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Aquaboon 1-Micron Sediment Water Filter Cartridge, 4-Pack

  • Aquaboon 1-Micron Sediment Water Filter Cartridge, 4-Pack
  • Aquaboon 1-Micron Sediment Water Filter Cartridge, 4-Pack
  • Aquaboon 1-Micron Sediment Water Filter Cartridge, 4-Pack
  • Aquaboon 1-Micron Sediment Water Filter Cartridge, 4-Pack
  • Aquaboon 1-Micron Sediment Water Filter Cartridge, 4-Pack
  • Aquaboon 1-Micron Sediment Water Filter Cartridge, 4-Pack
  • Aquaboon 1-Micron Sediment Water Filter Cartridge, 4-Pack
  • Aquaboon 1-Micron Sediment Water Filter Cartridge, 4-Pack

Aquaboon 1-Micron Sediment Water Filter Cartridge, 4-Pack

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  • 💧 [Dimensions] 10 inches x 2. 5 inches - 4 Pack Of 1 Micron Gradient Density, Multi-Layered, Melt Blown Sediment Filter Cartridges. Universal water filter replacement fits any standard 10 inch RO and whole house system.
  • 💧 [Quality Filtration] Made of thermally bonded 100% Pure POLYPROPYLENE Microfibers. Whole house sediment filtration. Contains no binders, agents, solvents, antistatic materials or wetting agents. 5 zones of filtration to ensure quality and remove more contaminants, large and fine particles from a drinking water, such as sand, dirt, silt, and rust particles.
  • 💧 [Compatible] Compatible with: Aqua Pure AP110, AP110-NP, AP101S, AP101T, AP11S, AP11T, AP12S, AP1610, AP2610, AP51T, SS1-SS12, SS20-SS36, GE FXUSC, Whirlpool WHKF-GD05, WHKF-DWHV, Culligan P5, P5-D, P5A, HF-150, HF-160, HF-360 and DuPont WFPFC5002. Compatible with reverse osmosis filter systems of brands: GE, Culligan, Dupont, Kenmore, Omnifilter, Whirlpool, etc.
  • 💧 [Lifetime] 4 - 6 months / 20000 - 30000 gallons (depending on the water quality). Replace to keep pleasant taste of your water.
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Customer Reviews

