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Avanchy Baby Feeding Bamboo Spill Proof Stay Put Suction Bowl + Baby Spoon Great Baby Gift Set, Or

  • Avanchy Baby Feeding Bamboo Spill Proof Stay Put Suction Bowl + Baby Spoon   Great Baby Gift Set, Or

Avanchy Baby Feeding Bamboo Spill Proof Stay Put Suction Bowl + Baby Spoon Great Baby Gift Set, Or

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • TRAINING BOWL - The perfect training bowl for kids who are learning independent eating or require feeding. Goes great with the baby plate or the toddler plate for kids who eat solid food.
  • NON-SLIP BOTTOM - Less mess and stress with a suction bottom that easily attaches to any flat surface to reduce spills, with quick release tab for easy removal.
  • VERSATILE - Our suction cup wooden baby bowl is great for infant feeding, baby-led weaning (BLW), or toddler self-feeding. Suitable for children aged 4 months to 72 months.
  • SOFT SILICONE SPOON - Baby spoon is made of organic bamboo and BPA free food grade silicone tip to be soft on gentle mouths and long enough for easy reach for mom. 5.5" long and 0.6oz light.
  • SAFE MATERIALS - Avanchy uses high quality sustainable materials to help you safely feed your child. Our products are plastic-free, BPA-free, PVC-free, lead-free, and phthalate-free with no biologically harmful chemical materials.
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Customer Reviews

Self feeding take's time and a lot of patienceI don't usually write reviews on baby products, cause baby's mind changes so fast, one min. they'd love the product so I remind myself to write a review then a day later she'd cry if she's anywhere near her "yesterday's fav toy" ... so it's hard to have a truthful review.Anyways, this is not a review on if the baby likes it -- well she doesn't love it nor hates it, when she sees the bowl she knows it's meal time. My husband and I love it ... we can finally have 1 or 2 min of peace when we eat, the bowl is not baby proof -- in a way our strong baby will eventually lift it up her tray, but the suction is much stronger than anything we've tried in the past, baby hates it because she has to try really hard to lift it up and oh she does, but at least it buys us a little time to eat. we've been using the bowl to teach her to self-feed since she's nine month, now 11 and half. she can pretty much make peace with the fact that THE BOWL will stay on the tray during meal time. as to the spoon, we have about 11 different baby feeding spoons, we found out the one she loves the most are my small wooden dessert spoon, she sees me using it on a daily base and only wants to use it for her meal time.to sum it up, will baby start learning to eat with it ... take's time and a lot of patience. Will they try to take the bowl off and throw? YES all the time! and she is getting stronger by the day. But even that we found the suction to be much better than most.Photo of her using the bowl at 11 and half month. great suction but don't expect a mess-free meal. 5Cracked within 1 weekWe used this bowl three times, and it cracked nearly from end to end against the grain. We only put dry ingredients in the bowl. We only hand washed. We did not microwave. I doubt the banging of the spoon against the bowl (by a 1 year old) would be strong enough to crack the vessel. We understand that bamboo is a natural product; however, perhaps the processing of the material or selection of bad bamboo or damage in transit led to our bad experience. 1Buy this bowl and spoon!Wow, this is going to be my gift for anyone with a baby from now on. This is the best bowl for the following reasons:1. Aesthetics. No crappy looking, crazy colored, patterned, character covered bowl here. This is beautiful, and makes my child feel like part of the family since we also have bamboo salad bowls.2. The suction works great. If it's wet, my baby can slide this toward himself and undo it. But if I dry the spot, he no longer can do this.3. The silicon suction piece is removable = better cleaning and I can use the bowl on its own when baby is done with it. Again, because it is beautiful.4. The spoon is Ah-maze-ing. I bought the additional four pack as well. Best baby spoon we have ever used. Here's why - it's wider than most baby spoons which is easier for baby. He doesn't choke himself sticking it down his throat like with the skinny spoons. It doubles as a teether while they're eating. The handle is so much easier for baby to use.5. Baby has thrown this on the floor multiple times and there's not a mark on it yet.Best baby feeding products we have used yet. Great job.Updated June 2016 -The bowl developed a crack which I could not clean, and some mold was growing in there. I contacted the company and they replaced it immediately. In fact, they answered my email within 10 minutes! I have also purchased the plate and spoon set and 0 issues with it. The new bowl has been perfect for the last month or so; pretty sure it was a fluke that mine cracked. So now the 6th reason to buy this is the wonderful customer service! 5Won t stay suctioned I love the Avanchy plate. It suctions well and stays put. The bowl... not so much. It s too expensive to not work. We are outside window to return since it took us longer to use bowl. Disappointed 1Just didn't last long enough for the price We really liked this bowl, while it lasted. The suction was so-so, it didn't always stick and a determined baby can push it loose. It stood up to a reasonable amount of abuse, but after a few months the silicone base got a tear in it, which greatly reduced the suction. A month or so later the bowl broke in half after being flung off the high chair for the umpteenth time. In all I think it lasted us 4-5 months. I don't feel it was cheaply made, just that the materials used can't really stand up to heavy toddler abuse and for the price, we couldn't justify replacing it. The spoons on the other hand, we LOVE the spoons. They are just the right size and comfortable for little hands. He loves the silicone, it makes a great teether, which encouraged him to stick it in his mouth, facilitating spoon learning. We bought a 5 pack of the spoons and have been using them for about a year now. 3Very sturdyAbsolutely love this bowl! The bowl itself is smooth and sturdy. The suction on it is fantastic, i even tried it on my car and fridge! I definitely will be ordering more and the plates too! This specific color (magenta) the stock picture doesn't do it justice. It is a really nice color. 5Multiple Use Bowl!Best bowl ever!! Works wonderfully and what a GENIUS idea to make the bowl out of beautiful bamboo, so that when the baby is done using it, the bottom suction portion can be taken off and the bowl can be used as a stylish serving bowl at parties for salsa, guacamole or whatever you want to put in it! I want to buy more just for that reason. worth every cent since it can be used forever! 5Not helpful for babies learning to self-feedOverall, it s a great design for moms who prefer to keep their homes less baby . However the functionality of the bowl and spoon is not conducive for babies trying to learn how to self-feed. The bowl is taller and more narrow which proves hard to use their spoon to scoop. The silicone part of the spoon has a larger curve/dip than other self-feeding spoons which makes it hard to reach ie. the yogurt/oatmeal - I guess it would only be for thicker consistency foods. I m personally also not a fan when the spoon is in two pieces (silicone head and bamboo handle), it grosses me out to think what can grow under the silicone. (It doesn t come off but water can always seep in.) 3Beautifully designed, excellent succionI would give this bowl 10 stars if I could. My daughter is 9m old now and we have been using this bowl for the last 3m. This is a high quality bamboo product (not dish washer compatable tho). Beautifully designed, excellent succion, and very safe utensil. I am totally ok with putting a bunch of rasberries in it in front of her and it stays put! I love it! She loves it! Thank you for a great product. 5Outsmart your toddler with this bowl!My grandson, practicing to be two, recently became a big fan of throwing his plate in the air when he was done eating. This bowl solved the problem. Add to that the fact that it is pretty and it is a big win! We put the tab on the back side and, although he certainly tries, he has not been able to toss it in the air (or move it off the counter) yet. The dog is disappointed, but his grandparents aren't! 5
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