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Bodum Travel Press, Stainless Steel Travel Coffee and Tea Press, 15 Ounce, .45 Liter, Black

  • Bodum Travel Press, Stainless Steel Travel Coffee and Tea Press, 15 Ounce, .45 Liter, Black
  • Bodum Travel Press, Stainless Steel Travel Coffee and Tea Press, 15 Ounce, .45 Liter, Black
  • Bodum Travel Press, Stainless Steel Travel Coffee and Tea Press, 15 Ounce, .45 Liter, Black
  • Bodum Travel Press, Stainless Steel Travel Coffee and Tea Press, 15 Ounce, .45 Liter, Black

Bodum Travel Press, Stainless Steel Travel Coffee and Tea Press, 15 Ounce, .45 Liter, Black

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  • Travel Coffee maker: brew Coffee or tea on the go and drink from same container when ready; enjoy your daily fix wherever you are
  • Quick and easy: Simply add coarsely ground Coffee, hot water and seal the lid for a delicious, freshly pressed cup in minutes
  • Stainless steel: made of vacuum-sealed, double-wall construction, this stainless steel travel mug keeps beverages hot or cold for several hours
  • Durable design: French press mug features a Spill resistant lid, built-in plunger and colorful, silicone, non-slip grip for easy Travel
  • On the go mug: Travel mug holds 15 oz. of Coffee or tea and is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning
  • Please note: Extra lid is no longer included.
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Customer Reviews

