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Art To Frames 24x36 Inch Black Picture Frame, This 1.25" Custom Poster Frame Is Satin Black, For Your

  • Art To Frames 24x36 Inch Black Picture Frame, This 1.25" Custom Poster Frame Is Satin Black, For Your

Art To Frames 24x36 Inch Black Picture Frame, This 1.25" Custom Poster Frame Is Satin Black, For Your

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£215.00 £358.00 You save: £143.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Comes with Plexi Glass and a wire hanging set for wall mounting
  • Made of MDF - this one of a kind custom picture frame will enhance any piece of art you put in it
  • For other colors and non-standard sizes in this frame style search '2WOMFRBW26079-4x4' on amazon.com
  • Fits 24x36 inch Photos! Actual Frame size (finished size) is 26x38 inches and is 1.25 inches wide.
  • This black satin frame is our favorite gallery frame, this is our most versatile frame, photographs, posters, prints, diploma's and certificates look amazing in this smooth and sophisticated frame
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Customer Reviews

A quality frame that is well priced (came with awesome packing)I have been shopping for framed scenic wall posters to decorate my home (which as you know, are quite expensive!). During Christmas time, a bright thought flashed in my mind: "why not I use my own pics, that I have taken, during my vacations using my own SLR?", when I saw the poster printing offers at Sam's club. I attempted one of my hi-resolution scenic pictures and got a 24"x35" poster from Sams Club. Wow... that was my "aa-ha" moment... I couldn't believe that it was my own picture! I made up my mind to print more posters!Then came the challenge of finding the right frames for the various sizes of posters. This is when I discovered Art To Frame on Amazon. We ordered these Classic Mahogany Frames, in different sizes, for the posters that we printed. All the frames got delivered last Friday and it took me no time to my posters into these wonderful frames and hang them in different walls. Top class packing, thanks to the professionals of Art-to-Frame - they know what they are doing.Here are my thoughts & points:(1) Well designed package material, tightly secured frames inside the box. The frames are pretty much "floating" inside the box. There is no way they can be damaged (unless someone stamps on them). All our 5 frames were delivered in excellent shape.(2) The frame material material is well worth it's price. Art-to-Frame has a frame for all your needs.(3) The plexi-glass makes the frames light weighted. In my observation, both "real" glass and plexi-glass have same amount of reflection; however, if you prefer a light weight frame, you should go with plexi-glass.(4) All frames with the needed hardware for hanging them securely on the wall. I would recommend using a cordless drill, with a thin 5/64 drill bit to make the holes, for securing the screws. Be careful and be gentle - excessive power will destroy the frame (as they are light weighted)I am planning to order a few "decorative" type frames from these Art-to-Frame folks. They have a frame for all your budget (be it small or big).Together, Amazon & Art-to-Frame form a super team! Keep up the good work guys! I have attached couple of my framed pictures here for your viewing pleasure.... Cheers! 5Don't waste your time or money on thisDon't waste your time or money on this. It is a piece of rubbish and expensive rubbish at that.The packaging it came in had more value and durability than the product. Please be aware that the glass is not glass it is PLASTIC or 'plexiglass'. When the light shines on it, it doesn't remotely look like glass it looks like what it is... a piece of cheap, plastic rubbish. I purchased the frame to put a photo of my great grandfather in it. Such a waste. Boy, do I wish I could return it... but as the sellers are well aware, more money went into the heavy packaging, therefore, ensuring that you won't want to return it as it would cost a fortune in shipping. Wish I could have read this review before hitting 'Proceed with payment". 1Better than I expected!I'll admit, I was skeptical about buying this after reading through the reviews. I bought this frame to go along with a 20x20 photo mosaic that I ordered for my boyfriend. After reading the reviews here, I decided to take my time browsing through actual stores to see if I could find something just as affordable, but with better quality. I couldn't find ANY frames this size in Michaels or Hobby Lobby so I bit the bullet and bought this frame I am SO glad that I did.This frame ended up being so much better than I expected! It came packaged VERY nicely, with a protective film on the each side of the Plexi Glass and with cardboard protecting each of the corners. Be sure to remove the film from BOTH sides of the Plexi Glass or else your frame will look scratched.The back of the frame included the pieces to hang it, which actually ended up missing a screw, which was quite annoying. Other than that, it had everything we needed to hang it asap.The frame is really nice. It's thick, slick, and stylish. It doesn't look cheap at all. I am actually shocked by how low-priced it is! My photo fit perfectly in this frame. It does include cardboard to hold you photo/poster in place.It's a frame with metal bendable metal pieces that hold the back on (I'm sure there's a technical term that I can't think of right now). Those little pieces were kinda annoying because bending them too much will cause them to break.Overall, the frame is worth the price! I would definitely buy it again! I only knocked it down to 4 stars because of the bendable pieces on the back and because of the missing screw. I wish my photos did it justice! 4Perfect and NO scratchesBought 8 of the 18x24 Satin Black Picture Frame 1.25" Wide and 100% happy. The size was perfect with no overlap from the frame covering the poster. No scratches or scuffs on the plexiglas or wood!Packaged new with protective coverings on both sides, and very well packed.Will defiantly buy again from ArtToFrames. 5Cheap But Does Its JobI needed a frame for my child's puzzles. I didn't want to spend a lot on this and found this product.Pros:# Cheap.