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BabyComfy Nasal Aspirator -- The Snotsucker -- Hygienically & Safely Removes Baby's Nasal Mucus - Magenta

  • BabyComfy Nasal Aspirator -- The Snotsucker -- Hygienically & Safely Removes Baby's Nasal Mucus - Magenta
  • BabyComfy Nasal Aspirator -- The Snotsucker -- Hygienically & Safely Removes Baby's Nasal Mucus - Magenta
  • BabyComfy Nasal Aspirator -- The Snotsucker -- Hygienically & Safely Removes Baby's Nasal Mucus - Magenta
  • BabyComfy Nasal Aspirator -- The Snotsucker -- Hygienically & Safely Removes Baby's Nasal Mucus - Magenta
  • BabyComfy Nasal Aspirator -- The Snotsucker -- Hygienically & Safely Removes Baby's Nasal Mucus - Magenta
  • BabyComfy Nasal Aspirator -- The Snotsucker -- Hygienically & Safely Removes Baby's Nasal Mucus - Magenta
  • BabyComfy Nasal Aspirator -- The Snotsucker -- Hygienically & Safely Removes Baby's Nasal Mucus - Magenta

BabyComfy Nasal Aspirator -- The Snotsucker -- Hygienically & Safely Removes Baby's Nasal Mucus - Magenta

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • SAFELY REMOVE NASAL MUCUS - The BabyComfy Nasal Aspirator uses your own suction to remove nasal mucus safely and hygienically. The suction power is limited only by the suction you can draw. Always safe for the parent and the child because you control the suction.
  • MORE EFFECTIVE - The parent-powered suction provides astonishingly effective mucus removal for your child's congested nose. It is significantly more effective than bulb and battery-powered nasal aspirators.
  • FILTER MUCUS AND GERMS - No more buying expensive and ineffective filters! The nasal aspirator that is designed to use household tissue as a filter. Lightly wad tissue inside the aspirator to filter mucus and germs. The hygienic tissue filter system is superior to plastic foam rubber filters.
  • EASY STORAGE & DISHWASHER SAFE - The handy mesh pouch keeps all the parts together from your diaper bag to the dishwasher. Yes! The BabyComfy Nasal Aspirator is dishwasher safe and BPA & phthalate-free.
  • TWO NOSE TIPS INCLUDED - Two soft nose tip sizes are included to accommodate your growing baby: standard and newborn.
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Customer Reviews

Best Snot SuckerThis really does work better than the bulb I got from the hospital. I wish it worked a little better though but that may not happen until the kid can blow. My issues with it are the long tube. Why does it need to be so long? When you have to hold your child down to suck out the snot, you tend to be pretty close to them and it has gotten kinked a few times which makes it hard to suck. The other problem is cleaning it. I love that you can use a tissue as the filter but most of the snot stays in the nose tip. So to get it out you have to soak in warm water. The thing is you have to have something b/c these kids are always stuffed up and can't sleep when stuffed up. So if you want to get any sleep get one of these. Did I mention you get to use tissues as filters with this one. The other one you have to buy their filters to replace. 3Works so well...not as gross as they seem!To be completely honest, the whole idea of these things is so far beyond gross that I almost couldn't bring myself to purchase one. As parents we do so many things that are beyond awful, but I almost drew the line here. Snot sucking? Really? Is that really a necessary tool? Sadly, the answer is - yes. After you have a baby who is stuffed up and unable to sleep, you'll be willing to try almost anything. These snot suckers work amazingly well (we've had 2 different brands). And there really is no way that you'll get a mouthful of the green stuff. Gag. Yuck. Gross. Almost too hard to type that!When my first kiddo was a baby we had a Nosefrida. That was the big brand available at the time, and that one absolutely worked well. I think it spawned the idea for other brands. We had no complaints or problems with that one, we just loaned it out before baby #2 was born. I did some research, and decided to try this brand this time. It was pretty much the same, though this one had a better storage system and the tubing seemed to stay together a little better during use.This one comes with a breathable storage bag, which is nice. The only thing grosser than a snot sucker is a moldy snot sucker. Ew!The parts are easily put together. The only other hard part is pinning the little one down to use this thing!! I would recommend using this first when your baby is too big to kick and throw too much of a fuss. If the kiddo is 2 the first time you try this, you might never get them to stay still enough! 