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Better Living Products 71355 Classic 3-Chamber Shower Dispenser, White

  • Better Living Products 71355 Classic 3-Chamber Shower Dispenser, White
  • Better Living Products 71355 Classic 3-Chamber Shower Dispenser, White
  • Better Living Products 71355 Classic 3-Chamber Shower Dispenser, White
  • Better Living Products 71355 Classic 3-Chamber Shower Dispenser, White

Better Living Products 71355 Classic 3-Chamber Shower Dispenser, White

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • 14 Days Return

  • Push button convenience
  • Eliminates shower bottle clutter
  • Lift front lid and remove chambers for easy refilling
  • Pumps dispense just the right amount (every time)
  • Each liquid chamber holds 14.5 fl. oz. (430 ml)
  • Smooth, reliable pumps are backed by a Lifetime Warranty
  • Install in minutes without tools, Adhere to any wall surface with waterproof silicone glue and 2-way tape (included)
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Customer Reviews

This is "in-dispensable" for the shower!I had the same brand but a four chamber one for years. I'm so excited to find that the quality hasn't changed. I got a new shower and the thing I dreaded the most was having to replace it. So I ordered this one and it was totally as described. Follow the directions implicitly and you won't have any problems. If you're in a hurry and can't wait much longer past the 24 hrs. to allow the glue to dry, just fill the containers w/ a vry small amt. for a few days. That way, the unit won't be that heavy and you can still use it in the meantime. I like that each container "snaps" out to refill.My suggestion is to stand back after you have placed it and make sure it's level. Fortunately, I was able to correct it but it does start to cure rather quickly! I can't help but "shower" them w/ praise for such a great product! 5Handy but bottles break easy if dropped when refillingI love having my shower products organized and off the floor or corner shelf. No issues with installing my only complaint is the bottles are cheap feeling and I dropped one and it broke beyond repair. Soap and conditioners can make the bottle slip through fingers when refilling. Need to improve plastic quality to be better. Otherwise using s couple months and bought as gift to. Ordered another unit to have spare parts for accidental drops on tile. 4PUMPS ARE INEFFECTIVE! 4 of 6 that I had wont pump soap outThis is the second of three that I've bought, the two after my initial purchase were to replace the inner containers since they break easily... when pushing the release button to open the dispenser cover its easy to accidentally pull the middle soap holder out, to the bathtub it falls and breaks the neck area of the container. My first dispenser works well, not sure why the last two have had bad pumps. This one had one bad pump and the third that I received about two weeks ago had all three bad :( Now I just have to have a separate bottle of conditioner out until I find a new product or they fix this issue. 1Simply EssentialIn the list of mankind's inventions, these wall dispensers are right up there with sliced bread, handheld label makers, and the wheel. I'm back here to purchase another one. It's my 5th if memory serves. This model has been around a while because I remember buying one (from Service Merchandise- remember them?) for my first apartment after graduating college in 1994 and it was identical to the ones available today! I've installed one in every shower as I've moved from place to place over the years and I've never had one break or otherwise fail to work in all that time. They just make life a little easier- a shower uncluttered with bottles is easier to keep clean. Additionally, I've found that they almost completely eliminate wasted shampoo and such- quickly paying for themselves. I know exactly how many "pumps" of each type of goo it takes- a concept I love, but such behavior drives some folks crazy (or so I've learned). On balance, in my experience, the type of personality who thinks a wall dispenser is necessary is also likely to value the efficiency of counting the number of pumps required. However, that's enough of the human psychology implications. There are many great reviews with installation guides that I couldn't begin to equal. My only advice is to locate it as far away from direct water spray as possible (e.g., the opposite end as shower head) and seal around it thoroughly with silicone to keep moisture from collecting behind it. A little planning and patience during installation can make the difference between success and failure- as is true with most things in life! It's a great little device that provides a service far beyond its price and I wholeheartedly recommend it. 5So amazing!I am in love with this thing! It has clear windows to allow you to see if it needs refilled and it is easy to prime. I had no issues installing this to the wall either (how hard is slapping sticky tape and glue that is provided and adhering it to the wall anyways). It doesn't hold a lot of product in each container but I have not had trouble refilling it. I push the button, lift up the front flap straight up, and refill. The top stays