeropress directions can be rather. . . fussy: scoop coffee into chamber (some buffs measure it by the GRAM!), shake chamber to level coffee, pour 175 degree F water (185 degree F if using light roast) to level 2 in the chamber (buffs pour in a little water, let the coffee "bloom" for a few seconds, then pour the rest in; also, some buffs measure the water by the ml, possibly by the cc), stir ten seconds, then insert plunger and press gently for 20 to 60 seconds. [There's also the "inverted method" which we use that allows the coffee to brew longer.] Realistically, you don't have to be so exact to end up with really good coffee and experimentation is encouraged to discover what works best for you, but the French press is still easier up to this point. When it comes to clean-up however, the Aeropress wins by a landslide: unscrew cap, hold over trash can, and push plunger all the way to expel the paper filter and "puck" of grounds, and rinse the plunger's rubber tip. That's it. Also, the Aeropress is at least twice as quick to make coffee which is important if you're the one waiting with bleary eyes and blurred brain.I slightly prefer the French press taste (possibly because the paper filter supposedly restricts many of the beans' oils from reaching the mug) while my wife slightly prefers the Aeropress. However, for camping, it's definitely the Aeropress because of the easier clean-up.The oils question caused us to buy the Cornucopia Brands metal filter on Amazon to try them out--for two filters at that price, how could we go wrong? In a taste test with my wife, our son, and me, we all tasted a small difference between the paper filter and metal filter. Our son and I preferred the metal while my wife preferred the paper. So we gave one metal filter to our son and I kept the other one. With the metal filter, you have to remember not to push the filter into the trash with the grounds and that it's one more thing to rinse off. Of course, those that reuse the paper filters to save natural resources or money have to do the same.So, for these two coffee rubes: we think both the Aeropress and French press make better coffee than our drip machine (forget about instant), but not so much that we don't use our dripper several times a workweek due to laziness/time; we think the Aeropress and French press make similar tasting coffee although I think the French press has a fuller body to it because of the oils (albeit with higher cholesterol, too), but that using a metal filter in the Aeropress makes up some of that difference; and, finally, the French press is easier in set up and brewing while the Aeropress is quicker in brewing and easier in clean-up. A final consideration is that a French press uses more coffee per serving that a dripper and the Aeropress uses more than a French press. For us, it's 2.5 teaspoons vs 3 t. vs 4 t. per serving. Not a huge difference, but it's there.BTW, before we got an Aeropress, I'd heard of cappuccinos, but didn't know what they were; now, I've even made a couple when I needed a little boost in the afternoon. Thanks Aeropress for making me feel a little more worldly. 4Brings out the best in a Coffee BeanI purchased the AeroPress to take on business trips but now rotate it into my daily coffee making methods. Full disclosure, I am a coffee aficionado and make coffee via a Hario Ceramic Pour-Over Coffee Dripper, a Bodum french press, and Technivorm Moccamaster coffee maker depending on my mood or coffee beans. I also use a burr grinder to grind my beans. Of all of the coffee making methods I use, the AeroPress gives me the most espresso like drink.I have found that using the AeroPress brings out all of the flavors in a coffee bean. I'm not sure why. Perhaps the pressure that is created forces the flavor out of the bean? An example, I purchased Mokito (Verde, Rosso, and Bianco) beans from Seattle Coffee Gear. It was billed as a coffee bean good for a drip or coffee maker. The beans are slightly oily not as much as Peet's but using a gravity drip and coffee maker, the coffee came out bitter. I made coffee in the AeroPress and somehow I was able to make out all of the flavors and undertones as described on the coffee package.I use the AeroPress if I want a small cup of strong cup of coffee. If I want a larger cup I user the gravity drip and if more than one cup the coffee machine. 5Favorite coffee maker ever - hands down.I bought this to take with us on a camping trip, intending to pack it away with our backpacking stuff when we got home. But, I liked it so much that 6 months later I realized I hadn t touched my Kreuig or French Press since I got the AreoPress. Eventually I got rid of the bulky Kreuig (by this point it was just collecting dust and taking up counter space) and put the French Press in the cabinet. I use the AeroPress every day now. Its not one of those coffee makers that you can turn on while in Zombie mode, but if you re one of those people capable of coherent thought BEFORE coffee, I highly recommend this it s my everyday coffee maker and I m thrilled.Pro s:- Inexpensive- super easy to use- paper filters can be re-used- portable & light weight (takes up no counter space)- Can make espresso & regular coffee- easy clean up.