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American Weigh Scales 100G X 0.01G Digital Scale, With Seaside 100 G Stainless Steel Calibration Weight

  • American Weigh Scales 100G X 0.01G Digital Scale, With Seaside 100 G Stainless Steel Calibration Weight

American Weigh Scales 100G X 0.01G Digital Scale, With Seaside 100 G Stainless Steel Calibration Weight

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Weighs up to 100 grams in 0.01 gram increments. Units of measure include gram, ounce, carat and grain
  • Backlit LCD display helps make the numbers viewable and easy to read
  • Flip-open lid protects the delicate weighing surface and includes basic instructions
  • Backed by a powerful 10 year warranty, runs on 2 AAA batteries (included)
  • Easy recalibration with included 100g American Weigh calibration weight, ensuring accurate readings at all times
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Customer Reviews

Easy scale to get a general idea on weightFor the price, it's a nice scale, but not 100% accurate. There seems to be a small variance in weight. For instance a 2019 penny should weight 2.5 grams, but two I just weighed is at 2.48 and 2.44 grams. For my purposes, it's within a reasonable error rate, and they may well be right around that weight. But this will be user dependent on how accurate you need the scale to be. The other issue with this scale is that it doesn't seem to register the first few 0.01 of grams. It varies, but it seems to not be able to register anything lighter than 0.04 grams. Once you get past that weight, it weighs everything correctly, just a little inaccurately. Still even with the above flaws, for me it's worth the price. 5Garbage: Don't buy.Bought this scale to use for hatchling geckos. Upon turning it on (on a flat and level surface), the scale bounces from 0g to 0.06, to 0.20, to -2.4g. After finally getting it zeroed out, I placed the hatchling on it and it read 1.9g. Then, without the animal even moving, it slowly worked its way down to 1.61g. How am I supposed to get an accurate measurement on a scale with a constantly shifting weight. The issue has only gotten worse as time has gone by. At first there was just an issue getting it zeroed out at start, so I didn't bother returning it. Now that the return period has passed, it's a piece of garbage. 1Not worth it.I thought this would be very handy for weighing all sorts of things (darts, fishing gear, etc..) and more accurate than a mechanical gram scale but it's been much more hassle than it's worth. It won't operate on rechargeable batteries, not even high end ones that are used for other (more) sensitive equipment and just gives a low batter alert and then shuts off immediately. when using name brand alkaline batteries you get maybe 15-30 minutes of powered on time before it alerts they are low and shuts off. It does seem consistent enough for my needs in measuring the same object as (close to) the same weight but as for objective accuracy it's hard to tell since it can only be calibrated at 100grams which is also its max weight; most scales calibrated in steps leading to the max. I wish i would have returned this right away and found one with better usability. 1Terrible (but fast) customer service, Not as accurate as advertised.1) The battery door does not full close in one corner. As the door is on the bottom of the unit, this introduces a wobble to it as it does not sit flat.2) The screen is curled up a bit in the corner. It is curled up in just the right spot to slightly warp the read out and reflect light strangely.3) The plate that you place things on to do weighting is askew. This combined with problem number 2 (and 3 for that matter) make the entire thing aesthetically unpleasing.Shortly after receiving the item, I received a email from the company (store123) begging me to "write a epic review" (their exact words). When I sent them this list in response, I got a email back (in a impressive 13 mins) that said "Unfortunately, that is not something we can assist you with."As the item is pretty cheap, handling the return through amazon would be a hassle. All that being said, I also bought a 100g calibration weight and it seems to weigh just fine, though it does fluctuate .03g in either direction, as you watch it when something is on it, so them advertising it as accurate to .01 is a bit of a stretch. 2Stopped working on first day of receiving it.After weighing a few things, the display said FULL! I tried resetting....no luck. I tried changing batteries....no luck. I tried turning it off and letting it sit 10 min, turned back on....and still says FULL! VERY disappointed, as I paid extra for one day shipping because I needed it by today. I haven t even had it for 24 hours. Waste of money. 1Don't Waste your Money!Absolute trash! Do not buy this thing!!!The scale is not accurate, and will swing wildly while sitting on a desk in a room with no fans. The 'tare' button is a complete joke because pushing the button cause the whole scale to bend and change the reading; it is literally impossible to tare this scale to zero.I dropped a dozen or so different US nickles on this scale and got numbers ranging from 2g up to 8g... but US nickles weigh EXACTLY 5g. 1Disposable scale evidentlyI've had this scale for about 4 months and used it maybe a few times a week, and a couple of weeks ago when I put new batteries in because it was acting weird the only thing that shows on the screen is "full". I tried different batteries, looked at the troubleshooting in the owners manual (theres nothing in the manual about this issue btw) and still it said "full". So I went to Google and apparently from day people are saying is that it's dead and seems to be a pretty common problem with this scale. But when it *did work it was easy to use/calibrate and accurate. 2Worked well for over 4 years; now recalibration yields wrong measurementsI purchased the AWS-100 in 2014 for around $10. It is attractively made. I used it only occasionally to weigh spices for various recipes and recently for to make Vitamin B capsules which contain roughly the minimum daily requirement. For this it worked quite well. However, the other day, while doing this vitamin task I accidentally pressed the middle mode key, at which point the device ceased to operate correctly. It needed to be calibrated, something I'd not had to do before. Using another scale I generated a 100g weight, and, following the instructions, I turned the machine on, waited for it to show 0.0g, pressed the mode key once, saw it flash 'CAL', pressed the mode key a second time, and saw it again flash 'CAL' and then the required calibration weight of 100.00g, placed the generated weight on the center of the scale, saw it flash 'PASS', and took the weight off the scale. However, when I placed one of the vitamin B pills on the scale, it weighed about half what the scale had been showing just before. I unsuccessfully calibrated it a few times, and after the last only seemingly successful calibration with the 100g, I put the 100g weight back on the scale, which now says that the 100g weighs over 15,500g. Upon now turning the machine on, it flashes 'UnSt' before crazily flashing through a whole series of minus weights. The machine is not designed to enable the user to address this issue of faulty calibration. 2Treat yourself to better and far more accurate scaleShould have considered paying more for a more accurate scale. It's not that accurate but "within" range.Use it primarily to weigh my pot. I weighed my pot from the dispensary and this scale was off as the dispensary is 100% accurate by state law.Oh well, I'll still keep but it under estimates the actual weight. I weighed the 4.25 grams that I purchase from the dispensary and on this scale it read 4.06. No math genius but that's off and not accurate.Tried weighing US currency too and it's still not accurate according to what a dime, nickle, penny, quarter and dollar bill should weigh.Treat yourself to better and far more accurate scale. 2Displays full after a certain amount of calibrations and bricks the scaleGood for about a month, unless you never calibrate it. Screen displays full after a certain amount of calibrations and there s no known fix. 1
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