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Best PREMIUM Airtight Storage Container for Coffee Beans, Tea and Dry Goods - EVAK - Innovation that Works by Prepara, Glass and Stainless, Soft Touch Black Handle, Medium - PP09-EDSBKR

  • Best PREMIUM Airtight Storage Container for Coffee Beans, Tea and Dry Goods - EVAK - Innovation that Works by Prepara, Glass and Stainless, Soft Touch Black Handle, Medium - PP09-EDSBKR
  • Best PREMIUM Airtight Storage Container for Coffee Beans, Tea and Dry Goods - EVAK - Innovation that Works by Prepara, Glass and Stainless, Soft Touch Black Handle, Medium - PP09-EDSBKR

Best PREMIUM Airtight Storage Container for Coffee Beans, Tea and Dry Goods - EVAK - Innovation that Works by Prepara, Glass and Stainless, Soft Touch Black Handle, Medium - PP09-EDSBKR

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • TRULY AIRTIGHT, SIMPLY INTUITIVE. Evak is a patented, fully functional innovation. Just push down on the 'lid' and the air is evacuated from the container. Lid acts as a plunger, hear the satisfying whoosh as the air is displaced.
  • FRESHER LONGER. Scientifically proven to keep your coffee flavor locked into the container. Air is the enemy of your food, coffee or tea. The Evak lid has a twin valve system that allows air to be released, while keeping the container firmly closed off. No switches, pumps or levers needed and best yet, valves never need replacing.
  • RESISTS ODORS AND STAINS. Our Evak is built to the highest standards, only heavy duty borosilicate glass and stainless touch your food, coffee or tea. Glass is dishwasher safe and stainless cap and lid are hand wash for best care and longevity. Don't accept substitutes that use thin glass and inferior build quality.
  • GREAT LOOKING PRODUCT. Crystal clear and solidly built, the Evak stores conveniently and looks great on any counter or pantry, a beautiful complement to most kitchen dcor. The Evak has now won 4 Internationally recognized awards for its cosmetic design and its practical functionality.
  • AVAILABLE IN 3 SIZES to suit your needs and 4 color choices. Large: holds 1 lb of coffee, 46 oz, 5.75 cups, 1.4 qt , 1.36 liter, Size 3.6 in DIA X 10 inches Medium: holds 1/2 lb of coffee, 24 oz, 3 cups, 0.75 qt, 709 ml SIZE 3.6 in DIA X 5.75 inches Small: holds 16oz, 2 cups, 0.5 qt, 468 ml SIZE 3.6 in DIA X 3.8 inches. This item is a Medium EVAK
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Customer Reviews

Coffee Storage - AWESOME!I got this container a few years back and have used it exclusively for coffee beads ever since. I have run the glass through the dishwasher numerous times without issue. I did rate this a four out of five on 'Easy to clean;' however because the top piece can't go in the dishwasher thus requiring handwashing.This product really only would work with small hard items. ie, coffee beans/rice/grains/oats...End of the day, YES, I would recommend this to friends or family looking for an airtight container to store solid items. 5Early impressions though are good! I bought this container specifically for ground coffeeI just received this item and I don't know yet if it deserves five stars. I will update later depending on how well it does. Early impressions though are good!I bought this container specifically for ground coffee. A major complaint I have of other coffee containers is they do not evacuate the air. Even if they claim to be "vacuum" containers, all they do is push a little bit of air out and then offer a snug fitting lid and that's it. By contrast, the design of this container pushes almost all of the air out, much more like using a ziplock bag. So I am very hopeful that this container will keep a larger portion of ground coffee fresh for a longer period of time.The volume is small for the price. The "half pound" container holds roughly about 12 oz of ground coffee. If you want to grind a whole 16oz bag of beans you'll want the full pound size container.Something I noticed right away is that the handle should not be used for picking up the container. It's got a tight seal, but not so tight that it's impossible to pull up; that's by design. So if you start swinging this thing around by the handle, it could slip off.I like the concept. I think it could be really good for my needs. And I like the fact that it was crowed funded start-up. :) 4Gteat product, but no instructions were providedWe bought two of these and so far are pleased. We buy freshly ground coffee and this keeps the coffee fresh for at least two weeks. A disappointment was that they came with no instruction booklet or even a simple leaflet. Our concern was the proper way to clean these, and even the Prepara website had no information. I finally found the cleaning instructions on Amazon, which said to take the handle apart and hand wash it, while the glass container could be washed in the dishwasher.Our EVAKs were packed very well, possibly due to earlier reports of breakage during shipment. 4Oreo ContainerThis is it, finally found a solution to stale Oreos! The "large" size fits a standard package of Oreos if you eat a couple off the top first, lol. This is the only thing I've found that'll keep them fresh without imparting some other taste such as plastic. 5Beautiful, but hard to open.I've been staring at these for over a year and finally took the plunge and ordered a set. They're BEAUTIFUL. That said...I have a hard time opening them. I wonder if they are going to get easier after I use them a few times, but i am an able-bodied 30 year old female who works out, and I have a tough time getting them open. This is mainly the medium and large -- the minis are pretty easy.I received one medium that must be an old version or something, the vents were gray not chromed plastic and the gasket was colored differently. Sending that one back in hopes the next one matches properly.The mini handles don't match the medium and large. the loop isn't the same proportion, it doesn't have a separate gasket and vents. If you're buying as a set, they won't match quite right.I think the logos are kind of absurdly large. And I'm a graphic designer.All in all, glad I went for them and will be buying more...but I'm not sure they are going to be useful for everyday items like coffee as I thought, since they are so hard to open. 4Neat stuff!I use the container to keep my coffee beans fresh until I grind them. It's so convenient! I'm thinking of getting one to store brown sugar. I'm a great grandmother, so I've used a lot of different kinds of containers over the years and I like these the best! 5DisappointingSadly, the one of the three containers was broken when it arrived. Nevertheless, I wanted to try the other two but this also resulted to some disappointment as the seal wasn't very good. It's ok for storage but not for the purpose that I intended (storing tea to keep fresh). 2Great!Very small, but work for powders, spices, teas, coffee... anything you keep in small quantities. Great canisters! The lid expels excess air up to the top of the product to reduce spoilage. (first of any canister that I have seen to have this technology) Very cool and they look great on the counter. Only draw back is that it is more difficult to remove the lid, but the pros outweigh the one con. 5More plastic than shown in product imagesSturdy and well designed. By reducing air, and air flow, it does lengthen shelf life of contents Disappointed that they are adding plastic details that were previously stainless. Details that are shown as metal in their product pictures. 4No Room for Half Pound of Coffee, but Otherwise Quality ItemVery nice, quality container and lid. I bought it based on the seller's information that it holds a half pound of coffee. Well, it does not. When I poured in a half pound of beans, there was no room for the lid and therefore the air could not be sucked out. I poured out about an inch worth of coffee beans, and it worked just fine. I wonder if the large size container would hold "almost" a full pound of coffee? 4
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