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American Weigh Scale Signature Series Digital Precision Pocket Weight Scale, Black 1000 G X 0.1 G (Aws

  • American Weigh Scale Signature Series Digital Precision Pocket Weight Scale, Black 1000 G X 0.1 G (Aws
  • American Weigh Scale Signature Series Digital Precision Pocket Weight Scale, Black 1000 G X 0.1 G (Aws
  • American Weigh Scale Signature Series Digital Precision Pocket Weight Scale, Black 1000 G X 0.1 G (Aws
  • American Weigh Scale Signature Series Digital Precision Pocket Weight Scale, Black 1000 G X 0.1 G (Aws
  • American Weigh Scale Signature Series Digital Precision Pocket Weight Scale, Black 1000 G X 0.1 G (Aws
  • American Weigh Scale Signature Series Digital Precision Pocket Weight Scale, Black 1000 G X 0.1 G (Aws
  • American Weigh Scale Signature Series Digital Precision Pocket Weight Scale, Black 1000 G X 0.1 G (Aws
  • American Weigh Scale Signature Series Digital Precision Pocket Weight Scale, Black 1000 G X 0.1 G (Aws

American Weigh Scale Signature Series Digital Precision Pocket Weight Scale, Black 1000 G X 0.1 G (Aws

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Unparalleled Accuracy: The scale also features auto-off capability for battery efficiency. Designed to turn off back-light of the LCD after 20 seconds, and automatically after 240 seconds of inactivity to conserve battery power.
  • Easy to read: clear and large display to see
  • Lightweight Storage: small and lightweight, yet sturdy feeling for ease of storage. Slim design slips into a small drawer easily and could even fit into small bag or purse with ease.
  • Durable: The scale is built with high-quality stainless steel for a longer lifetime and easier maintenance
  • Quality Guaranteed: All AWS scales are backed by a powerful 10 year warranty
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Customer Reviews

