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Bialetti 06800 Moka stove top coffee maker, 6 -Cup, Aluminum

  • Bialetti 06800 Moka stove top coffee maker, 6 -Cup, Aluminum
  • Bialetti 06800 Moka stove top coffee maker, 6 -Cup, Aluminum
  • Bialetti 06800 Moka stove top coffee maker, 6 -Cup, Aluminum
  • Bialetti 06800 Moka stove top coffee maker, 6 -Cup, Aluminum
  • Bialetti 06800 Moka stove top coffee maker, 6 -Cup, Aluminum
  • Bialetti 06800 Moka stove top coffee maker, 6 -Cup, Aluminum

Bialetti 06800 Moka stove top coffee maker, 6 -Cup, Aluminum

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Makes 9.2 ounces of Moka Coffee - enough for 1 mug with a little left over
  • Moka coffee is a strong, rich, and velvety brew
  • Takes less than 5 minutes to brew on your stovetop
  • High quality polished aluminum in the classic Bialetti octagon shape
  • Patented safety valve; Easy to clean and disassemble
  • Designed and Made in Italy, 2 Year Warranty
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Customer Reviews

Don t even waste your MoneyAfter traveling to Italy, I fell in love with the Moka pot, and was determined to get one of my own. I even went to a Bialetti store while in Italy, but ultimately decided against buying one to bring back to the states because I didn t have enough room in my suitcase. I quickly found this deal, and ordered it right away. I was SO excited for my Moka pot to come, and to finally enjoy delicious Italian espresso again!!! I was so disappointed when it finically arrived. The box was battered up and literally came open??? (as shown in one picture) I knew it was a fake Bialetti immediately. The material is too light and smells...off. There are scratches and places where edges are sharp and rough. The text on the pot is sketchy looking. I m not even going to use this thing. I wouldn t feel safe drinking coffee out of it, as I have no idea what material this is actually made of. I hope Amazon will allow me to return this. I m so severely disappointed. Don t waste your time or money on this, it s so not worth it!!!!! Spend the extra money to have someone buy you a real Bialetti and have it shipped to you, that s what I m doing. 1READ FIRST. Only buy 6 cup model.So a lot of people who bought this complained about the quality and discoloration of the aluminum, unfortunately these claims are valid but only on certain models and heres why.The models which brew 3 and 9 cups are not made in Italy, this is where the quality of the Moka Pot decreases and you are left with an inferior product which causes all the problems down the road.In the photo I provided you will notice that the model which brews 6 cups has a badge on the front of the box stating "made in italy" and the others do not. I've bought all the other models which brew more or less than 6 cups and noticed they did not have it. After several uses the ones that brew 3 and 9 cups deteriorated and had issues.So in short, only buy the one that brews 6 cups since that one is actually made in italy and well built. Hope this helps. Took me a while to figure this out. 3I love love love itIf I could give this more than 5 stars I would. I love espresso drinks from coffee shops, I used to drink just regular coffee but when I quit smoking the taste changed just enough that I didn't like it anymore. Mexican mochas on the other hand I still found palatable. But they're about 5 bucks a pop at my local coffee shop. I also didn't want to spend 150$+ on an espresso machine, they seem prone to breaking and judging by the reviews never really work right. So I settled on this, figuring I would try it and if it didn't make what I wanted I'd only be out about 30 bucks.It makes delicious coffee. Put some full city roast in their and fire it up and what comes out is espresso. From my readings I've gathered that its not actually espresso, as the Moka pot doesn't make enough pressure for it to be real espresso. But its playing the part convincingly, I can't tell the difference between what comes out of this and a shot of espresso. Its paid for itself a dozen times over at this point. Absolutely one of the best purchases I've ever made. I couldn't be happier.Pros- Excellent coffee- Cheaper than buying espresso from coffee shops- Tastes like coffee from espresso shopsCons- A bit time consuming (although I've grown to like the ritual of it)- Can be a bit finnicky to get the coffee to brew right- Time consuming to do a deep clean (a quick rinse is usually enough though)If you're on the fence, buy it. You won't regret it. 56 cup pot is absolute junk compared to the 3 cupI week or two ago, I replaced an ancient La Signora moka pot with the 3 cup Bialetti. While made of thinner aluminum, it still brewed a great pot (after following the seasoning instructions) and is made well. I liked it well enough to order the 6 pot version. I was shocked when I received it. The weld attaching the bottom piece (what you set on the stove) to the water chamber was horridly done and not close to smooth. The handle and knob leaked like crazy. Just horribly built. I don't believe it was a counterfeit, just incredibly shoddy construction so it went back to Amazon.I'd love to know of a high quality 6 cup moka pot because if this Bialetti is an example of what their QA calls good, this ain't it. 1Coffee maker smells terrible and every pot burns.When I got my Bialetti 6 cup pot, it had an extremely powerful chemical smell. I believe the chemical smell is from the manufacturing processes but that is something that should be taken care of prior to selling it to consumers. The instructions tell you that you need to clean it and make a few pots of coffee, which are then thrown out, before you make a pot that you drink. I did this and the chemical taste/smell did not go away. I really wanted this product to work for me so I did some research online and found that if you clean the pot in a vinegar solution then allow it to sit in the vinegar solution for 30 minutes it takes the smell away. I tried that and it worked...sort of. The vinegar solution took all of the smell out of the metal parts but the rubber gasket still had a strong chemical smell. Again I really wanted this to work for me so I bought a new rubber gasket. I was relieved when I got the new gasket and it did not smell of anything. I was now free to make my coffee. Pot after pot resulted in the same burned coffee taste. I tried pre-boiling the water so the pot didn't sit on the stove