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Aroma Housewares 6-Cup (Cooked) (3-Cup UNCOOKED) Pot Style Rice Cooker and Food Steamer (ARC-743-1NG)

  • Aroma Housewares 6-Cup (Cooked)  (3-Cup UNCOOKED) Pot Style Rice Cooker and Food Steamer (ARC-743-1NG)
  • Aroma Housewares 6-Cup (Cooked)  (3-Cup UNCOOKED) Pot Style Rice Cooker and Food Steamer (ARC-743-1NG)
  • Aroma Housewares 6-Cup (Cooked)  (3-Cup UNCOOKED) Pot Style Rice Cooker and Food Steamer (ARC-743-1NG)
  • Aroma Housewares 6-Cup (Cooked)  (3-Cup UNCOOKED) Pot Style Rice Cooker and Food Steamer (ARC-743-1NG)
  • Aroma Housewares 6-Cup (Cooked)  (3-Cup UNCOOKED) Pot Style Rice Cooker and Food Steamer (ARC-743-1NG)
  • Aroma Housewares 6-Cup (Cooked)  (3-Cup UNCOOKED) Pot Style Rice Cooker and Food Steamer (ARC-743-1NG)
  • Aroma Housewares 6-Cup (Cooked)  (3-Cup UNCOOKED) Pot Style Rice Cooker and Food Steamer (ARC-743-1NG)

Aroma Housewares 6-Cup (Cooked) (3-Cup UNCOOKED) Pot Style Rice Cooker and Food Steamer (ARC-743-1NG)

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Multi-Functional Use - Whether you are in the mood for a hearty jambalaya, steamed veggies and rice, or even a fluffy cake (yes, cake!) you can accomplish it all with your ARC-743-1NG cooker. The possibilities are as creative as you are.
  • Capacity & Dimensions - The ARC-743-1NG collection has a 14-cup cooked capacity and measures 9.4" x 14.2" x 9.4"
  • User-friendly programming - Our Simply Stainless collection is also a proud member of our "set it and forget it" mentality. These products are easy to use with one-touch operation that switches to Keep Warm automatically once cooking is finished, allowing you the freedom to take back your time instead of worrying while you cook.
  • Accessories - This pot-style rice cooker includes a non-stick inner pot, an aluminum steam tray, rice measuring cup, and a plastic rice spatula.Power consumption:120V/60Hz 350W
  • Perfectly prepares 2 to 6 cups of any variety of cooked rice
  • Steams meat and vegetables while rice cooks below
  • Simple, one-touch operation with automatic Keep-Warm
  • Great for soups, jambalaya, chili and so much more!
  • Full-view tempered glass lid
  • Includes Steam Tray, Rice Measuring Cup and Serving Spatula
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Customer Reviews

