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All American 915 Canner Pressure Cooker, 15.5 Qt, Silver

  • All American 915 Canner Pressure Cooker, 15.5 Qt, Silver
  • All American 915 Canner Pressure Cooker, 15.5 Qt, Silver
  • All American 915 Canner Pressure Cooker, 15.5 Qt, Silver
  • All American 915 Canner Pressure Cooker, 15.5 Qt, Silver
  • All American 915 Canner Pressure Cooker, 15.5 Qt, Silver
  • All American 915 Canner Pressure Cooker, 15.5 Qt, Silver

All American 915 Canner Pressure Cooker, 15.5 Qt, Silver

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • The All American 15-1/2-quart pressure cooker and canner holds approximately 10 standard regular mouth pint jars or 7 standard regular mouth quart jars; Perfect Canner for all your canning needs!
  • Made of durable, hand-cast aluminum with an attractive, easy to clean satin finish; Easy on-off cover; Positive action clamping wing nuts permit easy opening and closing
  • Sturdy phenolic top handle; Exclusive "metal-to-metal" sealing system for a steam-tight seal; No gaskets to crack, burn, replace or clean
  • Easy to read geared steam gauge; Automatic overpressure release; Settings of 5 psi, 10 psi, and 15 psi
  • 12-1/4 inches high with 12-1/4-inch inside diameter; made in USA
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Customer Reviews

