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Bcozzy Chin Supporting Travel Pillow Keeps The Head From Falling Forward Comfortably Supports The

  • Bcozzy Chin Supporting Travel Pillow  Keeps The Head From Falling Forward   Comfortably Supports The
  • Bcozzy Chin Supporting Travel Pillow  Keeps The Head From Falling Forward   Comfortably Supports The
  • Bcozzy Chin Supporting Travel Pillow  Keeps The Head From Falling Forward   Comfortably Supports The
  • Bcozzy Chin Supporting Travel Pillow  Keeps The Head From Falling Forward   Comfortably Supports The
  • Bcozzy Chin Supporting Travel Pillow  Keeps The Head From Falling Forward   Comfortably Supports The
  • Bcozzy Chin Supporting Travel Pillow  Keeps The Head From Falling Forward   Comfortably Supports The

Bcozzy Chin Supporting Travel Pillow Keeps The Head From Falling Forward Comfortably Supports The

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • MULTIPLE WAYS TO USE - YOU CAN conform and twist it in several positions. Check out our short video below 👇- "How to use your BCOZZY pillow".
  • FLAT BACK NOT PUSHING your head forward and prevents waking up with a sore neck.
  • BUILT IN SNAP STRAP- easy to attach to your carry-on. LIGHTWEIGHT and FULLY MACHINE WASHABLE.
  • AVAILABLE in 3 SIZES - Child, Adult and XL (for neck size 16" and above). Special Offer- Buy Set of 2 for LESS.
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Customer Reviews