Never Worked From The StartThis scale didn t work from the moment I took it out of the box. I ve tried everything possible to get it to calibrate correctly put it s all over the place and a complete mess. I ve compared it side-by-side with other scales and the weight it displays for a quarter was wrong and wasn t even close to the weight provided from a different scale that displayed the correct weight for the same quarter weighed. I don t have anything positive to say about this scale, honestly. If a scale can t do its one job, provide the correct weight of an item, than what s the use of it? 1Great special herb scale from grams to ouncesThis one really weighed my special herbs to the exact ounce. I gotta say it s small, portable, easy to put in your bag or purse. Bring it on the go, to make sure the spices you re buying are what they say they are. If you know what I mean. I have successfully used this to measure out little grams, half ounces and full ounces. Easy to use 5Very accurateFor a cheap price this scale is really nice, it has to be on a flat surface when you use it but that's how most scales are.I used a small gram weight set on it and it showed the correct weights, even with the weights scattered around the weighing plate it still came up even.Also very happy that it included working fully charged batteries. 5Weigh Cool -- right out of the boxThe AWS scale was nearly calibrated right out of the box. Tested against 100 g it weighed either 100.1 or 100.2. Pretty accurate after being shipped. The required calibration weight is 500g which would likely resolve the small .1g disparity. Feels solid, hinge is great. Pocket sized without feeling too small to do the job. I'm completely satisfied with my purchase and I'm going back to AWS for a 0.01g version for even more accuracy.Batteries included is always a plus, unknown brand, but that is to be expected.I was looking for a scale to test 1 troy oz silver for 31.1g accuracy. Very pleased with the results. 5Piece of junkBought it in 2015. Used it maybe six times. Went to use it again and it tells me all the batteries I put in are LO and it won't work. Tried six different batteries. All brand new. All show good on tester. What a disappointment. How does an item like this go bad sitting in the desk drawer? Products like this really tick me off. Like a fire extinguisher that does not work when you finally need it. AWS, what a joke. 1Bought two because they are very good and they actually work!This is a replacement for one I damaged (a different brand) by accidentally leaning on the scale, damaging the load cell. Word to the wise - close it up when not in use!At our model train club we require a minimum weight for freight cars, and this scale makes it easy to determine if additional weight is needed. I'm normally working in the area of 0 to 10 ounces, so 1000 grams (about 2 pounds or 32 ounces) is really overkill, but makes the scale useful for other tasks.Unit worked perfectly right out of the box. I got a set of weights at the same time that were offered by Amazon, to calibrate the unit. It was dead on as received.For the kind of uses I have, it would be silly to spend $40 or $50 to get a pocket scale when this unit Is available. I texted both units and both are perfectly calibrated as received.Use it on a flat surface so that the hinged lid does not interfere with the item being weighed. Other than that, I love the units and look forward to their having a long life. 5Do not buy this unless you are faster than the speed of light!!!!Horrible...shuts off so quickly you don t have time to add the amount of material to get to desired weight, so if you are weighing a thick liquid with a pipette, say you want 3 grams, you get to 2.2 and it shuts off...then you have to throw it out and start over! Worst feature ever...if they MUST put auto shut off on a scale, at least provide an option to disable...really annoying! 1it's amazing if you don't soak it like some sort of idiot (like me)This is my second scale of this type, and I loved them both. You may be saying, "BUT WAIT, WHY HAVE YOU PURCHASED TWO?!!?." That is a reasonable question. The first scale lasted about 4 years through a dozen falls to the floor and daily abuse. See, I used it every day for weighing my coffee and occasionally for weighing hops for beer making. The first unit finally bit the dust after I overfilled my pour over coffee cup, which thoroughly drenched the unit. It had seen light moisture before, but this was just too much. The new unit was just as accurate, just as small, and just as cheap. It's great. 5Accurate Digital Scale for a Great Price!!This scale is perfect for my purposes. It can weigh items from 1/10th of gram to 1,000 grams and it's accuracy is within 1/10 of a gram (I tested this with most weights testing perfectly). So unless your weighing precious metals, I don't see how you could measure anything with more mass (may not fit on the weighing plate and give an inaccurate weight), but less weigh as the scales weighing plate is pretty small (2 1/5 inches X 3 inches), but for my purposes the size is perfect. The build seems very solid, easy to read digital screen (it's lighted), has the Tare function and a very clean look to the scale. I can't comment on Battery life as I haven't had it long enough to give an accurate description of the battery life. Overall I'm very happy with my purchase and the speed at which it arrived. Definitely worth the price and one I would suggest buying for your smaller weighing jobs, depending on the mass of the objects or product you're weighing. Hope this helps. Thanks.. :) 5Good Scale to measure Small amountsAmerican Weigh Scales AWS-1KG-BLK Signature Series Black Digital Pocket Scale, 1000 by 0.1 GI needed a scale to be able to accurately measure supplements. I buy just about everything in bulk so I needed to be able to know exactly how much of each item I was placing into my pre and post workout mixes. A lot of the scales are only good to measure per gram. I wanted something that could measure a 10th of a gram. So after researching for a while I bought this one. It s good but surprisingly small. At first I thought it would be too small but once I started using it, I realized the size is great. It works very well and is accurate. It also has a tare button so I don t have to start over for each item. I can just tare it and continue adding things until I am done.Star Rating: When I do a review I always start out with 5 stars . Then if there is something wrong I will deduct one star and explain why. This way I m not just arbitrarily picking a number. I gave this 4 stars because it works very well. The only thing that is missing is way to measure things on top like a small tray. I use a small plastic bowl because putting things directly onto the scale is cumbersome due to its small size.I do NOT ever give good feedback for bad products. Rest assured my reviews are honest. If you have any questions about this product or my review, please do not hesitate to ask. I can help you determine if this will fit your needs. Thanks for reading. 4
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