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Baby Bowls For Toddlers Infants 6 Months Old Babies, Best Suction That Stick, Bpa Free, Self Feeding

  • Baby Bowls For Toddlers Infants 6 Months Old Babies, Best Suction That Stick, Bpa Free, Self Feeding
  • Baby Bowls For Toddlers Infants 6 Months Old Babies, Best Suction That Stick, Bpa Free, Self Feeding
  • Baby Bowls For Toddlers Infants 6 Months Old Babies, Best Suction That Stick, Bpa Free, Self Feeding
  • Baby Bowls For Toddlers Infants 6 Months Old Babies, Best Suction That Stick, Bpa Free, Self Feeding
  • Baby Bowls For Toddlers Infants 6 Months Old Babies, Best Suction That Stick, Bpa Free, Self Feeding
  • Baby Bowls For Toddlers Infants 6 Months Old Babies, Best Suction That Stick, Bpa Free, Self Feeding
  • Baby Bowls For Toddlers Infants 6 Months Old Babies, Best Suction That Stick, Bpa Free, Self Feeding
  • Baby Bowls For Toddlers Infants 6 Months Old Babies, Best Suction That Stick, Bpa Free, Self Feeding

Baby Bowls For Toddlers Infants 6 Months Old Babies, Best Suction That Stick, Bpa Free, Self Feeding

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  • 👶 #1 SMART LESS MESS NO STRESS BABY BOWLS PREVENT MESSY SPILLS: Spend less time to clean up the kitchen floor more time having fun. Our Babie B suction bowls for toddlers and infants have super strong suction power to prevent your child from tipping and spilling food all over the floor. Use a little bit of water under the silicone, press down firmly to stick to a clean surface to get a strong suction. Easily release the suction power, just pull the silicon release tab at the base of each bowl.
  • 🍌 SNAP-ON LIDS KEEP LEFTOVERS FRESH: keep your baby's pureed meals fresh in our leak proof baby food storage container! Place in the fridge or pantry. The colorful, fun designed lids create the perfect seal to store snacks on the go. Toss one in your diaper bag, send a bowl of fruits to the daycare with your kid. Use Babie B Gum Friendly Silicone Baby Spoons and Babie B Waterproof Silicone Baby Bibs for Fussy Eaters! Our Less Mess toddler dish bowls & products are perfect for happy mealtime
  • 🎁AMAZING GIFT IDEA FOR NEW MOMS! Looking for the perfect baby shower gift idea for a pregnant new mom? Our Suction Baby Bowl Set with Matching Lids make a thoughtful, convenient gift to start solid feeding. Each set includes a Small (7 oz) Medium (10 oz) and Large (14 oz) Bowl with matching lids to keep foods fresh and ready-to-use at meal time! Plus, they're ezpz to clean! Wash them after each use. They're stackable to save space in your kitchen cabinet. You will be a Happy Healthy Parent
  • BPA FREE - NO WORRY - SAFE FOR YOUR BABY & OUR PLANET... our high-end lightweight (unlike bamboo bowls or heavy silicone plates) Babie B Stay Put Baby Bowls with 3 To-Go Snacks Lids are made with safe materials that DON'T contain Toxins. Feel safe and joyful feeding your baby from our premium baby bowls - They are BPA-Free, PVC-Free, and Toxin-Free! Babie B Bowls are created with the friendliest practices that even Mother Nature approves! 🌳 Not all high chair trays are compatible
  • 🔥 ENJOY OUR "STRONGEST SUCTION POWER" GUARANTEE - You and your baby deserve the best. We guarantee you will love our set of 3 Baby Bowls or your money back! We created the strongest and safest suctioned trainer bowls that make your life easier. Click the yellow "Add to Cart" button now, knowing you are getting the best! Contact us with any question. As a woman owned business with integrity, we want you to be HAPPY!Wood is porous material the bowl will less likely stick to wood like surface
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Customer Reviews

My favorite thing about these bowls though is the strong suction ...I bought the bowls for my nephew. I tested them and they suctioned very well.The bowls are made of FDA approved food grade plastic, and are 100% BPA, latex, lead, and phthalate free. This is so important to my sister-in-law, so it is something I always look for when I buy presents for Austin. My favorite thing about these bowls though is the strong suction cup on the bottom. It really works! It holds so securely I couldn't even move the bowl. The bowls suction very well to smooth, clean surfaces. I can definitely see Austin not making mess with these bowls at mealtime and my sister-in-law doesn't have to worry about flying bowls. They're colorful and there is a little tab on the bottom that mom or dad can release, and they come right off. I love that! I would definitely recommend this set to anyone who has a baby or toddler. It would make a wonderful baby shower gift as well. The company's customer service is excellent. I got follow-up emails from Bridget at BabieB making sure I knew the best ways to use the bowls and confirming that I was satisfied with my purchase. I'm very happy with the purchase. 