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Best Home Fashion Basic Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtains - Antique Bronze Grommet Top - Sky Blue - 52" W x 90" L - No tie Backs (Set of 2 Panels)

  • Best Home Fashion Basic Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtains - Antique Bronze Grommet Top - Sky Blue - 52" W x 90" L - No tie Backs (Set of 2 Panels)
  • Best Home Fashion Basic Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtains - Antique Bronze Grommet Top - Sky Blue - 52" W x 90" L - No tie Backs (Set of 2 Panels)
  • Best Home Fashion Basic Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtains - Antique Bronze Grommet Top - Sky Blue - 52" W x 90" L - No tie Backs (Set of 2 Panels)
  • Best Home Fashion Basic Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtains - Antique Bronze Grommet Top - Sky Blue - 52" W x 90" L - No tie Backs (Set of 2 Panels)
  • Best Home Fashion Basic Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtains - Antique Bronze Grommet Top - Sky Blue - 52" W x 90" L - No tie Backs (Set of 2 Panels)

Best Home Fashion Basic Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtains - Antique Bronze Grommet Top - Sky Blue - 52" W x 90" L - No tie Backs (Set of 2 Panels)

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Features an innovative triple weave fabric construction to block out sunlight and harmful UV rays. Insulates against the heat and cold, saving you money & energy. Laboratory-tested innovative fabric construction that insulates against the cold.
  • Energy efficient, insulation, noise reduction, improve sleep, high quality.
  • Header Size: 0.5 inches / Hem Size: 2 inches
  • Set Includes: One (2) Panels, Eight (8) Antique Bronze Grommets per panel; 1.6" inner diameter w/ 2.7" Grommet Rim. 100% polyester. NO tie back included.
  • Measurements: Panel (52" W x 90" L), Set (104" W x 90" L), Set includes two (2) machine washable curtain panels
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Customer Reviews

