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Baby Merlin's Magic Sleepsuit Microfleece (3 6 Months (12 18 Lbs.), Yellow)

  • Baby Merlin's Magic Sleepsuit Microfleece (3 6 Months (12 18 Lbs.), Yellow)

Baby Merlin's Magic Sleepsuit Microfleece (3 6 Months (12 18 Lbs.), Yellow)

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • The Merlin Magic Sleepsuit is the original swaddle transition product
  • The Magic Sleepsuit is designed for back sleeping in the crib at the recommended room temperature for babies
  • Baby Merlin's Magic Sleepsuit invented by a mother of four and pediatric physical therapist
  • The Magic Sleepsuit helps establish good sleep habits, and provides parents peace of mind that their baby is getting adequate rest for proper growth and development
  • Proper fit and timing of introduction are critical to the safety and effectiveness of Baby Merlin's Magic Sleepsuit
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Customer Reviews

Grateful and AmazedMy baby is one that had to be held day and night for naps and bedtime. She's 6 months old and she did not like to be swaddled, so she was in a halo sleep sack. I would end up just cosleeping with her which I really was not comfortable with- not judging those of you who choose to do so. Anyway, I was exhausted and a few friends mentioned this product. I didn't want to spend the money but I was desperate for sleep. The first night I was able to put her in her crib after our normal routine and she slept 6 hours straight, then woke to feed, then slept again for 5 hours. The second second night she slept all through the night. She does wake up, but this product comforts her enough that she can easily drift back off to sleep on her own- which never happened before. I am so grateful for this sleep suit. Give it a chance and you'll be amazed. 5I m a believer!We got this when our 4 month old started rolling both directions and started hating the swaddle sack. I was skeptical... the first night I put her in it was a nightmare. So we held off on using it for another week and decided to start with naptimes. First nap we put her in it, she slept 2 hours when her usual nap is 45 min to an hour. Almost every night since she has only woken up once to eat... she also puts herself back to sleep sometimes which I am amazed by! She loves it now!! Also have to say that I wondered if it would be too hot for her- she tends to sweat at night. We put her in a sleeper and she is cozy warm- no sweat. We also keep the house around 68-69 degrees. Thank you from a mom who got 8 hours straight of sleep last night!Update: my 6 month old is still wearing this and she s been consistently sleeping through the night (10-12hrs) for the past month!! Momma is rested again and happy! 5If you thought unicorns were magic try this suitHave you ever seen a magical unicorn flying across the sky shooting rainbows from its butt? As a mom have you ever slept well for more than an hour at a time? As a Mom with a baby have you even slept? If the answer is no to all of these you need to buy this suit. I was super skeptical at first having tried ever sleep aide between my 3 different sleepless babies. Sound machine? Check. Humidifier? Check. Vibrating disc plus sleep soother with womb sounds that smells like lavender? Check. Nothing worked.A few night ago I was walking the floor with the baby who refused to sleep. Like a defiant teenager her eyes refused to close for even a second. In my sleepless haze I remembered I had the merlins magic sleep suit eureka! I zipped her into it and she HATED it. There was screaming and crying. Thinking it would instantly activate I started to take it off her knowing bitter defeat was my middle name. Then suddenly out of the blue something amazing happened my screaming angry kraken calmed down. I thought it was possibly just a cruel joke she was playing but as I put her down in the crib she actually smiled at me. Confused and completely terrified i gave her the pacifier which she willingly took. I backed out of the room slowly trying to not even breathe. As I was backing out like a ninja I happened to trip over my dog who is never more than 3 feet from me at any given time. Even with all that racket my baby didn t cry out. I went back to bed and waited for that inevitable cry to come. After all she had been up all night surely this ridiculous outfit that looked like Maggie Simpson s snow suit would not calm her this easy. 10 minutes later I snuck back into her room certain that her lack of crying meant she was gnawing through the suit. To my great surprise SHE WAS ASLEEP!I went back to bed throughly confused but knew she would wake in about an hour. Every hour she did wake up, cry out and then would GO BACK TO SLEEP. This was on her own. No shhhhhing, no patting, no singing, no walking, no playing meditation chants until I knew them by heart. I don t know how this suit works and frankly I don t care. Will update if it stops working. 