up while I pull out the containers. This makes it so much easier for my two small girls (6 and 4 years old) to use. I also put in very watery shampoo (the girls thought adding water to their shampoo was a good idea) and it has not leaked or dripped. The one thing I will add is that you have to pump it several times to get the right amount since it only disperses a tiny bit. I'm pretty sure I'll buy one as a present for my mom and I highly recommend this. Three less bottles cluttering my small shower! Win win! 5A piece of junkA piece of junk. After filling up containers with shampoo conditioner and soap which took a very long time and was messy, it was placed on shower wall. When I took my shower, I could not get the soap to dispense, so I opened the contraption up and the soap container fell to the floor shattered. What a mess. Sending it back with containers full because it would be next to impossible to put the liquids back into original containers. I will continue to use bottles, thank you very much. 1Kind of clunky, but good price.I bought these for my AirBnb. They were easy to install, but difficult to get working. It took about 3 minutes of solid pumping per bottle to get them primed.... more so on the conditioner. Also, the bottles and buttons fall off easily, and the bottles break easily. When I tried to get replacement bottles from the website, they were sold out, so I had to order another dispenser to get more bottles.So far, they are working ok now that I have them set up, and I like the streamlined design. They are good for the price, but I would have paid a little more for a different product if I knew the issues I would run into with this one. 3It worked, but...One of the chambers, for some reason, broke (had a hole) and I they do not have replacements parts, so they sent me a whole new unit. It sounds great, except that since it was installed, I didn't want to go through the hassle of taking it down, returning and installing a new one, so I ended up keeping the older one with only 2 chambers working and the new one as well, and paid for it. 3Great Product! Now my Bathrooms are clutter-Free!:THE GOOD:I was soo tired of having my bathrooms with junk on the counters. I always put things under the sink until I used them but now I don't have to do that anymore. My first reason for this was to put in the shower but then I thought to myself that I could use it for the main area of my bathroom as well. So I have one in my shower (the 3 chamber) and one in the main area (another 3 chamber)! In the shower there is one pump for 'Soap, Shampoo and Conditioner'. In the main area I have one pump for 'Soap, Lotion and Germ X'.I have two of these in one of my bathrooms and one in the other. They come in one, two, three and four chamber sizes. I use the three chambers in my main bathroom and the two chamber upstairs. The 2 three chamber ones, I keep in the shower and by the sink in one bathroom. The shower one is labeled 'Soap, Shampoo and Conditioner'. The sink area is labeled 'Lotion, Soap and Hand Sanitizer' and etc. There is no supplied label for Hand Sanitizer so get a label printer machine to customize yourselves some nice labels ;-)THE BAD:There are NOTHING bad! - lol! The ONLY issue I have is that there is no label for the 'Germ X'. So I substituted the 'Shower Gel' for that until I find a label-maker. I also put a 2 chamber in my upstairs bathroom where there is only a sink and toilet. Yep you guessed it, I put one for 'Soap and Germ X' in that bathroom! I'm soo happy now, just trying to figure out next how to make my bathrooms, 'towel-free.' ;-) - I have ideas on that but not ready to do it at the moment...Love this Dispensers though.UPDATE 2019: I just bought another for my small apartment (I m living by-coastal now). I have a set in the apartment bathroom like in my home, but this time I ALSO put a set in the kitchen for my condiments! One chamber holds ketchup, another holds mayo and the other holds mustard! You do not have to always store your condiments in the fridge, it is only recommended for quality not for freshness. I also keep the bottles of these condiments in the refrigerator but having the ability to dispense them at will from this wall mounted unit - is priceless! 5compact but hotel-ish. .... now one dispenser does not workThis dispenser is a bit 'hotel-ish' in appearance, but is a real convenience. It goes up easily and seems quite firmly attached to the wall with the included tape and silicone glue. It dispenses a very small amount with each press of the button making it more difficult to use too much product. Also, the containers are somewhat difficult to fill especially if using large bottles since the top does not lift completely out of the way. The color is more beige than shown (which works well for me since my wall tile is beige.) It is compact and does seem sturdy. 2018.0427 Update: I have had this item for a little over a year and the pump of one of the dispensers no longer works. It will cost me over $12 to get a replacement bottle/pump. I think I will just replace the entire unit since i'm afraid the other 2 might also stop working and will end up costing way too much money. Disappointing. 1
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