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BB Brotrade HJO80 Hanging Jewelry Organizer,80 Pocket Organizer for Holding Jewelries(Beige)

  • BB Brotrade HJO80 Hanging Jewelry Organizer,80 Pocket Organizer for Holding Jewelries(Beige)
  • BB Brotrade HJO80 Hanging Jewelry Organizer,80 Pocket Organizer for Holding Jewelries(Beige)
  • BB Brotrade HJO80 Hanging Jewelry Organizer,80 Pocket Organizer for Holding Jewelries(Beige)
  • BB Brotrade HJO80 Hanging Jewelry Organizer,80 Pocket Organizer for Holding Jewelries(Beige)
  • BB Brotrade HJO80 Hanging Jewelry Organizer,80 Pocket Organizer for Holding Jewelries(Beige)
  • BB Brotrade HJO80 Hanging Jewelry Organizer,80 Pocket Organizer for Holding Jewelries(Beige)
  • BB Brotrade HJO80 Hanging Jewelry Organizer,80 Pocket Organizer for Holding Jewelries(Beige)

BB Brotrade HJO80 Hanging Jewelry Organizer,80 Pocket Organizer for Holding Jewelries(Beige)

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Size: 16.5" W X 31" H, a must-have piece that can hang on closet pole, door, or wall [Please Allow 0.3-1 inch error due to manual measurement]
  • Transparent PVC window, easily view and protect items,endurable and good-looking (Hanger Included)
  • Easy to Pick: No need to took the jewelry out for selection; it's clear enough that you can easily look and guess through
  • Comes with 80 Pockets (40 on each side). No need to put everything altogether and then scatter them throughout the room in the quest to find the little rings or earrings. You can put them in separate transparent pockets and select the one as they are visible.
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Customer Reviews

