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ALASKA BEAR - Natural Silk Pillowcase, Hypoallergenic, 19 Momme, 600 Thread Count 100 Percent Mulberry Silk, Standard Size with Hidden Zipper (1, Light Coffee)

  • ALASKA BEAR - Natural Silk Pillowcase, Hypoallergenic, 19 Momme, 600 Thread Count 100 Percent Mulberry Silk, Standard Size with Hidden Zipper (1, Light Coffee)
  • ALASKA BEAR - Natural Silk Pillowcase, Hypoallergenic, 19 Momme, 600 Thread Count 100 Percent Mulberry Silk, Standard Size with Hidden Zipper (1, Light Coffee)
  • ALASKA BEAR - Natural Silk Pillowcase, Hypoallergenic, 19 Momme, 600 Thread Count 100 Percent Mulberry Silk, Standard Size with Hidden Zipper (1, Light Coffee)

ALASKA BEAR - Natural Silk Pillowcase, Hypoallergenic, 19 Momme, 600 Thread Count 100 Percent Mulberry Silk, Standard Size with Hidden Zipper (1, Light Coffee)

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • "I love this pillowcase. I had mistakenly left the one I had on a pillow at a hotel and purchased this one to replace it. This was much more reasonable and I like it even better than the more expensive one I had. One of the things I like most is that it has a zipper. My other one was the envelope type case and the pillow was always trying to sneak out the end. This is so much better. I will definitely buy again and am considering buying them as gifts they are that nice." -- By Sharyl on April 15
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Customer Reviews

