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All-Directional Chrome Showerhead

  • All-Directional Chrome Showerhead
  • All-Directional Chrome Showerhead
  • All-Directional Chrome Showerhead

All-Directional Chrome Showerhead

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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Customer Reviews

After 6 years, still love it. I bought this showerhead nearly 6 years ago as a more affordable way to gain height on a showerhead that stopped at my forehead (I am 6'2"). I had bought an old home, and like many of them built in the 50s, the showerhead wasn't very "tall person friendly." This easily solved that problem. And after all this time, I couldn't be happier with it, especially for the $15 price tag at the time. Installation was easy, I have never head a quality issue, and I have never been bothered by the somewhat smaller head size. I haven't adjusted this thing's height more than a couple times in 6 years, but it hasn't moved or leaked on its own either. I agree that if you repeatedly adjust it, it may not hold up... but how many times will you really need to adjust the height of it anyway?As mentioned by others, you can't remove the actual headpiece but I never even considered the need to.I did remove the flow restrictor to increase the pressure, which I love, but it also drains my hot water tank very fast, so there is a tradeoff there. It would probably be great with a tankless heater. 5Cheap Way to Gain Height and a Decent Rain Shower After moving into a new apartment, I discovered to my dismay that the shower had been designed for someone 5 feet tall. After a few days of hunching to get my head under a shower head pointed squarely at my shoulder blades, I started the search for something to extend the height of the shower. I stumbled across this unit while looking at extending arms that cost more without a head. I was interested in a new shower head anyway, so I pulled the trigger on this one.SETUP:Setup was easy, and it took me 2 minutes to remove the pre-assembled arm and showerhead from the box, and connect it to the shower outlet. I then adjusted the arm to an ideal height and angle, and twisted the two wing nuts to tighten them into place.QUALITY:The unit stays in place on its own, although it doesn't seem like it would hold up to repeated adjustment. There were no visible leaks in the hinges or otherwise. Although made of brass inside, the finish feels fairly cheap.SIZE:One thing that might be unclear from the photos is the size of this unit. The arm extends about 9 inches, and the head is fairly small, less than 3 inches in diameter. The angle set the spray perfectly above my head.RAIN vs PRESSURE:It should be clear that this is a "rain" type showerhead, and not a "pressure" type. It has many small openings that gently pour water on the user, rather than blast a powerful spray. Even with the small pink flow limiter removed from the unit, you still won't do better than medium-low pressure with this showerhead. I would prefer closer to a medium-high pressure, but I can still get a decent shower with this showerhead. One thing to note is that you cannot remove the showerhead and add a different one; it won't fit the connector.Overall I'm happy with this unit and the fact that I paid less than half the price of what its parts would have cost separately. If you need adjustability and like rain showers, this is the unit for you. If you need lots of pressure or plan to move the arm a lot, look elsewhere. 4Plan on extra install work if You actually want water to flow through this shower head, you will need to modify the flow restrictor. you need to take it apart, (remember how you did it, take a photo) then pry the flow restrictor out, be careful it s sort of glued and super cheap plastic, then poke out the center with a drill file the shards, and then install it. I could have had more flow with a paper cup before we did that. Still not totally happy, Not worth sending back, I d recommend one with an easier to remove flow restrictor. We had the down under wonder previously with zero issues until it finally rusted.. two stars are for the price and otherwise sturdy construction, nice finish. Can t say if it would leak without the restictor we didn t try since the second gasket rides on the core of the restrictor. Good luck 2Adjustment points don't lock after days I bought this based on the 4 star rating. What I got was junk (July 2012).The quality of the chrome was fair. One of the knobs had the base metal still showing due to a poor chrome job. Ugly, but I could live with this since it's a $25 item. I installed it, and it looked great! I was excited at the prospect of a new shower experience. Then I turned on the water and the adjustment points started sagging, along with my excitement, as gravity pulled the shower head down.I tightened the knobs as far as they would go. Hope was high as I was determined to make this work. So many people gave this 4 stars, this had to work. But after half an hour, dread set in as I realized the arm was useless, as gravity would always win.Everyone else who has this must have experienced what I did--a good looking, functioning adjustable shower head. But the reviews came too soon. After days of use, the knob will lose tightness and start to sag, just like mine, making your shower head a foot lower than it used to be. I'm returning this ASAP and will once again start my journey for a new shower head. 1I love this, and it always gets compliments from guests. I moved into an apartment with an AWFUL shower head, and wanted something inexpensive and easy to install that would fix the problem. This was incredibly less expensive than other options I found, and it had great reviews. I've had it for about 2 years now, and I still use it every day. I moved out of the apartment, and brought it with me when I purchased a house.Every guest that has used my shower tells me how much they love my shower. And it's adjustable, so everyone can put it in the position they like best. Some of my good friends even come over JUST