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Aquasana AQ-PWFS-R-D Cartridge for Clean Machine Powered Filtration System replacement water filter, 1-Pack, White

  • Aquasana AQ-PWFS-R-D Cartridge for Clean Machine Powered Filtration System replacement water filter, 1-Pack, White

Aquasana AQ-PWFS-R-D Cartridge for Clean Machine Powered Filtration System replacement water filter, 1-Pack, White

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Replacement filter for Aquasana Clean Water Machine: AQ-CWM-P-B or AQ-CWM-D-B
  • Use genuine Aquasana replacements only - untested replacements are not certified for performance capacity or contaminant removal
  • Replacements made easy - no tools or plumber required. Simply twist, remove, and replace
  • Less than $0.10 per gallon. Filters 320 gallons. Change filters every 3 months - 8x the capacity of leading gravity pitchers
  • Powered Active Filtration - obsessively engineered to remove over 96% of over 77 contaminants including lead
  • NSF Certified to Standards 42, 53, 401, +P473 to remove mercury, asbestos, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, chlorine, and more
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Customer Reviews

WARNING - DOES NOT FIT If you have the Aquasana Powered Water Filter/"Clean Water Machine", be aware that there are defective or counterfit filters being sold now on Amazon that are slightly too large and get stuck in your machine when installed. This happened to both me and a relative who lives in another state who also has the clean water machine. We both ordered replacement filters in the past 2 months from Amazon, as we have done in the past, and the filters that arrived looked identical but after installing got stuck in the chamber and would not go in all the way. I'm not sure whether the ones being sold here are defective/counterfit, or whether Aquasana is selling wholesale defective filters (suspicious given how many spam emails I get about joining the Water for Life filter subscription program), but something smells fishy! I returned the filters I bought from amazon and ordered the same item from Aquasana.com and they worked as expected. Hmph! 1The new Aquasana machine I got has the bluetooth and ... The new Aquasana machine I got has the bluetooth and app notification system. So when it lit up red (was blue), it's time for a new filter. So I ordered this kit of 2 cartridges. Even though when looking at the old cartridge it appears to be new and clean without any yellow build up on the outside, after inserting the new filter and let it run a few times, I drank the newly filtered water, I noticed it's much smoother. I guess there's a difference replacing the filters on time or frequently. My only problem now is that even by using the app the reset the red light, it won't go back to blue color. Guess the bluetooth doesn't work that well. 4Does not last! We did not use the filter very heavily, maybe filled the gallon tank every 3-4 days. The red light indicating the filter needed changing turned on in 2 months. We probably filtered at most 50 gallons of water! The filter does not last 300+ gallons or 6 months as advertised. 1DEFECTIVE "After Market" Filters!! Do NOT buy! Purchased this $30 replacement filter for my $130 Aquasana as I routinely have for past year. Bought it after the wildfires devastated my No CA community (incl the underground pipes it was that hot!). No prob with the unit for past year. This time however, the filter didnt fit and is now jammed inside the machine!!!Called Aquasana Cust svc who said Amazon is REPACKAGING after-market filters in Aquasana boxes!!! They are being INVESTIGATED and litigation is starting by Aquasana! (We'll see if Amazon prints this! ...)Result - I now need to replace my 1 year old machine, on my senior disability income!!! Will Amazon replace the $130 machine their business practice ruined? Ha! Best they will do per Aquasana is refund me for the latest filter. Gee thx.Stay tuned... 1Drinking water and coffee taste great! I bought the Aquasana Powered Water Filtration System from Costco and formerly used Aquasana's auto-ship for the replacement filters. When I saw that I could do the same through Amazon and I switched to using the subscription service so my purchase add to points on Amazon Prime credit card.Now for the filter, I go through 2 pitchers a day (the 8-cup on that fits in my refrigerator door) and this lasts six months. At first when the filter indicator light turned a solid red before the six months were up, I thought, "Well that sucks, this doesn't last for six months after all." I was wrong. After reading the instructions again, when the light is solid red, it means the filter is at 90% capacity; it's when the light starts to blink red that you need to replace it because that means it's at 