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Ball Regular Mouth Plastic Mason Jar Storage Lids 8-Count per Pack (2-Packs Total)

  • Ball Regular Mouth Plastic Mason Jar Storage Lids 8-Count per Pack (2-Packs Total)
  • Ball Regular Mouth Plastic Mason Jar Storage Lids 8-Count per Pack (2-Packs Total)
  • Ball Regular Mouth Plastic Mason Jar Storage Lids 8-Count per Pack (2-Packs Total)
  • Ball Regular Mouth Plastic Mason Jar Storage Lids 8-Count per Pack (2-Packs Total)

Ball Regular Mouth Plastic Mason Jar Storage Lids 8-Count per Pack (2-Packs Total)

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Use these plastic caps for versatile storage
  • Perfect for the freezer and refrigerator as well as dry storage
  • Contains eight reusable regular mouth plastic storage caps
  • Ball Regular Plastic Storage Caps are ideal for storing or freezing with Regular Mouth Glass Preserving Jars
  • The versatile Ball Regular Plastic Storage Caps provide more ways to store your creations
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Customer Reviews

Received Counterfeit productI'm leaving this here so people know what to look out for. If you get the real product it's good with minimal leaking. What I received was fake. Compared side-by-side to the real product., this is slightly off-white, has sharp unfinished rim and it's a thinner plastic. Picture is from front of package...the glaring misspelling on the bottom line. "Stotage"... there were other misspellings too. 1Nice idea but.....These would be great if they worked as well as the lid and band combo. As another reviewer mentioned, you can use a lid with this but isn't the whole point of this lid the ability to use it on its own? I was disappointed to have liquid I was storing evaporate and stuff I had hoped stay dry absorb moisture and clump. If you don't mind combining this with a lid, then great. But if you're ;looking for a single-piece replacement, look elsewhere. 3no leak with orginal metal lid flat part inside and plenty of reasons to use.I notice in some comments that people, who do like them, say these lids leak. For those who aren't familiar with this, many of us use them with the metal disc part of the mason jar lid inside. Then they are completely air and water tight. So one might ask, why get them at all if you are using a part of the original lid that rusts. I use them because 1) they stack much better, which is especially an issue with the regular sized lids but even with the wide mouth lids they just don't slide around like with the metal lids, 2) they don't rust so they screw on and off easier over time and 3) they are way prettier.I still use the original 2 piece metal lids for fermentation. I find the plastic ones, when used for a one week vegetable fermentation, smell like the fermented veggies so bad that it's tough to clean them, and sometimes I can't get the smell out of them at all, even when i have tried soaking in vinegar. There might be a solution I don't know about, and I don't know if leaving the smell in (like for using with the next fermentation) is unhealthy or not. I wouldn't use that lid for other kinds of food storage at any rate.But I like the plastic lids for everything other than fermentation. With the metal lids including the flat disc used inside the plastic lid, I use a mesh steal wool scourer, which easily cleans off the rust surprisingly well, leaving nice shiny metal. 5Lids fit seamlessly - tight sealI was pleased to find these caps for my Ball jars. I actually don't use them to store pickled foods or jams/jellies. I often use these jars to store homemade salad dressing, sauces or soups or dry products in my pantry. I prefer using this plastic screw top lid (BPA free) opposed to using the metal ring & lid to store things in the refrigerator or in the pantry. The lid fits seamlessly. Just make sure you are screwing it on level & tightly. I've even poured some spring water into it, screwed on the plastic lid & took it on the road with no leaking problems. I need to purchase some for my wide mouth jars as well. 5Plastic storage caps for canning jarsThese work for storage; I use them on regular mouth Ball jelly jars for storing my Instant Pot yogurt. I haven't tested to see if these are watertight. They are a pretty good value at 8 for about $8. They do not include any silicon sealing rings, only the plastic screw-on caps.They arrived shipped only in a padded envelope, and the box was torn and crushed. As this was a purchase for my own use, the box's condition wasn't a big deal as the lids seemed undamaged. They need to ship them in sturdier packaging, though, as the lids could have been crushed, and the box looked awful . My star rating is for the lids themselves. 5Do Not Buy if Using to Store LiquidsThese are worthless, if you want to store liquid. They are not, even in the least, water tight. I first discovered this because my smoothie (with a red beet in it) ended up, for the most part, outside of the jar due to the jar falling on its side in my bag. Of course you can use plastic wrap as a "solution" by screwing the lid over a piece of plastic wrap. But then you have the issue of BPA and other toxins in this thin plastic leaching into your food. Some reviewers (who gave 5 stars, and admitted these caps leak) even suggest using the metal mason jar lids UNDER this plastic lid as a "solution." This begs the question, "Why even buy these plastic lids?" This mason jar lid "solution" is nonsensical. Now you are using two pieces (metal lid and plastic cap/lid), so why not use the original mason jar band and lid, and save yourself money? Most important, for some, we bought these plastic lids because they are BPA free. The mason jar lids have a BPA-containing plastic coating. 1this item was recommended to me by Amazon to be purchased with a ...For whatever reason, this item was recommended to me by Amazon to be purchased with a set of glass jars I bought from Amazon as supposedly frequently bought together. Not sure what that happened since these storage caps are way too small for the particular jars I bought. In the trash they went. 1Good Lids, but Not PerfectThese lids fit perfectly on ball mason jars with regular mouth openings. They are a good replacement to the screw on metal tops, meant for canning food, and will not rust or tarnish like the metal ones with liquid storage. I am using some homemade mouthwash and needed a non metallic storage lid (water will rust the metal lids, and baking soda and salt just speed up the reaction) for the mason jar. These lids are a perfect solution, but they are not without some design flaws. The plastic is not as higher quality or thickness as I first assumed, which is not such a big deal, but for the price it is a tad bit high. Second, they do leak as others have mentioned before. Now, I expect a cap without any type of silicon or rubber seal to leak to an extent, but these, these leak pretty bad. As soon as you tip or shake the jar, it leaks. A quick shake or tip should not warrant much leakage, but these do unfortunately. Again, not a big deal for just storage, but the price is certainly questionable with these cons for the product. In the end the product does what it's intent is, and that is to provide a cap for regular mouth mason jars. They do screw on just as you expect, and remain on firmly. So if you plan on just storing food, or even liquid, just keep in mind about the leakage, and whether or not these will be a good choice for your needs. 4The lids leak.These are handy, but they don't have a good seal. The lids leak around the edges. I am using the lids when I make tinctures in mason jars, and having the lid leak is really bad. The vodka used in making tinctures is suppose to go to the very top of the jar to keep the herbs from being exposed to air, which can cause the herb to spoil. You have to shake your tincture everyday for one minute for a month. Having a little leaks out every time you shake your jar adds up over the course of a month. The lids are probably fine if you just want to keep your tea from picking up orders from the fridge, but if you need a good seal then these don't work so well. 3They're lids and bands, what more do you want?I have a roommate who was very distressed that his lids and bands were starting to show excessive wear and beginning to rust because of it. I purchased this box to make it easier for him to let go of the few that really needed to be tossed out. The box remains unopened, but for the price, it's worth whatever psychological benefit my roommate experienced. I'd be happier still if he didn't snag my heavier stainless steel bands and actually used the ones I bought him, but at this point, I'm resigned to just buy myself more of the drastically more expensive stainless steel bands for myself after we part ways. 5
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