- Can make both coffee very strong or very light, depending on your taste.Cons:- can only make one (small) cup at a time so not ideal as a primary coffee maker for households with multiple morning coffee drinkers- sometimes the paper filter shifts and you end up with grinds in your coffee. That s rare though.- If you tamp down your grinds too hard it will make it impossible for the water to pass through. A few light taps is all it needs.- depending on how strong or weak you like your coffee, you may need to pass hot water over the grinds twice. 5Amazing Coffee... wishing for more quantityI was skeptical that a hunk of plastic tubing could give me an excellent cup of coffee, but now I have converted to pro-AeroPress. When you follow the directions, pushing down slowly and evenly, the brew is freaking awesome --- rich, buttery, chocolaty, stout, and delicious. I bought it for my vacation later this month --- the condo we stay at has a Black and Decker ancient drip machine --- but I find myself using my AeroPress more than my single-cup Ninja (which I love). 5Quick, convenient, and an awesome cup of coffee!First had coffee from an AeroPress on a business trip at a small coffee shop. I was very pleased at how much less acidic the coffee was compared to a drip coffee. It didn t have the oiliness of a drip coffee as well. I decided to buy one to replace the french press I had bought from Starbucks (that had been recalled) and have been very happy with the device. It is super quick and really very easy to use. I bought the extra filters with it so i should be set for a long time before having to buy more. We use an electric kettle for hot tea so this is super convenient and I would definitely recommend it to friends! 4Makes Weak CoffeeI ve had an Aero Press before and loved it and then went through a change in life and family, moved, etc and used a Keurig for a long time, but recently decided I wanted to go back to the Aero Press because my previous experience was that it made a really nice and fresh single cup of coffeee and a fraction of the cost of Keurig and took up so much less space, however I am very disappointed with my recent purchase of this Keurig. It yields a weak cup of coffee because it does not hold the coffee in the chamber like it supposed to to allow it to steep a bit before you plung it. I don t even have a chance to stir it before it starts dripping into the cup. It starts dripping through the filter into the cup as soon as I put the water in the chamber. I don t even have to plunge it at all b/c it will just drip right on through by itself, although I do to get the last bit of strength out of the coffee. So the problem is not the plunger or even the filter, as I ve even tried using two filters to see if that solved the problem, but unfortunately, it still drips right on through. Is there any way I can get a replacement chamber for this set? 3There's a lot of Counterfeits out there.Let me state, right up front, that the AeroPress makes incredibly good coffee.The reason that I have only given it three stars, is that the AeroPress that I bought from the French Market has turned out to be a counterfeit. I discovered this when the rubber plunger wore out after only 7 months of usage. It should last 3-4 years of daily usage. Luckily, AeroPress was willing to sell me a replacement plunger. I hope that it will fit on the unit that I have.The French Market is not an authorized AeroPress dealer, and the AeroPress that they sell is counterfeit and not covered under the AerPress warrantee.If you are serious about your coffee, I highly recommend that you get an AeroPress, but be careful who you buy it from. Before buying one on Amazon, go to AeroPress.com and check the list of authorized dealers. It's the only way that you can be assured of getting a genuine AeroPress that is covered by the Warrantee. 3Best cup youll ever have.Love love love my aeropress. I use it every day sometimes more than once because it's seriously the best coffee ever. I'm a former Barista, now a beer brewer, so my tastes are somewhat refined for coffee. Having owned a pour over "clever cup" for years, a French press, and an espresso machine I've been able to make lots of coffee lots of different ways. I got this as an accessory for camping, but it's honestly my daily cup now. Super easy to clean, easy to brew, and makes wonderful cups of coffee. I didn't believe the hype until I tried it, now I don't even need sweeteners to balance the tannic bitterness of coffee. It's opens the flavors up so much. Highly reccomend. I paired with they Cozyna stainless hand grinder for consistent grinds, and use a local coffee roasters coffee that they order green beans and roast per pound by order. Right now enjoying a city roast Okoru bean from Uganda. Amazing! 5
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