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Banana Bag

  • Banana Bag
  • Banana Bag

Banana Bag

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Tired of throwing away spoiled food after only a few days? It?s a common problem, but with the Banana Bag, you no longer have to worry about you fruit turning brown too quickly.
  • The ingenious airtight design of the Banana Bag drastically slows down the ripening process, and can extend the freshness of fruit and vegetables by up to 2 full weeks.
  • Great for cucumbers, carrots, apples, and more.
  • Simply just place your produce into the bag, pull it tight, and place it in the fridge to keep your food fresher for longer.The Banana Bag Keeps Fruit and Vegetables from SpoilingThe durable nylon material is resilient and easy to clean, and the bright color means it won?t be forgotten in your fridge.
  • Great for all kinds of natural foods, now you can store more fruits and veggies for longer, making it easier to keep up with a healthy diet.
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Customer Reviews

If you like your bananas to go bad If you like your bananas to go bad, and I mean bad in four days put them in this bag and place them in the refrigerator, I put mine in the trash after one use. This is the second bag I purchased, hoping it would be better then the other one, different seller, this one even had bananas pictured on it.I have banana bags in the past and they work great, with mesh side the air gets to the bananas and turns them to mush in days. Tossed after one use. 1Be sure you buy the REAL THING!!! Be sure to order the REAL thing, the Carol Wright Gifts Banana Bag. It keeps bananas fresh for about 2 weeks in the fridge. The skins turn, but the banana stays firm and fresh. And they seem to taste so much better out of the bag, so much fresher. Even after the skin turns. It works so well, and I like it so much, I decided to order another one so I could buy more bananas when they're on sale. I received my "Buy Again" bag today. It's a CHEAP KNOCKOFF, FAKE. DO NOT buy from CT Discount Store. You'll get a simple, thin, plain storage bag from China, that doesn't even rate 1 star. 5I'd say rotten tomatoes but it's more like rotten bananas This bag did nothing to preserve or extend the life of bananas. They say you're supposed to refrigerate the bag but that makes it worse for bananas. I was astonished that when I went to return it on Amazon, it said this product is not returnable. Waste of money. For what it is, it wasn't inexpensive either. 1No more mushy bananas I was so frustrated with bananas going from green to overripe before we could use them that for awhile I just stopped buying them. But we like bananas and missed having them. This bag is the solution. No more wasted bananas. In this bag they ripened gently and stayed at a nice mellow stage for a long time. The second time I used it, I forgot about the bananas. It as well over a week when I remembered. Expecting to find a mushy mess, I opened the bag to discover that all the bananas in the bunch were in great condition. I haven't had to discard a single banana since getting this bag. An added benefit is that it totally blocks out fruit flies. 5Does the job sort of... I tried this bag because my bananas were getting ripe too fast and at a certain point I won't eat them. I put a bunch in the bag and put them in the fridge and they lasted longer and stayed firmer and less squishy but the taste and mouth feel changed and I didn't much care for it. I much preferred the taste from them being left at room temperature. Now I buy less bananas and eat them before they get too ripe. Someone else may feel differently about it so check out other reviews on this product. 3Say good bye to over ripe bananas This is the best thing ever! I always had a couple of bananas I had to toss (or freeze for banana bread which I never made). Now I can buy a whole bunch, and none of them have to go. I've had a couple for more than a week, and they're still good. I loved this so much I bought three more for my sisters and niece. 5Bananas are best in the banana bag I am a very picky about my bananas and this bag keeps them just the way I like them. I have gifted these bags to my daughter and a friend who also like it very much. I buy slightly green bananas and put them in the bag in the fridge and they last for weeks. Thumbs up to this product - can't do without it now. 5Jay's banana review The banana bag does preserve the bananas longer than if they sit on the counter and the fruit flies are eliminated.I do not like the color or taste of the banana after being in the bag longer than 3 days. It seems to remove some of its sweetness. 3A Banana a day helps keep the Doctor away ! I've been using a plastic food container for several years now (& buying smaller bananas- & trimming longer stems & such) - but the larger container broke (it held 5-6) & the smaller 1 only 3-4 (with the trimming too...). So- I bought this. Fairly priced (the "shipping/handling " cost's a bit higher than the norm- & the "almost a month" shipping time "oddly long". But it arrived in about 10 days-so I've less "grumbling" now! Thanks! 4MAGIC This bag is everything I had hoped for and more. I purchased this bag as a gift for a friend who has a particular fear of overripe bananas. And who can blame her? There is nothing more satisfying than the slight crispness of a yellow-green banana and nothing more revolting than a brown spottled banana that has gone to mush. My friend actually spaces out bananas around her apartment to allow them to last as long as possible, but then came the banana bag. We ran a double-blind control trial with green and brown bananas and after 1 week, it was found that the banana bag is filled with magic because there is no other explanation for the yellow-green crisp treat we found inside. Bless you banana bag. Bless you. 5
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