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Body Pillow Cover Pillowcase, 400 Thread Count, 100% Cotton, 20 x 54 Non-Zippered Enclosure, 6 Colors Available (Black)

  • Body Pillow Cover Pillowcase, 400 Thread Count, 100% Cotton, 20 x 54 Non-Zippered Enclosure, 6 Colors Available (Black)
  • Body Pillow Cover Pillowcase, 400 Thread Count, 100% Cotton, 20 x 54 Non-Zippered Enclosure, 6 Colors Available (Black)
  • Body Pillow Cover Pillowcase, 400 Thread Count, 100% Cotton, 20 x 54 Non-Zippered Enclosure, 6 Colors Available (Black)
  • Body Pillow Cover Pillowcase, 400 Thread Count, 100% Cotton, 20 x 54 Non-Zippered Enclosure, 6 Colors Available (Black)
  • Body Pillow Cover Pillowcase, 400 Thread Count, 100% Cotton, 20 x 54 Non-Zippered Enclosure, 6 Colors Available (Black)
  • Body Pillow Cover Pillowcase, 400 Thread Count, 100% Cotton, 20 x 54 Non-Zippered Enclosure, 6 Colors Available (Black)

Body Pillow Cover Pillowcase, 400 Thread Count, 100% Cotton, 20 x 54 Non-Zippered Enclosure, 6 Colors Available (Black)

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • HIGHEST QUALITY 400 THREAD COUNT provides the best in durability, breathability, and softness all night long!
  • EASY to slip onto your pillow, tuck in the end, and get comfortable for a great night's sleep!
  • CAREFULLY CONSTRUCTED with double-stitched, reinforced seams for long-lasting durability and PERFECTLY SIZED as the most beautifully fitting body pillowcases for your 54 inch long body pillow.
  • UNIQUELY DESIGNED envelope closure to cover, protect, and keep your body pillow clean and in place. No more zippers and no more escaping pillows!
  • 90 DAY, 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE so you can be certain your body pillowcase purchase will provide many nights (and days) of comfort!
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Customer Reviews

