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Aws Series Digital Pocket Weight Scale 600g X 0.1g, (Black), Aws 600 Blk

  • Aws Series Digital Pocket Weight Scale 600g X 0.1g, (Black), Aws 600 Blk
  • Aws Series Digital Pocket Weight Scale 600g X 0.1g, (Black), Aws 600 Blk
  • Aws Series Digital Pocket Weight Scale 600g X 0.1g, (Black), Aws 600 Blk
  • Aws Series Digital Pocket Weight Scale 600g X 0.1g, (Black), Aws 600 Blk
  • Aws Series Digital Pocket Weight Scale 600g X 0.1g, (Black), Aws 600 Blk
  • Aws Series Digital Pocket Weight Scale 600g X 0.1g, (Black), Aws 600 Blk
  • Aws Series Digital Pocket Weight Scale 600g X 0.1g, (Black), Aws 600 Blk

Aws Series Digital Pocket Weight Scale 600g X 0.1g, (Black), Aws 600 Blk

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • 14 Days Return

  • 600 Gram capacity with 0.1g resolution
  • Units of measure include: g, ounce, troy ounce, dwt
  • Includes two AAA batteries. Measurement Type: Gram, Ounce, Carat, Giganewton, Troy Ounce, Pennyweight
  • Ships pre-calibrated; Calibrates with a 500g weight (sold separate)
  • 10 Year Limited Warranty
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Customer Reviews

Weighs 4 grams as 3. 9 grams, 8 ...Weighs 4 grams as 3.9 grams, 8 grams and 7.8 grams and so on. This continues on endlessly. My new Eisenhower dollar weight seems to vary between 22.2 and 22.5. This amount changes randomly after turning the device off and back on. The coin actually weighs exactly 22.68 grams.Supposedly if I buy a calibration weight, it would fix this issue. They claimed the scale comes pre-calibrated. A calibration weight costs almost as much as the scale. It shouldn't be required to spend almost as much as the scale itself to make it work properly. Include a calibration weight or properly calibrate these at the factory.This issue should be beside the point considering the weight seems to vary each time I weigh something. Even with it properly calibrated, it would still end up with random weight amounts. 1Great for the perfect tea!The best pocket scale ever! I mix culinary spices while cooking, and to know the weight of the spice is paramount, too much and that is all you can taste! Not enough and the entire dish is weak! The phrase, "to taste" is commonly used in cooking. I noticed that the "to taste" is the starting point of 1/8th of a teaspoon! Some spices and herbs are not easily measured this way, thus the scale allows me to precisely measure .625g for the proper amount needed. 5Will not weigh incrementallyDidn't work for me.I like the size, easy to read. And great to have instructions printed on the lid. But I am trying to weigh less than 1 gram of material. Keep adding to the pile, expecting 0 to go through 0.1.. 0.2 .. etc. But it stays at zero. If I put a larger amount on, it will weigh that amount, but I cannot add or remove to fine-tune my quantity.Conclusion, seems to work like my bathroom scale, it just holds an initial weight. But I need an additive scale to measure out an accurate amount. 1Measures down to 1 gram!Lightweight, small, compact. Great for traveling. Accurate. To keep clean this scale is small enough to slip inside a plastic bag or wrap with plastic wrap. Batteries that came worth it held only enough of a charge to power the scale on nd verify that the scale worked, then the batteries died. I bought this scale to measure lawn chemicals that are highly toxic but used in micro small amounts. I had no trouble weighing out 1-3 grams on this digital scale. It functioned perfectly right out of the box. No calibration required. I am satisfied and recommend this digital scale for measuring powders under 5 grams. 5Really Amazon???After unboxing, the unit wouldn t turn on. I discovered the batteries included and installed in the unit were corroded and obviously dead. I replaced them with fresh ones after cleaning the contact points. Still no dice. After a deep sigh, I thought oh well...at least Amazon has an awesome return policy. Guess again! Returns are NOT allowed for this pile of junk. Really Amazon??? If I realized upfront I was donating my money, I d have rather it gone to St. Judes Children s Research Hospital. Was hoping to weigh modern coins to determine correct weights and inconsistencies during coin transition years. Such as the common copper penny switching to mostly zinc in 1983. 1A surprisingly very practical design (compact size, extra batteries compartment, embedded instructions, cover, etc.)Oddly enough, I use to this measure weights of my food when I'm not at home. The max limit of 21 oz is enough most of the time and the accuracy is enough to get what I need when I'm counting my servings. The device is small enough to fit in my pocket, though I keep it in my day pack everywhere I go. Haven't needed to re-calibrate it yet, but when that time comes, the instructions are clearly embedded on the lid, which is pretty convenient.Another surprising feature this thing has is that it'll hold 2 extra AAA batteries on top of the already needed 2 AAA batteries to operate the device. More of our electronics and other devices need simple things like this built into the design. 5I m sure it s good for jewelry weighingI m sure it s good for jewelry weighing, but that s pretty much it. If you re buying a scale to ADJUST measurement like pouring liquids of powders, it s useless. I bought this to measure to mix liquids for perfumes. Even as the scale is increasing as I add drop by drop, well above the speed of the 90 sec automatic shut off , it turns off anyway, even as the scale increases by 0.1g. And I often lose my measurment. It s frustrating. 2BUYER BEWARE....I have had this item for less than a week. Used it twice. It will not calibrate or weigh items correctly. Amazon will not allow returns of this item or give you credit for it if you get a defective one. Losing $7 doesn't sound like a big deal, but it adds up if you wind up with a bad product here and there over time. I work too hard for my money. I might as well turn on the disposall and throw it in there rather than give it to this vendor. 1Great value device works like a charm!Hi everyone,This product is exactly what I was looking for! It is a compact device ( about the size of a iPhone 7 plus with a otter box) and folds up nice and neat. It is very accurate and simple to use and easy to clean. I reccomend if you purchase this to take a US penny and place it on the device and make sure it comes up as 2.5 grams to make sure it is calibrated correctly. The only issue I had with this device is that I placed more than 1 gram of material at one time and it bugged the device, if this happens just take the material off and reboot the device. For the price you cannot beat it. 5Spend the extra money and get a quality scale that ...Spend the extra money and get a quality scale that will last. Got my first one and within a few days, the screen was not showing numbers. Returned it and had a second one sent. Used the second one maybe twice, was sitting on a shelf with no one touching it and then I turn it on today and it's the same issue. Frustrated. 1
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