5Goodbye Old Nasal Aspirator!I was using a regular nasal aspirator on my 7 week old son who has been super stuffy since birth. It got to the point that it was causing his nose to bleed so I needed to find an alternative method. I researched this and the NoseFrida and ultimately chose this because there's no buying pricey replacement filters. All you do is pop a tissue in and toss it when your done.Another plus to this aspirator is that it comes with two different tips that go in the nose-one for little noses and then a bigger one (though somehow in my sleep deprived state I happened to throw the bigger one away which I'm totally bummed about). It also comes with a bag to throw all the pieces in and you can even throw the whole thing in the dishwasher.I never thought I would be sucking boogers from my baby's nose, but there's absolutely no way for any of that yuck to get anywhere close to your mouth...so have no fear! The tips are soft and flexible and the small one is a perfect size for babies. Since you adjust the power with how hard you suck, you're sure to get everything out without digging or irritating your baby. My little guy just lays there and let's us do it, that's how easy and non invasive it is.I would recommend this 110% over a regular nasal aspirators--not only does it not cause discomfort to your little one, but you don't have to worry about mold growing in it, or nastiness sitting in it from not being able to take it apart. 5A Must Have (no pressure haha)I rarely give 5 star reviews, I save it for products that I really love and guys I REALLY love this product! I registered for the Frida like everyone else when I was pregnant but when i went to use it for the first time I was not impressed. Its really difficult to maneuver especially with a wiggly baby that doesn't feel good. I found this one day during some browsing on Amazon and decided to give it a try. I'M SO GLAD I DID! It's much smaller and easier to maneuver. Much gentler on babys nose. My son SCREAMED when I used the Frida but with this he doesn't mind it at all. I absolutely love that I just use a tissue for a filter and it really does work. I was doubtful thinking a tissue would but I think it does a better job! It's very easy to clean which come on any one with a kid knows time is precious and the simpler something is the better. I have recommended this to all the mom's I know and have converted several from the Friday! I HIGHLY recommend. 5Lifesaver!!Buy this!! I promise you that you will not regret it. I made the mistake of waiting until my precious baby was suffering from a nasty chest cold and we were struggling to give her relief with a bulb aspirator. I went to my local Walmart hoping for something like this but all they had was the Graco battery operated aspirator. Well that was a complete waste of $20. It did NOTHING except make my baby angry. So I ordered this and waited for delivery while my baby suffered. As soon as it arrived, I sterilized it and headed in hoping for the best. Hoping that my baby would get relief and I wouldn t get a mouthful of snot! I put a small piece of tissue in the bulb and sucked away! It was unbelievable the amount of mucus I removed and none traveled up the mouthpiece or tube! It upset my little one but I would imagine anything that sucks boogers out of a baby s nose would cause them confusion and discomfort but it was worth it to see her relief! It s easy to take apart and clean. The mouthpiece is soft, you wouldn t think that matters but it does! It s reasonably priced and you don t need to buy more filters like the nose frida, just put a small piece of tissue in the bulb. Order this before you need it because I promise you that you ll need it one day! 5Works great!! Prefer it to the Nose Frida.The 2 attachments make it great for multiple stages. The smaller one worked well when my daughter was 3 months and gets the mucus that's really up there. The bigger attachment is good for blocking the whole nostril to keep suction.Reasons I think is better than Nose Frida-The Nose Frida was too big for my 3 month old and wasn't able to get the mucus way up there.No need to buy a foam filters as you use a tissue inside the compartment to stop the mucus from traveling up the tube to your mouth.The tube on the NF is much longer and has a tendency to link, cutting off the suction. Because it's so long I felt like it took much more breath to get the auction started and I would barely get any mucus out without having to take another breath and start over again. 