Not as soft as I'd hoped, but still quite decent and the end closure is a nice touchIt was ok enough. Not thrilled with the feel of it. Didn't feel like long-staple cotton to me, just sort of thin sateen-ish. So ok, just not great. Makes the price not as much worth it, but it does have other positive things about it. The end closure isn't that unique in my experience, but it's certainly nice. The stitching is quite good, nice and solid with no folds or bumps. Mine was true to length.The end closure is a nice enough feature to me that it keeps it at 4 stars.I'm good about updating if there are any durability issues. Any questions, feel free to comment or email. 4ok, with cool cotton, easy-in, and no zippers to break......an ok body pillow cover (and, a great one!, with the slight alterations described below). thr following are our observations; | the pros | one of the narrow length ends is entirely open, making the in/out operation very easy, when changing covers excellent sewing craftsmanship, with no loose threads cool, comfortable, and robust cotton material zipperless | the cons | the color (sage, in our case) is quite a bit lighter, than the color represented above, on the item detail page though not the dark sage we expected, it is a very nice, light sage and we are still pleased with the color. perhaps, it may be limited to just the sage, but it is more likely that all the colors are lighter than their color representation, above, and, it is something to be aware of, when making your purchase decision. in theory, the "envelope design is great in practice, it, unfortunately, does not work so great. this containing-envelope system is just not deep enough (or large enough) to adequately contain the end of the body pillow and the result is that the pillow pokes out a bit and, occasionally, comes out. however, tolerable, as it does not come out too much or far ... or too often and the zipperless, full opening, and easy in/out operation trumps this envelope issue... ... even so, we wanted a great, issueless cover, so we made some modifications please know we appreciate that few people are keen on putting time & energy (and $) into altering a product they purchase and we, also, prefer products that perform flawlessly, as is but, we knew, with a slight modification, this cover would be great!; so, we sewed on a couple strips of velcro, each at about 6" from the end, on the outside of the envelope section across to the inside of the opposite side of the cover. this method of closure forces the end of the pillow, as it has nowhere else to go, into the envelope, ensuring there is no exposed pillow and the pillow is well contained; it works, while retaining the full opening and without any interference with the easy in/out operation. we felt this extra time & labor was a worthwhile investment to make this a highly-functional, 5 cover, for us, in the end. :-) .should you decide it is worthwhile to modify this cover and have the time and ambition to do so, then, if sewing velcro is not an option, a snap or 2, from a snap kit, akin to the following, would work just as effectively as the velcro; Lord & Hodge 1100 Snap Fastener Kitlastly, the following are a couple covers that we have found to be 5 covers; RestRight 100% Cotton Body Pillow Protector, 20 x 54 - Navythis cover has a full opening on the narrow end with a long lasting, full length zipper. we have purchased three(3), two(2) that have been used for a year, and they are all proving to be very durable, thanks to a full narrow-end opening and a robust, full-length zipper. the only con, though not warranting any star deduction, is that these covers are limited to two (2) colors - white or navy. 100% Microsuede Body Pillow Case/Cover Protector 20x54 -Heavy Duty (54", Olive)this other 5 cover is a thick, soft, and warm microsuede cover, that i have found best as a winter/cold-weather cover, as it is quite warm for summer months. as such, for summer/warm weather, i stick with the above 5 thin, cool cotton cover, above.Thank you. :-) 3Soft Pillow Case, Tons of WrinklesThis pillowcase makes a great gift for someone with a body pillow. No zippers to tear the pillow or the pillowcase. The pillow stays in with an envelope enclosure.Soft, durable, and well constructed (seams are apparently even) it does have one issue WRINKLES. Now, if you re not too concerned with that, it s a pretty good pillowcase. I don t worry about wrinkles, my home isn t for display, it is for function. The pillowcase will get wrinkled in the course of sleeping so why take the time to worry about it?After washing and drying the item per the instructions, there were COUNTLESS wrinkles when removing it from the dryer. If you re bothered by them, you re going to have to iron the pillowcase for presentation.As far as the silky sheen , I chose the white pillow case. Mine was a basic, standard white cotton pillowcase no sheen to it. 3VERY UNCOMFORTABLE and a terrible fitI almost never write reviews, but I felt it was important to save other people from completing wasting their hard earned money. This case is terrible in EVERY WAY. First, the color is much lighter than pictured... which would have been fine- EXCEPT- it was too short for my pillow unless I crammed it in there (making it uncomfortable- and this case is supposed to be 2 longer than my pillow. I checked four times before ordering) and most importantly - VERY UNCOMFORTABLE!!! For those that depend on a soft feeling when you snuggle up with your body pillow? You won t find it here. It s VERY STIFF AND SCRATCHY and that was AFTER using both fabric softener in the wash, and the towels in the dryer! Lastly - IT HAD GREASE STAINS ALL OVER IT. Bad ones....It s just plain terrible in every way :( This is just not ok 1Finally, an honest thread count!The case came out of the package soft, smooth with great density and overall quality. The envelope enclosure is deep, so the pillow won't peek out like some enclosures allow. The case is either a little on the long side or my body pillow is a little on the short side ... but I know how to use a needle and thread and can customize the fit if I get a hankering to do minor busy work while watching a movie. I will DEFINITELY order more of these because I got the good product I expected from other reviewers (thanks, amazon family!) and I am so pleased to order bedding and not get a cruddy misrepresentation instead of what I was promised.ALSO this company sent me an initial "thanks for purchasing, let us know if you have problems" email and then a "we see it was delivered, please tell us how you like it" email within days. I am happy to write that a local (American) company sold what it promised and followed up like professionals. FIVE STARS to Comfort Crazy and thanks to Jennie for her concern!!!! 5Perfect for me.Ive had the case for about 2 weeks now. It's exactly as advertised. It's long enough to cover the pillow completely, without being able to see the bare pillow, and at the same time not too long that it looks like a child with a soiled diaper lol! It's not rough or itchy at all it's the perfect texture, soft, not super soft, just right for my preferences. I washed and dryed it once I opened it, no loose threads or frays at all. It doesn't make the pillow too hot like a flannel sheet would. I highly recommend it. I sleep "waist to belly buttonish" out of the blanket fan and ac on and have no issues being too hot by the half under the blanket or too cold by the half laying on the pillow. 5WrinklesPillowcase functions as described and is 100% cotton but disappointed in the amount of wrinkling and texture. After washing the pillowcase was very wrinkled. The texture is more crisp like Percale rather than smooth with a sheen.The pillow case fit both my 20x54 Snuggle-Pedic and COOP Body pillow well. Having no zipper is a huge plus. The envelope enclosure works well. The texture is not unpleasant but not as smooth as my Egyptian Cotton sheets. The Ivory color works well with my sheets and bedspread.I did receive an email from this small business to check in on my purchase. I really appreciate good customer service.I wish this pillowcase was offered in a different cotton. I don't plan on ordering a second one for our other body pillow and and considering returning this one. 3Eh, it's okay....Well I thought how wrong can I go with a plain pillow case right? Wrong.... I purchased for a newly purchased body pillow. I paid more for the higher thread count since it was going on my guest bed, etc. Received the item, it was packaged nicely pulled it out and threw it in the wash. Cold for colors. I purchase black to go a with the bedding in the guest bed room. I was preparing the room for guests --- so I wanted to iron out the wrinkles. (yes very OCD of me) ...and lo and behold --- the sewing was completely OFF! it was so off -- I could not get it to lay flat to iron --- seams were out of whack and not straight. VERY SAD. Unfortunately since I took it out, threw away the packaging and WASHED it... I was stuck. FORTUNATELY, it still fit the pillow (I had no other choice at this point). It works. It's a bit crooked and whacky looking but not too noticeable. My first thought was HOW HARD is it to sew a straight LINE?!? but whatever I am stuck with it. It covers the pillow nicely... feels nice enough....just won't line up right, etc. I still can't get over the crooked seams... I paid more for this than another one I was looking at. Oh well.... 3Very soft and smoothI like this pillowcase. It fits my whole body pillow. It was super easy to put the pillow in the case. You can definitely tell it's 400 thread count right away. It's smooth and soft, unlike the pillowcases that came with my comforter set. I wash my linen before I put it on my bed, because I have an infant at home. When drying to pillowcase either folded it or put it on your pillow right away, I did not do that and I have some wrinkles. I would definitely recommend this for anyone with a body pillow. And I will be purchasing case for my other body pillowcase 5Great Product!I have an old body pillow from college (20+ years ago!) that I wanted to reuse somehow. So I picked this pillow case up in gray and was not disappointed! Its kind of a medium gray color, so if you want charcoal, look for a darker color. The material is soft, like you'd expect with a 400 ct material. I washed and dried it as I would any sheet-like material and it fits fine on my pillow, so no major shrinkage or issues. I didn't rate durability since I just received this and haven't used it a ton yet to know if it will hold up, however I have no reason to believe it won't! Great buy! 5
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