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BLACK+DECKER IR03V Easy Steam Compact Iron, Blue

  • BLACK+DECKER IR03V  Easy Steam Compact Iron, Blue
  • BLACK+DECKER IR03V  Easy Steam Compact Iron, Blue
  • BLACK+DECKER IR03V  Easy Steam Compact Iron, Blue
  • BLACK+DECKER IR03V  Easy Steam Compact Iron, Blue
  • BLACK+DECKER IR03V  Easy Steam Compact Iron, Blue
  • BLACK+DECKER IR03V  Easy Steam Compact Iron, Blue
  • BLACK+DECKER IR03V  Easy Steam Compact Iron, Blue
  • BLACK+DECKER IR03V  Easy Steam Compact Iron, Blue

BLACK+DECKER IR03V Easy Steam Compact Iron, Blue

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • TrueGlide Nonstick Soleplate - The enhanced nonstick soleplate is engineered to glide smoothly across all types of fabrics
  • SmartSteam Technology - Take the guesswork out of ironing SmartSteam automatically optimizes the amount of steam based on the temperature you select
  • Anti-Drip - The iron is engineered to prevent dripping by closely regulating water temperatures
  • Vertical Steaming - Use the iron as a steamer for quick touch-ups right on the hanger or for steaming curtains and drapes
  • Moisture Control Buttons - The side-by-side buttons control moisture output, one offering a burst of steam and the other a gentle spray mist
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Customer Reviews

You get what you pay for.Had this for about 2 months and one day it just wouldn't turn on. The water was constantly leaking when it did work and it didn't really do the best job ironing to begin with. For $17 I really can't be too angry but I was a bit disappointed that it didn't even last a year. I wouldn't recommend purchasing this. Don't be cheap like me - get a good iron. 1This iron is worst. It spitsTurns out you actually do get what you pay for, and my cheaping-out on this one was so not worth what I thought I was saving. Don't let the Black & Decker name fool you. This iron is worst. It spits, sputters, makes gurgling noises, and dribbles water ALL OVER everything. I have never ironed a piece of clothing with this when it hasn't left water marks on the item. I'm so done with it. 11 Star Reviews Are Most Likely User ErrorI became very worried after ordering because I didn't see all the 1 star reviews. Once I received it I immediately used it, and was instantly relieved. There's one part I left out, and that is I read the instruction manual. It does not have an off switch, but you can turn the all the way down, however as per the manual you should unplug it when you're finished ironing. I primarily purchased this iron to press my collars and for sewing. My only hesitation about using it for my slacks is the size. It's small and compact- exactly the reason I bought it. Don't pass this up because most people haven't figured out how to read a user manual. 5Nice Look But the "Anti Drip" Iron Did DripThis Black & Decker Easy Steam Nonstick Compact Iron is a very nice, very easy to use little iron.It doesn't have an on-off switch. Once you plug it in, it's on. It has two auto-off features. If it sits horizontals for more than 30 seconds without movement, it turns off. If it sits vertical without movement for more than eight minutes, it turns off.The iron lists "Anti Drip" as a feature. Both my husband and I have used this iron. I have had it drip onto the shirt while I was ironing a few times. This isn't a problem for me, I just iron over the water and dry it up. My husband says he didn't have this problem. I guess in some instances, water dripping onto the fabric could be a problem.But this iron is an extremely inexpensive option. 4Does not have an adjustable steam setting, Otherwise, PERFECTI am some one who likes to iron my shirts religiously and so when my trusty iron broke and I was looking for a cheap replacement I came across this. To be honest I just went with this one because it was the cheapest option available with a spray/steam nozzles available.I was pleasantly surprised, it was light and comfortably fits my hands for extended use. It is also compact enough that you can get into tough-to-reach spots on the top of the shirt or for travel purposes.The reason I am taking away a star is because the iron does not come with a adjustable steam setting that I am used to. Otherwise, it is a perfect addition to any family. 4Good iron for occasional use, great price.Good all around cheap iron, heats up fast and is very light and maneuverable. The steam burst puts out a HUGE amount of steam, probably it's best attribute, and I haven't noticed any sticking like I did on the last iron (don't remember the brand right off.)I haven't seen any dripping yet, but it's still new. My only real complaint is the lack of an off switch for STEAM. There are times when you want maximum heat without steam, like starching heavy weight fabrics. On this iron, the only way to get that is to empty the water. 3Leaking and weird soundsI got a replacement from amazon as my brand new iron was leaking water and making weird sounds!It leaves water marks on clothes and sprays out out water as soon as you lift it. This is unsafe as this could emd up burning your skin.I would not recommed this at all. I am ataching video for reference.Update: The steam stopped working after 1 week. 1No on/off switch!!!I didn't pay very much for this iron and didn't really expect anything great. What I don't understand is that there's no on/off switch. I get that it has auto shut off but that means when I'm done using it, I either have to unplug it or if I just leave it alone, it will shut off in 8 minutes. That seems wasteful and frankly a little bit dangerous. Not sure I can live with it. 3There are better irons than this and B&D should be ashamed that ...There are better irons than this and B&D should be ashamed that they made an iron like this. I brought this one after a previous B&D Iron I had for two or three years finally conked out on me. I got tired of the irons that had the cord reel feature as all of the ones I brought started to have issues with the you guessed it, the cord going bad. I decided to buy a cheaper, and regular corded iron that requires you to wrap up the cord when your done ironing. I probably won't go back to a cord reel iron as I've owned several and every one I owned had the cord go bad on it. I also know for a fact that I could've brought a better iron than this cheaply made iron that had the indicator light go out on me after almost a month of owning it. It still works but I definitely see myself utilizing that two year included warranty before the time limit expires as well.Edit:The iron has now completely died on me and I may have to just buy another one. If anyone reading this has plans of buying this iron, read a few more reviews about this iron and if you keep getting the DO NOT BUY response, please listen. I only had this iron for 11 months before it completely stopped working. It leaks water everywhere when it's idle, it's noisy and has weird sounding noises when turned on. If you're thinking that you have a two year warranty available if something goes wrong, you're better off buying a more expensive iron from another company as you have to submit your inquiry/receipt, day that you brought the iron, the power cord, not the whole iron, you have to cut the power cord OFF and ship it in! In addition to that you have to (listen to this) get a money order of $7.50-$8.00 for the shipping and handling. Black And Decker isn't the same company that I used to hear about over the years growing up and a lot of the products they make are poorly designed/engineered, and don't last. I'm saying that as someone who has brought two irons and a yard trimmer from this company. DO NOT BUY! 3Low Quality IronBought this iron recently and after using it for about 2 weeks it doesnt work anymore. I noticed shortly after i got it that the auto steamer was spotty, it wouldnt always engage when set down even when iron was hot. After using it for about 2 weeks all of a sudden it wouldnt warm up. I set it to the highest setting and the iron is ice cold. I've tried leaving it on for about 10 minutes at the highest setting and still cold. Save yourself some time having to send this back and just get a better iron right off the back. 1
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