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Bamboobies Washable Leak Proof Nursing Pads For Breastfeeding, Ultra Absorbent, Pair Of 4/8 Pads

  • Bamboobies Washable Leak Proof Nursing Pads For Breastfeeding, Ultra Absorbent, Pair Of 4/8 Pads
  • Bamboobies Washable Leak Proof Nursing Pads For Breastfeeding, Ultra Absorbent, Pair Of 4/8 Pads
  • Bamboobies Washable Leak Proof Nursing Pads For Breastfeeding, Ultra Absorbent, Pair Of 4/8 Pads
  • Bamboobies Washable Leak Proof Nursing Pads For Breastfeeding, Ultra Absorbent, Pair Of 4/8 Pads
  • Bamboobies Washable Leak Proof Nursing Pads For Breastfeeding, Ultra Absorbent, Pair Of 4/8 Pads
  • Bamboobies Washable Leak Proof Nursing Pads For Breastfeeding, Ultra Absorbent, Pair Of 4/8 Pads
  • Bamboobies Washable Leak Proof Nursing Pads For Breastfeeding, Ultra Absorbent, Pair Of 4/8 Pads
  • Bamboobies Washable Leak Proof Nursing Pads For Breastfeeding, Ultra Absorbent, Pair Of 4/8 Pads
  • Bamboobies Washable Leak Proof Nursing Pads For Breastfeeding, Ultra Absorbent, Pair Of 4/8 Pads
  • Bamboobies Washable Leak Proof Nursing Pads For Breastfeeding, Ultra Absorbent, Pair Of 4/8 Pads
  • Bamboobies Washable Leak Proof Nursing Pads For Breastfeeding, Ultra Absorbent, Pair Of 4/8 Pads

Bamboobies Washable Leak Proof Nursing Pads For Breastfeeding, Ultra Absorbent, Pair Of 4/8 Pads

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Ultra-Soft Top Layer that Touches the Skin: 57% Bamboo Viscose/23% Polyester/20% Cotton Absorbent Inner Layer: 55% Ramie/45% Cotton Outer Leak-Proof Layer: 100% Polyester with TPU Waterproofing
  • Super-soft bamboo rayon velour soothes chafed nipples while absorbing better than other materials
  • Made of ultra-soft and soothing bamboo rayon velour, cotton, and hemp fabrics
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Customer Reviews

Not Happy.Was excited to buy these after reading so many positive reviews. However, I do not recommend, and would not purchase these again. They do absorb breastmilk, but not without leaving you feeling sticky. They do not hold a lot of milk. Also, if you do not remove them immediately after being wet, the pads will stick to your breasts and nipples. After only a few hours, they can also start to smell very bad.I will be throwing mine away, and opting for the disposable Lansinoh Breast Pads (which I used with my first child). I am disappointed in these reusable ones. 2amazing!These pads are amazing. I have tried 3 other brands all washable cotton and I literally soak through them in about 2 hours. I have an abundant milk supply and these have been a life saver. No more leaks in public. So amazing. I'm ordering more. Great job. FYI these pads are large (like really large) which initially i thought would be a problem but you actually can't see them as well through clothing as the smaller ones because they aren't as obvious...they are thinner and blend in better with the shirt. Also they don't move around as much as the smaller ones. I found the smaller ones slipped off pretty easy. The size might be a problem for those with smaller breasts...36DD here. But honestly i feel like the smaller ones barely cover the nipple. Anyways highly recommended and I don't write reviews. This is a first. 5Yeast infection/thrush starter kit I loved this product at first. It s been less than two months since I ve purchased and started using these and as you can tell from the video it is doing it s job by keeping the moisture in, but that s the problem... it keeps the moisture in. I m very sanitary when it comes to nursing as milk loves bacteria, but this is unacceptable. I soak them in vinegar, bleached them, used various stain fighting products and even tried sun bleaching. Who knows how long mold was harboring before I discovered this.My 10 week old son and I are now being treat for thrush and I am also being treated for bacteria that can cause mastitis.I wanted to love this product, but not at the cost of our health. Please find a way to absorb the moisture without having pad turn in yeast infection starter kit. 1I recommend if you're expecting that you order a pack of ...I had really wanted to be eco friendly and use washable nursing pads, but they're just no where near as absorbent as the disposable pads. I use the overnight pads during the day at work and disposable pads at night. Even so, I sometimes leak through. I recommend if you're expecting that you order a pack of disposables just in case. I have tried the Medela, Lansinoh, and Bamboobies disposables and found Medela to be most absorbent, followed by Lansinoh and then Bamboobies. 