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Bonavita BV382510V 1.0L Digital Variable Temperature Gooseneck Kettle

  • Bonavita BV382510V 1.0L Digital Variable Temperature Gooseneck Kettle
  • Bonavita BV382510V 1.0L Digital Variable Temperature Gooseneck Kettle

Bonavita BV382510V 1.0L Digital Variable Temperature Gooseneck Kettle

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Adjustable in one-degree increments between 140-212F (60- 98C).
  • 1000 watts for quick heating
  • Real-time temperature display
  • Hold Button heats and holds at temperatures between 140-208F for up to 60 minutes. Temperature Set Button for quick access to preset brewing temperatures
  • Count-up timer makes it easy to keep track of the brewing process
  • Gooseneck spout for precise pour control. Length is 11.00 inch , Width is 7.00 inch and Height is 7.5 inch
  • Brushed stainless steel and BPA-free plastic
  • Commercial and Household UL Rating. The kettle is 120V, for use in the US and Canada.
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • Descale the kettle periodically utilizing a descaling powder mixed with water to remove discoloration. Kindly refer to the user manual provided with specific questions.
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Customer Reviews

while nice for the first few monthsThis kettle, while nice for the first few months, develops rust and leaks, creating a mess all over one's kitchen counters.The kettle is not stainless steel, and the kettle will form rust spots wherever water contacts the kettle.My particular kettle, in addition to rust spots inside of the kettle, also developed rust and a leak at the base of the gooseneck on the bottom where the gooseneck meets the kettle. It leaks EVERYWHERE, and when tilting the kettle it will leak profusely - which is a great feature considering that it is leaking near boiling hot water on you.I submitted a warranty claim and it was denied despite the clear manufacturing default. I would recommend fully to save your money ($75 or $99) and spend it on a company that doesn't willfully deceive their customers. 1Two defective units, do not purchase this kettle.This is an extremely defective product, I'm on unit #2 and I'm returning it not to be replaced. Each unit threw a "Hi Err**" error when heating water. The error always happened between 140-160 degrees. I would restart the unit and it would sometimes restart and get the water to the correct temperature, but 50% of the time it would error again over 200 degrees.I contacted Bonavita support and they had this to say."Thank you for your email and purchase of a Bonavita kettle. This error message signifies that the kettle reached the boiling point before reaching the set temperature. This is common in higher altitudes. If you are not at a high altitude, please return to the place of purchase or complete the warranty claim form at the link below to receive a replacement."I live at 850 feet, not exactly high elevation. With two defective unit this is not reasonable behavior for a $90+ product. My previous kettle, a $20 generic model from Target, never gave me any issue. This is just very poor quality control and design with Bonavita.**Please not the picture doesn't show the full error. It flashed quickly and the camera captured HErr. The full error is "Hi" on one screen the flashes to "err" and the back and forth. 1DO NOT BUY THIS KETTLEI purchased this kettle with high hopes for improving my pour-overs. It does pour very well, and I took meticulous care of it. I always immediately dried it after use, kept it clean, and only used it a couple of times a week. After about a year and a half, it refused to turn on. I tried different outlets - nothing. I reached out to Bonavita to ask for help because I have lovingly cared for this kettle and only had it for about 1.5 years, and there is no reason whatsoever that it should have quit working this quickly. I was told that it was not under warranty (even though the paperwork listed it as having a 2 year warranty) and they would not do anything to fix it or replace it or help in any way. I cannot believe that the customer service is SO bad for an item that I invested a good bit of money in. I will absolutely NEVER buy another item from this company. It stopped working very quickly and the company refused to help at all. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT! There are many better options out there! 1Beware. Wobbly kettle! I researched many kettles as we are big fans of tea and our over coffee in our house. When I finally decided on this goose neck kettle (after ignoring the negative reviews) I was happy. I was less than happy when I got it out and the ring that keeps the cord wound on the bottom was warped slightly, but enough to make it wobble. Having a pot full of wobbly boiling water is not ideal at best and unsafe at worst. I must keep my hand steady when I lift the kettle off. My husband says I am being not picky, but then again he does not know how much this cost!The Pros: It works very very well. It is lightning fast to heat up water and extremely accurate. The pour spout has helped my pour over technique. It is also stylish looking and came with a spill guard, which was not advertised, as a bonus. I empty the pot and dry it every time so as not to court the rust that others say plague this kettle.Cons: Wobbly. If this kettle did not have a wobble, I would update my review to a five. It is a great kettle, but quality of the bottom piece is obviously lacking. Please see my video where I show the wobble and let me know if it is helpful, as I don't usually post videos or negative reviews. 