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Bissell Natural Sweep Carpet and Floor Sweeper with Dual Rotating System and 2 Corner Edge Brushes, 92N0A, Silver

  • Bissell Natural Sweep Carpet and Floor Sweeper with Dual Rotating System and 2 Corner Edge Brushes, 92N0A, Silver
  • Bissell Natural Sweep Carpet and Floor Sweeper with Dual Rotating System and 2 Corner Edge Brushes, 92N0A, Silver
  • Bissell Natural Sweep Carpet and Floor Sweeper with Dual Rotating System and 2 Corner Edge Brushes, 92N0A, Silver
  • Bissell Natural Sweep Carpet and Floor Sweeper with Dual Rotating System and 2 Corner Edge Brushes, 92N0A, Silver
  • Bissell Natural Sweep Carpet and Floor Sweeper with Dual Rotating System and 2 Corner Edge Brushes, 92N0A, Silver
  • Bissell Natural Sweep Carpet and Floor Sweeper with Dual Rotating System and 2 Corner Edge Brushes, 92N0A, Silver

Bissell Natural Sweep Carpet and Floor Sweeper with Dual Rotating System and 2 Corner Edge Brushes, 92N0A, Silver

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Perfect for quick, quiet cleanups of everyday messes like crumbs, pet hair, cereal, dirt, and more
  • Safe and effective multi surface cleaning on carpets, rugs, and hard floors. Soft Bumper: Yes
  • Compact, lightweight design that's easy to use and store
  • Features Dual Rotating Brush Rolls that pick up large and small debris on forward and return passes
  • Eco friendly design is PVC free, features parts made of 100 percent recycled plastic, and requires no electricity or wasteful disposable cleaning products
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Customer Reviews