Bought 5 curtains, got 4 different colorsThese are great if you only buy one. However, I bought 5. I ordered the same color, but a few different sizes. I ended up with 4 slightly different colors. The colors are just different enough that I can't use them all in the same room like I need to, so I will be returning all of them. I'm also not terribly impressed with the construction quality - there are lots of loose threads in the hems, and the stitching is so tight that it yanks on the fabric and creates a line of holes. 1Cools down and really darkens west-facing roomI was a little anxious about having to spend over $100 to cover a wall-length sliding glass door in our west-facing Southern California living room...but the reviews sold me and I decided to get two pairs of black ones (I'd guess that most normal sized windows would only require 1 pair - the measurements are in the product info). These curtains have replaced the 2 IKEA "blackout" (yeah right) sets which were probably about $40 each -- and make a world of difference. First of all, these curtains are made of a far superior material which feels silky and doesn't show too many wrinkles (though I have a sneaking suspicion that they may be covered in cat hair shortly). Second, the large copper-colored grommets (I personally didn't care that they weren't silver, though I saw that this was an issue for some reviewers) make opening and closing the curtains along the curtain rod SO much easier: no more tugging and yanking every single day.But most important, these curtains WORK in a way that the IKEA ones just didn't. I got these not so much for blackout purposes, but for cooling: from about May - October, our living room and one bedroom get frightfully hot and bright starting at about 3pm, and even with the fan and A/C it still feels like a stuffy oven. I've only had these curtains on for two days, and those days have not been particularly baking, so it will require a slightly more extreme day to be sure, but the living room feels much cooler and livable, and boy is it DARK. I personally am not as much of a fan of the super-darkness when I want to hang out in the living room at 4pm and it feels like 9pm, but my bf loves it, especially for watching movies and eliminating glare. And at least here in LA, sacrificing a few hours of sunshine for a nice cool house feels like a fair trade-off. Other reviewers said that the lighter colors here still worked just as well, but given the fact that we get so much direct sunlight, I'd probably still opt for the black if I bought these again.I love these so much that I think I'm going to get a second pair for my bedroom! 5Beautiful, Quality CurtainsThe quality of the fabric on these curtains is better than I expected. They're thick, soft, with a very fine weave and a nice drape. These curtains would be beautiful for most home applications. They don't scream "over the top luxury" but they do whisper "pragmatic prosperity," which is often better, because who wants floor to ceiling opulent drapery in EVERY room?Because of the tight and fine weave that looks completely flat unless you really get up close, so they would also pair well with any other window treatments like a scarf or valence for extra "pop."I bought five sets of these for a small home office with lots of single pane windows surrounding the room. It definitely helped keep the room warmer -- I've been turning the heat down (the office has its own thermostat) lower than where I normally set it, which has been a huge help for my heating bill in Boston this winter!The beige curtains are not "blackout" (although other colors might be) but they completely eliminate any glare or harsh light and make the room quite a bit darker even during full direct sunlight, which is exactly what I was looking for.One word of warning: The curtains are vulnerable to snagging with metal objects. I found this out when I was taking them out of the dryer and they caught on a sharp bit of a metal wire shelf. Most of the snag was able to be rubbed/massaged back into place, and, luckily, it was on the back of the curtain where it won't show (also, a testament to the thickness/quality of the fabric -- you can get a snag on one side that doesn't show on the other side!), so it wasn't a big deal. But you might want to watch out if you're looking for something more industrial/durable. 5Room Darkening but not Black Out.2013/2014Nice but you really need to buy a few if you have a large window as the pleats are necessary to give a nice look and to help darken the room. As far as being a blackout curtain, it does helps with eliminating some light but it does not provide total blackout. Without the shades drawn, the sunlight still comes through the curtains. The winter winds also come through so we still had to add plastic to the windows.Update: 2015We have purchased a total of 9 sets for our home. They aren't always cut to the exact height so some of the curtains are a little longer on the bottom and that really bugs my wife A LOT. Luckily, we have furniture in front of ours so it is not noticeable to guests.Another thing to keep in mind is that you should really buy all the panels for your window at one time. We decided we wanted two extra beige panels for our bedroom (first set was bought them last year I believe) but when they arrived, the color was off. I understand that sometimes dye lots can be different, but it was too noticeable to keep in the same room so we had to move the two panels we just purchased to the guest room.We have a large bedroom window. Used 4 52" wide panels and they fit perfectly but this year we opted to add 4 more panels to allow for a more pleated look. The more panels you have, the darker the room gets and the more they tend to keep out the cold. My assumption is that stretching the curtains too much detracts from the "thermal" quality of the material as our room does feel a few degrees warmer in the winter now that we've added the extra panels.Last year, my wife added a panel to the bottom of the stairs as a "wind breaker" and we instantly noticed a difference in the draft traveling up the stairs into the main living area. This year she wanted to add curtains to the hallway, as a room divider, to cut out the remaining draft. I was against it as I felt it looked kind of tacky, but after having the curtains up, I can feel a noticeable difference in the way our main living area retains heat.Update: 2016We ended up buying a few more panels, and per another reviewer's suggestion we placed them back to back and hung. Our curtain rods are holding the weight nicely and it really helps with darkening the room during daylight hours and keeping cold drafts out during winter months. In fact, we noticed a nice drop in our electricity bill!Note: As for the burgandy and cream bedroom curtains, we didn't buy more but rather cut back on the number of alternating color panels... that way, we could use use the existing panels for back to back hanging.Disclosure: This is my opinion, not to be taken as professional advice of any kind. 4Not blackout by any stretch of the imaginationI bought these curtains to block out light as advertised, and they totally miss the mark. They shade the light as any normal heavy fabric might, but you can definitely see lots of daylight through them. I posted a picture of them hanging in my living room showing the light glowing through (customer uploaded photo #5). You can clearly see where there is shade vs. direct sunlight outside. Otherwise, the fabric is a soft synthetic. The size, color and grommets all look and feel fine. 2Not perfect but perfectly acceptable.I'm giving these four stars because, as others have said, they aren't total blackout curtains if you buy the beige colored curtains. However, I had lined ivory satin curtains over pleated accordion shades previously in our bedroom and they didn't block out any light. As the days would get longer, I'd wake up as soon as that sun would come up and believe me, it was getting old, waking up at 5 or thereabouts in the late spring and summer months.When I got these curtains, the first thing I did was throw them in the dryer with a damp towel. It took any wrinkles right out. We hung them and what a difference it made. I slept past the sunrise and now my hubby has to shake me awake before he leaves for work. I LOVE them. Sure, they let a small amount of light in but boy, do they keep a lot of light out.I know this because I recently slept in our guest bedroom when I had a cold and that room just has regular curtains. Sheesh. I felt like someone was shining a spotlight on me as soon as that sun came up over the horizon. Considering the economical price of these blackout curtains, I think I'll be replacing curtains in more of our bedrooms soon. 4Blocks 99% of light? I don't think soI am not sure what high tech devices they use to measure the amount of light blocked by this curtain. But I don't think any of those tools are more accurate than human eyes. In my opinion is more like 60% of light. Definitely not 99%. 2Three pairs now for kid's rooms and they all block the light. Get the darkening rods for hanging!We've owned these in the dark green and also the dark purple. Now I just ordered the turquoise pair for another room. We use these in my kid's rooms and they do just as they advertise---- they truly block the light. I also bought darkening curtain rods at Target. The rods are curved to the wall as opposed to just running parallel to the wall so that they block lights on both ends. They were worth buying (maybe $24ish for 88" rod??). We close these curtains at night and they block the light so my kids can sleep and make the room nice and dark. The material is soft. I'm not a fan of grommets for curtains (personal preference as far as style goes) but they work well so that's OK. Remember that you need plenty of material to go across any window. The more 'bunched up' the fabric is (as opposed to stretched out thin)-- the darker the room will be.Update-- While the dark purple and olive-type green curtains block light entirely, it seems that our 3rd pair in turquoise does not. They still help a lot and we'll be keeping them. However, there is a serious difference between the colors. This pair still lets some light in. They are still great and do the job for us-- but maybe consider buying darker colors if you want true darkening. 5LOVE!!!Amazing purchase! We get hit with direct afternoon sunlight and after reading through the reviews I decided to purchase these. We went with Navy and although one panel would cover the window itself I went ahead and put two per window so it would look a bit nicer. I still haven't put anything behind the curtain either (i.e. Shade, blinds, etc) so the pic you are seeing is just the light that the curtain has blocked itself. Extremely happy with this purchase and will now be buying again for the upstairs windows. These photos were taken minutes apart. 5Not what I expectedAs you can see, none of the panels were the same length. There were also some tiny snags and what I assume is residue from the grommets.However, Amazon being the great company they are will credit my account. 1
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