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Blocker Tie Ring II

  • Blocker Tie Ring II

Blocker Tie Ring II

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Mounts on hitch rails
  • Mounts at any height with Mag-Loc
  • Mag-Loc holds tongue in place
  • Great for teaching a young horse to tie
  • Includes quick snap, shackle, eyebolt and instruction booklet
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Customer Reviews

Very helpfulIt works until they figure it out. Our mare will pull back every once in a while to the point of sitting down, until she calms down. This has definitely helped with that. She will pull back until she gets to the end of the lead, which is enough time to get to her, but she figured out that if she keeps pulling she'll be free.I still use it as it keeps her from getting hurt. We are lucky that she will stand until something spooks her (which is not often) It works perfectly with any secured ring, even on the side of a trailer.If you have an occasional spooker that will pull back, and for teaching a younger horse, it would be perfect. 4Excellent buy worth more than its weight in goldExcellent buy worth more than its weight in gold! I have a horse that learned he could break ropes and halters and I could never tie him. A barrel racing friend told me about this product. My horse only tried it once or twice and learned he wasn't going anywhere. You need to use a longer trainer rope or it won't work at first. There are detailed instructions and different levels of tying 5Best purchase for my young neurologic horseBest purchase I ve made for my horse. I have a horse with special needs...he s 3 and has a neurological condition and had surgery for it this past summer, meaning he can t have trauma to his neck. Since he s young and delicate, it s been hard to teach him any manners, how to tie, be patient, etc. I can t tie him like a normal horse...even using some baking twine takes too much pressure to break to be safe for him. But it s been nearly impossible to handle him even just to groom since I have no one to hold him for me. This has been a life saver. Before we knew the extent of his neck problems and I tried to teach him to tie, he would occasionally pull back and either panic or break his halter, which could kill him now. But with the blocker ring in his stall, I can now tie him without worry. If he starts to pull back or whatever, the lead slips out with little pressure, and I got a really long rope so he doesn t get loose. And after using it a few weeks, he seems to be much more confident that he s not trapped, but also knows he can just break free either...so he s getting MUCH better at tying and not pulling back. I just purchased a second one and a second rope so we can graduate to cross tying in an aisle, and I am relieved that I won t have to stress out about him hurting himself, while I can finally be able to work with him properly and without him being all over the place. Best investment so far for my little guy s case. 5GREAT PRODUCTIf you have a problem horse not wanting to tie up, this is the solution. I trained my horse to stand and tie in about a week. working a little daily. for about 30 minutes a day. Watch the Blocker video's and you will be amazed how easy it was to train your horse to stand at the trailer. Mine had no patience to be tied ( dang mare ). This product also works great inside your trailer,wash rack or what ever. Give it a try you will like it. 5Works great!!!Bought it for one of my mares that pulls back sometimes. She doesn't do it often but when she does it she pulls back hard. Shes got scar tissue in her neck because of it. She set back this weekend because the rope slid through the ring she stopped. Afterwards she started licking her lips (always a sign of relaxing). She calmed down quickly with no more drama. I also bought it to train my filly how to tie. She's 8 months old, we used the ring with her this past weekend, she stood nicely, no problems. Made me feel more secure that she wouldn't hurt herself if she did decide to pull back. 5Works for a horse that pulls backMy gelding occasionally pulls back when he is tied to the horse trailer but with no rhyme or reason I can figure out. When he is tied to this if he pulls back it gives and he stops, if he is tied hard and fast (which I don't do with him anymore) he will freak and keep pulling. This is a great help and keeps him calm when tied. He hasn't pulled back in months now that it gives with the use of this ring. 5Bad experience because of drop in qualityMy mule pulled back once, worked fine. Went back later,MY MULE WAS GONE. Got him caught the next day. The problem was the cheep ass aluminum carabiner. Some of you mentioned a rusting carabiner, only steel rusts. SO they used an aluminum carabiner,,, now the system fails. I'm sure glad my mule didn't get on the Interstate highway and get himself and people killed. I have been blessed,, nobody got hurt or killed. BUT,,, I sure got a bad taste in my mouth towards Blocker. Apparently they HAD a good product,, then they cut corners or what ever quality goes south way south. I trusted Blocker but they changed. I understand. They didn't want people complaining about rust. So they changed the product and put aluminum in (it does not rust). In this application aluminum is not as strong as the steel carabiner. They should have gone with a heavier aluminum. They cut there manufacturing cost. We the consumer pay for there screw-up. I sure wish I had not experienced all the gut wrenching I experienced. 1Great productSo this should be comon sense, but I didn't think to check myself, if there is a knot or thicker braided section on the end of your lead rope make sure it pulls through. Mine did not, and my horse found out for me (no injuries). Not the Blocker Ties fault, but just something to be mindful of before you tie them. 5I had my doubts but I watched the videos on the actual websiteThis seems to really work, I put my lead rope through it and tried to pull it through and it was very tough to budge. There is also a second option to make it even harder to pull back if you feel your horse needs it. I highly suggest to watch the videos on the actual website bc it helped me understand it better. I used it in my barn and on my trailer so far and my horse seems to respect it more and I feel safer knowing I can undo it very quickly if need be. My horse hasn't pulled back on it yet so I have yet to see what that brings. I got this bc he gets freaked out by being tied up solid, this I hope is the solution. 5Does exactly what it's supposed to do. My 19-year ...Does exactly what it's supposed to do. My 19-year old horse had an accident last summer while he was tied, and afterwards kept spooking and pulling back. I tried leaving the lead untied or in easy-release knots, but he was still scared. When he spooked with the tie ring, he pulled back and then stopped when he realized he wasn't attached to the tie post. He doesn't pull back anymore but I still use the tie ring. True, you could possibly fashion something similar out of hardware-store items, but this was worth the price for me. 5
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