# Much lighter than other nice and expensive ones.# Panel is plastic not glass so no worry about shatters especially around small children.# It frames a photo, poster, puzzles, etc as it should.Cons:# Really cheap backing. Cardboard like Amazon shipping box lol.# Backing does not come hang ready. If you want to hang it you need hanging tools. But since the backing is cardboard your only option is screw in the wooden frame.# Panel is plastic so it gives out a cheap lookAgain I needed a cheap frame and this is great. You must know what you are getting. My child is happily carrying this frame around wherever she goes so I don't have to hang it up and I don't need to worry about the panel getting shattered. Very satisfied but would only recommend with above experience. 4I like this frame a lotI like this frame a lot. I was surprised how fast it got to me as well. The frame is fairly sturdy and well made. The packaging it comes in is super larger but protects the glass perfectly from damage. I would buy from this again. 5or at least a thick enough piece of plastic to be easy to get it in and out of the frame ...This is a piece of junk. It says it comes with plexi glass. Plexi glass comes in various widths. Perhaps I was being overly optimistic but based on the price point and reviews my expectation is that it would be a thick piece of plastic resembling the thickness and hardness of the glass that comes on usual picture frames, or at least a thick enough piece of plastic to be easy to get it in and out of the frame to put my poster in and to give the piece a nice, smooth surface appearance. Boy was I wrong. The plexi glass is a thin sheet of flimsy, wobbly plastic with irregularities in it. Now that I have the piece together and hanging on my wall you can tell the plastic is bowing out and it isn't smooth and dust clings to it. The back is just a piece of regular packing cardboard and because the plastic is flimsy it doesn't securely sandwich the poster against the soft cardboard back, so there are little dips and wrinkles in the poster that are highly visible under the plastic. The frame itself is compressed paper with a faux wood finish on it that was already peeling off slightly in one corner when I received it. For not much more money I could have obtained a real wood frame with real glass from another company on Amazon.The original plan was to use this to house an irregularly shaped vintage map I had purchased at a market, and then to take it to a frame shop to have the framer cut a mat to fit the piece into the frame. The framing guy practically laughed at me when I brought this in. He said he couldn't do it because the quality of the frame was so poor and there was no way to affix paper or any kind of backing to the frame once it was finished. The mat would have cost $40, and he was willing to do a full professional frame job with a wooden frame and real glass and a mat for $120, so for only $40 more than the cost of this frame plus a mat. And I wasn't thrilled about leaving a civil war era map of Virginia with no protection other than flimsy plexi glass. So I paid the framer to do the whole job and figured I'd return this frame, but then finding a box to return it was a pain, so ultimately I went online and bought a poster that fits the frame and hung it in my office at work. It looks like crap. 1Nice Floor Piece (Not Anymore!)Hardware not attached. Yeah, I know. How the heck do you attach it in a useable manner? Can't stab the cardboard with it; it comes right out. I'm definitely not going to try and hammer it into the back of the frame. The hangar feels like it won't survive that anyway. It looks good on the floor though. Gives my office that "not quite moved in" feeling.Pros:- Nice white color.- Built to work, minus the hardware snafu.- Packaging used for delivery.Cons:- Poorly cut cardboard backing.- ATTACH THE HARDWARE! One on top and one on the side. It's simple.EDIT (Like 5 min after posting the above):I grew some balls and hammered the hangar in place. The wood held up fine. I admit, I was scurred. 4This is a great frame. It was so easy to put togetherThis is a great frame. It was so easy to put together. The plexiglass and backing are held down by little metal bits (the kind that you fold up, then fold back down). I didn't even use the hanging hardware - I just rested the whole thing on a single nail on the wall (that's how I hang my paintings).I read many bad reviews for these frames, but for the price it's a great frame. I knew ahead of time to expect plexiglass and painted particle board. There was a slight nick on the back of the frame, but it's not visible and that is to be expected with inexpensive painted particle board. If you want a truly high quality wooden frame, then go pay over $100 at a frame shop. I even looked at Michael's for a frame, but it was going to be over $40 and I didn't like the selection (even with a coupon, I didn't like what they had). I'm very happy with this frame. My poster looks great.The only thing was that it arrived with the box bashed in! However, it's packaged so well - kind of 'floated' inside a bigger box, that the frame itself was undamaged. The box damage likely happened in transit. 5I'm satisfied with the purchaseI bought these frames to hold some prints that I picked up in Austin. Overall, I'm satisfied with the purchase, especially considering the price. The frames were packaged reasonably well. There was no ostensible damage upon arrival. Each frame included a wire hanging set that includes a wire and two small metal tabs to screw into the back of the frame as well as a hook to screw into the wall. The frame itself is made of some sort of chipboard-like material that emulates wood well enough when painted and is backed by a fitted piece of cardboard that is secured by a series of small metal tabs in the back. I will note that the frame does NOT come with a piece of glass. Rather, it ships with a flexible piece of transparent acrylic. The acrylic is not glare proof or glare resistant and reflects a considerable amount of light, however this is excusable given the price. I recommend this frame for anyone that is looking for a cost effective solution. 4
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