This rice cooker is a POS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Usually I ignore one star reviews as the whiny minority and if you wish to do the same stop reading now.Will it cook rice? Yes.Will it spray starchy water everywhere (i.e the floor, the counter, the cabinets, the wall, etc.)? YesWill it burn the rice to the bottom of the pot before if finishes cooking the rice?. Yes.If you want to be annoyed and saddened every time you make rice definitely buy this rice cooker. Or spend a little more and get one that you do not want to smash with a hammer each time you use it. I wish I had. "Amazon" apparently never used this cooker before it made it an Amazon Choice. 1WorthlessHorrible piece of junk. I bought this to replace an identical looking rival rice cooker that was finally worn out after 10 years of good service. This cooker failed after the second use when the spring holding the inner pot plate broke. When I looked at Aroma rice cooker reviews at any price point the reviews all pointed to hit and miss quality control and terrible customer service. I can only agree. I bought the Amazon recommended Hamilton Beach 6 cup cooker and am very pleased. It was a bit more expensive but the reviews for similar priced Aroma cookers were not encouraging - so at least I didn't waste more money buying another Aroma product. 1Prepare to redo your entire kitchen if use this!WOW. Hands down the worst kitchen appliance I've ever had the displeasure of purchasing. Prepare to redo your entire kitchen if you use this! It will sputter steam and starch EVERYWHERE, and eventually ruin everything around it (and will one day self-destruct and ruin the rice cooker itself).PROS:Cute red colorGood size for 2-3 peopleComes with a nice, solid, clear lidSets to "warm" after your rice is done cookingCONS:Oh so many of these!Steamer rack is very thinButtons are flimsyThere's no "off" button, so in order to turn it off, you need to unplugHas a burning plastic/metal smell!The "warm" function will warm indefinitely if you don't unplug and WILL burn your foodNo timer, no control of temperature, etc.But worst of all, it produces a HUGE stream of steam that gets EVERYWHERE. Your cabinets, the rice cooker itself, chopping boards, the stove, counter, anything within 3 feet will get dirty and will take you forever to clean.Returning right away. 1Aroma did not deliver with this oneMy old Aroma rice maker still worked but the rice bowl was getting grungy after a few years so I decided to purchase a replacement. Was super excited to get this red replacement (matches with the kitchen theme!). However, the first mark against it was the cord was super short compared to the old one. I used to be able to have the older one sit in the sink to mitigate the cooking mess (horrible rice water spitting). Not the case with this one, but I had ordered one of the large metal catering tubs by accident and couldn't return it, so I put the rice maker in that and it worked well enough. Although double the cleanup. However, not even a year later, the entire unit has died. We are talking once a week use at the max, so barely 40-uses. I tried multiple outlets, resetting outlets, pretty much everything possible and no change. So here's to 40 extra cleanups and a wasted purchase. I wish I had kept the old Aroma and just got a new cooking bowl. 1Makes great rice if you are willing to put up with inconveniences.I used this Aroma rice cooker for four years, and it's still going strong. You can get some good quality jasmine rice out of this if you're willing to work around some minor inconveniences:1. Wash rice a few times beforehand to minimize water spillage on your counter.2. For the appropriate amount of water, fill water level to about the first knuckle of your index finger when touching the top of the rice (for jasmine rice). Plug in cooker (there is no on/off button) and press down button to begin cooking.3. Rice will finish cooking in about 20 minutes. There's no warning except that the button to cook will automatically pop up to the warm function. Immediately unplug the cooker or the bottom of the rice will burn and be hard to clean. The warm feature is useless.4. Do not remove the lid of the rice cooker right away or the rice will still stick to the bottom of the pot. It won't be burned a different color but it will still be difficult to clean without being soaked in water for over an hour. Instead, move the rice pot off the cooker burner, lid still on, and set it aside to cool for five to ten minutes. When you do remove the lid later to fluff up the rice, none of it will be stuck to the bottom, and the pot will be a breeze to clean.And that's about it. Makes a good amount of rice for one or two people. 4Awesome Little Rice Cooker!!!I was so excited after reading the instructions for this rice cooker by Aroma, who makes an amazing variety of different cookers, that this one actually calls for different amounts of water depending on whether you are cooking white or brown rice. Hello, don't the rest of the manufactures get that there really is a difference? Brown rice requires more liquid to cook properly. Do yourself a huge favor and be sure to follow the directions and rinse the rice thoroughly. I cannot emphasize this particular instruction enough, because it really does make a difference and not only prevents spill over of liquid but also keeps the rice from burning or sticking to the bottom of the cooking vessel. Another huge hint is to add a teaspoon of cooking oil per two measured cups of dry rice. I use safflower oil, because it doesn't affect the flavor of the rice, plus it's the same oil I use in the wok.This is indeed a small little cooker, good for only one or two people, especially if you are cooking brown rice where the maximum amount of uncooked rice is 2 cups, resulting in 4 cups cooked. Since we are now empty-nesters, this is perfect my husband and me.I made 2 cups of brown rice in about 40 minutes last night and 4 cups of brown rice in 45 minutes today. Both batches of rice came out perfect! Then I let the unit cool off completely and made 4 more cups of rice and steamed frozen haricot vert during the last 10 minutes of cook time. OMG(osh!) When we order in Thai or Chinese food, we will never have a need to order rice again. This little wonder cooks it up in the time it takes for delivery.Update 12/23/16: so still very much in love with this little rice cooker! I think this has been the best, bar none, appliance I have purchased in a while. This little wonder just cooks it's little heart out! It makes perfect rise every time. Again, the real key is to rinse the rice.Update 09/12/17: Still awesome!!! 5Great investmentMy rice cooks so awesome in just 25 min. I don't have to worry it overcooks because it turns off automatically when its ready and switches to keeping rice warm. I cooked my best Brussel sprouts yesterday using the steaming feature. It's awesome! I also successfully cooked green lentils, quinoa, buckwheat and millet. With beans I had to refill my pot with water twice to have it cooked right. It cooked for ~1 hour but tasted delicious. I will pre-soak the beans next time. It worked out well for the lentils too. This device is easy to clean and to store. It's completely silent and 100% reliable. Very pleased! 5Don't blame the product when you use it wrong. lol.I hesitated to get this because I saw some reviews about how this "ruins walls" and "burns/ruins rice"... it's a steamer. it makes steam. keep that in mind when you have it cooking and don't place it close to the wall/under shelves in the kitchen and just set a timer, and unplug it when the time is up and you won't have any problems.Seriously no reason not to get this. it's perfect for 1-2 people. Steams veggies perfect, and I've steamed whole (butterflied) chicken breasts and it cooks it great. Great buy and def worth it. 5Not recommended / Never againAs others have noted, this thing makes a MESS. It does depend on what you're cooking and how much, however. My photo shows what happens when you cook a mere 1 cup of quinoa, by far the worst. Note the quinoa oozing out of the steam hole, and the puddles of liquid around the feet.The next worst is a cup+ of Forbidden rice. When I cook jasmine rice, the mess is mostly confined to the inside of the cooker, but I don't recommend using this without something behind it to catch all the spattering of starchy spray it sputters out.In fact, I don't recommend this at all. I know that there are other brands of this size that are made exactly the same way, and they likely make a huge mess, too. The mandatory keep warm feature is not a feature, but a bug of a cheaply made product. It means that if you want to leave your house while it cooks, you can't. If you want to have it cool for use in other dishes, you can't. You have to stay home and set a timer so you can go turn it off (I keep mine plugged into a switch which is plugged into an outlet).The worst part about this purchase, for me, was that I had and donated a perfectly good smaller cooker which did not make a mess and shut off when it was done, like you'd expect. I thought I would treat myself to something which cooked larger quantities. Which this does, making an even bigger mess.Yuck. Just don't. 2Rice, Potatoes, Hard "Boiled" Eggs, Pasta it does it all!I have been looking for a rice cooker and this is large enough for my family of 4 for rice that is.. I have made rice, steamed veggies(if you are cooking for more than 1-2 people the veggie steamer won't be large enough for you), boiled potatoes, steamed eggs, and made pasta in this. My ONLY complaint is when I made the rice I followed the directions to a T and most of the bottom of the rice was a little overdone. Not burnt but overdone. Steaming eggs(I use farm fresh straight from the coop) I put 1 cup of water in the bottom but the eggs on the veggie steamer but the lid on turn it on for 25 mins then rinse in cold water immediately. The handles of the steamer basket don't get hot which I love! For boiling potatoes, I put the potatoes in put in enough water just to cover them then check them every 5-10 mins. Took about 12 ish mins to fully cook sweet potatoes. This little thing may look cheap but it is powerful and does it's job! 4
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