100% capacity.By the way, I've read reviews of the system where users have had issue with horrible leaks. My system worked fine for the first month and then one day I did get the dreaded leak of water all over my counter and floor. I was trying to think of why this was happening and then realized when I removed the larger 16-cup dispenser to put refill the 8-cup pitcher, I was sliding the pitcher in -- that's what causes the leaking issue.Since then, rather than sliding the dispense or pitching in, I tip the lip of the dispenser or pitcher is tipped down as I put it under the opening of where the water comes out of the filtration dock. That way, I'm placing the dispenser or pitcher down onto the circular valve at the base of the dock instead of sliding it over the valve.This doesn't stop small water drops when I remove the dispenser or pitcher, but it has stopped the issue with massive leaks when filtering water, so I no longer have to stand and watch to make sure the water isn't leaking all over the counter. I can do more important stuff like couch potato "exercising". 5Third refill does not fit. Update: 5/10/19: Ordered another filter that does not fit. This last item was fulfill by ZONicp instead of Aquasana. I have attached pictures on how the defective filter sits high in the machine. I am returning it to Amazon and reordering from Aquasana directly. It's the same price if you buy 2 and Aquasana offering free shipping. Amazon needs to clean its marketplace of fake and defective products.Update: Replacement cartridge fits. QA problem with the last one. Hopefully that doesn t happen again. Not sure why the made the fit so tight at this location. It s not critical for the functionality here increasing to 3 stars.Original: This is my third replacement of the filter for Aquasana powered filter. The base of this filter is about 1mm wider (see picture new one on the left) and it does not fit all the way down into the machine to put the top back on. I didn't want to force it with more than about 25 lbs of pressure and chance breaking the machine. I am doing an Amazon return hopefully the new one will fit. 1I found the Aquasana to be among the very best. In order to be fully effective I researched water filters extensively. I found the Aquasana to be among the very best. In order to be fully effective, a water filter has to have BOTH the activated charcoal layer and an ion exchange layer. The Aquasana does. These filters are also cheaper than buying directly from Aquasana, and of course, everything is more convenient and faster through Amazon. 5These filters will not last as advertised. I bought the set of two filters and this time I tracked exactly how long the filter lasted before it turned "RED". The fact of the matter is that the filter life is vastly overstated. And in fact is quite falsely advertised. I have city water and it's TDS tested in the average range. So overall decent quality safe city water.Each refill using the black pitcher generates approx 7 cups of filtered water. I put in the new filter on 1/18/2018. Today, 4/2/18 the fliter turned red as it started its cycle. So the question is over the course of time between 1/18 and today, how much filtered water did I treat? The answer may shock you.I was able to garner 37 complete cycles from one filter. At about 7 cups each, times 37 that equals less than 17 gallons of clean water from one filter. That is a long long long way off from the 350 gallons claimed. This is not exactly an economical approach to getting great tasting water. 1Filter is NOT an Aquasana filter, but likely aftermarket This filter is too large for the machine and will not work - it appears to be the same, but it's slightly larger and will not fit. I purchased 2 and returned them both. I ordered 2 filters directly from the Aquasana website. They also said if you purchase actual Aquasana filters it keeps your machine warranted. And the filters are only $50 for 2 filters, so it costs less to buy directly from the manufacturer 1This filter definitely can't do 320 gallon! the most is 100 gallon I was attracted by the description of 320 gallon water filtration capacity and also being tired of having the delivered water for too long so quickly made a decision to purchase 2 of this 12-cups filter system from Costco. I noticed that the red light turned on a few months after the purchase, which didn't feel like 320 gallon yet. After I bought this replacement filter from Amazon, I started to keep track of how often I'm refilling the water pitcher. I started to use the new filter on 12/09/2018, and I've made 79 refills before the red light on again yesterday 2/21/2019, that's 79 gallons! less than 1/4 of what's advertised! This is ridiculers! We should have a class action for ripping off us like this! 2
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