as long, different ground coarseness, wetting the grounds, lower stovetop temperatures, higher stovetop temperatures. It doesn't matter, every pot is burnt. Not happy with this product at all. 1Missing parts and quality has dropped over the years.One, missing all internal parts on delivery. Useless Two, dusty, and the aluminum appears to have been machined immediately after disarmament from WWII and the founding of the company. The handle is made of some type of plastic now, maybe fire resistant, but hollow plastic handle, cheap. In this instance, it s the stories you hear about Italian Cars FIAT (fix it again Tony).I read the company was on hard times again, assumed because they made such great coffee makers. Maybe they did, but what do you want for 35 bucks. Find an old one somewhere with the good solid handle. Who cares if it s used, it s a boiling water percolator.Versatility: If you get one with all the parts, makes amazing expresso no you don t need steam pressure and a fancy machine, mocha, cap and americano if youre so inclined. But, get an old used one! Five stars if you know how to use it. 1disappointed in a brand I used to loveI lived in Europe for 12 years and used this pot every morning before my run to make perfect espresso. Unfortunately my original pot was lost in the move back to the states and the new one I bought from Amazon was not at all the same. The coffee has a metallic taste and the pot has not been able to stop shedding a residue that not only tastes awful but coats my fingers when handling it. you can see the dark material on one of the photos as it stained my finger. Not sure whats up but suspect a knockoff or material change. As you can see this item does not have the Bialetti logo or configuration. 2My number 1 method for making coffeeLove my Bialetti !This is my preferred method of making coffee these days and it is great with milk, added water or straight up. Here are some tips after using it for a few months.1 - Use cold water, don't take a short cut with warmer water.2 - Small flame is best, take your time.3 - Grind the coffee slightly coarser than an espresso grind. Too coarse and the water will pass through too quickly. Use freshly ground beans. (A ceramic burr hand grinder is cheap and works great)4 - Tamping - definitely do not tamp with 30 pounds of pressure and a twist...but do pack it in a bit with your thumb or the palm of your hand. The trick is to achieve an oozing of the coffee through the top, not a gushing flow. Experiment but be careful not to tamp too hard. The grind also plays a factor here.5 - keep lid open while brewing. This way you can monitor the process (set a timer for 5-6 minutes or just stick around)and see when coffee is ready.6 - Enjoy. You have just made amazing coffee! 5How to make a great coffee!I purchased the 6-Cup Bialetti Espresso maker. I found that the 3 cup Bialetti Espresso maker I purchased several months ago was too small. The 6 cup maker brews two mugs of coffee which is about 10 ounces each (I dilute the espresso to make coffee "Americano") or 12oz of espresso. I add some cream or milk to get the perfect cup of coffee. The coffee maker is easy to use as follows:1) Rinse it out with plain water before the first use and after each subsequent use. DO NOT ever put it in the dishwasher! It will cause the aluminum to turn gray.2) Make a weak brew of coffee and discard. This will "season" the brewer.3) Fill the filter with ground coffee and level off, do not tamp it down.4) Fill the reservoir with cold tap water and put the filter in. Then just screw on the upper half and put it on the stove.5) Use a medium to low heat (do not use high heat as it may burn the handle, damage the rubber seal and the high heat would produce a less than desirable coffee) under the brewer and close the lid. It will take about 6 to 8 minutes for the water to begin to boil.6) When the water in the reservoir starts to boil the steam will propel it up through the ground coffee and into the upper reservoir. There will be a gurgling sound. Turn the heat down to low and wait for the water to fill the upper reservoir.7) When the sound gets loud it means the bottom reservoir is empty and then turn off the heat. Can also check this by carefully opening the top and watching for when the top reservoir is full.8) Be carful pouring the coffee - it is really hot! Enjoy!I have found that just about any medium ground quality coffee will make good coffee in this pot. Just be sure the beans are fresh.The machine should be rinsed with plain water after each use (I use a paper towel to wipe it down). No need to use soap and never put it in the dishwasher. The only part of the brewer that may need replacing is the rubber gasket. Other than that, this is an easy to use brewer that requires minimal maintenance. 5Easy to useI am not really a fan of coffee, or at least I wasn't before purchasing this. I have only own this for a day or so, but I've been converted! I wanted an espresso machine, but they are very expensive and I do not like the wastefulness or coffee from capsule based systems. While this is not true espresso, it does make strong coffee. Here are some useful tips for beginners:1. Do NOT use soap. Rinse with clean water and let all the pieces air dry in an upright position before reassembling.2. Make a few cups and throw them out when you first get it. This allows some of the coffee oils to build up in the pot and gives the coffee you'll actually drink better flavour.3. Don't fill your water past the steam valve on the base.3. Don't press the grounds down. Gently smooth them with your finger.4. Keep the pot on a low to medium heat. You don't want to burn it.5. Remove pot from burner as soon as you hear it gurgling.The actual process of making coffee took a few tries before I made a good cup. My advice is to use cold, preferably distilled/filtered water and the freshest grounds you have on hand. I grind whole beans from Ethical Coffee Bean (decaf) and JO Espresso for mine. I own the 6 cup model. It DOES NOT make 6 cups of coffee, but rather 6 ounces, which is less than 1 cup. So, don't expect a full mug of coffee, but rather tiny ones. I don't drink much coffee anyway, so a small 2 oz cup with some frothed milk is perfect for me. Making coffee using the moka does take a little longer than using a Keurig or a traditional coffee maker. It's more affordable to use this than purchase coffee capsules. 5
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