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Boveda 69% Rh 2-Way Humidity Control, Large 60 g, 4 Pack

  • Boveda 69% Rh 2-Way Humidity Control, Large 60 g, 4 Pack
  • Boveda 69% Rh 2-Way Humidity Control, Large 60 g, 4 Pack
  • Boveda 69% Rh 2-Way Humidity Control, Large 60 g, 4 Pack
  • Boveda 69% Rh 2-Way Humidity Control, Large 60 g, 4 Pack
  • Boveda 69% Rh 2-Way Humidity Control, Large 60 g, 4 Pack
  • Boveda 69% Rh 2-Way Humidity Control, Large 60 g, 4 Pack
  • Boveda 69% Rh 2-Way Humidity Control, Large 60 g, 4 Pack
  • Boveda 69% Rh 2-Way Humidity Control, Large 60 g, 4 Pack

Boveda 69% Rh 2-Way Humidity Control, Large 60 g, 4 Pack

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • 4 pack of individually-overwrapped Boveda 69% rh packs
  • Use 2 Boveda packs for every 50 cigars your humidor can hold
  • Cycles in humidity are eliminated, no need to activate, maintenance free
  • No more hassle of using distilled water
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Customer Reviews

These lasted about 5 monthsMy husband has about 50+ cigars in his 125 size box and these lasted 5 months. We put these in after seasoning for the specified time of 2 weeks for a new cigar box with the Boveda 84% 320gram pack. The Boveda 60grams is easy and convenient without having to add distilled water etc. Really worth the money to not worry about the distilled water level etc. No sign of any chemical or aftertaste in the cigars by using the Boveda packs. Something we worried about at first but never happened. Amazon does have the best price but checked the Boveda site and Thompson Cigars website and found them less here. Always good to check but also you get charged for shipping at the Boveda site. Just more food for thought and to make sure you're getting the best for what you're buying. 5NOT as describedProduct was supposed to come with the 4 packets each individually wrapped and contained within a ziplock container that held the 4 individually wrapped packets. The idea is supposed to be that the packet begins working when it is REMOVED from the individual wrapper. In my case, the packets were not individually wrapped and so now I have no idea how effective these packets will be, how long they will last, or if they are even any good. Very disappointed. 1Love the Boveda packs!I've been looking for deals on these packs and here it is! If you haven't tried these in your humidor, you are missing out! You will have so much free time on your hands, your mind will be blown! If it's too humid or not humid enough, these packs regulate that. They have a great range of humidity, but I prefer 69% for my humidor. I also discovered that a 60-gram pack in the bottom and an 8-gram in the top work best. Even the cheap stoggies smoke much better, but the good ones are just sooooo good! 5The ones that did not show this leakage re-hydrated just fine in a Tupperware container with distilled water and continue ...Packs work as described BUT - after they started getting a little firm/crystalized from losing their moisture a couple of them were obviously starting to leak as the outer "paper" developed stains that indicated leaks. The ones that did not show this leakage re-hydrated just fine in a Tupperware container with distilled water and continue to work just fine. I use these in a $2k Taylor guitar and didn't want to damage it with a leaky one. I keep the guitar w/bags installed in a humidity controlled room at 50% (+/-) so the bags last quite awhile before getting hard. I ordered 4 more so I can keep them rotated while re-hydrating the ones that need it. So overall they work as supposed to, just beware of any leaky ones. 4Boveda in WisconsinAlright here is the truth, I live in Wisconsin and the winters here are so dry and cold. I try to keep my house around 72 degrees but my cigars are more around 65 degrees(my humidor has a temp). The other problem is that it is so dry in the winter, I don't have a full-house humidifier so my entire house is dry. The best solution I have found is to use the Boveda 75% packs (4 in a 125 ct), but am still only getting 65% in the dead of winter. Now fast forward to spring when the temps are warmer and more moist. I can keep 74% no problem for weeks. No hassle just pop 4 packs in and I'm set for 2-3 months. 4Replaced my OasisI spent years with an Oasis active humidifier to keep my cigars at the proper humidity. That said, it always had a weak point, in the form of a ribbon cable coming out of my humidor. I've long since abandoned those passive humidifiers which are just florist foam in a case, I don't care for beads, and using the Paradigm-style humidifiers didn't give me the control I wanted. Part of this is me being fussy, and until now I thought I'd have to just accept that there wasn't an elegant way to properly dial in a humidity level in either my desktop or cabinet humidors.I started getting Boveda packs included in cigars I would buy online, and after talking things over with my local B&M store decided to switch to the larger packs. These things work very well. The 60 gram packets fit perfectly in the built-in humidifier compartments in my humidor, and there are enough versions to let me have good control over the humidity level. Moreover, I like having the smaller sizes available as well, so I can put in smaller packs in individual cigar compartments in the same humidor and make sure things are nice and even.The construction is thoughtful...they can touch the cigars and yet won't result in wet spots. They can lay flat or on edge, again a great nod to versatility.I've been getting a couple of months out of the packs. Replacement costs don't matter much to me at all...I figure my time is worth something, and these packs save me time. I'm not manually filling a humidifier, not manually making a propylene glycol/distilled water mix, and not spending time fussing over the darn things. When the edges of the humidifier start getting crunchy, that's my cue to put some new packs in and order replacements. A nice, even, no-maintenance-required system. I'm a fan of these. 5"Installed" June 2, 2016 Nest install on Oct 20, 2016I "installed" them today, June 2, 2016.........I'll get back with you & let you know how long they lasted.I am using them with the Boveda leak resistant saddlebag pouches.I "installed" the 2nd set Oct 20, 2016. The 1st installed was starting to get kinda hard. So the 1st install lasted 141 days. 5I like the productI think this product is a good one. However, the last order I received was already partially hard. That is the main reason for the 3 star score. I give the product itself a 4 to a 4.5. I can't give it a 5 because it does not really pull moisture out of the case like it says it will. My readings are almost always in the mid to upper 50's with the 49%. Since my biggest fear was low humidity, I am still happy overall. For the record, if my house was reading higher than the mid to upper 50's in terms of humidity, I could say it did pull moisture. My house is air conditioned, and is usually reading about the same as the case. As others have stated, these do not remove the moisture as advertised in my experience. I will continue to use despite this. 3Great for storing medical herbs!These boveda humidity packs are simply awesome! I use them in mason jars with a digital humidity meter sealed inside and leave them untouched for weeks. When I check on them, the meter reads stable at around 62RH (I m using cheap humidity sensors) 5Packets inside sealed bag were soaked a& unusableOrdered the 49 RH set of 4 packets, the package was properly sealed, but the 4 packets were all leaking liquid and they were soaked and they seem unusable. I placed one in my stash box to see if that's just how they were, but they quickly made everything humid and gross as opposed to bringing down the 80% humidity that we have in the south to more manageable levels.I cannot use the product, but it is too much trouble to return them for the price I paid. 1
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