Deserves 10 StarsI absolutely love this hanging jewelry holder because I am able to see each item separately instead of clustered and tangled together in jewelry boxes. it is wonderful that each row of compartments has a sturdy zipper to keep the pieces from flying out. Best of all there are so many compartments front and back and there is a pocket for each of my necklaces, bracelets, earrings, etc. It's durable and uses minimal space in my closet. This will make a great and useful gift for anyone. Yes, if I could give this jewelry holder 10 stars I would because I love it that much.5Hanging Jewelry Organizer I bought this to store bracelets. The mostly smaller pockets do not hold chunky bracelets. Also, if you fill up one side, the other side is harder to cram things in, but it does the job pretty well and has so far, not broken or fallen off the hanger. Probably best suited for smaller things. 4GET THIS ONE, ABSOLUTE PERFECTION!!!I live and breathe by this hanger! I never knew I needed one until I got a much cheaper one from somewhere I can't remember and thought that one was awesome. BUT THIS is a whole new kind of jewelry organizing perfection!! You need look no further ladies, this is it! So sturdy you would not BELIEVE the heavy things I'm constantly throwing in here, and it's ALWAYS able to take more. Bottom pockets hold bigger items, and the double sided nature of the thing is splendid. Also, whatever fabric they used to make it is SO durable. My first one (diff brand) was so cheap it fell apart under the weight of hanging within months. This thing has taken four times the weight, has far more pockets + varied sizes for your OCD jewelry organizing pleasure (if you're anything like me, and if you're considering this come on, you must be). So all in all, I ADORE IT! Came promptly, well packaged, no damage. Oh, and do consider the tan color as you can see your jewelry more clearly through the background. In my opinion everything just stands out better. Used to have a black one and could never locate darker colored jewelry items. Get it while it's available ladies!5Wonderful Display of Everything! This is great for organizing my dozens of apple watch bands and bracelets, hair accessories and everything else. I used to store my things in a box, basket or drawer but this makes it easy to see everything so I can easily choose what to wear each day. 5Omg YES!This is so simple yet amazing. I can see all my jewelry at once. The storage is so nice, I haven't even used the other side. I probably fit seventy or more pairs of earrings, bracelets, pendants. They are easy to grab and put back. This might be the greatest invention. If you have a very fancy room, it might not match, but for the rest of us it is amazing, practical and if you travel, you could probably just fold it and put it in your suitcase.5Instant Visual AccessMy daughter did not want this until I bought it for her. Having easy and instant visual and physical access to her jewelry is the everything she could not appreciate until the bennies were full frontal in her face. The scope of uses is endless for this organizer think hair pins, barrettes, false eyelashes, etc. This is a perfect gift for yourself or no matter how unwilling someone else.5Maybe not for travel so much, but GREAT for storing you earrings in the closetOK. I am the last woman on earth to purchase one of these. I didn't even know I needed one until my 97 year old Mother said she couldn't have lived without one all these years (who knew it was a life EXTENDER?). I am ashamed to admit that I have 79 pairs of earrings and counting. This Jewelry Organizer is FANTASTIC! It holds most of my earrings (I put my very expensive ones in my jewelry box) and also some pendants and bracelets. It does NOT have a zipper on the top of the enclosures so beware. but I think I would find a zipper aggravating to deal with when I want to get my earrings and go. I followed the advice of another purchaser and bought the beige as she is right - you do see the earrings much more clearly.I think it would be pretty large for travel unless you are the person who take 5 suitcases and a pony when you get on a plane or ship. I travel light and I take very few pieces of jewelry with me.5It s crappy and half the slots are broken and all of ... I was fooled by the sleek design and ability to hold a lot, don t be. It s crappy and half the slots are broken and all of my jewelry keeps falling out. 1More than Adequate When I ordered this, I expected It to be just like an item I purchased a couple years ago, based on the picture and description. It's similar, but more lightweight and a little smaller right down to the hanger. It works well for me, however. I make handmade cards, and I use it to hold little pieces and die cuts in the ready. I can see everything I have in a couple glances. I put the pieces in thick plastic bags before sticking them in the little pockets to avoid damage, and make them easier to remove. For use as a jewelry organizer, I believe it would be somewhat annoying to dig down in the little pockets to get your pieces. This bag is slightly more shallow than my previous version so it would be a little easier to do so. In any case, were I to use it for that purpose it would be only for costume jewelry. The open design will make me too nervous to keep better pieces. 4Loved it soo much It s a great buy. Hope it lasts. Bought the zipper version so that moisture doesn t ruin the color of the ornaments; and it was worth it. The material is kind of plastic; but sturdy. The hanger is made of steel and is strong enough to hold the weight when the pouches are filled. Loved the various sizes of the compartments; it gives enough room for necklaces and like bigger ornaments. Even the smallest pocket can hold multiples of my medium sized earrings.5The way to Grandma's heart is through this jewelry organizerI bought this for my stylish 90-year-old mom, who is still spry and active (and rather a hoarder of costume jewelry). She loves this organizer SO much for her many sets of earrings. The sturdy organizer has 40 zipper-free pockets on each side, making pockets convenient for her to access. The way it hangs in her closet, she can easily see both sides, She likes how easy it is to see all her pieces and choose the ones she wants.Every time a friend comes over, she rushes them into her closet and says, "See what my daughter got for me?" Who knew making Mom happy would be so simple and inexpensive?5The BEST Jewelry storage solution EVER!After years of having my lovely things stored in jewelry boxes and jewelry trays, all I had was a big, giant mess. I couldn't find a single pair of matching earrings without a major ordeal and because everything was out of sight, I totally forgot what I had. Enter this clever storage solution and dozens of little clear pockets to store my lovely things. I spent several hours cleaning out old jewelry boxes, cleaned items that hadn't seen the light of day in years and put each piece in its own little pocket. I was astounded by how many pretty pieces I had including some special pieces from my mom. Suddenly, I had great earrings and I could always find the match. Now, when I want to find the perfect jewelry for an outfit, it's all hanging right there taking up less space than a dress in my closet. When I'm done, the jewelry goes right back in its pouch until next time. I was thinking about purchasing a wall mounted jewelry box, but I didn't like what I saw and I wasn't convinced it was the right solution. I never imagined a $12 product could make such a positive change for me. I can't say enough about how much I like this storage solution for jewelry. BTW - I think it would also be a great way to store makeup, hair accessories, etc. I'm ordering another to give it a try. Amazon actually recommended this product to me after I searched jewelry boxes. I wouldn't have found it on my own because I didn't know it existed. Nice going, Amazon. :)5Ruined my jewelry! Hanger broke on the first day, wasn t even completely full. I pick it up to find my necklace from my engagement pictures was broken and ruined as well as a pair of earrings. This item cost me more than the price of the purchase! Awful! 1This organizer makes my life easier!What a great organizer for my jewelry. I love this product. It makes my life easier. I purchased this organizer to make it easy to see each piece of jewelry and to avoid tangles in necklaces and such. I purchased the light tan organizer as suggested in another review so that the items are easily seen better as opposed to the darker organizers.Since the pockets aren't able to close, I wouldn't use this for traveling. Besides, with all those pockets, I wouldn't want to travel with so much jewelry anyway. The materials used seem sturdy and the item hangs perfectly.5LOVEI love this jewelry hanger! I don't have much space in my little room, so I conveniently hung this jewelry hanger in my covered garment rack. It's as functional as expected, fits all my earrings, and is quite useful. Heads up: there are very little places to store necklaces if you have many of them. There are larger pockets at the bottom, although I would think they would be used for bracelets because necklaces can become tangled. I just hung my necklaces around the hook part of the hanger and it works just fine! If you're on the fence about purchasing this product, do it! I was very pleased with my purchase.5
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