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Bialetti Moka Color Espresso Coffee Maker (6 Cups, Bordeaux)

  • Bialetti Moka Color Espresso Coffee Maker (6 Cups, Bordeaux)
  • Bialetti Moka Color Espresso Coffee Maker (6 Cups, Bordeaux)
  • Bialetti Moka Color Espresso Coffee Maker (6 Cups, Bordeaux)
  • Bialetti Moka Color Espresso Coffee Maker (6 Cups, Bordeaux)

Bialetti Moka Color Espresso Coffee Maker (6 Cups, Bordeaux)

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Produces 6 cups of rich, velvety espresso in less than 5 minutes
  • Made of high quality polished aluminum
  • Max Boiler Capacity : 12(fl oz), 300ml
  • Easy to clean and disassemble
  • 2 year warranty,Made in Europe
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Customer Reviews

Best in the BusinessBialetti in general makes an excellent product. This particular one seems to be exceptionally fast in making coffee. Only about 2 or 3 minutes after getting to a boil on the stove. You place water in the bottom compartment, then a metal piece filled with coffee. Place on the stove and set to high.In any event, although it is six-cup, it will not fill more than one regular American size coffee mug. I find the best thing to do with this Bialetti is make a full pot and split it between my and wife and I. At the same time boil some water int he kettle to fill out the coffee. It is an Americano.The Americano works here and keeps the rich smooth flavor the Bialetti gives you because it extracts more flavor out of the coffee than a drip pot.Also for best flavor, do not use soap and water. That sounds bad but simply rinse the pot and the bottom chamber out with regular water. This method creates better and smoother tasting coffee with time5I love it!Stove-top espresso has changed how I make coffee forever. I spent time living in Europe and really missed making espresso at home when I came back to the US. This espresso maker is easy to use and makes delicious homemade espresso. Being in a lovely purple is a bonus! My favorite thing to do is pour it over gelato to make an affogato.5it works. Would recommend cleaning daily and only for XS burnersThe part that holds the water gets super dirty and it can't be cleaned out. Maybe we just have hard water at my house, though. It also is too small for a regular burner, the flames exceed the pot even on low which makes the candle hot. When I try to twist of the bottom to add water, it gets stuck now because its gets kind of dirty. If you clean this out every single time you use it, maybe it would work better, but that's kind of a pain in the butt.4We got a faulty one.I got this as a gift for a friend. I just recently found out that they are not using the espresso maker. Apparently it sputters water out of the side when heating and it makes a mess when pouring. It sounds like a gasket issue where the two pieces connect. He also said the the metal doesn't seems as good as the one he bought in Europe when he was younger. On a good note, the Brew was very tasty. He just can't use it without risk of getting burnt.1Nice to use occasionallyTypically friends from outside of the US (South America and Italy) like this style of espresso maker. It does a decent job, but requires a small learning curve to use it and some attention while making it. It is passable and a lot easier to clean (although still a PITA...have to wait for it to cool, take it apart etc.) than a traditional espresso maker. Depends on your taste. It it not too bad. It is $30 so don't expect it to compete with something that is several thousand bucks.5Brewing perfectionI've never been a crazy coffee person, but I definitely love bold coffee. When my coffeepot didn't survive my latest move, I struggled with what to replace it with. I was considering the Keurig and Nespresso machines but wasn't happy with the prices. Then a friend at work recommended the Bialetti. I was initially apprehensive about the "throwback" method of brewing on the stove, but then I realized that the 15 minutes it takes to brew my awesome coffee in the morning was so worth it. I've also been wanting to cut back on my sugar intake and by brewing better quality coffee, I've been able to do that (I no longer have to mask bad coffee by oversweetening it). I've been using this for about a month now and my only regret is that I didn't buy the 12-cup (I drink my coffee Americano style, so I the 6-cup makes a perfect large mug for me).5Great coffee the short time that it lasts.Makes great coffee while it lasts in the beginning. I haven t had this product long at all and it started rusting inside already where the water goes to make the coffee. I will need to throw it out. Sadly, I didn t get much use out of it before it rusted.1Awesome portion control for one person!I just moved out of a heavy coffee drinking French press household of 2 people and "inherited" the French press we shared. It was hard and inconvenient to try to measure the amount of coffee I'd drink in the morning while I was sleepy and tired, and I'd end up making more coffee (by habit) that I needed for myself.So I "splurged" and ordered this little pot and I couldn't be more happy.When I fill the water to the recommended marked line in the bottom part of the pot I have a big mug of coffee to myself that is perfect for my needs. It's not espresso strength that I usually get from the Lavazza machine that I'm used to but it's more of an Americano coffee quality, something I'd want in the morning for a quick pick me up.The color is more of a pastel purple and I don't mind that.The key is to have it on with filtered water on LOW HEAT and to prevent burning/discoloration and you have to take it off heat as soon as it boils. You'll have no problem doing that as long as you're around to smell it when it's done.5Great for espresso drinks - durable, easy to use/cleanThis is great for making espresso drinks (as long as you're not a purist - moka is technically not espresso, but it's close enough, particularly if you're using it for lattes or cappuccinos at home). It is much less expensive and easier to use than espresso machines, which require a lot of handling, care and cleaning. I'm very glad I made the switch to this. The only thing is that you have to experiment with your particular stove to find the right temperature that will cause the coffee to run out the top spout smoothly instead of shooting or sputtering out. This takes some trial and error and usually less heat is the way to go. While you can make six servings with this, you can also make less by putting in less water and less coffee grounds but keeping everything else the same. Overall I'm a happy customer - easy to use, easy to clean, easy on the wallet (the device is cheap and you skip coffee shops).5Would give 6 stars if possibleFirst time I had BIALETTI-Coffee was at a friends house after dinner. I was surprised how good it was and asked what he used to make it.That way I found the BIALETTI. This here on Amazon is the original real deal. Once you have figured out how to make the coffee and use the maker you will never drink anything else again.Don t get me wrong: this is not your rush to work coffee. This is your Sunday morning, take your time coffee.I recommend Lavazza Coffee and a milk frother to get the whole experience (buy both from Amazon).If you do this right you will never spend a Dollar at Starbucks again!"Reviewing a better world. One product at a time"Follow me on AMAZON SPARK for honest reviews and product features.#NotSponsored #NoBias5
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