Does the job-good price and quality. Use these as pre-filter to our Doulton Rio 2000 whole house system (as recommended). The well is a dug well and has high iron content and sediment. The filters work beautifully and clearly show just what they're getting out. The Doulton filter still gets clogged up easily (it's filtration is down to the microscopic level) but I could just imagine how often the Doulton would need cleaning without these. Nice that they can come through the Amazon subscription service so I never have to think about ordering them. 5Keep looking. Cheaply made These filters have a micron rating that is not honest. I do not feel these are one micron. They are not labeled as such. And do not seem to have that type of quality. The hardest part is getting them to secure properly with no rubber mounts on the end I had a few that would not seal and my water was not being filtered. I do not recommend buying the Zieman though they are cheap and make sound like a good deal. You will not get the great filtration. And you will not get a very good seal either. 3EXCELLENT PRODUCT I purchased a 4 pack of these from AMAZON about a year ago. The Charcoal 5 micron filters from Home Dumpo were doing well but I saw these for the same price and in a 4 pack instead of 2. So Thought I would take a shot. The reviews were good so that was a clincher. we have a slight sulfer smell in our well water. The charcoal filter would remove the smell for a few months then I would need to replace. I installed 1 of these new filters and JUST replace today almost a year later. We have not had a sulfer smell since installation. I only replaced because I figured it was time to check and I had begun to notice the water pressure dropping. Im VERY happy with the results. The filter being replaced was NASTY. Ill change more frequently. Any way I just ordered another 4 pack and will update my rating if anything changes. 5Probably not 1 micron filtration I bought these with the intent of filtering my home brew. After spending a lot of $$ at the home brew store, I figured I'd try amazon. The filter I used from the home brew store was labeled as 1 micron and my beer was clear after filtering. The filter was almost completely clogged after 5 gallons.These Aquaboon filters left my beer hazy and the flow rate was still high after 5 gallons. These are fine for filtering large particles but I would bet they don't actually filter down to 1 micron. These would probably work as a 5 micron pre-filter though. 2Longer lengths are fine. Just tighten them down. Some people said "too long", and I found this to be true too. But I did not trim them down. Most filter housings are made to work with some various length filters. As you tighten the canister, it will dig into the filter more or less depending on the length of the filter. So my advice is to use one filter and see if it works, before you try to cut them down. 5Size is bit too long I bought this 4 pack in the past and it fit properly. This time however, it it was a little bit longer than the advertised 10 inches. I am unable to screw the filter canister completely, leading to significant water dripping out of it. It s a bit odd. The prior ones fit. How does it suddenly not fit? I double checked the filter alignment. It s the case with all 4 in this package. I was afraid to order again so I went with another brand. It is clearly 1/4 of an inch too long compared with the other filters.; but one of the other filters I compared to was a previously purchased aquaboon as well. 1Efficient Sediment Filter These are good filters for applications where you might have rust or other debris in your water system. Although I cannot attest to the accuracy of the 1 micron claim, I can report from using these that they definitely pick up more sediment than the paper types claiming 10 or 20 micron. When used with a clear filter housing, you have the ability to see how much and how quickly the sediment accumulates, and this will help you to determine when to change. The only real downside to using the 1 micron is that with a lot of sediment in your system you will be forced to change filters more frequently. With our system, on a private well, you can begin to detect a change in flow when using the shower, so that is how I usually judge when to change. All in all, I prefer these over the 10 micron for the main entry point because they pull a lot more "crud" out of the water. 5Excellent OEM replacement at a fraction of the cost. Paired with the Purenex activated carbon filters, I was able to bring my Hydrologic Stealth RO100 system back to working like it was brand new again after waiting way to long to change the filters. The 4 pack seemed like a good value of price per filter, and having the extras should encourage me to better stay on top of making sure my water is getting filtered properly. I had waiting so long to service my RO system that my PPM tests were showing almost no filtration being done. After changing to Purenex filters and a Filmtec brand membrane, PPM in the 100s was reduced to single digits. 5Very good price on a 4 pack of 1 micron filters I bought this for my RO system which has clear containment covers so you can look at your filters and judge the need to swap them. At this price, having clean water is dirt cheap.Other than the great price, a major pro is that each filter is individually wrapped, then the 4 are re-wrapped keeping things clean. I'm uploading a picture of the 3 filters I changed in my R.O. system after just 6 months. That doesn't seem like a long time, but please look at the uploaded photo to see the importance of changing filters regularly, including the 1 micron and the carbon block filters.My only regret is that amazon does not stock a complete 5 micron / 1 micron 4 pack set because most all water filters start with a 5 micron to get rid of the pipe buildup, scale, and the junk the city sends you. Then they pass through a 1 micron later (along with perhaps a carbon block) to protect the r.o. membrane. So to do an effective change you really need both 5 micron and 1 micron in the same quantity for any water filter (air filters can also use these on high pressure / flow compressor installations which makes them very flexible as a filter media)At the same time I bought a carbon block for my 3 "bulk" filter stages which really do need changing every 6 months.Watts 202000 10-Inch 5-Micron for Multi-Cartridge Whole House Water Filter with Solid Block Activated CarbonA kit with a 5 micron, the carbon block, and a 1 micron would really be nice as it would deal with 90% of the RO systems 6 month change intervals. My in line TDS meter has gone from 4 ppm output to 14 ppm so I know its time to change numerically also. Someone should kit together the 3 pieces needed for most RO systems as they are cheap and simple to buy. 5This is a good filter for the price This is a good filter for the price. I have well water, so I just wanted it to filter out sediment like sand and silt, which I am assuming it is doing. Their is no odor or bad taste or any sediment that I have observed, but there was none before I installed the filter either. At least the filter didn't create more of those problems. I have a TDS meter and would have expected the filter to bring the parts per million ppm down, isn't that what a filter is supposed to do? But it didn't bring it down at all really. But all I want it to do is filter out big sediment, so I don't know how you can measure that other than observation and looking at the old filter after awhile. So I take away a star cause it didn't affect my ppm at all. 4
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