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Art Alternatives Marquis Artists Adjustable Desk Box Easel, Natural

  • Art Alternatives Marquis Artists Adjustable Desk Box Easel, Natural

Art Alternatives Marquis Artists Adjustable Desk Box Easel, Natural

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • A portable miniature desk that converts to a painting easel
  • An easel that adjusts to four different positions
  • Has a drawer with three compartments to hold brushes and other essential gear
  • Cleverly designed and light-weight yet sturdy
  • Accommodates canvas art and prints up to 11 x 14 inches
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Customer Reviews

Excellent Customer ServiceThe easel was great - except the hinge was basically broken upon delivery, thus the easel part could not be confidently raised into position. My five star rating reflects both the satisfaction experience dealing with customer service and the easel itself.Dealing with Art Alternatives was an extreme pleasure. Upon giving them my Amazon order # and a picture of the issue, they immediately offered to replace at no charge and with no shipping issues. The customer service rep I spoke with was understanding and kind.I've dealt with very poor 3rd party Amazon companies. Very glad to say Art Alternatives is one of the good ones. Would gladly purchase from them again. 5Worked Well - I Put Plywood Behind my 16x20 CanvasI wanted something cheap because I'm new to painting. I thought I'd read it would be ok with a 16 x 20 canvas. When I put the canvas on it, I thought that the corners of the easel would indent the canvas so I wasn't going to use it. Then I decided to get a piece of plywood about that size to put behind it. Worked great. I didn't have any scrap plywood laying around so I just went to the hardware store and they actually had a piece that was nearly the exact size so I bought it for $3.50 and it was perfect. I did my first painting last night following a youtube video for 2-1/2 hours and I thought it worked fine. I won't probably use the drawer so that's not a concern for me, it seems ok though. I sprayed the pallet with gloss sealer but didn't use it. All in all, I thought it was great for the price. I would have said 5 stars and probably should have since I knew it was going to be smaller. 4Not exactly like the stock photo but still pretty great!I will get ton of usage out of this easel. I love doing paint by numbers and this is perfect for that. I will say that the easel is a tiny bit different than in the the picture. It shows it has two gold fasteners in front to keep the drawer shut. There is no fastener in the front. Their is one on the side of the drawer..But only one. I'm hoping it will be good enough to hold it shut when I move it from room to room. I attached two pictures one of the front, showing the latches are not there, and one of the side showing the only latch to hold the drawer. All and all i got this at a fabulous price. And it's definitely worth the money. 43 or 4 star quality. 5 star functionality. Great price. I love mine.The small desktop easel arrived quickly. And looked exactly as pictured. I paid about $13.00 for it. I found it to be a great deal.The wood was unfinished or near unfinished (I'm no expert on woodworking), but it didn't seemed to be sealed. But it was well sanded, and felt smooth to the touch. I would have left it as it was except I do expect to use this around water & humidity, so I removed all the hinges/handles and gave it two good coats of polyurethane (which I already had from another project. small can $7.00 homedepot).As other reviews have mentioned there is a part that is not wood. it's under the easel, and above the drawer. I gave it two coats of poly as well.The drawer doesn't have much height. You can fit paint brushes in it. and two layers high of colored pencils or drawing pencils. sharpener. etc. but paint tubes except smaller water color tubes probably won't fit.personal notes as an artist:-I find the little flip down shelf that is made to hold the sketchbook/canvas to be in my way when I'm drawing or inking details. So I leave it flipped up and set my sketch pad on the lip of that instead.-The back support has openings as you can see in the listings photos. This help keep it lighter. I prefer a fairly solid support for drawing. So I lay another piece of wood or heavy duty cardboard then lay my drawing pad or etc on top of that. I realized that if I set a piece of glass or plexi-glass on the support instead then shine a light from the back, it can be used as a lightbox. which is awesome! (You'll have to work around the bar shadow lines of course)-I have a large french easel for my big paintings/drawings. But can't always bust that out as it's rather big and intrusive. This small one is un-intrusive, portable, and great for sketching or smaller works.Overall I give it's initial (as it arrived, not water sealed) overall quality a 3 or 4 star, and