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BL-123 Pair of 1" x 2" x 3" Precision Steel 1-2-3 Blocks

  • BL-123 Pair of 1" x 2" x 3" Precision Steel 1-2-3 Blocks

BL-123 Pair of 1" x 2" x 3" Precision Steel 1-2-3 Blocks

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Precision ground. Case hardened.
  • Cross-drilling design for extra strength and minimum weight.
  • Five 3/8-16 tapped holes are provided for clamping.
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Customer Reviews

Get them now, use them later. Product of a thousand uses! Perfect. Precise. Not just for machinists! Covered in oil NO DANG GOOD - just kidding. If you know about manufacturing and machining you'll expect a thick coat of protective grease on these babies. No disappointments here! Soon as I get the gunk off I'll throw some dial calipers on there and check for 3/2/1 accuracy, but not expecting any surprises there. I got these for setting 90 degree corners on scale models, but in the machine shop I've seen them used in many various and clever ways. Never can have too many of them! 5Just buy it Did not have a clue how much I would be using these for setups around the shop - fast and easy - used a caliper after cleaning them and they were dead on. Cheap tool and saves time. Update - I use these so much it is funny. Set up is fast and accurate. I built a table saw cross cut sled and had to measure 1 inch from the kerf to install the sticky tape measure on the top track - instant precision results. I also use it to check my table saw fence accuracy and set the distance between it and the blade. I have used them to mark boards too when I wanted a 6 inch cut. BTW they work great to hold down paper plans when in the shop to ( A.K.A. - paper weight. 5Most useful squares I own for setting up table saw or ... Most useful squares I own for setting up table saw or miter saw or drill press or any jig or fixture. As another reviewer has noted these can be used to establish the accuracy of the fence scale. They are square and stay where they are placed to check squareness. In making precision cuts on the table saw, they also line up with marks on the work piece and the kerf cut on a sled. They are also heavy enough to use to slightly tap a board to advance toward or away from the cut line. You will not knock them out of square in so doing. Useful in any place where a small accurate square is needed. One always rides on my table saw fence to be handy when needed. Yes, they come covered in cosmoline or some such grease and must be cleaned and then cared for to prevent rust. That is the nature of things. Wax them as you would a saw table. 5Great value, seem to be excellent so far. The blocks seem to be precise, at least as far as I can measure. Whether or not they are especially hard, or hard all the way through, is harder to estimate. They seem to be holding up great so far. The casting inside the threads is a bit rough, though it can be chased to clean it up some. The outside surfaces are nicely ground and have resisted rust so far in a very humid environment.At this price, I think they are a great value and an asset to the shop for setup and clamping.If this review has be helpful please click the "helpful" link, thanks. 5Great Blocks For The Price Upon first inspection these seem incredibly well made for the price. I have yet to put the micrometers on them to truly verify sizes, but I do not expect them to be wildly off.Like others have mentioned, you cannot pass a 3/8" bolt through the "thru holes" which is a bit of a pain. I plan on putting a 3/8" carbide drill through the thru holes to open them up properly. Most likely if you bought these for machining purposes, you can easily make this modification yourself. Just remember, they're hardened, so you need a cutting tool that is harder and to go light and slow with the cutting if you don't have a rigid machining setup. The thru holes are all chowdery and off kilter. 4they have flawlessly achieved their purpose. I don't often give 5 star reviews, I'm cranky that way.especially on something which is really basic, like this tool.but, since the price was low and it has zero problems, it's well made, well shipped...it feels wrong to say you can get better, especially for the price.I'm sure there are blocks with more features, but these are true, they're steel, they're exactly what you would need these to be for their intended purpose. so.. you it'd be difficult to be more purpose built than these. 5Not what I expected for the price. Much better than that. I didn't expect this quality at this price. I ordered these basically for a "beater set" to use at work for things like bolting Destaco clamps to temporary fixtures, rough work, and the general abuse you don't want to subject an expensive pair of matched 1-2-3 blocks to, and would have been satisfied if they were within a few thousanths of nominal dimensions. Just for fun, I decided to check these in the layout lab, and they almost meet the tolerances for matched sets that cost several dozens of times the amount I paid for these. The check was done in an environment and on equipment used to comply with ASME Y14.5 standards in the automotive industry. The worst spot I found when checking parallelism, squareness, flatness, overall dimensions, and variation between the two blocks was a low spot in the center of one of the 2x3 inch faces of one block, and it was only cupped out by 0.00012" maximum depth in an area about the size and shape of a thumbprint. Some things I did not have time to check today were hardness, surface profile, and what grade of steel they are, but by appearances I believe they are likely good quality there as well. They were in a thin cardboard box and wrapped in oil paper, but I'm considering making a nice wooden box for them and going ahead and certifying them for actual toleranced work if the hardness checks out like the rest did. And yes, I'll be ordering more soon. 5I use these all the time... This is perfect when a square block of steel is needed. I use them as calibration standards for my woodworking tools. They're not good enough for high precision metal work, but they're perfect to calibrate the scale on my miter saw fence...when I stack two blocks between the saw blade and the stop and the scale is adjusted to 6", I know that the rest of the scale is also dead on. I'm also using four of these, bolted to the saw bed, to hold the miter saw fence exactly vertical and at right angles to the blade path. (BTW, if you look at the picture, the fence pieces are normally much closer together...barely enough to clear the saw blade.)Want to see if your cheap calipers are reading right? Grab one of these and measure it. At 0.0002" accuracy, they're far more accurate than any inexpensive measuring tool.These are cheap and they work. Keep them corrosion free, don't drop them and they'll last forever. 5As advertised. SEE BELOW FOR UPDATE 07/10/12 Just received these today, and immediately inspected them. For the price, I expected to find some flaws. None found. The dimensions and angles are perfect. I plan to use these to set-up woodworking machines, so my definition of "perfect" might differ from someone that is using them to build spacecraft or some other engineering marvel. None-the-less, according to my micrometer and combination sqaure, these blocks are right on the money. Very heavy for their size, so they'll stand on-end and won't easily be knocked over or off a table. I did not test the threaded holes and doubt I'll ever use them, so I can't comment on that feature. However none of the threads looked mangled, and appeard to be nicely milled.The price is great, they arrived fast, and the quality seems good. Takes the place of a few other woodworking tools. The only issue I have with this product isn't even a true issue. However, the packaging was mediocre at best. They were packaged in a thin cardboard box (think cereal box), and the blocks were wrapped in what appeared to be a oily, anti-corrosive paper (I hope they don't corrode into dust within a year). No protective case included (remember the low price). Amazon shipped said box in a cardboard envelope. The potential to receive a dinged/dented block is there. Luckily, mine arrived in perfect condition.Made in China, in case that matters.UPDATE:So I've had these blocks for almost two years now. No corrosion, still look fine. Perfectly happy with the purchase. I initially had a pretty narrow set of uses in mind for these blocks, but I've found them to be useful for lots of purposes. 5They act like a "second hand" to hold small pieces in-place while ... These things are invaluable to me! I'm building a dollhouse with furniture made of foam board and these 1-2-3 blocks are just what I needed.They act like a "second hand" to hold small pieces in-place while the glue dries. I use them as a "straight-edge" or as a weight. Butt them against two pieces to hold them together. For a modeler like myself I wish I had bought these sooner! 5
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