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Aroma Simply Stainless Rice Cooker, White [Cooks 3 cups of uncooked rice]

  • Aroma Simply Stainless Rice Cooker, White [Cooks 3 cups of uncooked rice]
  • Aroma Simply Stainless Rice Cooker, White [Cooks 3 cups of uncooked rice]
  • Aroma Simply Stainless Rice Cooker, White [Cooks 3 cups of uncooked rice]
  • Aroma Simply Stainless Rice Cooker, White [Cooks 3 cups of uncooked rice]
  • Aroma Simply Stainless Rice Cooker, White [Cooks 3 cups of uncooked rice]
  • Aroma Simply Stainless Rice Cooker, White [Cooks 3 cups of uncooked rice]
  • Aroma Simply Stainless Rice Cooker, White [Cooks 3 cups of uncooked rice]
  • Aroma Simply Stainless Rice Cooker, White [Cooks 3 cups of uncooked rice]

Aroma Simply Stainless Rice Cooker, White [Cooks 3 cups of uncooked rice]

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  • Health-conscious design ? Our simply stainless series is made with an inner pot composed solely of food grade 304 stainless steel. This avoids nonstick-coating cooking and offers a more health-conscious approach to your favorite recipes such as soups, stews, chili and more.
  • Capacity & Dimensions - our two models, The 6-cup and 14-cup, offer a variety of capacities, allowing you to find the cooker that works best for your lifestyle. Our smaller unit, ARC-753SG has a 6 Cup Cooked capacity and measures 8. 2" X 8. 1" X 10. 3". Our larger unit, The ARC-757SG has a 14-cup cooked capacity and measures 9. 6" X 9. 4" X 12. 3"
  • User-friendly programming ? our simply stainless collection is also a proud member of our ?set it and forget it? mentality. These products are easy to use with one-touch operation that switches to keep warm automatically once cooking is finished, allowing you the freedom to take back your time instead of worrying while you cook.
  • Power consumption and accessories ? our simply stainless series operates at a power consumption of 120V/60Hz with 300W and includes a measuring cup and serving spatula, Both of which are BPA free.
  • Cooks upto 3 cups of uncooked rice [3 cups of uncooked rice = 6 cups of cooked rice]
  • 100% surgical-grade 304 stainless steel cooking pot
  • Simple, one-touch operation with automatic Keep-Warm
  • Great for soups, jambalaya, chili and so much more!
  • Easy-to-clean, removable inner pot
  • Includes Rice Measuring Cup and Serving Spatula
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Customer Reviews

Great little rice cooker.I searched for a rice cooker with a stainless steel inner pot, after our old teflon coated rice cooker got scratched. I was a little reluctant to buy this cooker after reading the reviews: several said that it sputtered and I didn't want to deal with a starchy mess. Well, I've used it 3 times now, and absolutely no problems and no sputtering, no mess.PROS: Quickly cooks white rice, even faster than our old Aroma cooker.Small footprint on the countertop. I usually cook 2 cups of rice at a time (2 cups uncooked- 4 cups cooked) for our small family. My old cooker took up a lot of precious counterspace in our small kitchen. This is so petite, its perfect.Stainless steel inner pot means I don't have to worry about teflon ever scratching off.Works to reheat leftover rice simply. After dinner I simply placed the pot and lid in the refrigerator. The next day when I wanted to reheat the leftovers, I simply placed it back in the cooker, added a little bit of water and turned the cooker on. In 5 minutes it had heated the rice and switched to warm mode. A quick stir and the rice was perfectly reheated for leftover night.Easy to clean. I last used the cooker to reheat some leftover rice (see above). there was a thin layer of rice stuck to the bottom of the pan, but after a little soak in water, it cleaned right up.CONS: If you aren't familiar with rice measuring cups, you may not get the size you expected. This cooker prepares 2-6 RICE cups of cooked rice. The rice cup provided is standard for the rice industry, and is equal to ~3/4 of a standard US measuring cup. That means that AT MOST, this cooker can prepare 3*0.75 US cups or 2.25 US cups of uncooked rice (about 4.5 cups cooked rice). That's okay by me though, as for our small family 2 RICE cups of rice is usually enough for a meal.Overall a great little rice cooker! 5Hot water splatters everywhere when cooking just 2 cups of rice I was convinced having read NUMEROUS reviews, that this was my rice cooker.Pros:- Many good reviews- Stainless steel, can cook 2 cups easily, and up to 7 if needed.