5Buy Two. They're that good.My kid went her first three months on only a few hours of sleep per day and this was the only product that worked to fix that. We tried all the homeopathic garbage (colic/gas drops, etc.), ranatidine, special bottles, probiotics, swaddle blankets with straps all the way to things that were basically just straight jackets, and nothing worked. My daughter hated being swaddled but her arms and legs kept her awake and as a result she became over tired and colicky. The very first night we tried the Merlin Sleep Suit was the first night she slept for more than an hour straight since she was born and after 3 or 4 nights of getting caught up on sleep her colic completely went away. She's going on 6 months now and when she gets tired and starts getting fussy, she stops crying and starts smiling as soon as you start putting her into the suit. The only problem now is that she absolutely won't sleep without it (and that is actually becoming a problem--I'm not just saying that).Oh, and buy two. They are thick and take forever to wash and dry. It really screws up nap time when I have to run the suit through the dryer twice (about 160 minutes on high) and inevitably I have to put the kid down for a nap during that time and she won't sleep without it and then gets cranky and then won't sleep at night and then the cycle continues...One final note: I saw a lot of people commenting on this, so I'll just throw this out there. I live in Florida and I use the micro fleece version in the summer. But my house is set at 73 and I have a fan going in the baby's room for some white noise. We don't put any clothes on under it, and she stays completely comfortable. She doesn't sweat in it an all and her feet and hands and everything feel very comfortable. You can use this year round in any climate if you keep your house at a reasonable temperature. 5Best solution for babies who only sleep being held!I don t know what it is about this baby space suit but IT WORKS! I ve been a prime member for years and have always bought products from Amazon but I don t think I ve ever left a review. But after less than 48 hours with this magic sleepsuit I felt compelled to come back on and rate this product. My 11 week old spent the first 2 months of her life in discomfort due to an undiagnosed cows milk allergy. She got bad acid reflux, would sputter and choke often, and WOULD NOT SLEEP. During this time we would often hold her upright to help with the reflux and also to soother her back to sleep so she could get some rest. At nights we ended up co-sleeping with her swaddled in a swaddle me lounger in our bed (something we obviously don t judge others for doing but wasn t something my husband and I wanted to do). Fast forward to a few weeks ago, they finally diagnosed the allergy and put her on a new formula (Elecare = stinky and expensive but so worth it!). Within 48 hours we had a new baby who was no longer suffering. Her sleep improved drastically BUT she was already so used to sleeping on/with us she wouldn t go in her bassinet. To add insult to injury she starting showing signs of rolling at 10 weeks so I was terrified to put her in the crib or bassinet swaddled even in the lounger. She had to be swaddled still because she would startle and smack herself in the face and scratch her face often. After trying everything I could think of to get this kid to sleep (including renting a SNOO - fail!) I bought this magic sleepsuit and it indeed worked like magic. The first time I put her in for a supervised nap she slept on our bed for almost 2 hours. I kept checking her temperature since she is usually a sweaty one but she was fine. That night she slept for 12 hours with 2 wakings only to feed. I was super paranoid about her overheating but she was always the perfect temperature, no sweating or anything. We live in Florida and keep the AC at about 74 and have a ceiling fan on as well. I m finally able to put her down in her crib to sleep which is something she hasn t done honestly since she was born. We still have a ways to go since I sometimes have to go in and settle her back down if she startled awake during a nap but considering the circumstances I ll take it! Definitely recommend and worth every penny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!UPDATE: We ve had this product for almost a week and last night my 12 week old daughter slept 8 hours straight in her crib. I honestly can t believe it! We re now practicing putting her down drowsy but awake which we could never have attempted without this sleepsuit. I will now be recommending this to everyone I know! 5Worth every cent.We had to stop swaddling due to our lo rolling over. He used