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Angel Dear Blankie, Yellow Duck, 1 x 1 x 1 Inch

  • Angel Dear Blankie, Yellow Duck, 1 x 1 x 1 Inch
  • Angel Dear Blankie, Yellow Duck, 1 x 1 x 1 Inch
  • Angel Dear Blankie, Yellow Duck, 1 x 1 x 1 Inch

Angel Dear Blankie, Yellow Duck, 1 x 1 x 1 Inch

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Naptime buddy
  • Cashmere soft
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  • Perfect newborn gift
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Customer Reviews

Soft, cuddly, and the perfect size!This is the best lovey/blanket. We were gifted several different kinds at a baby shower, including one from Angel Dear. It was by far the softest, and it is a great size. We started letting our baby sleep with it in the crib at age 1, and he has been attached ever since. He sleeps with it nightly (draped over his head), plays with it during the day, and it has held up well to this frequent use! He's 2.5 now and I just ordered another to bring to daycare as a spare. I have just been throwing it in our normal laundry (warm wash and medium temp tumble dry) when it needs to be cleaned, and it works like a charm. Great product! 5Must have at bedtimeWe love these! We purchased the giraffe for our oldest and recently got the elephant for our youngest. My 3 year old still sleeps and cuddles with hers. The baby is starting to cuddle hers at bedtime too.They are soft and the perfect size for little ones. They are easy to clean and I put them in the wash with their clothes. The giraffe, that we ve had for three years, has held up well through lots of loving and washes. It s a a quality product and would make a great baby shower gift. 5A Bedtime MUST in our house!We have four of these hippos in our house, and two at Grandma's house. My daughter has been sleeping with these since she was about 8 months old (now 13 months). It has now become a must for bedtime, or for those tantrums that nothing else will cure.The reason for 4 stars is that the quality seems to have gone down a little bit from the first time I bought it, about 6 months ago. The material is a little thinner. Also, the smile on the hippo isn't sewed on very well. My daughter likes to catch the string on her bottom teeth and pull on it, eventually causing the string to come out. I wish it were stitched in a little tighter. But that being said, since she absolutely must have this to fall asleep, it looks like we'll be keeping these, and probably buying a few more, in the next couple years! 4Perfect lovey, buy more than one!I bought the puppy blankie for my son when he was 4 months old to help him sleep better (recommended in The No Cry Sleep Solution, which really help us improve his sleep habits!). I had him hold it while we nursed and I put it on my pillow when I slept for a few nights so it would smell like me. He liked it from the start, but he didn't become truly attached for about 2 more months. I think that was mostly due to his development and not a fault of the blankie.He's 15 months old now and still loves his BoBo (the name for his blankie). He constantly gives BoBo kisses and insists that I kiss him too. We know he's tired when he rubs BoBo on his face. They dance together and play peek-a-boo. When I check on my son at night, he's usually sleeping on BoBo. I'm pregnant with our second child and just bought several of the raccoon blankies for our second child.As a lovey, I think these are perfect. They're soft, a nice size, and have a little character without being too busy. They are cheap enough that you can buy several, which you will need when one gets misplaced or needs to be washed. (My son thinks it's great fun to put BoBo in his dirty diaper pail, so we are constantly washing it). We have 3 BoBos: two for our house and one for the grandparent's house (they watch him several days a week). 5Best Lovey Out ThereI was tipped off to these by some mom friends. These are hands down the best lovies. They are soft and cute but also thin, which makes me feel better about the babes sleeping with them. My kids love these. I bought 5 of the elephants for my twins just in case one goes missing or needs to be washed (can throw right in the washer and dryer!). 5A bedtime necessity!I'm not sure what we would do without our Angel Dear (which, at our house, is called "Zoey Zebra"). My daughter just turned 1 and has been sleeping with her zebra since about age 10.5 months. Zoey Zebra quickly became a bedtime staple. The blankie is very soft but, so far, has stood up well to a substantial amount of the chewing and gnawing that's so typical of a teething baby. The blankie has also seen its way through several wash/dry cycles, as well, and seems to be holding up very well.For us, the biggest benefit to introducing Zoey Zebra has been the self-soothing element. Since our daughter started sleeping with her Angel Dear, she's been able to more effectively soothe herself to sleep (and, when she stirs in the middle of the night, back to sleep). Putting her down in her crib awake is significantly less traumatic than it was before she started sleeping with her zebra. If your baby is having problems soothing him/herself to sleep without you, and if you feel comfortable with a lovey in the crib, I would definitely give this one a try.Recommendation: If your child ends up loving his/her Angel Dear, buy another one. Having two on hand has been a huge help, particularly when the blankie ends up stained with spit-up, slobber, snot, and everything else that comes out of babies! 5This is a really adorable lovey. My daughter is 4 months and just ...This is a really adorable lovey. My daughter is 4 months and just starting to like having something since we aren't swaddling anymore.I'm giving it 4 stars because.Im trying to figure out if she likes this one or the A&A all cotton one better.The little hippo head usually ends up on the crook of her neck and the blanket part she rubs her fingers on. I just purchased another because 1. Daycare 2. They are inexpensive enough 3. It's great that we ever lose it, I can come here and grab another! 46 years later, Puppy still joins us every day!He still brings Puppy down with him every morning out of loyalty, though he no longer requires his presence to get to sleep or calm down. The mouth needed to be replaced with a little embroidery floss after 4 years, the tag is faded and frayed, and it's been through uncountable washes, (some at "sanitize" temperatures, as you can imagine). Puppy has held up better than other plush toys that got far less use. My son even chewed on his snout while teething. Puppy never complained.We had Lion as a backup when Puppy needed a bath. I REALLY recommend having two or three, whether they are the same character or not!These are my go-to gifts for new babies.Since they don't take up much space, I just ordered a new one to put in storage if he chooses to have children. 5Don t lose it kids get attached to their security blanketMy son loves this Secutity blanket. He had had it since he was a little baby. We lost the original one during a move to our home and thank god for Amazon i was able to replace it and make my son cry with happy tears. He s 5 and loves his Ellie elephant wubby 53 one purchasedMy daughter got this for her birth many years ago. I purchased another one a few years later so I could more easily wash it without a big fuss, I could just switch them out. That worked until she turned 5 and then she told me she knew there were two. Unfortunately her backpack was stolen when we moved across country and both ducks were tie to the outside. So I bought another hoping it would be somewhat close to her 'best stuffies'. It was exactly the same! And we now realize just how much softness has disappeared in the 9 years since she got them. I'm extremely pleased with this product and would absolutely recommend! 5
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