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Artistic Rhinolin Ii Antimicrobial Self Healing Black Desk Pad, 17" X 24" | Non Skid Desk Pad Prote

  • Artistic Rhinolin Ii Antimicrobial Self Healing Black Desk Pad,  17" X 24" | Non Skid Desk Pad Prote
  • Artistic Rhinolin Ii Antimicrobial Self Healing Black Desk Pad,  17" X 24" | Non Skid Desk Pad Prote
  • Artistic Rhinolin Ii Antimicrobial Self Healing Black Desk Pad,  17" X 24" | Non Skid Desk Pad Prote
  • Artistic Rhinolin Ii Antimicrobial Self Healing Black Desk Pad,  17" X 24" | Non Skid Desk Pad Prote
  • Artistic Rhinolin Ii Antimicrobial Self Healing Black Desk Pad,  17" X 24" | Non Skid Desk Pad Prote
  • Artistic Rhinolin Ii Antimicrobial Self Healing Black Desk Pad,  17" X 24" | Non Skid Desk Pad Prote

Artistic Rhinolin Ii Antimicrobial Self Healing Black Desk Pad, 17" X 24" | Non Skid Desk Pad Prote

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Ultra-Smooth Matte Black Writing Surface gives the writer a premier writing experience
  • Integrated writing surface and micro-fine anti-skid foam back are infused during manufacturing for a one piece construction that will last a lifetime
  • Soft micro-fine anti-skid suede-like backing protects any surface and will stay in place during use
  • Microban protection added to keep your desk pad clean 24/7 for the lifetime of the writing pad
  • Self-healing writing surface allows pressure lines to disappear keeping your desk mat looking like new
  • Nominal size; actual size may vary slightly.
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Customer Reviews

