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All Natural Latex Pillow (King Size, Medium Firm), With 100% Organic Cotton Cover, Hypoallergenic, N

  • All Natural Latex Pillow (King Size, Medium Firm), With 100% Organic Cotton Cover, Hypoallergenic, N
  • All Natural Latex Pillow (King Size, Medium Firm), With 100% Organic Cotton Cover, Hypoallergenic, N
  • All Natural Latex Pillow (King Size, Medium Firm), With 100% Organic Cotton Cover, Hypoallergenic, N
  • All Natural Latex Pillow (King Size, Medium Firm), With 100% Organic Cotton Cover, Hypoallergenic, N
  • All Natural Latex Pillow (King Size, Medium Firm), With 100% Organic Cotton Cover, Hypoallergenic, N
  • All Natural Latex Pillow (King Size, Medium Firm), With 100% Organic Cotton Cover, Hypoallergenic, N
  • All Natural Latex Pillow (King Size, Medium Firm), With 100% Organic Cotton Cover, Hypoallergenic, N

All Natural Latex Pillow (King Size, Medium Firm), With 100% Organic Cotton Cover, Hypoallergenic, N

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • MADE OUT OF THE BEST MATERIAL: Natural latex comforts & support your neck and head need with purity. Get a good night's rest that keeps you healthy by reducing your exposure to harmful chemicals. Choice of 4 firmness- This is medium firm near soft in the spectrum. Other firmness are soft, firm and extra firm.
  • A TRULY RESILIENT PILLOW: Latex is a supportive material being naturally dust mite and mold resistant and one of the most hypoallergenic bedding options available. Sleep extra comfy by avoiding all those annoying allergens!
  • FITTED WITH A ORGANIC COTTON COVER: A latex pillow should breathe freely! Synthetic fabrics can retain heat and covers that are too thick will reduce ventilation, increasing the warmth of your pillow. Our pillows come with an all organic cotton cover which provides the right amount of airflow to keep you nice and cool!
  • QUALITY IN MIND: Ever order a pillow that flattens out after a few weeks? We understand your struggle! Our Latex pillows are designed to keep that plush, soft, lofty, support you expect a pillow to have! So you and your loved ones can enjoy a goodnight sleep for years to come!
  • Sizes: Standard 25" x 16" x 5.5", Queen 30" x 16" x 5", King 34" x 16" x 6", Not made for those with latex sensitivities. If odor is present in your pillow, air out in a well-ventilated area for a few days. This is large pillow not intended for stomach sleepers.
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Customer Reviews

