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Shatterproof Baby Backseat Mirror For Car View Infant In Rear Facing Car Seat Newborn Safety Wit

  • Shatterproof Baby Backseat Mirror For Car   View Infant In Rear Facing Car Seat   Newborn Safety Wit
  • Shatterproof Baby Backseat Mirror For Car   View Infant In Rear Facing Car Seat   Newborn Safety Wit
  • Shatterproof Baby Backseat Mirror For Car   View Infant In Rear Facing Car Seat   Newborn Safety Wit
  • Shatterproof Baby Backseat Mirror For Car   View Infant In Rear Facing Car Seat   Newborn Safety Wit
  • Shatterproof Baby Backseat Mirror For Car   View Infant In Rear Facing Car Seat   Newborn Safety Wit
  • Shatterproof Baby Backseat Mirror For Car   View Infant In Rear Facing Car Seat   Newborn Safety Wit

Shatterproof Baby Backseat Mirror For Car View Infant In Rear Facing Car Seat Newborn Safety Wit

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£63.60 £106.00 You save: £42.40



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • 10 Days Return

  • LIFETIME SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: If for any reason you and your baby are not 100% satisfied with your new So Peep baby carseat mirror you are welcome to a No-Questions-Asked 100% REFUND + Every purchase receives our BONUS EBOOK VALUED AT $4.95: "Baby's First Foods - A Practical Guide and 20 Nutritious Recipes"
  • ENGINEERED FROM ONLY THE STRONGEST AND SAFEST MATERIALS: At So Peep we use Baby-Safe Shatterproof Acrylic Glass. We make safety our #1 priority and we have built a unique Baby-Safe mirror to give you complete peace of mind that your baby will be safe and sound for the entire journey. And with our ULTRA-STRONG SECURE DOUBLE-STRAP SYSTEM (see images) your new So Peep baby mirror will stay firmly fastened to the headrest. Your newborn girl or boy will be riding in style
  • INSTALL IN LESS THAN 30 SECONDS (NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED): Other baby mirrors require assembling multiple parts, and following complicated instructions. Our So Peep car mirrors require ZERO assembly and can be installed in as little as 30 seconds. Simply open the box, attach straps to headrest, pull straps to tighten, pivot mirror to suit - and you're GOOD TO GO
  • #1 BEST-QUALITY BABY-TO-DRIVER VIEWING: With our EXTRA LARGE CONVEX VIEWING AND FULLY ADJUSTABLE MIRROR you can pivot the headrest mirror to any angle to suit your car make and model. See your baby head-to-toe while your baby sees you. You will be able to clearly see if your baby is happy, sad, asleep, awake, and most importantly, of course, SAFE
  • NOT SUITABLE FOR CARS WITH A FIXED HEADREST - LESS ANNOYING SHAKING & NO SLIDING WHILE IN TRANSIT: A lot of baby car mirrors will vibrate, shake, and move around while you are driving. Our So Peep mirrors have been specially engineered to remain stable as you drive - This means safe, fun, and stress-free traveling for you and your newborn baby. Popular baby shower gift!
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Customer Reviews