5So glad I chose these bowls!I rarely write reviews but a few things prompted me to write one for this product:1. The bowls are excellent! My daughter is 17 months and wants to eat everything out of a container. They are the perfect size for her and she can easily hold on to them and dump things in her mouth. She is also surprisingly accurate on actually getting the food in her mouth when doing so which can be attributed to the size of the bowls and location of the handles. (I could try and claim my child is that has advanced skills but lets be real...).2. Customer Service - I received an email from BabieB asking me if the bowls meet my satisfaction, if my little one liked them and if there was anything they could improve. I have never received a direct email from a vendor inquiring about their product in such a authentic way. That kind of customer experience/service goes a long way.Overall, great product that I would highly recommend. Also love to see a company take a sincere approach in getting feedback from their customers. 5Experimented w/ 9 month old & 3 year oldThe three different-sized bowls are colorful and cute. The cover for each seals very well.I have a 3 year old and 9 month old.For my experiment with my 3 year old, I stuck the bowl to our granite table (smooth, clean table, with minor scuff marks) in the kitchen. She was was unable to pull the bowl off with one hand. She wiggled the bowl several times and it was obvious that it was well suctioned and could not be pulled off easily. The bowl also did not slide anywhere. When she attempted pulling the bowl with both hands, it took her a few more pulls and wiggles until the bowl finally popped out from being suctioned off the table. (We did this experiment 3 times with similar results.)For my experiment with my 9 month old, I stuck the bowl to his Fisher-price booster tray (smooth, plastic tray, with lots of minor scratches and scuff marks from wear and tear, not a flat surface, slightly curved surface). He immediately played with it like a steering wheel. He was was able to "steer" the bowl, turning it left and right, BUT was UNABLE to pull the bowl off in several attempts of pulling. After purposefully steering, left and right, and forceful pulls, the bowl finally was pulled out of it being suctioned. We did this experiment s couple of times, with similar results.So, I conclude that these bowls serve their purpose very well! Great auctions for sure! It is best to train the kids right away, that pulling (or "steering") the bowl off is not a game. Good to let them know right away that the bowl is meant to stay put!I have the spoons too. The spoon has a great angle for scooping food in deeper bowls and for feeding. The color lightens up when food is hot to serve as a warning.I highly recommend the bowls and spoons! 5Do not stick at allI had high hopes of these bowls, but unfortunately, the suction cups turned out to be completely useless. Within 5 to 10 seconds they came loose, even when the bowl was left completely alone. I have tried them on numerous surfaces and the result was always the same. They are good bowls otherwise and the lids fit well and are watertight, but thats not what I bought these for. I'm not going to return them because it's too much of a hassle and they are useful as normal bowls. 1Suction not greatUpdate: Customer service from this company is top notch! My bowls weren't compatible with the nonstick coating on my highchair tray so I wasn't super happy but the company was quick to offer a refund without returning the bowls, and even offered to buy me another similar product! I wish every company treated their customers this way.Cute bowls but suction is not great- will not work if your highchair tray has a non-stick coating. They do stick well to my granite counter or would be good to take to restaurants. My one year old can pull it up no problem off the high chair. I like that they have lids and the quality is pretty good. Dishwasher safe. 4Surface-dependantNice little bowls with suction that work as advertised if you're using on glass. Work to a lesser extent on polished granite. Not effective on wood or a plastic baby tray, which they even clarify on their brochure. Also says not to store them nested together since gravity will deform them.The suction cups will be useful for a toddler who needs a steady bowl to feed himself. It is not useful for a baby who wants to pick up the bowl to chew on it or watch gravity work. Have these expectations, and you'll probably appreciate these bowls. I wanted to use them for a baby and on a baby tray, so they did not meet my expectations. But they are cute, convenient,and BPA free, so 4 starts it is. 4Fantastic suction for baby learning to eat solidsThese are fantastic bowls for my eight month old who's learning to eat with finger foods. I opted for this instead of a plate as he is figuring out how to work his fingers and thought this would be easier for him to grasp things out of. I was right. I put chopped food into this and it sticks right on top of his Ikea