Perfect Desk Mat! This mat so exceeded my expectations. It is large, well made with a great writing surface. It won't damage if you write on it. A mouse slides smoothly on it. It is thin but thick enough to make it easy on the hands when using a keyboard. It doesn't slip or slide at all. I would highly recommend this mat. 5I Like This It's exactly what you expect when order...good, smooth writing surface, it lays down perfectly flat, and feels as durable is the one that lasted me 30 years. Only I think, and hope, it is better. From all appearances, visual and utile, it feels like a saver.UPDATE I dropped something sharp and it went into the surface and made an indent. Just a warning...mine was right near the edge so it doesn't matter, but if you did it (and it doesn't seem likely), your surface wouldn't be a "writing surface" any longer. Buy I'd still buy it again. 4Very comfortable padding: my wrists rest comfortably on it I was hesitant on this first as I had been burned on leather and cardboardish desk mats before but this one perfectly meets my needs both in size and purpose. Very comfortable padding: my wrists rest comfortably on it. Writing is effortless and doesn't feel like you are digging into it. It is also able to "heal" pressure spots too. I noticed when I removed by keyboard there were some unsightly trenches. I tried with my thumb to remove them to no avail. However, an hour later or so they were gone with no evidence they were there. Additionally, I have noticed no curling with the edges or corners either: it stays flat (I like to slide notes on the tops and sides). Also, although I don't use it this way, a computer mouse will glide along this easily. They shipped it very well to with pretty much no chance of damage. This IS the desk pad, you just need to really figure out which size to get. 5This one sticks too I like the top, but not the bottom. Have it laid out on my 6x3 wooden desk, and underneath it's oily. I have no idea why. Now, after a few weeks, some of that has dried up, some of it hasn't. Never saw anything like this before. Maybe it's left over polish, but I let it dry at least one day before putting this mat on. The top side is great, it's the bottom side that is giving me trouble, and still likes to stick to the mat. Not happy about that. 2Not the same product it used to be... and not in a good way. I purchased this product thinking it would be the same as previously purchased from the same manufacturer. I was wrong. The outer edges of this mat curl up, as if stamped/cut from the wrong direction when manufactured. This makes it uncomfortable to use, as the edges scrape the wrists and forearms. The bottom pad is now a relatively hard foam like material, instead of the soft foam backing of old. Unfortunately, this makes the mat prone to sliding at the slightest movement. Would not purchase again. 1Backing comes off, adheres to desk. This desk pad has been on the desk now for about a year. I lifted it up recently and was horrified to see that the backing had stuck to my desk. It doesn't come off without leaving ruining the finish. Anyone know how to get this stuff off my desk? The desk ruined! DO NOT BUY! 1My desk is thanking me for its new-found look and feel! Artistic 24" x 36" Rhinolin II Ultra-Smooth Writing Pad Desk Mat with Exclusive Microban Antimicrobial Protection, BlackIts not being really honest to give any item a one or five star rating right out of the box....So, four stars only because I just received this desk pad yesterday....It arrived in a flat box, not folded or bent and in perfect shape. Nice job Amazon! Could have been an issue if folded over. My desk is forty-plus-years-young and by all accounts, I should have purchased one of these many years ago! I have made up for lost time....Sorry desk, I hope you will forgive me....Pricey? Depends on your needs I suppose and this desk-pad fit my needs quite well and at a reasonable value. I had been looking for something to fit the entire desk top but glad I didn't go there...Let the old girl show some "desk-top-wood!" After-all, she still shows well from her many years of loyal service; she's my old friend!My wife ask if I felt that way about her? If this is a "trick question," I could be in real trouble...Why...yes...of-coarse-dear!!?? The pad fits exact, front-to-back, smooth surface for easy writing with a non slip backing, its just not going to slide around. Your mouse will be right at home, comfortable and function very well. I'll continue to use my, very-flat, "WowPad" for my Logitech M510. It just adds some character to the desk-top and pad.... Silly? The surface is of a matte non glare finish and easy on the eyes, day or night. Some reviewers made mention that the ends curled up and that the pad was sticking to their desk. Time will tell I guess but I don't see that happening with this pad. It really has the look and feel of quality material. As close as I can measure, its between two and three sixteenths thick and 23 1/2 wide by 35 3/4 long. Most desks, counter-tops are 23 1/2 wide, this, as I mentioned above, was a perfect width for my desk.Not much else to say I suppose, another nice Amazon-Prime deal, fast friendly service. I've become quite cozy with Amazon and the friendly UPS guys...Thanks All!And some photos for-show-and-tell.... 4the mat is still like new. Living in a hot-dry climate I basically live at my desk. After TWO YEARS, the mat is still like new. The Logitech G240 mouse pad (pictured) I bought at the same time hasn't held up nearly as well. Living in a hot-dry climate, the mat has never been oily, sticky or slippery. The ends haven't frayed or curled. If anything it has only gotten flatter and more flexible (Maybe it just needs time to be worn in). The area of my desk it protects is in mint condition. That's the most important part. The mat did have a potent tar smell at first. I don't know exactly when it went away, but I can affirm the smell does eventually go away. I definitely recommend this mat, especially for long-term use. I like its firm padding, ruggedness, and the fact that it protects my desk and doesn't slide around unless I mean it to.The one pictured is 17" x 24", on a 29.5" deep desk, in front of a 22" monitor. 5Don't use on a wood (or any) desk I haven't yet found contact information for the company, but I have the same major problem as other people who have these. When I find the company's website. they're going to get absolute hell. Had several of these pretty pricey pads on a fine wood desk for several years to protect the surface from scratches, spills, hand oils, etc. Now it seems the foam backing has completely adhered to the wood desk top. The pads had to be literally peeled off and I don't know how I'll get the foam crap off. According to the product description, the pads have a "foam backing to protect your desk". Don't believe it. Rhino pads will ruin wood desks!Any suggestions FROM THE MANUFACTURER for getting this junk off my desk? You didn't say it was self-adhesive! Please say whether you work for the company when you reply so we know who is dispensing advice.Company completely unresponsive. 1Very sleek looking and attractive. Easy on the arms and stays in place. Feels very durable and of high quality. We are really pleased with our order. It looks very sleek and attractive on our glass top computer table. We have been using cheap vinyl tablecloths for the past several years and after the wear and tear of replacing them several times i grew frustrated and decided maybe i needed to be a bit more resourceful and use words like 'computer table pads' or other verbiage. I wish I could remember the exact term I used to come up with this, but we ordered it and absolutely love it. It's very very durable. We no longer need a mousepad. The backing is like what you would find on a mousepad only thicker. It stays in place on our glass desk top. Also, very easy on the arms. I am posting a couple of pictures of how nice it looks on our glass top computer table, as well as the edging. I read some remarks about the edging and wanted to post what the edging looks like on our pad.Edited to add: I tried to re-edit my pictures several times and they keep on posting upside down. But I do think should be able to get a good idea of what you can expect and how nice the product looks. 5
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