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Better Living Products 72150 Clear Choice 1-Chamber Shower Dispenser, White

  • Better Living Products 72150 Clear Choice 1-Chamber Shower Dispenser, White
  • Better Living Products 72150 Clear Choice 1-Chamber Shower Dispenser, White
  • Better Living Products 72150 Clear Choice 1-Chamber Shower Dispenser, White
  • Better Living Products 72150 Clear Choice 1-Chamber Shower Dispenser, White
  • Better Living Products 72150 Clear Choice 1-Chamber Shower Dispenser, White

Better Living Products 72150 Clear Choice 1-Chamber Shower Dispenser, White

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Push button convenience
  • Easy to remove from the wall for refilling
  • Pumps dispense just the right amount... every time
  • Each liquid chamber holds 14.2 fl. oz. (420 ml)
  • Smooth, reliable pumps are backed by a Lifetime Warranty
  • Install in minutes without tools. Adhere to any wall surface with waterproof silicone glue and 2-way tape (included).
  • Each Bottle Holds 14 Ounces
  • Includes Amenity Labels and Installation Kit with Silicone Adhesive
  • Eliminates Shower Bottle Clutter
  • Pump Pre-Measures the Right Amount Everytime
  • Installs In Minutes without Tools and Adheres to any Wall Surface.
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Customer Reviews