WORTH EVERY PENNY - 21.5 QT model comes with second rackFuture Buyers: You do not need to order an extra rack. I have actually not used the pressure cooker I purchased yet, but I have used my friend's and it works amazingly. Maybe I missed it, but I looked hard to find out how many racks were included with the cooker and I could only find "comes with rack" (seemed like a good indication that there was only one). On top of that when Amazon suggested based on other's purchases that I buy the canning kit and the additional rack, I figured it was a common need. Sure enough everything arrived and the Pressure Cooker came with two racks, so back my extra rack will go.Three tips from using my friend's All American Pressure Cooker: 1. Do yourself a favor and go to the All American Pressure Cooker website and watch the video on what constitutes a "jiggle". 2. Rest assured that the column of steam you are looking for will not be a thick full column of visible steam, but instead means that there is constant flow of air out of the vent. At one point I started to second guess this and kept looking for a thick visible column of steam and it caused me to over-process a couple of batches. 3. I found it helpful to use a ruler (or other guide) to make sure the lid is on evenly. While I could tell if the cover was way off - it would definitely look uneven - it was nice to have something to measure with to be sure.Also, a lot of people wonder what type of range they can use this with. I have a Frigidaire ceramic electric range top I called them and they said since the Pressure Cooker is quality aluminum that it is fine to use. The only worry is with scratching the surface of the range, but it will be a cosmetic issue not a functionality issue.All American Pressure Cooker HAS AMAZING CUSTOMER SERVICE - the hours are all Eastern Time and work hours, so not the most convenient, but they have helped answer so many questions about canning and preserving different items not listed in the booklet that comes with the cooker. 5My favorite kitchen appliance!!!!This review is written after owning the All American Canner for over one year. I have canned meats, sauces, vegetables, beans, soups, broth, and maybe a few other items in this canner. When I purchased the canner, I watched 1 (one, uno, un) YouTube video on how to can and figured this to be pretty easy. I ordered this canner because of the reviews and the heirloom quality of the equipment. This is definitely an investment piece.I became an intermediate to professional canner based on watching one video and using this canner. I use the National Center for Home Food Preservation website for guidelines. Anyone can do it!!!!If you are looking to homestead, to preserve a harvest, or preserve produce you caught on sale, then you won't be disappointed in this canner. It's heavy duty and I can see it yielding batch upon batch of canned foods year after year.Any regrets???.... I wish I'd gotten a larger size.Happy canning!!!!!! 5You can't beat the bestI have owned several gasketed canners, and after using the gasket-free kind, I'll never go back. I purchased my first All-American King Kanner about 30 years ago at an estate sale for $5. I have no idea how old it was when I bought it. I'm still using it. I have also owned a Presto canner, but buying the right gasket became a pain, and the bottom of the canner became so pitted that I thought it unsafe to continue to use it. Since we can so much, I wanted to still have two canners, thus the purchase of my second All-American. We just finished processing hogs, and used the canner for a batch of soup broth.As others have mentioned, this is one serious hunk of metal. We have to put it on the stove burner, then load it. Lifting a loaded canner is beyond my capability. One has to be patient letting the canner come off of pressure before unloading the jars.Since I had no instruction book with my other A-A canner, the one that comes with the new canner is really handy. Wish we could upload photos because I took one with both canners side-by-side. 5This is the one to get!I had been an on-again, off-again home canner for several years, and I found myself frustrated by the amount of sugar, etc. I needed to add to water bath canned jams. I also found that a lot of products that I make myself, like cooked beans and chicken stock, were just languishing in my freezer because I couldn't plan far enough ahead to defrost them before I needed them - I was just buying them at the store.No more! This pressure canner is AMAZING. I watched the video on All-American's website, and it was very clear and informative. I was able to easily and safely can my first batch of chicken stock, and I am SO STOKED.This canner is very, very well made. It is solid, and as soon as you take it out of the box, you can tell it will last forever. The instructions (both written and the aforementioned video) are super clear, helpful, and thorough, and the included preparation tips and cooking times for a wide variety of canned goods is incredibly handy.I also love that it's gasketless, and the screws are attached in such a way that they cannot be lost. Everything feels incredibly well-constructed and I highly recommend it! 5Lid doesnt fitUnable to use due to the pot being bent into a very slight oval shape upon arrival. Lid cannot sit level, rocks on two points, and cannot be latched or tightened. Packaged appeared undamaged. 1Advice given in Q&A section is incorrect for cookers not hitting pressure, but excellent customer service from the factory fixedExcellent craftsmanship, even better customer service. Almost returned it as damaged, but a call to the factory led to a series of return calls from various people till they got me an expert online. The advice given in the question and answer section, wasn't helpful to me, my pressure cooker would keep going to 10psi then make a popping sound, and vent steam, and never go up to 15. I thought I had a warped one somehow, but heard good things about the company, so decided to call them.I had followed all the suggestions on here to make the lid even, to oil the lip where they connect, to tighten the bolts across from each other to keep the lid flat. The factory instead had my even the lid, make sure the lip was oiled, tighten the bolts across from each other to just touching, then to go around the lid, not on opposite bolts but on the bolts beside each other one by one, to tighten it down further. Completely opposite advice from what was said in here, but after 8 failed attempts, the info from the factory worked for me on the very next try. I then made a pot of soup stock up, and it hit pressure again with no problems. 5" Now I have spent the better part of a day and am exactly where I ...After canning for years with two 7 quart units I purchased this "top of the line" unit from Amazon. Working with the All American help line for about half a day, we tried every tweak they could muster. After eight consecutive failures to seal, the correct response from the company would have been: "we are sorry this unit isn't working, we will send you a new one. The response I got was: "send it to us so our engineers can try to make it work." Now I have spent the better part of a day and am exactly where I started, unit sent back to Amazon and two, tried but true 7 quart canners. A whole lot disgusted. 1... first test batch in the canner and I'm really happy with itI just did my first test batch in the canner and I'm really happy with it. It's huge and will allow me to can a ton of produce at a time reducing the effort and tediousness of canning. I've had freezers fail in the past and almost ruined frozen food. I'm going to be canning more to prevent that from happening again. Canning is a more realistic option now, due to the capacity of this canner. The description says it can hold 32 pints but I like using wide mouth pints. It holds 25 of those plus an additional 3 regular mouth for a total of 28 per load. If you're looking to substantially reduce your time and increase production this is the canner for you.It also holds 21 wide mouth quarts. 10 on the lower level and 11 on the top. 5All-American pressure canner. Great quality, great product!I love it! I wish I would have purchased this canner years ago! This is a heavy duty cast aluminum pressure canner/cooker and it's made in the USA! I really like that I don't have to be concerned about a rubber gasket and/or watching the pressure gauge during the processing time. That gives me the flexibility to do other things in the kitchen or poke my head into the other room, while still "listening" to the regulator jiggle. This model is big and tall, so if you have a microwave above the stove top, it may not fit. This size is not recommended for glass stove tops because of the weight. It is heavy, so once you put the required amount of water into it (3" = 2 gallons) and load it with your jars, you are NOT going to be able to move this to another burner. I highly recommend reading the manual completely if you have never used and All-American pressure canner. I'm glad I did. My first time using it, the top was stuck on and I could not turn it to get it off. I had read that this might happen and what to do to break the vacuum and why it may have happened. It was my error and I learned from it. I have not had a single issue with it since then. I was also very pleased with the price I paid from this seller. Considerably less than many others. I'll be saving up to purchase another All-American, but a smaller one for when I want to do "small" batches. 5Extremely difficult to obtain sealI purchased this well before it was needed, it looked undamaged so I put it away till summer. That was a mistake as return window has past. I have used a 60's model AA caner for years and it NEVER failed to make a seal without even trying. The designers and engineers dropped the ball on this one. The old seal was a gradual taper, this has a sharp bevel. This means if it is fitted even a fraction of a millimeter off on the whole circumference, it will fail to seal. The one time out of the first three tries I had success, I measured all around with my MM rule and ground down a screwdriver to that number to use as a try gauge. The outcome was 2 out of three were sealed. This is horrible, I threw out hard earned produce because despite what the book says, you CAN NOT cool down and retry, your food will be mush. If you think you want a caner, search for one of the older models. 1
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