2Lasted 5 years Here s a brief summary of my video review of the Bonavita 1.0 L Digital Variable Temperature Gooseneck Kettle. I purchased this November 11, 2012, and was forced to retire it on December 24, 2017. Good features about this kettle include mostly stainless construction, beepless design, commercial rating, and proven 5-year durability. Bad features include some (totally unnecessary) plastic inside the water-heating compartment. 4Too bad it's only a 1 year warrantyWorked well for 2 years, only light, daily use, but without dropping or any incident, the spout just collapsed off! Too bad it's only a 1 year warranty. 1Does not have a true PID controller (?) to control water temp as it nears your selected temp.The kettle works just fine. I would give it 5 stars if the price was $50 or less, but I paid a bit more to get what I thought was a kettle with a "proportional integral derivative" (PID) controller. I have not read any ad copy from Bonavita claiming this product has a PID controller, but if you search for PID controlled coffee/tea kettles, Bonavita is claimed by many to be in that camp.The reason I do not believe it has a true PID controller is that it will overheat by 2 degrees. With the "Hold" button engaged, I can watch the temperature swing 3 degrees. While this is pretty good, I expected more. The other reason I don't believe it has a true PID controller is just by listening to the kettle switching off and on about 10 degrees before your setpoint. From -10 degrees to your set point, the kettle cycles on and off for the same amount of time each time. A true PID controller would, I assume, vary the "on" time as the water temp reaches your setpoint. Or, I would have thought the PID controller would vary the temperature (lower the wattage) of the heating coil in order to glide up to your set point.If anyone else with this kettle wants to comment on my observations, that would be great. I have not used any of the other kettles (all more expensive than this Bonavita) such as the STAG EKG or the more recent OXO On. Thank you. 3Temperature control is wrong every time.I bought this kettle specifically so I could heat water to 175 F for coffee. The kettle consistently said the water was anywhere from 20 F to 50 F colder than it actually was. I would pour in 60 F water and the kettle would indicate 40 F. I would set the kettle for 175 F and it would go straight to a rolling boil, saying it was at 170 F.I returned the kettle for replacement, and the replacement did the exact same thing. This is just a poorly made product. 1Great, until it rusted out!I really loved this kettle and it's variable temperature setting--it was perfect for brewing individual cups of tea and Aeropress coffee. Unfortunately, about nine months into owning this kettle rust rings began to appear around the welding of the spout to the kettle and the plastic base around the bottom of the kettle. As time has passed, this has gotten worse.Now, the kettle consistently sits in a small puddle of water that appears to be leaking from the seal between the plastic base and metal upper of the kettle. I would love for this company to reach out to me about an improved replacement, but at this point, I would not recommend this product. Great design, great function, really poor materials. 1If you're looking for a long lasting gooseneck kettle look elsewhere.Purchased this product in 2013 used it lightly in the winters, cleaned it regularly and stored it during the warmer months. It was a joy to use when it was working. The kettle stopped boiling water last week. It displays the temperature but will no longer heat the water in it. In total I got 2 years of actual use out of this unit.Reached out to Bonavita customer service to inquire about purchasing a replacement base and was told they do not sell the base separately. For the cost of this unit, I thought it would last longer. Appliances nowadays are built to be disposable, I expected more from Bonavita, paid more for a premium product and now I have another disposable appliance.Pros: The ability to hold the water at a certain temperature was great for pour over coffee. Heated water really fast.Cons: Cost. Durability. The warranty is 1 year, if the base fails after the warranty period you'll be stuck with an electric kettle that can't heat the water and no replacement base to purchase.If you don't mind replacing this unit every few years it is a nice kettle for pour over coffee. It might be the only one on the market where you can specify a target temperature and hold it there. If you need that feature you don't have many options. I can't justify the price to repurchase this item and hope it last longer than the last one. 1
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