- Doesn't burn rice at the bottom of the pot.Cons:- When cooking just two cups of (uncooked) rice, scalding rice water spurts everywhere. Can't imagine what it would be like to cook more!For ~$60 more, I am getting a pressure-cooker / rice-cooker by Instapot. Recommend that route over this format of rice cooker. 1Excellent results and NO TEFLON!Excellent quality and NO TEFLON! Make your steel cut oatmeal in this too (add raisins, cinnamon -- whatever you like) and, unlike when making rice which requires the cover, leave the cover off. For rice cooking, liquid spews lightly from the cover's little porthole; I do not believe this is a design flaw or can be avoided, I do however have a simple solution: prop a small dish on the cooker when making rice and splashing will be contained (see picture attached). 5unnecessary thing, and I wanted to try a less ...Bought this because I thought maybe a rice cooker was a silly, unnecessary thing, and I wanted to try a less expensive one before I jumped in. I also wanted something in stainless, not non-stick, as I'm one of those 'paranoid about synthetic chemicals" type. I love this thing. It means I can cook grains like brown rice and Quinoa without paying constant attention to the pot. It's sized to suit my needs. Yes, for whatever reason the grains do tend to stick if you don't come back at just the right moment, which tends to be before the machine realizes that the grain is done, but it's stainless steel so its easy to clean, and you're not destroying/eating your teflon. Yes, sometimes the liquid gets excited and blows out the top and makes a small mess. Also easy to clean. I use it at least twice a week, and consider it to have been a very wise investment. 4Great for small amountsI'd been using the Aroma 6 cups (cooked, 3 cups uncooked) rice cooker with the non stick (aluminum) interior for years and have loved it. Rice never stuck to bottom, even if I just made 1 cup of uncooked rice. I replaced that one with this stainless steel inner pot Aroma model and it does a fabulous job. I've only used it once and the rice was perfect, but since there are so few reviews, I wanted to add mine for you as soon as possible. I made 2 cups (uncooked) brown basmati rice, according to the directions.Since many users comment about rice sticking to the bottom of their rice cookers, this is the method that I've been using for years. First, I rinse the rice (in my new Japanese rice washing bowl--OK the bowl is new). I pour a very small amount of olive oil on the bottom of the inner pot and use my fingers to get it to cover the entire bottom. Add rice, then water, then cook.This is the part that I think keeps it from not sticking--when the button moves from the cooking to the keep warm position (you can hear it pop), I remove the inner pot with lid on and let it finish off the heat. After about 15 minutes, I fluff the rice with the included paddle (previously I had used a fork) and the rice is perfect.For grains, white rice, and brown rice, there is an instruction booklet for grains to water ratio. For white rice, you can also add the measured rice (they provide a rice measuring "cup," which is standard cup) into the inner pot then fill with water to the inner pot markings for 1, 2, or 3 cups.Stainless steel is a good weight. Doesn't take up much space. Rice was PERFECT--did not stick or burn. Bamboo paddle, rice measuring cup, and instruction booklet are included. Excellent product and does great job.***Update. I've now used this at least a half a dozen times for brown rice, quinoa, and buckwheat (whole kasha) and it's performed as well as the first time I used it. I'm very happy with this cooker. 5Great Rice Cooker for the MoneyNo need to over-think things because I've already done so. This is a rice cooker. There is no fuzzy logic. There aren't different settings. It cooks rice when you press the button. That's it. (For more info, see "SCIENCE!" at the end of this review.)We got a rice cooker to sit along side our Instant Pot because I like the rice and Instant Pot whatever-we-made to be ready at the same time.1) The pot is actual true all-the-way through stainless steel. No non-stick coating. That is why we bought it. The base of the pot is shaped to sit flat on the heating element and transfer as much heat as possible up to the pot.2) I cook rice/quinoa with a pat of butter for flavor and to prevent sticking. However, if left in "Keep Warm" for long enough (an hour or so), rice will stick to the bottom of the inner pot. The solution? Unplug the unit after serving out seconds to prevent crispy rice in the bottom. And if rice does stick, a quiet soak in the sink for a bit will loosen the hangers-on.3) I measure the rice into the inner pot, rinse the rice twice (cold water to over the top of the rice, swirl, and drain) before cooking. This washes some of the starch off the outside of the rice kernel and makes it taste and behave more like restaurant rice. My understanding is that brown rice must be extra rinsed to ensure it a) doesn't cause the pit to bubble over and b) doesn't come out a sticky gloppy mess.4) I use the cup that came with the pot. This 1-gou measure is needed to use the fill numbers on the side of the pot ... 