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Blender Bottle Classic Loop Top Shaker Bottle, Moss Green/Moss Green

  • Blender Bottle Classic Loop Top Shaker Bottle, Moss Green/Moss Green
  • Blender Bottle Classic Loop Top Shaker Bottle, Moss Green/Moss Green
  • Blender Bottle Classic Loop Top Shaker Bottle, Moss Green/Moss Green
  • Blender Bottle Classic Loop Top Shaker Bottle, Moss Green/Moss Green
  • Blender Bottle Classic Loop Top Shaker Bottle, Moss Green/Moss Green
  • Blender Bottle Classic Loop Top Shaker Bottle, Moss Green/Moss Green
  • Blender Bottle Classic Loop Top Shaker Bottle, Moss Green/Moss Green
  • Blender Bottle Classic Loop Top Shaker Bottle, Moss Green/Moss Green
  • Blender Bottle Classic Loop Top Shaker Bottle, Moss Green/Moss Green

Blender Bottle Classic Loop Top Shaker Bottle, Moss Green/Moss Green

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • 28-ounce capacity (note: measurements only go to 20 ounces) shakercupfor mixing protein shakes, smoothies, and supplements
  • Patented mixing system uses 316 surgical-grade stainless steel BlenderBall wire whisk found only inBlenderBottlebrand shaker bottles
  • Screw-on lid creates leak-proof seal, and flip cap snaps securely shut to keep contents contained; loop top for easy carrying or attaching keys
  • Wide mouth makes it easy to add mix scoops and liquids, and embossed markings measure both ounces and milliliters
  • BPA and phthalate-free, dishwasher safe; manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty
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Customer Reviews