Choose Your Conditioner Wisely!I forgot to take into account some of the reviews about conditioners being too thick to pump out. I was just so excited to put this in my kids' shower...no more having to deal with multiple bottles! For the meantime, I told them to just scoop out the conditioner until we get that section at least halfway empty, then we'll try watering it down some more and/or looking for a thinner product. I didn't use the silicone adhesive that came with it...dun-dun-DUUUUN!...instead, I used those Command water-resistant removable strips -- I actually went overkill and put three large AND three medium strips on the back -- and placed it opposite of the shower (spray) to minimize contact with water, just in case. Before installing, I cleaned the shower wall completely, did the alcohol as advised and waited for it to dry, and I also waited a day before putting it up. So far, no issues other than the thick conditioner. I appreciate the other reviews with other people's advice and experiences, too! 5TIPS, TRICKS, & BENEFITSItem isn't bulky at all, each compartment holds about 14oz of liquid. Please see photo for comparison of size to our average shower head. INSTALLATION: I saw that some reviewers had problems with the caddy staying put, so I took proper installation very seriously. We have hard water stains ceramic tiles, though we've thoroughly cleaned them . So my trick (to ensure proper adhesion) was I took a straight edge razor blade to the tile I was going to adhere to and firmly(and carefully) scraped the hard water stains off like you would a sticker on glass. Trying to keep the blade as flush as possible to the tile applying firm pressure as you push. After a small amount of time(1min) the stain came off into a white powder and I cleaned as directed in the instructions. I used the double sided stickers that came with the kit along with ALL of the glue that came with it. I also let mounted piece cure/set for 24hrs as per the instructions without the caddy attached. This also meant not showering in the shower as steam would prevent drying. PRIMING: Once it was time, I filled the caddy up with soap, shampoo, and conditioner. Priming was tough with the soap as well as conditioner since both products are bit thick aka "creamy". MY SUGGESTION: is to water down you conditioner, soaps, etc so that they have a runny dish soap consistency. This will substantially lessen the time it takes to prime, plus it will help your products last a lot longer. You put water in your hair for shampoo/ conditioner and you wet your loofa/cloth for shower gel- so it's really no different. I would suggest watering them down and blending in a separate bowl and then funneling them into their prospective sections. OVERALL: There was some prepping involved but the effort was worth having a less cluttered shower... where I don't have to turn and shake the last drops out of my bottles or knock/drop them anymore! 5Perfect for KidsWe have two children under the age of 5. They like to squeeze shampoo from the bottle into their hands to wash their hair. Quickly, I noticed we were going through an entire bottle of shampoo almost every week. This dispenser was the perfect solution to control how much shampoo was ending up in little hands, and prevent the shampoo bottle from being left open and floating in the bath, collecting water.As other reviewers note, you must prime the pump in order to get most shampoos/conditioners to come through the dispenser. Directions are included in the box. Once the pump is primed, it works great! Also, I did not use the enclosed options to hang our dispenser. Instead, I used four large 3M Command Waterproof Adhesive strips. I placed two strips at the top and two strips at the bottom and then pressed the unit against a straight wall in our shower. The unit has been hanging and used almost daily for about three months and hasn't budged off the wall. I chose the Command strips because I didn't want a permanent mount for the unit - in case we move or decide to move the dispenser to the other bathroom at a later time. 5DisappointedInsufficient adhesive. Applied precisely as per ALL instructions. After filling, it fell off the shower wall and broke. I glued it back together, cleaned old adhesive off, bought more, along with my own larger adhesive strips and installed it- it works, but is not unblemished.Add: Noted a prior review with similar problem and discussion of difficult fiberglass wall adherence. I concur. Even after lightly sanding the wall, cleaning with alcohol, allowing to dry, etc - it still fell off the wall and broke. Glued it mostly together except for tiny shatters shards. Better with more adhesive and stronger strips. 2Great customer service!This product works for me. I have this in my kids bathroom and it makes for a much neater tub area. There are less bottles have sitting around the tab. I would have to say that if your shampoo/conditioner is too thick, you should thin it out some to make the flow come out better and keep the dispenser from clogging up. The install was easy with the silicone glue provided and the dispenser mounts easily onto the bracket.The customer service was awesome! While I was checking out where I was going to install it, I accidentally dropped it and the clear plastic section chipped and broke on me. Totally my fault. I called customer service to ask about getting a replacement part for the dispenser and they sent me a replacement at no charge. I was willing to pay for the part, but since I just bought it the company didn't want me to have to buy another. Nice. 5Awesome for an RV shower. 2 piece for easy removal.I bought 2 of these to conquer the clutter in my RV shower. I attached them to the shower with Command Bath Picture Hanging Strips, Large, White, 4-Water Resistant Strips (17206B-ES). I chose these strips so I could remove the soap dispenser while we are traveling and at the end of each season. However when the product arrived I found that this is actually 2 pieces, a back plate and the actual dispenser that slides onto the back plate. I am glad that I used the Command Strips so that the dispenser can be fully removed and/ or replaced if necessary.The only issue I've had so far is that the chambers aren't fully separate. With the lid on, I accidentally tipped the dispenser over after filling it and the products mixed because there is a small 'hole' at the top of the chambers. I was able to scoop most of the the shampoo out of the conditioner. Even though they mixed nothing spilled out of the dispenser, so the lid seals well. 5Good productThis is a good product. Your liquids last a long time in these as the pump only puts out a little. I hit the pump about 10 times for body wash and 5 x for shampoo/conditioner for my short hair. The upside is you don't waste any by accidentally squeezing a bottle too much. I had one for 5 years without issue until someone pushed up as they were pushing the buttons, probably over-zealously, and the unit popped off the wall holder and hit the ground, cracking the housing in multiple places. It won't stand up to a fall so don't drop it. It has never slid of its holder on me in 5 years and the wall holder has never come off the wall ( I siliconed it according to the directions). It holds enough liquid for a month or two of use ( I don't shower there every day). Thick gel body washes are not a problem, but you do need o follow the instructions to prime the pumps, its really easy. 5A truly wonderful product. Well-designed and rugged.I bought this to save space in my small shower. It worked extremely well. Previously I had a shelf suspended from the shower head, on which I kept plastic bottles of shampoo and body wash. They were always in the way or falling off the shelf, and were hard to open and use while showering. It was particularly hard to put a controlled amount of body wash into my hand or washcloth. Once I mounted this dispenser, all those problems went away. Dispensing controlled amounts of shampoo or wash is extremely easy. I love it.The unit came with excellent instructions for mounting and using it. Mounting with the included materials was a piece of cake. The unit looks like it will never fall off the wall. I had some initial difficulty getting the dispenser to work, but I persisted and found a way. Later on, I saw that instructions for priming the pumps were included in the directions. Shame on me for not reading them more carefully. 5Perfect. But You Have to Have Patience.I have had another type of dispenser - the one that has a smooth cover and little round windows at the bottom. I had a problem with more than one of those type. First of all the release button on the bottom broke, so there was no way for a secure latch. That being the case, the bottles could easily come loose, fall and break - which they did. Plus the fact that the bottles were a giant pain to fill - they would not stand upright and had small necks that clogged easily when filling. This unit has none of that. It has large containers that are always visible. The lid is one piece, so you can remove it and have access to all three containers. Some reviews complained of installations where the unit fell off and broke. If you follow the instructions, you won't have that problem. I chose to not use the double back tape that comes with the unit. I have some heavy duty double back tape from 3M that is thicker and sticks like crazy. All you do is put the tape in the four corners, then use the silicone that comes in a little tube with the unity. As the instructions state - use all of the tube, spreading it on all of the flat surfaces. Once you place it on the wall, you have to push hard to flatten all of the silicone until it comes out of the little holes in the plastic mount. Hold it in place with pressure for about two or three minutes, then gently release your hands. Now comes the tricky part - you have to leave it in place for at least 24 hours - I leave them in place for two days before filling the containers .But everybody is in a big hurry. A lot of people are too impatient and want to start using the thing too soon. You do that at your own peril. The longer you let the backing cure, the more success you will have. Great item - looks nice and releases just the right amount of product. 5Clear Choice DispenserI bought this because I got tired of knocking over bottles in the shower constantly. I did not use the included adhesive and opted to use Command Strips because I am a renter. The Command Strips hold it well and I have had no problems with that yet. I do suggest you read the instructions on how to prime it. I thought I knew better and ended up digging the instructions out of the trash an hour later to figure it out. My only complaint is the amount of product that comes out with a push of the button. When I push for shampoo I have to push the button five times to get enough product. There might be a way to increase it but that ship sailed when I threw the instructions out again. I like it for how it gets rid of clutter in the shower and it makes no mess so no wasted product. 5
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