5Love it! Works so much better than the blue bulb syringeI really love this nasal aspirator! In my opinion, it works so much better than the blue bulb syringe you get at the hospital. It works better because you have more control of the suction and also because you can actually see the snot you have sucked out. With the typical blue syringe, I always felt like nothing was coming out. I had to keep trying to remove the snot with no luck and my infant did not enjoy it. With the ComfyNose, since I control the suction, I can make sure I am not inhaling too hard so as not to make it more uncomfortable for my baby. He actually lets me use it on him, which is great because as soon as he would see the bulb syringe he would start fussing and crying. He hated that bulb syringe. Sot this aspirator is great.Also, I really hated cleaning the blue bulb syringe it because I always felt that some snot would stay inside the bulb and I read that some people found mold inside. But, with this nasal aspirator, I can see right inside it and I can can just take it apart and completely clean it and make sure it is well cleaned.The other thing I really love about it is that it does not need a filter, just plain old tissue. This is great because you don't have to continue buying replacement filters and that is less waste for the environment. Also, the two tip sizes are great. I have used the newborn one so far and I like it. The design of it makes it so you don't stick it up further than it needs to, making it safer to use so you don't hurt your little one.One thing to note is that I do sometimes get tired of inhaling, especially if the snot is all the way up the nose and is thick. But if the snot is really loose, it will come out easily with no problem. :) Oh, one last thing. If you use this in public, people will look at you weird and think your sucking the boogers out into your mouth, hehehe. 5Good as a less safe and cheaper version of the NoseFrieda.So, I am sure this isn't sanitary enough to use safely. I got a terrible sore throat and lost my voice when my baby was sick. My husband got a sore thrat too, though, and didn't use this at all.But it works great. The tissue catches the mucus at the entrance of the device. This was the only thing that got her clear enough to fall asleep soundly. My pediatrician advised only to use these type of things twice a day, and be gentle because the suction can irritate her nasal passages. So, i used only saline during the day. Before feeding her and laying her down to sleep, I used saline to loosen the congestion and then this device.The small piece fit in a mesh bag (included) that you can hook onto the top rack of the dishwasher. 3Motto: "nothing sucks more!"This thing is awesome. Here's an actual text conversation between my husband and I less than a week after getting this nasal aspirator. You can tell we are new parents because the subject of our baby's bodily secretions dominates our discussions.Husband: I could do a commercial for this snot sucker! Not with baby though, he loathes it.Me: But you love it? It's great right? Didn't realize how crappy the other one was. I think the suction on that other one sucked. Or not sucked as it were.Hubs: Yes got so much more. It's motto could be "nothing sucks more!"Me: The flexible tubing, the shorter spout if that's what you call it. No filters, just tissue. It's perfect. I should write a review on Amazon.Hubs: YepIf like us, you have tried other name brand snot suckers and were underwhelmed, try this. Your baby might still hate it but you will not be disappointed. Since there's better suction, even though baby is miserable, it's far quicker and more effective than trying to suck through the other kind and barely moving a booger. Also you aren't fighting baby's flailing arms, while simultaneously trying to hold stiff tubing to a nose-piece the size of Arkansas to baby's head which is rapidly turning side to side trying to escape the feeling of hard plastic in a delicate nostril. One word of caution, keep the tissue or toilet square loosely wadded in the container. If it's too compact you might accidentally suck some snot up. Loosely wadded tissue helps collect all the gunk. Happy sucking! 5Awesome product!Amazing! I can t recommend this enough. We found ourselves with a pretty nasty cold and lots of snot recently. In a pinch I ran to the store to get something other than the old school bulb. All they had was the Graco battery powered aspirator. That piece of junk was a total waste of money. It didn t do anything! That same day I ordered this product knowing we d have two days to wait and see if this was going to help. It arrived on my doorstep about thirty minutes ago and I m amazed! I was worried about getting a mouthful of boogies but the tissue works like a charm. After I finished cleaning my little ones nose, she looked up at me in amazement! If she could talk, she d say, oh, sweet relief! Save yourself money and headache and order this, even if your little one doesn t need it right now, they will! 5
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