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Bormioli Rocco Frigoverre Jug with Hermetic Lid, 68 oz.

  • Bormioli Rocco Frigoverre Jug with Hermetic Lid, 68 oz.

Bormioli Rocco Frigoverre Jug with Hermetic Lid, 68 oz.

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Bormioli Rocco Frigoverre square glass jug with hermetic lid is the perfect glass pitcher for serving water, juice and more. ; BPA Free leak proof lid , keeps beverages cold and fresh.
  • Sturdy glass pitcher holds 68 oz. or 2 liters - great to store milk, ice tea, juice, and other cold beverages.
  • With an easy-pour spout and side handle for effortless serving, it has a classic design that will complement any tabletop;Jug measures 5.5:"w x 7.2"h with 5.5" diameter opening to fill with ice or fresh fruit
  • Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning
  • Made in Italy by Bormiolo Rocco, glassware experts since 1825.
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Customer Reviews

good heavy quality juggreat jug. only problem is the handle could be a little bit further from the container to make it easier to grab. if you have arthritis like me, or fat fingers you might want to find a more accessible jug. otherwise this is great thick glass, with a clever lid that is easy to tighten. picture with 4L milk jug for scale reference. 4Super super super!Got two of these. Use them (alternately) for my cashew or almond milk (for my coffee). Really really solid well-made glass! (I've had the cheap thin kind - these will NOT break unless I drop them on a tile or cement floor!!) The handle is a bit skinny and too close ot the body; but I don't have much trouble grasping it; I am careful to put a hand under the body too. The plastic top -- which you hold and turn the center of to 'expand' the base of the round gasket to hold it in place -- mostly seems to work. I always hold the top in place before shaking the body to stir the 'milk.' The gaskets come off for washing (good); but I fear they may be losing some of their strength... Doesn't matter -- I just hold the top in place (which I would do anyway!); doesn't detract from the fantastic usefulness of these jugs!REAL important: you CAN get your whole hand inside to wash them! Ran out of any patience with other kind where you had to fight with brushes and long handles and and and..... These are GREAT! 5Buy It - You'll Love It!I love this quality jug, which I use for milk to get it out of the plastic jug I pick it up from at the farm. I read all the reviews before purchasing it and am glad I did. If you put the lid together correctly and understand how it works, you will not regret purchasing this. It seals to the point I can shake the container to mix the butter fats with the milk and get zero leakage. I can pour the milk without dripping. Every few uses after shaking the milk up, I will quickly rinse the lid under the faucet so it will not sour, and one step further, I easily and quickly roll the large round rubber seal off, rinse that, and pop it back on. People complained it was heavy -- it is heavy - and I am glad it is a heavy, strong glass container. Some say the handle is too small - which was my initial reaction, but I have a very large hand (women's size Large gloves, always), and there is no danger of dropping it. All four fingers fit on the handle and my thumb above on the handle. There is enough space between the glass and handle for my hand as well as my husband's heavier hand; he has no complaints about this jug which fits in the door of the frig. I have zero complaints with this product having used it daily for over a month. As far as the operation of the lid, with my hand on the handle I reach up with that thumb and put it on the rim of the lid and my free hand twists the center piece that opens and closes the seal -- this operation is done easily, but yes, it takes two hands - no big deal, and yes, you take the top off to pour your liquid - again, no big deal. If you want a container that has a one-handed operation, then you can't buy one that seals hermetically. 5Perfect for Iced TeaI love this pitcher! I'm a big fan of iced tea and this is a perfect vessel. I was a bit baffled at first about how the lid works, but really it is quite clever. (You twist the center while holding the rim of the lid, it fits so snug I imagine it could keep carbonated beverages fresh.)I make my tea directly in the jug, yes I preheat the jug with hot water first, I think it would shatter if you went right from cold jug to making tea.I'm just a tiny bit annoyed that it doesn't fit in my fridge door, but the measurements are in the ad, I could have just checked. It is short enough though to fit comfortably on my shelves. 