to use my shower rather than showering at their house LOL!When I bought this 2 years ago, it was $15.99, which is an unbelievably good deal.My only complaint is that it leaks a little bit at some of the joints. This was an easy fix with some teflon tape (aka plumbers tape). You can find this at Lowe's or Home Depot for about $1. Just wrap it around the threading in the same direction that you will screw the adjoining part back on (so when you screw it back together, the tape tightens rather than unraveling). It also can get kind of loose when it'd adjusted often, but the screws at the joints allow you to tighten it.I wish they had this in an oil-rubbed bronze color. I've redone my whole bathroom with all the fixtures in oil-rubbed bronze, but I refuse to get rid of my amazing shower head, even though it doesn't match :) 4If I could replace the head it would be perfect. But it's still good. I bought this because it was inexpensive and I thought I might be able to replace the head if it wasn't quite what I wanted. Well, the head is pretty generic and I would like to upgrade it (continuing to use the nice extension), but that doesn't work. Still, if you are OK with a plain vanilla spray, this is an excellent value.Pros:--All metal and seems well-made (some similar models are reported to be flimsy plastic).--Easy to install (good thing, since there are no directions).--Gentle flow with good coverage for one person (with flow limiter still in).Dimensions:--Pivot-to-pivot = 8.5"--Max extension (from original pipe to center of shower head) = 11"--Shower head diameter = 3.5"Cons:--The main con for me, and maybe others, is that you can't remove the shower head and replace it with another head. It does not have a standard fitting at the shower head end. Yes, the picture looks like it does, but it doesn't. So if you are getting this as an inexpensive extension for a fancier head, you'll be disappointed. Which is a shame because it's a pretty good extension at less than half the cost of some extensions by themselves.--If that's not an issue for you, there really are no cons unless you're looking for a pummeling spray (which might be available if you remove the limiter, but I haven't tried that).Other:--Both pivots rotate in the same plane. Up and down (unless you install it at an angle, and then only in that plane). Not really a con, since the head does rotate, but not quite "all-directional."--The 2 up-down pivots are easy to adjust (firm thumb and finger pressure are sufficient to loosen and tighten) but my sense is that they may be the weak points (or maybe the leak points) if your family adjusts them a lot. OTOH, who cares if they end up leaking a bit? You're taking a shower, after all. I haven't had any trouble, so this is just a guess. 4The perfect showerhead for tall people This is our second one. We purchased our first of these about 6 years ago and after using descaling liquids, it was shot. We use this in our shower for our teenagers who are 6'4. It is amazingly hard to find a showerhead with an extension that will accommodate their heights. This gives a perfect amount of spray, a nice spa feeling, and a tall enough height where they are not hitting their heads against the top of the shower head. This is made very well, stainless steel and not ABS or plastic, so I know it will last. We have never had any problem with leaking. We have always used the plumbers tape and have had to check the connections of our previous one because one of the boys moved it around when cleaning the shower, causing it to leak. 5Great for tall people! (Not that I am one of them.) Works well for low water pressure, too! I had been hunting for a "rain" shoverhead for some time and decided to purchase this on based on its fantastic price point and good reviews. I was not disappointed; though the shower head is small it feels fantastic and is much better than other larger and more expensive brands that I've tried. You can remove the stopper that limits the water flow if you like, though I found this to be a great way to take a cold shower as my water heater is not quite up to the task of keeping up with the output. That being said, if you have low water pressure I would recommend removing it and enjoying the best shower of your life...in your current house, anyway. This showerhead is also fantastic for tall people (not that I am one of them.) Guests over 6' have been pleased with the lack of calisthenics and yoga required to use my shower since its installation. All in all, I highly recommend this product. 5Waste of Money This Time Around I bought this same one back in 2011 and it was great. The long arm worked perfectly for the high pipe coming into my shower; it was easy to install (just required plumber s tape to get rid of a leak where it threaded on); and the water flow was great. Eight years later, it needed to be replaced because of hard water build-up and rust that I just couldn t clean off, so I bought another. I don t know what is different about this one, but I couldn t get it screwed on to be level; the water flow out of the shower head is spotty/not coming out all of the holes; and even the water pressure is less. Really disappointed. 2Great showerhead with tons of configurations. This has been a great showerhead for us. It has a ton of configurations. It can be very tall or very short. The head turns 360 degrees. It has lower pressure than the showerhead we replaced, but I think it might have a flow restrictor. It's been plenty of pressure for our needs to we haven't attempted to adjust it. My only complaint is that the connector where it screws onto the pipe is a fixed piece. That means you're relying on their ability to get the threads to line up well for a tight fit. If we screw it all the way tight, the shower head is tilted. We had to back it off a bit so it was in the correct orientation. We don't have any leaks so it isn't an issue for us, but I can see it being problematic for some depending on how their own unit is threaded. Overall we are really satisfied. 5
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