My new friend ! I have went through quite a few travel pillows as I travel a lot and I must say that this one tops them all by far. It goes with me everywhere! Not only do I sleep well when I sit for long hours during travel , my chin is in place, I'm not hurting my neck, it's a perfect replacement for my own pillow while I'm away , I just put it on the regular pillow and rest my head on it! And last but not least - a few days ago, I had a knot in my shoulder blade that was shooting pain to my neck, I used this BCOZZY pillow as I would if I were traveling only I was laying down when I went to sleep with the pillow around my neck and the next day, to my huge surprise, my pain was almost completely gone. I am very happy with my new purchase, this is such a great gift! Thank you BCOZZY! 5Better for sitting on.I did not find this supportive enough. The bolster is not large enough. I felt that my head was still reaching to make contact with the pillow. The passenger next to me had the original c-shaped style pillow. It looked to be about twice as thick in diameter to my pillow. Sorry I really wanted to like this. 1Best SupportMy wife has Parkinson's and has trouble holding her head up. We tried other products, but this is the one that gave her the support she needed. 5No more bobble heads!!!!These are really great. I love the way they are thin in the back so that it doesn't bother their neck by pushing it forward with a car seat. One of my girls had to get used to something around her neck. She also is the only one that doesn't even like covers in bed. So if you have a child that doesn't like to feel constricted or confined, it may be bothersome.At first I was a little shocked by the price but Overall I think it's a really good product and well worth the money. 5Chaperones for overnight bus trips - This is it!Finally found something that works! I never understood the fascination with other travel pillows. The only way they worked for me was to turn them around with the opening in the back, but even then, it wasn't quite right. And the ones with the squishy beads inside? No. All the movement of the beads was distracting to me. This one works, for me, in three ways. I've used it a couple times over the last few days just to test it and I'm very pleased with how soft it is, yet supportive. Whether I need to fold it so I can have extra cushion between my head and the side of the bus, or I'm sitting straight up and need my chin supported, or my head is off to the side, there's a way to make this pillow work. It's great that it has a strap that I can snap it on to the side of my carry-on. I read other reviews and studied all the seams carefully and they look fine to me, but I'm sure the BCOZZY people would make it right if you get one that is defective. I am actually looking forward to this bus trip and not having a sore neck when we wake up at Disney World!! By the way, to clarify on color...I have two. One is pink and one is navy. Both are trimmed in a royal blue. Didn't want confusion, as the description says "Pink/Navy" but the blue in the photos is obviously not navy. 5Was skeptical but really did its job.I just returned from a vacation in Trans-Atlantic trip yesterday. So, I had the opportunity to use this pillow on the departure and arrival flights within the last week.I should acknowledge that I'm the type of person that really can't get comfortable on a plane, nor do I have tons of cash to be able to upgrade to First Class. So, usually I'm tucked away in coach. What usually makes matters worse for me is my wife always takes the window seat so I usually just sit wide awake on plane rides.Yet, since we were taking a red eye I really needed to sleep. So, I searched several different travel pillows and several reviews. I chose the BCOZZY due mainly to design. I've tried to use the conventional horseshoe pillows, and after awhile my head falls forward and I'll get a stiff neck. What sold me on this one versus others was the it wraps around the whole head nestling your head.It does take some time getting used to it, and at first, it can feel extremely confining having this thing wrapped around the throat. So, the key for me was wrapping around my neck completely at first, pulling up the head rest to either side, and then reposition the pillow where it doesn't feel constricting. I know that sounds bizarre because you just want to wrap the thing around your head, but this particular travel pillow conforms and twists in several positions...so for me, I had to kind of fall into it, if you will.I would actually give 4.5 out 5 stars to be honest. I was able to dose off comfortably without getting a stiff neck when I woke. I also didn't find that it pushes your head forward like most other travel pillows I have tried. My only criticism is that if it gets warm on the plane you'll probably sweat with this pillow as it's completely around your head.I don't know if it is the best travel pillow ever, yet I think it's priced right, and it served its purpose-which was for me to finally sleep on a plane. 4Does what is says but needs to be better made for the priceI researched this pillow and others for a long vacation to Italy. After researching I bought the BCOZZY pillow. It does what it says. It provides support for both sides of my head if I lean one way or another. I would've liked a velcro between the front two overlapping pieces to make it secure so it didn't unfold. It stayed pretty well without it but an added 1" of velcro would really seal it up tight. The reason for the 3 stars is that the strap to secure it to your backpack during travel broke after 1 use! That is poor quality and I think it should've lasted a lot longer for the price. 3Doesn't stay put like you see in the photo/ very strong odorReally awesome design, it does hold up your head very well, at first, but after a few days of use, it stops "curling" around your neck and becomes very loose so the "tails" start to spread apart easily and you have to keep pushing them together. The photo is very misleadin as the product does not stay curled up around your neck like that at all to begin with. You would need to put some sticky back velcro on the tails and the part of the wrap that it attaches to in order for it to stay in place like you see in the photo. Also, it has a very, very strong odor, no doubt, from toxic chemicals used in the manufacturing process (label says "Made in China"). It does dissipate somewhat after a few days of airing out after it has been taken out of the bag and thankfully it is machine washable. I highly recommend that anyone who uses this for the first time, to WASH it in a washing machine to try and eliminate the toxic VOC odors that are off gassing from the materials. This product is way over priced for the very cheap materials it is made out of with the heavy chemical odor. To the BCOZZY people, VOC's are very toxic to human health, you have a great design, but it needs improvement (ie. the velcro) and you guys need to improve the quality of the material you make this out of. I haven't washed mine yet, if it falls apart in the wash, I will update my review and ask for a refund. (The directions say to machine wash, air dry). 3Super supportive - best neck pillow I've ever used!We were heading out for a cross-world trip to Thailand from Las Vegas, NV (USA). I have NEVER been able to use a neck pillow, as they were all either too flimsy or just pushed my head forward (5'11" guy). My wife and I were researching different things and she found this. More expensive than some of the others, so of course I resisted, but she won. Glad she did! This was awesome! The way that this wrapped around your neck, with a smaller/thinner design behind your neck and a larger/thicker area in front of your chin, held my head upright perfectly throughout the whole trip. I slept 10 hours straight.Comments by others are correct -- this can get warm if the airplane is warm and you could sweat, but we had pretty good AC going in the plane. We bought 5 for our whole family (3 late-teen kids, down to 5'3"), and they all loved the pillows. HIGHLY RECOMMEND! 5Decent Neck Support For Those Tiresome Trips, But Tendency to Unwrap!PROS: Cozy and soft material provides nice cushion for comfortable sleep Top strap allows for easy attachment to backpack or luggage, eliminating one less thing to carry during trips Adjustable chin support tails stabilizes the chin by wrapping around the whole neck, nestling the head, and preventing facial drooping that disrupts a peaceful sleep Adjustable chin support tails allows the head to lean comfortably on either side, either by placing the left tail on top to lean left or the right tail on top to lean right Adjustable for chin support by wrapping around the neck or as a side pillow to lay on by folding it in half Back support does not push your head forward, unlike other travel pillowsCONS: Stuff material occupies a lot of real estate if placed in storage like a backpack Has a tendency to feel like the pillow is constrictive if improperly wrapped around the neck No velcro attachment on chin support tails, therefore it has a tendency to slowly expand over-time, thereby loosening its secure wrapping around the neck and support for the head, and allowing facial drooping, resulting in an uncomfortable rest No breathable ventilation holes, so has a tendency to become warm if sweaty or air temperature is warm 3
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