3Tried several, Finally found happiness!I've used several different kinds of nursing pads through nearly two years of breastfeeding. I've always had a problem with leakage during the day, so I'm not able to go without them at any point in my nursing. Also, my kids learned to sleep for 10-11 hours at night, so I needed really good protection at night also.With my first child, I breastfed for a year and used disposable pads for the duration. This method was expensive regardless of the brand that I used. I used a minimum of 2 sets in 24 hours, so I would go through at least 2 boxes a month. Before my milk regulated well, I went through many more.With my second child, I started again with disposables because I needed so many before my milk regulated. When things got a little more stable, I purchased Avent washables because of their affordability. They are acceptable, but feel very 'cottony' and stick to my nipples if I don't wipe them well prior to putting the pad on.Because I was not totally satisfied with them, I decided to spend a little extra money and try the bamboobies for my overnight pads. They are wonderful! I wish that I had spent the extra money on the regular pads in the beginning. I was expecting a very thick pad to 'control' the leakage of a 10 hour duration, but they are not big and bulky. I assumed they were going to leak because they didn't seem big enough, but somehow, those little pads keep me very dry. The fabric is very soft and does not ever stick to my skin. They wash very well and maintain their shape and softness. I've had mine now for over 2 months, and I still love them. If I have need for any more nursing pads, I will spend the extra money upfront for these fabulous pads! They certainly are a cheaper and better option in the long run than disposable ones. I do recommend having several sets so you don't have to wash them all the time. 5Stay wet and uncomfortableMeh. I had heard good things about these (& they have such good reviews) so got them to be a little more comfortable when sensitive and for overnight. I had the regular heart ones but figured I wasn't a fan bc they weren't thick enough, so gave these a try. Yes, they are soft (but not super soft), but once you leak in them a bit (like at night), you basically just have a cold, wet breast pad against you all night. It is quite uncomfortable. No denying reusable breast pads in general are more environmentally friendly, but for comfort, I much prefer the Lansinoh disposable. They might not be quite as soft if there is intense nipple sensitivity due to injury (as was the case with me), but only by a hair. And they don't feel wet against you after you've leaked in them. These also make a weird shape in your nursing bra. 2Do your breastfeeding boobs a favor and buy these!I am obsessed with Bamboobies nursing pads. These are seriously the BEST out there, and I recommend them to every nursing mom I know. I even gift them frequently! They are the most comfortable for everyday wear when you're first nursing and milk is going EVERYWHERE. And they work very well at night, too, which is what this particular pack is supposed to be for. But I wear them during the day, even now after I've been nursing for almost a year (second baby). I'm still using the Bamboobies that I purchased when my first baby was born in 2016, if that tells you anything about the high quality of material and durability of these breast pads. Seriously, do yourself and your boobs a solid buy these! 5The Best for Heavy Letdown!I purchased three brands of reusable breast pads (Itzy Ritzie Glitzy Gals, Love My, and Bamboobies in order to compare. The disposable pads irritate my skin and are not cost effective if you are breastfeeding long-term, so I was looking for another option. Here are my thoughts. Please note, I am large busted (40 DD) and have a forceful letdown, so those things are considered in my reviews.Itzy Ritzy Glitzy Gals - These are a bamboo rayon on the side that touches your skin, and appear to be a cotton blend on the "pretty" side. These were the smallest in diameter of the three I tried (they aren't tiny, just small in comparison to the others). They didn't last as long during the day and I experienced some leaks (i.e. saturation through the pad, and my bra / shirt) with this brand. I think this is