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Bodum 1508-10 Spare Carafe for French Press, 34 Ounce

  • Bodum 1508-10 Spare Carafe for French Press, 34 Ounce
  • Bodum 1508-10 Spare Carafe for French Press, 34 Ounce
  • Bodum 1508-10 Spare Carafe for French Press, 34 Ounce
  • Bodum 1508-10 Spare Carafe for French Press, 34 Ounce
  • Bodum 1508-10 Spare Carafe for French Press, 34 Ounce
  • Bodum 1508-10 Spare Carafe for French Press, 34 Ounce
  • Bodum 1508-10 Spare Carafe for French Press, 34 Ounce

Bodum 1508-10 Spare Carafe for French Press, 34 Ounce

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£48.00 £80.00 You save: £32.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • BEAKER: Replace your broken coffee press beaker without purchasing a whole new set, because a broken beaker shouldn't put an end to your French press coffee addiction
  • MULTI USE: Use as a replacement beaker or keep on hand as an extra to your current coffee maker
  • COMPATIBILITY: This eight cup, 34-ounce replacement beaker fits all styles of the Bodum, eight cup, 34-ounce coffee press
  • DIMENSIONS: Clear glass carafe for French press is 7 inches tall with a 3.75 inch dia
  • DISHWASHER SAFE: Wash glass carafe in the dishwasher for a quick, efficient cleaning
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Customer Reviews