to sleep pretty well when swaddled but once we began leaving his arms unswaddled he slept terribly! His startle reflex would wake him up 10-15 times a night and it was so hard to get him back to sleep.. It was brutal. This suit suppressed his startle reflex and I guess made him feel pretty cozy too! He stopped waking up so much screaming and he was way easier to get back to sleep. Also we keep it about 68 degrees (give or take a few) in our room and his hands are still cool/cold and he's not sweating( I was worried he'd be to warm) I just put a onesie and socks on under it and he is no where near overheating. I wear a fit bit that tracks sleep and I will post a before and after pic. The red is where he wakes up. He still has one wake up to eat in the middle of the night. Hence the big red spot on the after photo. Good luck! 5Not a miracle for us, but still a WIN.After reading a lot of the reviews for this item, I may have gotten my hopes up a bit too much. My daughter was sleeping about 10+ hours a night until about 2mo and then she went back to only sleeping 6 hours on average before wanting to wake up every 2-3 hours for a feeding. Now at 3mo she s still only sleeping 6 hours in that first stretch, so I was HOPING this sleepsuit would bring us back to 10. It didn t. BUT I still consider this a win. She still has a pretty intense startle reflex, but I was wanting to start transitioning her out of a swaddle at night. Sleep sacks weren t going to work, but this suit is just enough of a startle-muffler. She s still able to move, and kick... she can even bring her hands to her face. It s just enough that when she startles, it s not a HUGE motion, and she s soothed back to sleep. We just have her wear a normal onesie underneath, no socks, so she s able to let out some body heat. She tends to run hot. We ve washed it a few times following the care instructions (cold water, low heat drying) and have found that it needs to be dried twice due to how thick it is. We also have to flip it inside-out for the second drying session or the arms and legs are still wet inside. Another plus: she looks like the cutest marshmallow peep in this thing. 4It really works!I don't leave reviews, ever but I have to this time. My 13 week old has severe reflux and has not been able to sleep flat even on an incline. We have resorted to holding her upright while she sleeps and basically sleeping in shifts. She started really hating having her arms restrained in the swaddle and was outgrowing her sleep sack. Plus sleep sack kept riding up towards her nose. Since we bought the magic suit it's literally been like magic! Usually all the products I buy that promise to be miracles never work out but this has saved us. My baby slept from 10pm to 5am last night, flat (on an incline due to reflux) in her bassinet! A miracle. I kept checking on her because I couldn't believe it. The night before she did it too. She loves it. Amazing suit. It really works!! It's worth every penny. 5Amusing.Seems to help for naps. It s thick enough to be warm but breathable. They can still smack themselves in the face but not as easily as just a onsie I suppose. The collar is wide enough to be able to lightly wedge a pacifier in their mouth so they don t spit it out 750 times each nap. Also it looks absolutely ridiculous. This is especially helpful when you have a screaming baby resembling the marshmallow man that you can laugh at when you are at your wit s end. Good luck 4I'm convinced!So, let me start by saying(as cliche as it might be), I don't write reviews all that often but I felt compelled to for this. We were in the process of transitioning our 3 month old to his crib from the rock n play in our room and needless to say, it was not going well. He'd sleep for maybe 20 minutes and as soon as his pacifier would fall out he would start crying. I read about this sleep suit and was hesitant to buy it because, let's face it, $40 for a marshmallow suit seems like a lot and what if it doesn't work!? After a particularly bad day, I decided to pull the trigger and bought the yellow because I could get it in one day. It came early the next day(yay!) And so I tried it for his nap. He slept for an hour and a half! I was cautiously excited. That night I was nervous and it took me awhile to get to sleep, thinking that he was going to wake up any minute. I finally drifted off only to be awoken by him 6 hours later! Success! He fed and slept another 4 hours. Then, last night(night 2) he slept almost 9 hours! I have to say, I was very skeptical that this would do what everyone was saying it would, but I am happy to report that he loves it and so do we! I realize that every baby is different and not all of them may take to it but if you're struggling definitely give this a try! 5
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