in part to the fabric on the "pretty side" not being a very moisture-blocking fabric, plus they are a little smaller than my other ones. I also experienced some "sticking" of the fabric to my nipple if I didn't change the pad quickly before the "leaked" milk started to dry. This was a little uncomfortable when removing the pad. If you don't have a lot of leakage or a heavy letdown, these may be ok for you, but I only use them around the house when I am not worried about leaks. I gave them 3 stars - they are fine but not my go-to. They do have the prettiest prints of the three I tried if you care about that. If your bra is not padded, the line around the pad may be slightly visible. Side note - these were much less expensive at my local Motherhood store than on Amazon.Love My - These have the same bamboo rayon "skin side" as Itzy Ritzy but are larger and have a waterproof backing. They may be too large and bulky for small busted ladies but were great for me. They also come with a storage pouch which is nice (I put it in my diaper bag so my clean ones aren't floating loose). I have the same experience with these sticking a bit if my milk leaks and the starts to dry, but have not had any milk leak all the way through the pad (and sometimes they are pretty saturated). If your bra is not padded, the line around this pad may be visible. I really like these and gave them 4 stars - I would have given them 5 stars if the bamboo rayon fabric didn't stick to me. These were the least expensive per pair of the brands I tried. If you can't afford bamboobies these are a great option.Bamboobies - I got a combo pack with regular and overnight pads at my local boutique, plus more overnights on Amazon. These have a super soft bamboo velour (vs the rayon "washcloth" material of the other two) on the skin side and a waterproof backing. I have had zero leaks with these. The heart shape of the regular pads seems weird but it is the least visible as far as lines showing through your bra. I put them in pointed end up. The overnights hold a TON without leaking. They are round vs the heart shape, and thicker, so may show through your bra if it's not padded. These were my favorite brand and did not stick to my nipples when the milk started to dry. 5 stars, but on the pricey side - it they were less expensive I would have bought lots more (although if they were less expensive the quality might not be what it is).Regardless of the brand, I do recommend getting several pairs if you leak a lot - I change mine every few hours so I always have several pairs in the wash. 5Best Reusable PadsAs far as reusable nursing pads go, these are the best I ve used. They are extremely soft and absorbent. I normally leak a lot. My left side leaks almost continuously, and I leak heavily on both sides during let down. My main issue with reusable pads is that they aren t leak-proof (so why bother???). I have tried several kinds, and easily leak right through them. The main reason I tried these was to see if they truly were leak-proof. I am very happy to say that under normal circumstances, I haven t leaked through them, even during let down. However, once my daughter went longer than usual without nursing, and I leaked right through these. So I definitely wouldn t say these are completely leak-proof. I wouldn t have been able to use these with the engorgement/leaking of early nursing for sure. But for average use, these are much better than other reusable pads by a long shot. 4Best breast pads EVER!!!The are the best nursing pads I have ever used, and I have tried many different ones. The ultra soft bamboo fibers don t shed at all and don t hurt my sore nursing nipples. I use them all the time as opposed to just overnight since I leak a lot. These were the only ones that didn t hurt, didn t leak through at all, and didn t make that awkward noise when you move like you re wearing a plastic bag. And they re washable! I just threw them in with my sons laundry in a mesh laundry bag (so they didn t get lost in the wash like socks do). I used All free and clear and no fabric softener, and they held up really well.Note: I don t like the regular Bamboobies. They are a small heart shape that makes it not practical for a round nipple and breast. I had trouble keeping them in place. The overnights are the only ones I loved. They fit covered perfectly with no problem. Oh, just as a reference, I m a 34DDD. 5
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