tray. I do need to place water under the suction in order for it to stick, but once it's wet it sticks well. My son is not able to dump the contents onto the floor yet. With other bowls he will take the contents and dump it right into the floor immediately after being given the bowl. I have not tried using them in the dishwasher, as I do not know if the plastic can withstand high heat temperatures. But I do a quick hand wash with them when I clean up his tray and that works just fine. 5Great bowls with solid suction power. Lids are a nice touch!These bowls are terrific! Very similar to other suction bowls on the market, but the devil is in the details, and BabieB has addressed the details well. We have the Munchkin bowls as well. Dimensions are almost identical. Plastics are probably very similar if not identical as well.Where these differ is:- Lids! This is a nice feature, when my son doesn't finish his fruit, I can simply slap a lid on it and slip it in the fridge for later. I don't have to transfer the contents to a tupperware.- The suction is basically the same as the Munchkin bowls.- The material is tough, and resists scratching pretty well so far.- The suction base tab is a better design than the Munchkin bowls. The Munchkin tab is a tiny little spine that you have to grab with two fingers and pull up. Not easy or practical. The BabieB bowl uses a small flap that you just slip a finger under and lift. Pops right off. It might be a tiny detail, but it's more natural, leading one to do it more regularly, vs just trying to stick a fingernail under the bowl to pop it up, because the little Munchkin spine is basically useless.I tested the BabieB and the Munchkin side-by-side on the same surfaces to see if the naysayers had a leg to stand on. Both brands required the same amount of force to pull up, which was a significant amount of force. Make no mistake though, pull up they did. The only complaint people seem to have with these bowls is that the suction is insufficient, which comes down to expectations, realistic or not. I apologize ahead of time for my rant, but here goes anyway: I would argue that they're flippin' bowls! They're not meant to keep you stuck to the side of the building like a cat burglar, they're meant to prevent your kid from knocking them over too easily, and to act as a way to dissuade from trying to throw them. I feel for parents that have kids that can and want to pull them off whatever surface the bowl is trying to cling to, but for those that have this issue, there's not much you can do, and its not the bowl's fault, these have plenty of suction for what they are. If you find the suction to be lacking on this product, you're not likely to find better. And for goodness sake, don't blame the bowl when it's sitting on an imperfect or satiny finish surface. It's a suction cup, and naturally requires a proper surface to work. It's not the perfect bowl for all situations. But it's great for what it is. 5Better than Munchkin! Worth the higher price! Great Suction!Was considering getting the Munchkin version since it's well known, highly rated, and a lot cheaper than this one but if you take a few minutes to read through the reviews, the Munchkin ones seem to have a lot of issues with the suction... no suction on suction baby bowls? - what's the point? This one has consistently positive reviews and people have raved about customer service - purchased this as a Lightning Deal and tested the suction as soon as they arrived...the bowls were COMPLETELY STUCK onto the tray table of our high tray! My eyes grew big with delight as our little one is just starting on solids and likes to touch and move (aka throw) things around. Also, I love the fact that these come with covers (they have different shapes/designs on each lid). Also, my package came with a $5 coupon for future BabieB purchases. Highly recommended! 5OMG THESE BOWLS ARE ABSOLUTELY PERFECT !!!!I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THESE BOWLS ... MY GRAND DAUGHTER IS VISITING ME FOR THE SUMMER AND I NEEDED SOME GRAND MOMMY HELP AT FEEDING TIME, BECAUSE SHE WAS MAKING A HUGE MESS WITH KNOCKING OVER HER BOWL WHILE SHE WAS TRYING TO EAT ..SO I TRIED MY LUCK WITH THESE BOWLS AND BINGO .. HEAVEN SENT .. I WISH THEY HAD THESE BOWLS WHEN MY KIDS WERE BABIES.. ALSO THE CUSTOMER SERVICE WAS ABSOLUTELY GREAT.... I HAD A SMALL ISSUE AND THEY HELP ME IMMEDIATELY AND WERE VERY NICE.. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THESE BOWLS IF YOU HAVE A LITTLE ONE FEEDING THEMSELVES OR IF YOU HAVE TO FEED THEM .. I ALWAYS WET THE BOTTOM OF THE BOWL WITH SOME WATER AND THEN I PUSH IT DOWN AND TWIST IT TO MY GRAND DAUGHTERS HIGH CHAIR TRAY.. AND ITS STAYS PERFECT EVERY TIME !!!.. I AM SO GLAD THAT I FOUND THESE BOWLS ... I USE THEM EVERY SINGLE DAY AND EVERY TIME SHE EATS ..WHAT A LIFE SAVER .. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS INVENTION ;-) 5
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