It arrived on time and in perfect condition. It was easy to unpack and easy ...Read reviews outside of Amazon and bought this mirror as a result LOVE it! It arrived on time and in perfect condition. It was easy to unpack and easy to install with 2 simple straps that attach to adjustable headrest though it d have accelerated the process by 5 or 10 minutes, I didn t need anyone to help me adjust the position and alignment of it so that baby was in full view from rear view mirror while in driver s seat. The size, shape, and clarity of the actual reflective material itself are all excellent and, frankly, why it appealled to me and why I ultimately bought it. I m very happy with the large, clear, non-distorted image. And since I nearly always have the sunroof open and all four windows either cracked or completely open, I m happy to report that it s maintained it s precise position despite the beating it takes from the windy cabin. I love how I can now see her face in my rear view mirror without taking my eyes off of the road and she loves the security and comfort of being able to see me fantastic product, highly recommend!! 5Best. Mirror. EVER!I have purchased a handful of other mirrors but wasn't at all satisfied by how well they worked. This mirror is beyond perfect. Great view, large mirror, the swivel back lets you get the PERFECT angle and it even fits on that awkward little headrest in the middle of the backseat. Love love love love love. 5Great customer serviceI had awesome experience with So Peep.I ordered So Peep mirror and received an open box, and a mirror with quality way different from what I saw on amazon. Was super disappointed and was just about to request a return.But Keith from so peep send me an e-mail requesting to share my experience with their product. I told what happened and they immediately appologized and send me a new mirrorKeith also wanted to know whether the product I received was with their logo etc.I am very impressed and satisfied with the outcome of the situation.All I can say is Amzing Customer Service!And it is definitely worth trying the product, in worst case if you don't like it the people from So Peep will make sure to make you happy.Looking forward to receive my real So Peep mirrorAmazing experience! 6 Wish all the best to So PeepThank you, KeithStill waiting for my replacement so peep mirror... 5Wish we had bought mirror sooner!I keep asking myself how I got by without this mirror sooner! At first I chalked it up as an unnecessary baby item but that is not the case at all! I can see my daughter perfectly in it and we plan to keep our baby rear facing as long as possible so it will give us peace of mind for years to come! The mirror is high quality and crystal clear. It took less than 3 minutes to install and I love that it is on a swivel to be angled in any direction! I can see my baby girl in the mirror and she can also look at herself in it which she loves because the mirror is slightly rounded. If you're debating which mirror to buy, I highly recommend this one! 5Great Backseat Mirror!Shipped on time and arrived timely. Absolutely love it. Easy to setup and adjust. My wife had bought a mirror with no adjustment mechanism and so she jerry-rigged it with a peace of cardboard to angle it in the right way. This mirror has that built in with a swivel mount that can be tilted or angled as you like. My two year old is old enough to get up off his seat and take a whack at it but once he's buckled in I can easily adjust it right then and there or by reaching back from the drivers seat. I have the rear-facing toddle seat next to the door in the back and a baby seat in the middle. The mirror is large enough that setup in the middle I can see both the toddler and the baby though I might decide to change it from the middle headrest to the headrest right in front of my toddler. So far no issues. Have had it from around 10/17/2016. I'll post any updates if necessary. 55 star if it didn't shakeI love this mirror! Ill start with that. It is huge and slightly rounded so you get a larger viewing area in it. In fact, if I angle it right, I can see BOTH my kids sitting side by side in their seats with this one mirror. It is much easier to install than other mirrors I have purchased. The only reason it doesn't get 5 stars is because it does vibrate. Not enough to blur the view, but enough to be annoying. Since the mirror itself is not what attaches to the headrest, it is not as secure as mirrors that do. However, The fact that the mirror is not what attaches to the headrest, is what allows you to position it in just about any angle to fit just the way you need. All in all, I would repurchase this mirror, and I DO recommend it. 4Saved my toddlers lifeI would give this product ten stars if i could. These mirrors are large and sturdy and the swivel allows you to position it perfectly. The flat mirrors do not work.My mom mentioned a couple weeks back that she was nervous driving the kids without being able to see them.I had purchased one of these when my toddler was born (he is 2.5 now) and had been procrastinating placing the mirror in our new car. My husband bought two flat ones but these are dependent on positioning of the seat and move around so they were really ineffective. I brought out the so peep one (so easy to install) and ordered a second for the younger sibling.Well not even a week into having them, while i was at work my mom was driving the kids home (also have a 10 mo old) she looked into the rearview and my toddler was turning red and he wasnt making a sound. She pulled over and turns out he had put a quarter in his mouth and it was obstructing his airway. She was able to get it dislodged and removed.My kid could have suffocated and died before they made it home. This saved his life. Do not think twice about this product its worth every penny and more! Your kids life is priceless. 5Great, small issues, would still recommendMore wide angle than expected so son is super small in the view. Works well enough for quick peeks but not for seeing if he s asleep or drooling/ lost his Binkie quickly unless parked or at a stop light/sign or passenger is able to look for you via rearcire mirror or visor mirror. 4Need specific headrests in vehicle to attach safelyThe problem with it (aside from the first time mom jitters of having something that could possibly become dislodged and hit the baby in case of an accident - as warned by car seat experts, nurses giving baby classes, etc.) is that it requires headrests that go up and down with bars, like I have in the front seats, but not in the back, (2015 Jeep Patriot). When I was reading all of the reviews and notes about the product I didn't see that - could be my fault, just wanted other prospective buyers to be aware. 3Worth the price! Just order it now.I saw the price of this and thought wow! For a mirror!! But...worth every penny. I have bought the 15 dollar mirrors and they frustrated me to no end. They had no way of adjusting the mirror other than by taking the straps and strapping it at an angle..well when this is done it loosens it and falls off the headrest at a drop of a turn. This has a mechanism that can tilt all ways independent of the straps. That alone is amazing!! Also, the mirror itself is good quality. You can clearly see the baby from the rear view mirror or turning around quickly. The cheaper mirrors arent really a good mirror but a plastic reflective material causing aberrations and small baby when looking at the mirror from the rear view mirror. Lastly, I was a little apprehensive when this has velcro straps like the cheaper models BUT they are heavy duty and there is one that goes vertical and one that goes around the head rest horizontally. It took me 30 seconds to clip on and tighten where the cheaper ones I struggled with wrapping around and then tightening as the vertical straps tended to be towards the ends of the mirror. This one is directly in the center, where it should be. 5
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