Easiest, most-delicious, post-run experience!I should start by saying that I value my time and tend to go the path of least time-commitment when it comes to eating. Enter the BlenderBottle Classic Loop Top Shaker. It s not the easiest lid to pop shut, so make sure you really push down until it s closed. Otherwise you ll be cleaning up a big ol mess. Assuming you can do that part right, it does the job of blending protein drinks perfectly. That brings us to parts two and three; Chocolate-flavored Molk from Jocko and Four Sigmatic with Lion s Mane. I ve had a couple runs (13+ miles) where I ve capped it off with the protein powder coupled with the instant coffee over water. What a perfect combo! I tried the protein powder by itself with water and it was missing something. I didn t want to go with milk, so instead I grabbed the coffee out of the pantry. Usually runs of this distance in July and August will leave me drained for hours and in need of a nap but grabbing some fast protein and a smidge of smart caffeine takes away all the usual post-run drag. If you re looking for a way to liven up your post-run mornings/afternoons, this is the way to go. 5Love this thingThis cup may be one of my all time favorite Amazon purchases. Easy to use, carry, clean and store. Not that it ever gets stored. I purchased this to mix protein powder and i love it for that purpose. I went from having an unusable powder to enjoying protein shakes daily. But what i really love it for is mixing pudding, the instant kind. One cup to clean after shaking for 1 minute, so super easy.On to the p&c:Pros:Easy to use and mixes protein power or pudding in under a minute.Large enough to grip easily, i have old people hands.Super easy to clean, i add a drop of dish soap and some water, shake and rinse.Can mix all sorts of stuff in it.Thick plastic, quality locking pour spout lid. Really "SNAPS" in place.After reading comments, the company has some great customer service skills.Cons:At this point there are none, if that changes ill get back here and let y'all know.I see in some images that peoples caps break and the company replaces them. While that is awesome of them i consider these kinds of products consumables. For eight bucks ill buy another if it breaks after a reasonable amount of use. It is likely i wont wait that long as i saw my wife eyeballing it so i will probably grab a couple more just in case it disappears. 5Great product!I really love this shaker bottle, even though I just started to use it yesterday.I have been working out for around 20 years. I have used various shaker cups for mixing my workout supplements, from Gatorade bottles to GNC powered mixers. I finally settled down to 2 GNC shaker cups 3-4 years ago, which mix well the supplements and are easy to clean. However, I can't mix one protein powder ( Cellucor Cor-Performance Whey Fast Digesting 100% Whey Protein 26 Servings, Red Velvet, 2 Pound). It's the first time I buy and try this protein powder. No matter how hard I shook my shaker cup, I always see undissolved powder in the drink, which made the drink taste horrible. After I received my BlenderBottle shaker bottle yesterday, I gave it a try with the protein powder. The outcome was fantastic! The shaker cup mixed the protein powder so well that it makes the drink taste very smooth. I wouldn't believe I start to like the protein powder that I hated so much before.I consider this shaker cup to be the best among what I have used. It is well designed and manufactured. I had little concern when I read about questions/answers and learned the bottled are manufactured in China before I placed my order. After the "test run", I really like my new BlenderBottle shaker cup and all my concerns are gone. I ordered another one, which I will be using in my office. 5The Trapjaw of Bottles With a Subpar Shaker+ Durability is nice.+ Bottle looks sleek.+ Carrying handle is nice.- An absolute nightmare to open, ya know, the BASICS of a bottle. I genuinely hate how hard it is to open.- Slim and long, but get ready to buy a bottle brush to clean it. Using your hand, especially when you have bigger hands, is kind of painful trying to jam a sponge down into it.- The blender is fine but absolutely DOES NOT completely break up the protein powder. In fact: it's about average in how terribly it operates per the other bottles I've owned.Ok look. If you're here because of the "blender bottle tech" then find another bottle. It mixes at best adequately and most often poorly. It's also not only a pain to clean but, SOMEHOW, a complete pain to open the mouthpiece of. At least it works as a bottle and somewhat shakes... 2BEST shaker bottleLove my BlenderBottle to mix up my energy drinks. I've used off brand / GNC brand and honestly, the BlenderBottle is the best. Large capacity, easy to carry around with me, and the #1 reason that puts BlenderBottle brand above all the other (slightly) cheaper versions is it DOES NOT hold onto any smell or flavors of whatever you mix in it. I put all sorts of different energy powders, pre-workout powders, protein powders in my bottle and after running through the dishwasher, I've never had a problem with the plastic absorbing anything like I have with other bottles.Please click YES if my review has been helpful to you, it will encourage me to continue writing and updating my reviews, and leave a comment if you have any questions, I will be more than happy to answer if I can be of help. 5Great shaker which resulted in smooth, clumpless protein shake. Highly recommend.I received my protein powder a day before I received the shaker bottle. So, on night one, I tried to mix my protein shake by dumping a scoop of powder into a plastic cup, adding milk, and mixing it with a spoon. It wasn't my greatest decision, and resulted in super-clumpy, mediocre-tasting protein shake.Flash forward a day, and I mix the powder and milk using the shaker bottle. GAME CHANGER. Using the same process and ingredients and the shaker bottle, I made a smooth, tasty protein shake without all the clumps of powder at the bottom. The bottle is easy to open and close, quick to rinse or wash, and the ball at the bottom is both useful and extremely fun to play with (outside of the bottle, of course). I highly recommend this shaker if you're in the market for one. 5DO NOT BUY THIS IF YOU'RE MIXING... well, anything.I bought this bottle on May 1st.2 Weeks of using it and it already has a disgusting smell and taste to it.I always wash it out right after working out and when I've finished my protein shakes.I've instead ordered their SportMixer which is supposed to be more resistant to this problem.Not only that, but the top leaks when shaking, little driplets everywhere.I don't know what people are mixing in this bottle that makes it NOT smell and taste horrible, but horrible waste of money for mixing my protein powder. Tried washing it out with soap, as a final resort I let it sit over night in soap and washed it out with hot water afterwards.Now the bottle smells like a mix of protein powder and soap, if you try to drink anything out of it it'll taste like soapy protein powder.Not happy, I've had microwaved tubberware that's been more resistant than this thing.Edit: Had the SportMixer bottle, which is made by the SAME COMPANY, for 2 weeks now and it seems to be holding up well. No bad smell or taste. It's worth the extra $3 you pay for it. It even has a measurement for fluid oz on the side and it seals much tighter. 1The lids eventually break and then they are useless.I've purchased 21 of these bottles so I could have 3 shakes per day and not stress over dishes more than once per week.It worked well for a while, but the lids keep breaking. There's a fine line between not tightening them enough and having them leak everywhere when you go to shake them, or tightening them too much and causing the plastic to split at the top -in which case they leak everywhere.I know few things are made to last a lifetime, but I do take really good care of my all my things, and I am disappointed by how quickly these broke. It can also be quite inconvenient or unpleasant if you dont notice and then spill a protein shake down the front of your clothes. 2The Perfect Water BottleI've got 6 of these and just ordered one for my friend who needs to drink more liquids. This helps me drink the required 60+ oz a day because I only need to drink 3. I flavor my filtered water with low/no calorie flavors or lemon juice and that helps me drink all day long. I'm so much healthier since getting these - and the colors are very nice. I put them on the top rack of my dishwasher and they stand up to the cleaning very nicely. Still using my first one, which is 5 years old. 5Fantastic MixerI have some protein powder that is so fine it cannot be mixed with a spoon; it floats on liquid. I use my Vita-mix blender when I add bananas or frozen fruit but sometimes I just want to mix the powder and milk. That is why I wanted to try the BlenderBottle. I was very skeptical because of what I just mentioned but I cannot tell you how pleased I am. After a dozen shakes that powder is completely mixed without a trace of clumping; just a smooth, creamy drink. Fantastic item.The 20 ounce is adequate for my purposes but it may be a little small for some. The size may shock you when you open the box. 5
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