Got cats? Hardwood? This thing is great!I use this on my very old hardwood floors to pick up kitty litter, cat hair, etc. and it does an AMAZING job despite there being deep grooves between planks, random indents from past tenants, etc. It works great on all of my rugs, even the hallway runner I have that has deep ripples.My favorite points:- LIGHTWEIGHT! (very important if you have pain or mobility issues)- Maneuvers with surprising ease, I can make it turn so easily without lifting it off the floor, and if i DO have to lift it, again, it's VERY light weight- Incredibly easy to empty, the tabs you press to open the debris holder opens up 90 degrees so you don't have to hold the base in some awkward angle, you can just hold it straight over the trash and press the tabs and gently shake and voila! it's empty. I honestly can't get over how well designed that is.- Works on many types of surfaces: tile, deeply ridged floors, carpets, rugs, etc. It even works well on cheap carpet with long yarn, string like pile without damaging the carpet.Regarding assembly: So many of the comments about the handle are from so many years ago, they have definitely fixed that problem, the handle is INCREDIBLY easy to screw on and put together now with no pounding it on the floor!CONS:- This is NOT something you use to clean a floor 100%, it's really best for clean up in between deep cleans.- It is not a vacuum!! (even if it scares one of my cats so bad, you'd THINK it is one. But he's easily spooked)- You really need to clean off the brushes very frequently or it won't work well. I have two cats, one is long haired, and I have long hair too, so I have to clean them a lot. But it's really not hard at all and only takes a second. 5Don't be a Vacuum Snob! SEE UPDATE AT THE END OF THIS REVIEW!For years I've seen sweepers like this used in bars, restaurants, and other businesses. I've always wondered if the poor employees pushing and pulling these rickety-sounding metal boxes back and forth across the floor were actually accomplishing anything. Well, as it turns out--if they were using this sweeper--they really and truly were cleaning up the floors! This thing works much better than I thought it would. They don't pick up things that are right up against the wall and/or furniture, but out in the open floor, they really shine! Mine has almost resulted in the complete early retirement of my vacuum cleaner! I'm very happy with mine and feel like a fool for buying into the hype that is constantly being promulgated by the huge Vacuum Industrial Complex. These won't pick up things that are much larger than a peanut, but for every day dust, dirt, hair, food crumbles, and other such (dry) spills, these things are great!UPDATE: Well, it was good while it lasted. In the midst of doing some routine sweeping, I barely bumped into the leg of a chair. The handle snapped off right where it was welded to its mount on the sweeper's body. Typical Chinese lousy "craftsmanship." Too late for warranty. I'm torn on whether to recommend this with the caveat that purchasers be VERY careful while using it. If I were being overly rough with it, shame on me. I wasn't, so shame on them. 2If I could give this 10 stars I would!!This is the best tool for the house I have EVER bought. I haul the big vac out a couple of times a week.. so tired of doing that, cleaning all the filters continuously and dumping the canister. Now!! I don't have to do that all the time!We have hardwood floors with area rugs and several hand woven rugs scattered about plus 2 cats and 2 litter pans.Cat hair, my hair, dust bunnies.. easily picked up off all surfaces.No failure when rolling over rugs to the hardwood or the tile in the bathroom.It works perfect on all surfaces- including the heavy woven rugs! It does pick up the nap a bit on the rugs and will leave a 'vac pattern' on the forward sweep.The brushes were absolutely loaded with hair and dust and I had just vac'd yesterday and used the swifter mop on the floors. Today, I emptied the trays 3 times while doing the entire house. Picks up more than my dirt devil ever did out of the rugs. I cleaned the brushes by picking the stuff out by hand.. there has to be a more effective way to do this. I will explore that quickly..Other than the brush clean out.. man! This thing is a time saving, highly efficient, lightweight beast!!Amazing!Why did I wait so long to get back to the basics??If you have any doubts on whether this sweeper will work for you- don't.Get it now!!!I wish I had taken before pics. I was too busy being eager and actually having some fun 'sweeping' floors!! 5If you have crumb monsters, you need this vacuum.Okay so first let me say that I'm excited to write a review for a vacuum. A *manual* vacuum. What has my life become?I had a Kirby. I loved it. Still do. But I never used it because it's exactly 73billion pounds and who wants to lug that around and clean? Not I!So after the Kirby not getting used, it was hard (read: impossible) to get my husband to buy me another vacuum. And I couldn't deal with a dirty floor anymore. Or the Kirby Sooooo, I found this little gem. It sat in my cart for months. I was skeptical. I read tons of reviews. Finally decided to bite the bullet and spend the $28 and see how this thing works on my kids' messes and general cleaning.It came today and I was beyond excited. Like way too excited for a vacuum. I busted it out and put it together and cleaned the apartment.Let me tell you.... THIS THING IS AMAZING. Like, exceeded my expectations by a long shot. Not only did it pick up crumbs, but also dog hair, my hair and even lint balls! There was only a few pieces I had to pick up myself.Possibly the best part -- my 5 year old was so excited to use it, he cleaned his room so he could go vacuum it! One thing I would say is when you're done, flip it over and carry it to the trash upside down from the spot where you stop. Otherwise it may spill on the way Best $28 I've ever spent. If you're having doubts about this, just buy it. It's freaking amazing!!!!!! So much better than I expected!***UpdateI've had this thing less than a week and I vacuum several times a day. My kids make crumbs and I don't even get mad; I get the vacuum, clean the mess, empty the vacuum and put it away in less than 2 minutes. This. Thing. Is. Life. Changing. Attaching pictures of before and after. Focus on the after, don't judge the before 5Worked great for tradeshow booth!We bought this last minute for a trade show we were attending. We had a 10x20 booth and didn't want to pay the ridiculous amount to have our booth vacuumed each night. This absolutely did the trick and was more than sufficient. It also left nice "vacuum lines" on the carpet, keeping our booth looking freshly cleaned. It was easy to assemble, and was convenient to bust out and use in between people visiting the booth, especially since it's silent. We'll continue to use this for every upcoming tradeshow! 5If my old one still looked as good as the one in my picture I'd still be ...I've used a Bissell carpet sweeper since the 70's. It never stopped working it just got so ugly I couldn't stand it anymore! The new one works as well as the old one though much lighter. I wouldn't trade it for all the Swiffers in the world! If my old one still looked as good as the one in my picture I'd still be using it! 5Sadly, doesn't do a good jobOh, if this only worked. It looks nice and sleek, but does it pick up? Hmmm, not so well. Half a peanut shell? Back and forth, back and forth, back and forth--then you bend down and pick it up yourself. Paper shreds dropped from your shredder? Back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. Then, you bend down and pick up the paper shreds yourself. You get the idea. Don't bother with this "sweeper." 1Best purchase of the yearIf you own pets (especially cats), this is a must have! I bought my first one at a local retailer and purchased another through Amazon for a dollar less and free shipping. :) I now have one on each floor and use them daily in between major vacuuming. With seven rescued pets (4 dogs and 3 cats), I certainly don t want our home to smell or look like we have that many. The Berber carpet in the cat room is covered with heavy tarp protecting it from the non declawed felines. Using a regular electric vacuum was not an option and sweeping with a broom only scattered the loose litter. Bye bye frustrations, this item was the answer!1.) It picks up loose litter, scratch pad residue, pet hair, food & treat crumbs and debris carried in from the outside.2.) No cords or loud noises to send the four-leggeds scurrying.3.) Easy to assemble (work from the sweeper head on up when attaching the handle pieces). Made of metal and plastic. Handle is easy to grip and it can be stored on a hook. I use it daily and it appears to be durable. If and when this one wears out, I ll purchase another. Updated reviews forthcoming.4.) Compact to store in any small closet or corner (9.5 X 10.5 X 2.5 with a 44.5 handle). I hang one behind a door on a towel hook. The sweeper handle rotates so the head lays flat against the door.5.) Lightweight to maneuver around and under furniture and along baseboards. The handle locks in an upright position when not in use.6.) Tip the sweeper head over a large mouth trash can to empty the contents from both sides. I use a damp cloth to wipe the underside of excess hair and dust and then store.No, it doesn t do the job as a regular electric or battery powered vacuum but it sure does make our daily routine a lot easier. It s my quick Go-To device!I use it on the 12X16 tarp, litter trap pad, tile (12X12 or 16X16 as long as the grout is not so recessed), hardwood, carpet, cement, slate and stone flooring. Finally... with today s technology and newer products, it s nice to get back to the simple things in life (reminds me of my grandmother s home) and truly enjoy what s important. For this busy household, I can t rave enough about this little gem! 5Good on small gritI got this after doing a lot of research on these manual sweepers, and I no longer have to drag the electric around. It picks up more than I thought it might. Good on small grit, dust, cat hair; works well on bare floors and carpet. Sometimes you have to go back and forth over something to get it, but the sweeper is so light it doesn't matter. 5Works really wellI was really hesitant to buy this sweeper. I can remember being little and playing with one and it worked well. I liked the idea you can grab it and use it quickly and quietly. This sweeper works very well on low pile carpets, throw rugs, wood floors and uneven slate floors. It works better than I expected. I have 3 big dogs and 3 big kids. This works well for helping clean up after all of them. Highly recommended. 5
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