5Easily brokenBe careful! It is not as strong as it looks.I bought this product recently and had used it 3 times and was really enjoying it. However, this morning I took it out of the fridge and was about to place it on my counter when I accidentally knocked the jug into the counter and the glass cracked. I had to throw away the product and the cold brewed coffee I was so looking forward to enjoying! I did not hit the counter with great force (at least I didn't think that I did) but it was clearly too much for the jug. As long as you are very careful you should not have a problem, and if not for this I thought the product had good functionality and would have rated it with 4 or 5 stars, but I will not be buying another one after mine broke so easily. 2Great jug once you learn the magic wordGood:Compact size fits on smaller shelf in my french door fridge - saves precious door spaceGreat seal on lid means contents are kept fresherNice size - holds 1/2 gallonGlass means it cleans easily and I don't have to worry about materialBad:Lid is a Sonnabeotch to figure out the first timeLid requires two hands to get back into place - one to push the ring down for the seal and the other to tighten the sealNarrow handle might be uncomfortable for people with larger handsI use mine for farm fresh raw goat's milk and the tight seal and thick glass means it stays fresher longer.I'll admit the first time I used it I put the ring right into the milk and several frustrating minutes were spent figuring it out. Once it makes sense, the lid is easy to use. Here's the trick as others have already pointed out:1. Assemble so seal is on ridge of lid2. Insert into jug top3. Use one hand to hold outer ring firmly against lip of jug4. Turn to seal 5It creates a great seal but works by screwing an inner piece into ...The lid on this pitcher is ridiculous. It creates a great seal but works by screwing an inner piece into an outer piece... The catch? If you unscrew the inner piece too far, it falls into the pitcher! Also, I am really bothered by the fact that I have to remove the lid completely in order to pour myself a serving of what ever is inside. I'll use it... Until I find something less annoying. Definitely not getting another one though. 2So happy with it I bought a 2nd one! I bought this to keep water in my fridge. It is perfect. The jug is half gallon size, and fits easily on the shelf. Watch my short video to see it in action.The lid seals tightly and is very easy to take on and off. Simply place the lid on the jug, hold the outer rim down with one hand, and turn the inner ring right to seal, or left to loosen. You do not need to position the lid in any special way for it to work. The seal is tight as a drum.The handle is positioned close to the jug. I can easily slide my fingers in to grip it, but if you have large hands it might be awkward.I have not had any problems pouring it, no big dribbles or spills, maybe a drop or two of dripping at the most. Perhaps some of the complaints about it making a mess while pouring was because they were trying to pour with the lid still sitting on the jug. Remove the lid completely to pour, no problems. (see video)As far as the breakage issue when using the jug to make tea that some reviewers have noted, this is most likely just an issue of improper use. My mom taught me that you have to run glass in hot water first before you pour boiling water in it, or it will break every time. This is the nature of glass, not a product defect. Nowhere in the product description does it say it is appropriate to pour boiling water into it.In review - it is nice heavy duty glass with an airtight lid, easy to use, and does what I was looking for. I was so happy with the first one that I bought a second one. 5Integral part of my kitchenIt's how I dispense my distilled water. I bought it ages ago. I remember before buying it reading comments about the handle being to small for large hands. Well, that's just a pile of bologna. Unless you're the jolly green giant, you shouldn't have any problems handling the handle. Good value and the plastic sealed top works great, too. Hiving a sealed container was another necessary requirement justifying my purchase. 5Definitely NOT Pyrex quality glass.I bought this pitcher thinking I would get away from all my current plastic containers and start replacing them with glass. This seemed like the answer! Here's my take on it;The good: Seals pretty well which keeps drinks fresher longer, pours well and has a nice large comfortable handle.The bad: The white seal stains and gets dingy looking quick if you use it for tea like I do and there is no way I have found to clean the lid thoroughly. The rotating part of the lid does not seem come off (disconnect) from the collar so that you can clean under it.The worse: I took freshly brewed pot of hot tea and poured it into the pitcher (the pitcher was at room temp) and the bottom half of it practically blew apart in three big pieces. Luckily, it was sitting in the sink so the damage was minimal. A pitcher at room temperature should not self destruct from hot liquid. Period. I have several glass measuring cups that I have owned for decades and never once has one so much as cracked from hot liquids.I will definitely not be buying this one again. 2
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