Not cheap, but there is a reasonI have a small french press that I didn't use for years because the glass was cracked. I kept going back and forth between just replacing the whole thing or replacing the glass. Well I decided to finally just get a new carafe. A lot of the reviews for this criticize the prices which admittedly is close to the price of replacing the entire thing. having said that, the glass is probably the most expensive part. If you look at this glass compared to some of the other glassware in your kitchen the color is a bit different and there is a reason for that. This uses borosilicate glass (like original pyrex) and not tempered soda glass. This allows you to put a very hot liquid into it without the glass shattering. This also makes it much more expensive. 5Decreased qualityThe replacement carafe is much thinner and lighter than the carafe it replaces. My French press is approximately 10 years old. The new replacement carafe slides in and out of the metal body so easily now that I must hold it in place while I pour coffee. I anticipate the thinness of this new carafe makes it easier to break, and coffee will likely also cool more rapidly than it did with the thicker, older carafe. Shame on Bodum for saving themselves a few pennies on glass at our expense! (FYI: My old Bodum carafe weighed approximately 300gm, the new one weighs approximately 250gm, 17% lighter. For that decrease in quality you might as well buy a knock-off brand.) 2BODUM IS CUTTING CORNERS NOWAfter several years of use my original BODUM beaker finally broke due to a visiting friend who wasn't so gentle with it. I replaced it with this new BODUM beaker, with some hesitation, given that I'd read from other reviewers that they were being cheaply made or that the sizing was off on the new beakers now being made.I took the risk and ordered one, especially since I was REALLY missing my French press coffee in the morning! :-)The new beaker came in and I can verify that it is, indeed, an authentic BODUM beaker. HOWEVER, as several others have pointed out, it doesn't feel quite as heavy, thick and durable as the old one to the touch. I put it to the test and weighed the new one compared to the old one. I've left photos for you to see for yourselves. The NEW one weighed in at 8.9 oz and the OLD one weighed in at 9.2 oz EVEN with it missing a chunk of the broken beaker!As for size.... I measured and the diameter is the same and so is the height.SO, this leaves us with one conclusion: BODUM is now making their beaker product the same size but with THINNER, WEAKER glass, I'm sure with the hopes that the product will need replacing more often now and increase demand for the replacement product. Not only is that SHAMEFUL but it's DANGEROUS to the consumer.FIX YOUR PRODUCT BODUM.I will NOT buy this again. Once this breaks I'm switching to stainless steel.I STRONGLY suggest you all save your money and do the same by purchasing stainless steel and not waste your money on these chintzy cheap replacements. 1Perfect beaker replacement, just be sure about the sizeCrucial, and perfect replacement part for the Bodum French press beaker. This is not an aftermarket replacement part from a 3rd party; it comes straight from the original manufacturer Bodum. Everyone's beaker will eventually get broken. It's good to have this replacement part so easy to find. The only complication was in knowing what size I needed, since the liquid capacity is not printed on the side of the beaker. After comparing all the size options, I eventually deduced it must be the 8-cup, 34 oz beaker, but it would have been great if that were simply printed on the side of the glass with the other markings. 5Fits perfectlyAs luck would have it, I broke the beakers for both of my Bodum french presses in the span of 3 days.I bought this and a cheaper, off brand one just to see if that one would be more worth it. While that one fits, it's not perfect, but this one fits exactly like the original.I'm back up and running and enjoying my well-contained coffee every morning. 5Bodum or not ? That is the question.This is odd. This beaker looks like the right product; in a Bodum box, writing on the side, approximately the usual price for a replacement: however, it is a loose fit. I have replaced the glass several times before, but always from KitchenKapers and it has always fitted snugly in the frame. This is the first time i replaced through Amazon and the beaker is very slightly a narrower diameter--annoying enough that we have to be very careful that it doesn't fall out when tipping. Therefore, I am giving only 3 stars because either Bodum has changed their manufacturing of this beaker OR it's a fake. 3Carafe/beaker is perfect glass and a comfortable fitLike many others who are ordering or have purchased the Bodum Spare Glass Carafe for French Press Coffee Maker, 3-Cup, 0.35-Liter, 12-Ounce (3-Cup in Bodum world is NOT 3 Starbucks size cups or mugs), my purchase was to replace the glass which I broke into many little shards and pieces. I waited several weeks before breaking down and buying another and I can act as encouragement for getting one if you have the housing and no carafe. I received a genuine Bodum replacement inside a box which fit smoothly into my French press. I will also add that I purchased a "used" product from Amazon Warehouse and I couldn't be happier by saving a little money, too. The packaging contains a recommendation that if the fit is tight, one should soak the glass in hot water to aid in its fit. I found that by not rinsing the soap from the carafe after initially washing it, it slid in with ease. I then rinsed the entire French press. I would not hesitate to replace my filter screen when the time comes because this little press is wonderful for coffee and tea leaves, it's easy to clean, and I've found it to be much appreciated, especially when I ran out of Chemex paper filters for my drip carafe. With these two coffee systems, I'm all set any time the power goes out and my neighbors know they can always receive a tasty warm beverage in my home even if we enjoy it by candle or flashlight. 5It's a knockoff. Not a genuine Bodum. Misleading.I totally thought it was a genuine replacement glass for Bodum French Press when I ordered this. When I received it, I immediately noticed something didn't look right. It seemed a little thinner than real Bodum, and the spout was crooked. And it didn't even fit the Bodum French Press! So it was returned.After some research, found this on Amazon:Bodum Replacement Spare Glass for Coffee Press, 12 cup, 51 Fl OzThat was indeed a genuine replacement part. It's more expensive than the knockoff, but it's worth it.Genuine Bodum glass has some labels written directly on the glass, so you could tell by that as well.Seriously -- should update this product to clear state that it's 3rd party potentially compatible part for Bodum french press. If you title it starting with "Bodum", that's very misleading. Not sure how it has such a high rating. I guess most people didn't realize it or didn't care for genuine part. 1Filter mechanism did not fit insideVery frustrated! When my original beaker broke I decide to replace the beaker only and not buy a whole new French press. The frustration started determining what size to buy. The original beaker gave no information. Finally, I decided on this one. It did fit the holder but the filter mechanism would not slide down smoothly. It s diameter ,though close, was bigger than the diameter of the beaker. So I m returning it and buying a complete French Press which is as cheaper if not cheaper than purchasing just the beaker. Bodum needs to do a better job in facilitating beaker replacements. 1replaced broken Bodum glass, made it NEW again!This is the original Bodum glass. Now I can have my coffee again! I had my previous Bodem glass for 4 years until I accidentally broke it. Don't buy a cheap replacement version with thin glass. Bodum is built to hold up against heat and use. I was amazed when it arrived in its original package and was in one piece (no breakage) with just minimal packaging. That says a lot about the quality of Bodum glass. Amazon, I know it costs more to pack and ship, but when you ship GLASS, pack accordingly. 5
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