I'm amazedI never leave reviews, but I'm amazed. I was having really bad back pain (waking up feeling completely stoved) that I attributed to my cheap mattress. I went ahead and ordered a new latex mattress in an effort to be more natural. In the meantime, I thought I should change my pillow too to be more natural so I bought this. After the first night, my back pain was completely gone! After a few nights I let my husband try it and I used the old pillow (a nice 2 sided memory foam/stuffed one) and in the am, my back pain was back in full force! I had no idea a pillow could make such a difference.I'm a side/back sleeper. I'm considering getting the medium one for me and letting my husband use this soft one, but regardless, it's obviously giving me the support I need. If you've never used latex, it's definitely a different feel. You almost feel weightless like you're not getting any support but you are. I didn't really notice any smell. Maybe initially upon opening, but it's not a chemical smell at all, I actually kind of liked it and by bedtime it was gone and I'm very sensitive to smells.I could really go on and on, I have only good things to say! If you're on the fence, I'd definitely give it a try! 5Finally, a firm latex foam pillowI had been searching for years for a latex foam pillow that wouldn't go completely flat under my head. The vast majority of latex foam pillows I had tried were super soft (most stores all sell the same super soft latex foam pillow and say nothing about firmness). I used to have a beauty rest latex foam pillow that I loved, but somewhere along the way they cut the firmness of their pillow way down (the weight of the new one was about 33% less than the old one) and I couldn't stand it.This one is nearly perfect. If I order another one I would probably go for firm instead of extra firm, but that is just about personal preference.The reason I am giving this pillow 4 stars instead of 5 is because the ventilation holes are really really large for whatever reason (so large that I can easily stick my fingers down through them). I like to sleep on my stomach or side with my hands tucked under my pillow under my head, and the holes are so large that they make the pillow feel quite lumpy, even through the pillow case. 4Does not hold shape or bounce. Not recommended.When we first received this pillow it was really comfortable just as you would expect from a latex pillow. However, after a couple of months use, the size and bounciness of the pillow reduced quite a bit. Now after six months of use, the pillow is flat, has no bounce and is a mere half the size of the original pillow received. It kind of makes you think whether this is real latex or not. It is definitely way too much money for what you get. I would not recommend this product to anyone. We have a had a pure latex mattress for 7 years and never had this problem. I am not impressed with this latex pillow. 1Great Pillow - Takes Getting Used To!What can I say, this is a latex pillow that you have to become a accustomed to. Having said that, the medium firm takes a bit of adjustment. I have had neck/back problems for years. Tossed and turned with other pillows. Last year I purchased, not from Amazon, a latex 3 inch topper for my mattress, to try it out, and although I still have lower back pain from time to time, that topper did WONDERS....SO this pillow is definitely a PLUS in my book. I no longer use 2 pillows when sleeping and toss and turn less frequently. Is this a miracle marvel? Not really however, I have noticed an improvement in my neck. I do find, sometimes, that I have a little bit of shoulder pain but, not too much and, not every day. It does not eliminate heat transfer, if you are a person who naturally sweats, awake or asleep, please know this will not help you BUT, it does have the natural pin hole design which, is standard for ALL latex products. Your head feels like it is on a trampoline meaning, it has a bounce to it but not as such that it is a negative end result; the pillow cradles you. I would not recommend the soft density for a side sleeper as you do need additional support. Since the product natural, it will last you for years with the proper care. I use a pillow case OVER the case it comes in. You are able to remove the cover it comes with. If you have some odor when first received, that is completely normal, it will gas off after a day or so. Should you go to the manufacturers website, you WILL NOT see this pillow at this price point, they do work with such vendors as Amazon to give a better cost to the customer. In the end, it is a personal choice and you have to be happy with it. Here is to getting a better night's rest! This is my 2nd purchase of this pillow! 4Pleasantly Surprising PillowI am a very picky pillow person. I have tried dozens of pillows in the last six months and none have met my admittedly high standards. I found out pretty quickly that although I liked the feel of memory foam, my sinuses did not like it one bit (even the so called certi-pur foams bothered me). Down was also out as an option and poly fill basically guaranteed that I had to buy a new pillow within a few months. On a whim, I decided to give this latex pillow a chance. I am extremely happy with that decision. This pillow is what my dreams are made of, or at least now I can dream comfortably because of this pillow. It is soft, yet surprisingly supportive and fits my every sleeping position. I will admit the pillow has an odor at first, but for some reason it doesn't trigger my allergies so I'm good. If you are like me and have struggled to find pillow perfection, give this one a whirl. It might change your life! 5If you're a back sleeper this pillow is excellent! Too soft for side sleepers.Everything about this pillow is fantastically wonderful... except that it's too soft and doesn't offer enough support for a side sleeper like me. It's great when I'm on my back! But I have to put a towel under the side of it to give it enough height to support me when I sleep on my side. This surprised me a bit because the last latex pillow I bought was too firm. I didn't realize that latex could get THIS soft and plushy. The pillow also arrived lumpy from shipping (the way it was folded in the box caused this), and the lumps never went away. It doesn't lay flat. I was bothered at first, but I was so desperate for a non-toxic pillow that I put up with it instead of returning it. The lumps actually don't affect my sleep or comfort, so it's not a big deal.I would very much like to buy a firm version of this pillow. It's the right height and the material doesn't bother me (I have Multiple Chemical Sensitives), but it's not right for my body and sleep style. 4Queen Extra Firm not quite 5" tall at center of pillowI just received pillow this evening. I wanted to take helpful pictures for those who are trying to decide which pillow to order. This is a Queen Extra Firm. It is not as high as I had hoped it would be. It's definitely not 6" as some reviews stated. I have a Beautyrest Latex pillow I am replacing with this one. The Beautyrest is definitely 6" and springy but putting weight on the pillow it goes flat. This new pillow seems much more dense.I will sleep in it tonight and let everyone know how it feels.I have slept on this pillow 2 nights now. This is not the pillow for me. I am a side and stomach sleeper. I don't know if I should have ordered just a firm rather than extra firm or not. They just don't make Latex pillows like they used to. This is an expensive way to find the right Latex pillow! 3It's lofty and firm simultaneouslyI am writing as a two-time purchaser of this pillow. However, I think my first pillow was firmer. You see, my first order was many, many years ago, and unfortunately, I cannot be certain as to the firmness of that pillow because there is no information on my purchase order or the pillow to confirm its firmness. Therefore, I ordered my newest pillow as a "standard size - medium firm". I did compare the two pillows, and the first pillow that I ordered, so long ago, is waaay firmer than my recent purchase.Still, I am happy to report that my experience with this new pillow is wonderful. And, a few notes:1. I am sleeping on my back (not a side-sleeper).2. I do have arthritis (causes me great pains).3. I also have experienced severe whiplash trauma to my cervical/spinal region more than once! So prior injury contributes to my arthritis discomforts.4. This pillow of standard-sizing with medium firm support is comfortable to me.5. I am a petite female that weighs approximately 125 lbs.6. The medium firm pillow is a softer/loftier feeling pillow. Meaning, my head settles into it while the sides of the pillow billow around my head. This pillow does appear to offer support though.7. Thus, this pillow is NOT so firm that it feels like you are merely resting on-top of it. Your head will "sink" into this pillow. (This is the best I can describe it.) Please ask a question if this description is unclear, and I will do my best to respond.So, I hope by sharing this information, it helps another consumer make a decision for their purchasing needs. 4Gross! Don t buy!!!!Don t buy!!!!!! If you take off the cover that comes with it, you will find that there are black hairs all over the place! It must come from some recycled stuffs, and it is quite ridiculous given the price. It shocked me that this is even goes on amazon s recommended list. I m returning it immediately. Given how gross it is, I m even considering file complaints to BBB about this seller. 1Yaaaasss! Finally found it!I am so glad I bought this pillow! I purchased the standard size, soft pillow and it is exactly what I have been looking for for at least 8 years. It is exactly like my favorite pillow I had growing up that finally completely disintegrated, but for some reason I couldn't find replacements in any stores that I went to. Bouncy and springy, but not to the point of being too thick to cause a headache or sore neck. It's soft enough to cradle your head at exactly the right level to your body, without compacting down to nothing during the night. There is a slight smell, but you really have to bury your face in it to smell it - and I'm extremely sensitive to smells. If you've had latex pillows before you won't even notice it. I was a little concerned when I first opened the packaging that I had bought too small a size, but within 30 seconds of taking it out of the bag, it sprung to it's normal shape and size. Absolutely perfect in every way - I don't know why it never occurred to me to look for my favorite pillow type on Amazon. Came quickly and in great shape; I'm thrilled!! 5
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