Don t waste your money- buy the real thingI bought this for my three year old daughter who when told she could have anything she wanted when she potty trained, told me she wanted a soft pillow case like mommy. Well mommy has a REAL silk Slip brand pillowcase and i didn t think my 3 year old would be a tough sell if it was close. i d hoped this would be very close (but cheaper) doup. Comparing the two side by side, this thing isn t just not soft, it s flat out scratchy. My 3 year old who was so excited instantly ran her hand across it, scrunched her face and said this isn t soft, it s scratchy! This isn t like yours. Even my three year old could tell the huge difference in the quality. I was way too busy to send it back so it s just making do until I buy her a real Slip silk cover. Don t waste your money buy a Slip silk pillowcase 1Best Remedy for Straw Like HairI absolutely love this pillowcase. After sleeping on a silk pillowcase, I don't think I could ever go back to sleeping on regular cotton pillowcases. I bought it for my hair because I used to wake up with really straw like hair especially when I showered the night before yet still blow dried my hair. I was looking for all kind of solutions: pineappling, using different conditioners, hair masks, but nothing helped. Now that I have this pillowcase, I no longer have this issue, I wake up with very smooth hair in the morning! I've also had my cats pull threads from cotton pillowcases completely destroying those. When my cat put claws in this pillowcase, no threads came out. I wish Amazon s prices didn t go up and down so much so that I could get a pillowcase in a color I really liked. I got mine in brown wchich isn t my fav color but paying $20+ for a pillowcase is already splurging for me.After getting myself this pillowcase, I got a bamboo pillow https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B00EINBSEW/ref=ya_aw_od_pi?ie=UTF8&psc=1and now I m looking forward all day to go to bed :) 5Dream Like a Queen!I have satin sheets on my bed but they are not high-quality and the pillowcases do very little for my hair. My hair is a very crazy and frizzy 2C style. I would go to sleep with beautiful curls and wake up with a Birds nest. After doing some research I found that silk pillowcases could help with frizzy hair. I could not be happier that I bought these because now I can wake up without looking like Mufasa had a bad blow out. Not to mention they are incredibly soft and smooth and I love putting my face on it. Also my boyfriend has noticed a significant decrease in his acne since using this pillow case. I couple this pillow case with a miracle bamboo pillow and it is truly heaven, it has become impossible to get out of bed.* I am a regular Amazon customer and all opinions are solely my own and I have not been paid or given this product at a free or discounted rate for review. 5I'm never going back to a cotton pillowcase!I bought these pillowcases because my thick, curly hair dries out and frizzes easily. I was doing everything else I could (co-washing, using leave-in conditioner and wide-tooth comb), and although I could get my hair under control during the day, I would always wake up with my hair dry and standing on end. I saw a few recommendations to try silk pillowcases, so I gave these a shot due to their reasonable price. To make sure these would really work, I took a picture after a night of sleeping on a cotton pillowcase (left) and after a night of sleeping on these silk pillowcases (right). I was surprised by how significant the difference was. A side benefit is that they also leave my face less dried out when I wake up, which has reduced some fine lines around my eyes. Even my mouth feels less dry, which could be because they're supposed to be hypoallergenic. As far as washing them, I put them through the washing machine (cold, gentle cycle) and hung them to dry, and they made it through fine. Overall, these were very much worth the money. 5Made a difference in my hair!I bought this pillowcase for my hair and skin. At first, I did not notice a big difference in my hair. It wasn't until after I stopped using it that I started noticing my hair texture to change. It began to look dry and frizzy again. With that being said, I truly believe this silk pillowcase will benefit the health and texture of your hair. I recommend giving it a shot. It's super soft and it will also make your bed look more classy ;') 5Falling apart after 6 monthsI purchased this in July of 2017 to help keep my curls while I sleep and not wake up with bed head. It does help somewhat. It s better than using a regular pillow case but I also pineapple (loose ponytail at top of my head) my hair to go to bed. I hand wash weekly (more like soak with milk detergent and cold water then scrunch the pillow case around in the water and rinse) as directed and I just noticed a hole near the zipper. Oh well. Hope if I invest in a more expensive one the quality will be better and it will last longer.UPDATE: After posting my review, I was contacted by the seller and offered a replacement. I must say, I was very impressed with the level of customer service I received and for the attention given to me as a dissatisfied customer. I received my replacement and continue hand washing every week with Dreft mild detergent. I am using MORE caution than I was with my original pillow case when hand washing and hope this helps with the life span this time around. I m hopeful it will. If anything, I m more than a happy customer by the way I was treated by the seller. 4Worth it! The real dealI bought 2 of these pillowcases in King size for the purpose of hair and skin benefits. I wasn't expecting much as far as results, but after the first night I woke up and looked in the mirror and wow!.. my face skin had softened, less visible wrinkles (especially in the eyes area), I looked refreshed without even getting a good nights sleep that night! My hair is very very long but fine and it was so soft, not broken or crazy as when I used cotton pillowcases. Honestly I couldn't believe the difference, why didn't I buy these sooner!?! I'm 33 and I've been using this pillowcase for 10 days now and my wrinkles are way less visible, I'm also prone to severe acne and it has been gone since I started sleeping on these. My husband commented that he likes how it doesn't pull on his face. He's right, no pulling at all, SO comfortable! 5Love it! No more pillow crease on my face in the morningI've been sleeping with this pillowcase for about a month now and really love it. No more waking up with a pillow crease on my face that takes hours to go away! I throw this in the washer with cold water washable and so far, so good. I'm really sensitive to smells & worried that this would have the silk smell to it but mine does not. I'm very happy with it and will buy another soon so that I have a spare. Iwas wondering about buying one for the husband but wondering if his scruff will ruin it. ??***update one year later**** I do need to replace the pillow case. I wash it on gentle once a week in a garment bag because I want to clean as much oils from my face being on it as possible and hand washing it would not remove as much. I realize that this may wear it down sooner but it beats having acne from the pillow case not getting clean enough. So after a year of using it every day and washing on gentle in a garment bag, the silk has softened and ripped away from the zipper. I Dont blame the manufacturer and will be buying this exact one again. It really works and I no longer wake up with creases lining my face. 5Super soft silk fabric on both sidesSuper soft silk fabric on both sides, unlike another brand that I tried and had cotton on the other side. I love that it has a zipper and won't slide off at night. 5DON'T WASH ITI had tried a different brand of silk pillowcase that were basically ruined by washing them once or twice. I read the reviews of several silk pillowcases to see if customers were able to wash it and have it still be "silky." The reviews for this pillowcase were mostly positive about it being able to survive washing. Unfortunately, I bought it and it didn't survive washing it. The silky look and feel faded. I don't review products too often, unless they are very good or a disappointment. This was a disappointment. 1
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