3 gou of rice, fill the pot with water to the #3 mark on the pot, press play.5) I bought the Asurion 4-year warranty on it. Why? Because no matter what model of rice pot you look at, under the $150 price point, the chances are simply higher, due to quality control standards, that the pot's element or thermocouple (see below) will go bad at some point. For the 2 bucks or so extra it cost me, if the pot shoots craps, I get a new one.That's it. So far, this little beauty is doing fine.SCIENCE! How does it know when your rice is done? The same way your furnace knows that the room has reached a comfortable temperature. Inside the heating unit, there's a thermocouple (temperature-activated switch) that keeps the heating element on as long as the temp in the pot continues to read 212 degrees F, the temp at which water boils. When all the water has boiled off, the temp inside the pot begins to rise and the thermocouple turns off the high heat. 5Rice getting stuck to the bottomThe rice gets stuck to the bottom. This is more apparent when cooking smaller quantities, like one serving (half a cup of uncooked rice plus water).I tried to use a different lid that would not allow as much steam out, thinking that retaining moisture would help.I tried to use the stainless pot with a different rice cooker body that would turn completely off when finished, instead of the "warm" mode.Neither worked.Adding extra water results in partly overcooked rice.The problem may be the thick heavy bottom of the stainless pot retaining too much heat even after the power switches from "cook" to "warm".When cooking two or more servings, the issue is much less pronounced.The stainless pot itself seems decent quality, not flimsy.Update 4 weeks later: found a nice trick that works - when I hear the cooker click as it finished cooking and switched from "cook" to "warm" mode, I take the stainless pot out of the cooker and place it on a granite kitchen counter. Usually let it sit for a few minutes. The rice won't stick, presumably because the granite slab cools down the bottom of the pot before the rice has a chance to stick to it. Works for all amounts of rice, but especially helpful with the smaller amounts that have a greater tendency to stick. 3Pot works as expected but it is not solid stainless and the plating came off into the food so we returned it.The pot worked as expected and does have a tendency to sputter and bubble out through the cover lid vent. That would be acceptable but we returned it as the pot is not solid stainless steel. It is plated and the interior plating started to flake off after only a couple of uses.into the food. I was not willing to take a chance with my health by eating flakes of whatever plating material is used in the fabrication of the "not so stainless" pot. The light colored spots in the picture are the spots where the plating came off exposing a different metal underneath. Maybe they are getting shortchanged by their supplier? 2Spits and splatters. Don't buy it. Don't buy it. This rice cooker is dangerous. It spits and splatters the contents and hot water within a 1 metre radius. We can't use it as a result. I can't seem to contact anyone from Aroma via this website to request a refund and return the product. 1Its annoying and I cannot get it to workI am a south Indian and rice cookers are an everyday thing in my household and for my family and friends as well. We have used a lot of rice cookers over the years - Aroma and others . But never had one that doesnt work! This one simply goes into the keep warm even BEFORE the rice is done. Its annoying and I cannot get it to work. I am not sure I can ask for a refund now - (we ordered this right before an India trip and this is a stand by)grrrr _ I donot know if the problem is with just this piece or if Aroma is just making crappy products these days.. 1
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