The mug is comfortable to hold and a sleek designI was so excited to receive my mug based on the reviews, but I am still searching for a tea mug I can take on the go. The mug is comfortable to hold and a sleek design. I have main "complaints" though, first is minor, as with any tea infuser. If I move the plunger up and down while steeping, some leaves can get into the main part of the mug. No biggie, that is a function of how I use the mug. My bigger dislike is the plunger only goes so far down into the mug, and the seal is so tight when it is at the stopping point, any liquid below this point cannot come up, therefore wasting nearly an inch and a half of liquid at the bottom. It is great the mesh filter is so great, but that is why I need to move the plunger when it is steeping, as it down not allow liquid to flow freely from where the tea is. Given a typical cup of tea or coffee will only need 1 TSP to 1TBSP, I would have thought the plunger would have gone further down like it a typical press.All in all, not bad, but I am looking to replace it for these reasons already. 3Amazing... until it wasn'tI absolutely loved this cup, I recommended it to everyone that would listen. A french press that I can drink out of, what's not to love??? Until one day I got a few grinds in my coffee. Then a few more. Then it was undrinkable, I'd guess at least a teaspoon of grounds made their way through. Coffee down the drain, sad day.Now, I know what you are thinking... she pushed the plunger down too fast, nope. She used too fine of grounds, nope again. I've been french pressing for a long time, I know the rules :-)Needless to say, the cup found the trash can and I'm back to my old ways of brewing and pouring into a coffee mug.It was an amazing product for the four months or so that it lasted. 2Otherwise it was a big waste of moneyPurchased the item three month ago.. About a month into usage, the plastic around the mouth piece of the press started peeling and I stopped using it. I contacted Bodum about the problem and asked whether they can replace the press part alone. The company never responded to me. I will contact Amazon and see if they have any suggestions regarding a replacement part. Otherwise it was a big waste of money. It even hardly keeps the beverage hot. Don't buy this product! 1Solid press, stainless steel version delivers tasty java to your mouth-hole!I'm coming from an older Planetary Design coffee press. Since I am going to be traveling again, I decided to buy another press and figured this one was good to go.It is super solid. Stainless steel was the way to go. The top part of the mug is a durable plastic. The inside has the press, metal filter with a soft silicone-like gasket to make sure no grinds get through. And so far, nothing has gotten through.My Planetary Design press that I love has an additional mesh in the spout to further block anything that may get by; this press does not have this. I have yet to drink any grinds, though.I typically don't use this to drink out of, so I can't comment on it from that perspective. I press my coffee, then pour this out into my mug black and THEN add my brown sugar. (The included directions seem silly for instructing to add milk and sugar through the spout... someone mentioned to just add those things BEFORE closing the lid and pressing, which makes sense.)Haven't had this for very long yet but I'm going to put this through the test for a year and update this later. =) 5this is nothing but excellent and serve my purposeI have an aeropress and have been making coffee with it. The only issue with aeropress is that you have to be there for it. Not ideal when you are travelling. That's the reason I bought this, I can brew and move. And in that terms, this is nothing but excellent and serve my purpose. It is strong, the heat is insulated very well you can't feel it on tumbler. It might get warm at the lips, perhaps to give way for the lids the insulation has to be sacrificed there but everywhere else, it has very good insulation and can keep your coffee warm for hours. However, I can't give it the last star because its excellency is also its demise. Since it insulates very well, hot water will remain hot and your coffee can get bitter if you're not careful with the temperature of the water you're using. Though, the thing that really makes me not considering that final star is because the screen somehow doesn't filter the ground properly. I'm using very course ground and somehow the ground still above the screen. I'm not sure if it's the way I brew or my screen is just bad. 4 Bodum Travel Press - The most compact, durable, safe and mobile choice for French Press CoffeeWhile using this mobile French Press, which I bought in 2018 in late spring, I discovered that as it is manufactured with a lot of careful thought, and with high-quality materials, it is used best if the coffee were to be consumed in a shorter duration of time, while I tend to leave it inside the container for a longer period, and this changes the consistency of the liquid slightly. This volume is enough for three tea cups, if it were to be filled to the maximum. This type of preparation creates a different type of strength, aromatic quality and consistency of coffee than an espresso machine would give, and I prefer it to an espresso, probably because I need a larger volume of water in which the coffee to be created. It could also be that most women would benefit, and, in this way, prefer, this type of coffee preparation compared to a type of an espresso.I drink the coffee made in this way without adding sugar and milk also probably the volume of water and air are preferable to me when approached in this way. I only add a pinch of sinnamon and one kardamom seed to the coffee before the hot water is poured over.The stainless steel body with its rubber elements works well with my mobile Philips stainless steel hot water jug. I prepare the water and the coffee inside my bedroom, placed on a mobile wooden table. In this way I have not had a problem with grounding the electrical current, or the hot water, and the complete result does not give me indigestion, or a heart-burn, which I normally have when I drink espresso coffee with sugar, and especially when I add milk to it.I have only one small problem with fitting the pressing mesh element to the rod which connects at the top to the closing lid; the mesh element is currently slightly mobile when at the start was firmly secured, something happened to the thread at that position. This happened a couple of months after I started to use the press, and I discovered it while taking the central rod together with the mesh to wash them; a slight vacuum forms inside at thebody of the press which makes the removal of the central rod, mech and top lid a bit difficult. I wash the whole press with washing liquid, and dry every element after each use, for the purpose of sanitation, but also to create the least amount of possible pollution by approaching the item as if it were a public item, not a personal one.I recommend this Travel Press to every house-hold, especially because of the different rhythms of our professional and personal lives we are experiencing in this time in one house-hold when coffee is taken separately by every member. Mobile, in this sense, to me is more appropriate to be understood as the timing of our drinking coffee rather than by the process of using the press while we are travelling outside our homes.I cannot drink directly by using the opening of the lid, because the coffee is very hot; I always pour the prepared coffee in a separate cup; I use a tea cup. 5Perfect - But Here's What You Need to Know!This Bodum French press travel tumbler is pretty much perfect, but here is what you need to know to not get frustrated with it, and not think that it's defective.Bodum is *the* name in French presses and other coffee and tea ware, so it's not surprising that this French press travel mug is as good as it is, but I still see reviews where people are frustrated, and rating it poorly, when really the issue is expectations that don't match up with how a French press works.The three important things that you need to know are:1. After putting in the coffee and the hot water (in that order) *immediately* screw on the cap, making sure that the plunging disk is *all the way at the top* (i.e. the plunger handle is sticking as far out of the top of the cap as it can).2. When the brewing time is up, press down *slooowly and evenly* on the plunger, until it can't go any further down.3. (And this is the most common complaint I'm seeing in reviews, causing poor reviews when actually the thing is working as it is supposed to) There is *supposed* to be an inch or so of coffee at the bottom that you *can't get to* - that is where the *grounds* are! That is how *all* French presses work! They don't press all of the water out of the bottom leaving only dry grounds (how could they, and even if they could, that would make your coffee bitter as all get-out) - there will always be liquid in that section too.About the only thing with which I could possibly find to 'fault' this French press travel cup is that if you tip your head all the way back trying to get the very last bit of coffee, a few coffee grounds may escape from below the plunging disk and make it into your mouth. But I figure that's what I get for living on the edge and asking the cup to not behave like, you know, a French press. 5If you need your beverage to stay too hot to drink, this is you cup.I bought this specifically for travel with my favorite loose leaf teas because it fit in my vehicle cup holder and was not plastic or glass.I have a couple of major issues with it:1. Yes it keeps your drink hot for a LONG time. In fact, I discovered that in order to be able to drink my brewed tea, I had to leave the lid off until it cooled to drinking temperature before closing and pushing the press down. Lesson learned after one burned lip.2. The press does not go flat fully to the bottom of the cup due to the sloping sides, which leaves the leaves/ grounds still submerged in enough liquid to continue growing stronger in taste, which results in over-brewed, bitter beverage.3. The tab lock closing the opening through which you sip the beverage is not easily snapped down tight to prevent leakage.... and definitely not with one hand or if you have limited gripping strength in your hands ( as with arthritis).If you have the time to let your beverage cool before sealing and hitting the road and can deal with these other issues, this is a sturdy and well-made product that promises good service for years. I simply don't use it as much as I had hoped, and bought another product for travel that works better but unfortunately does not fit in my cup holder...so I don't drink and drive! 3Be smarter than the mug people!So many reviewers are complaining about this thing keeping coffee too hot and adding cream/sugar through the drink hole. Here's the super secret process to get around those inconveniences: First add coffee grounds. Then add hot water. Wait a few minutes. Add sugar. Add cream. Add one ice cube. THEN place the top on and plunge. You're Welcome. 5Brings out the full flavors of coffee or tea.This coffee press is perfect for home and travel, and it keeps the beverage hot for two or maybe three hours and still warmer than luke-warm after that, as long as you keep the top closed. People complain of tea or coffee grounds in their mouth as the level lowers, but I use a method that prevents that. After letting the hot water in the bottom set for a few minutes (see instructions that came with the press), fill with water to, but not over, the FIRST RIM that the water comes to within the cup. I don't know what it's called, but it's the rim below the spiral where the lid is twisted on. The mesh of the plunger perfectly fits it without space between the plunger and the cup. Before placing the lid, pull the plunger up on the lid and carefully place it in the cub straight so that the mesh is not at an angle, but perfectly in line with the sides of the cup so that grounds do not sneak between the mesh and the cup. Lower the lid, but not the plunger, onto the cup and screw on. When the lid is screwed on, VERY SLOWELY push the plunger. As soon as you feel any resistance, pause and gently tap the side of the cup a couple of times. Continue depressing the plunger, and when you again feel resistance, pause and gently tap the side. Keep doing that until the plunger is locked all the way down. You should not receive a mouth full of grounds or tea when you drink to the bottom. 5
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