it's functionality and usability for me is 5 stars. I love it. 5pretty much ever since I realised I was aggravating my ...I ve been wanting a desk easel for a while, pretty much ever since I realised I was aggravating my back issues from slouching when I draw. Once I got it, I wanted to try starting a watercolor painting of Espeon (from Pokemon) from start to finish to see how it d turn out.Verdict: This desk easel is pretty good for the price, but it s not 100% perfect. It s GREAT to sketch on, since the surface is more like a drawing board than an easel, and it fits both my 8.5 x 5.5 inch and my 12 x 9 inch sketchbooks perfectly. (I draw pretty small, heh ) I m not super crazy about inking on it, BUT that might be something I ll have to get used to with more practice.It is terrible for watercolors. Since there are only 4 notches you can use to adjust it, the angle is still fairly high and the paint drips downwards. I am very tempted to try to cut a fifth notch, but I m terrified of cutting my fingers off The drawer underneath is okay. It fits pens fairly well, but it s not very deep so don t expect to put anything particularly thick in there. (My watercolor set is only 1.125 inches high, and it is too tall to fit in the drawer.)The best part is that my back doesn t hurt at all, yay! 4Great Design, Poor CraftmanshipLate Review. This is just what I was looking for when I seen this online. I couldn't wait to use it when received. There was no damage to packaging during delivery which is usually a good sign. I opened the package and 2 tiny gold screws fell out. The screws attach to the metal bracket that hold the stand/easel to the drawer. I put my canvas on the easel began painting, low and behold the screws are out again and my wet painting is falling off the easel. Trying to replace it again and my finger was pinched between the drawer and the easel. I believe the screws are too short to actually do the job intended. I love the design but the poor craftsmanship has prevented me from using it more than once. I kept it in hopes that I would eventually go and seek our better screws for the job. 1A winner giftThis is a real handy little gift for a child or even an adult I think. I had gotten it for Grandchildren and very happy with it. Grandchildren loved the area for storing supplies and extra palett inside. 5Thumbs UpI purchased this and it is a lovely little art easel. I did however expect it to be a bit bigger though, but otherwise it does the job. The size is about the size of a diameter and width of a large laptop bag when it's closed up. Think of a mini briefcase. When it's open, it does hold an assortment of items. The inside of the drawer is somewhat low height wise, therefore unless your putting in flat tubes of paint, paint brushes or something else thin, don't expect to put in bottles or jars and be able to close the lid shut. I personally just put my paint pots in the drawer and keep the drawer open. I rest it on of those standing tray tables and it works just fine. 4A unique tool for paintingThis is a really cleverly designed and helpful tool for artists, yet inexpensive. Whoever invented this is just plain genius! It made artist's life easier. You can place this easel on any flat surface. It comes with a handle, and everything latches into a place, so it is fully portable. This perfect little table top holds my painting in place perfectly. I use it every time I paint. The drawers hold things nicely, so your brushes and tubes of paint do not go rolling all over. The price is just right, so I feel I can just plunge right in and paint. This set also helped me learn what supplies I like, so when I get ready to select more advanced/expensive supplies and tools, I will know what I want. It is also handy to take outside to draw and paint. It would also be a good gift for someone who wants to paint. The smaller size definitely has its advantages, since this can be easily moved from place to place. Even if you own a full sized easel, this would be handy to have for portability. You can even pair this up with Art Tools.More or less they are at the same advantage.This is great for beginners and advanced painters. I would definitely recommend this awesome piece of tool to all painters who wish to make their lives a little breezy when painting. 5Personal Portable Easy EaselThis is a beautifully made small Easel. The easel and the drawer have individual locks holding them in place when it is collapsed. The tilt portion has four different level adjustments which is great for individual choices. A nice drawer with 3 sections and a flat wooden palette. A nice flat laying handle finishing this light weight personal easel.I love to paint, I have been attending the painting for fun groups and wanted to do more on my own at home. This is the perfect size for me, since I don't have room for a full size easel. Since it is portable I can take it with me when I travel. 5
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