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Brentwood P-OST722 Replacement Glass Jar Set, Oster Blender Compatible, 0.33 Gallon Capacity

  • Brentwood P-OST722 Replacement Glass Jar Set, Oster Blender Compatible, 0.33 Gallon Capacity
  • Brentwood P-OST722 Replacement Glass Jar Set, Oster Blender Compatible, 0.33 Gallon Capacity
  • Brentwood P-OST722 Replacement Glass Jar Set, Oster Blender Compatible, 0.33 Gallon Capacity
  • Brentwood P-OST722 Replacement Glass Jar Set, Oster Blender Compatible, 0.33 Gallon Capacity

Brentwood P-OST722 Replacement Glass Jar Set, Oster Blender Compatible, 0.33 Gallon Capacity

£82.00 £49.20 Save: £32.80
£49.20 £82.00 You save: £32.80



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Compatible with Oster Blendesr
  • 1.2 Liter Capacity
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Customer Reviews

Aftermarket; not as good as original.This is not an "Oster" jar even though it says "Oster" right under the description. It does work with an Oster blender, but it isn't made by them. The quality is not as good as the original - the ring is a harder plastic that doesn't seal as well. The lid does not fit well. I would prefer the original, but if they had it I didn't see it. 340 years later it works like new.I bought this with some trepidation. I recently unearthed this from my mother's old house. The blades were rusted so I took a chance. The new blades work like the original and 40 years after I first made smoothies, I can now enjoy them again. Looks like the motor on the original Osterizer did not have the built in planned obsolescence. The original glass is still intact and the new cover fits both. This is definitely 5 stars. 5Bought as a 6-piece set, but only the glass container is good.The glass container/pitcher is the best item in this set, which I am using to replace the old plastic Oster one. The mixing blade with this set was very dull, and it broke during its first use. The lid is very flimsy, made with cheap plastic, and it does not fit the glass container very well. This 6-piece set is good if you only need the glass container/pitcher. 2Economical way to contiue using my old blender!First one arrived broken to shards, second one arrived 3 days later in perfect shape. Cheapest way to replace my original. The jar is a bit smaller than the original jar and the blade and base are different too. I used my original base and blade and it worked. I doubled up the seals, using the original as usual under the blade and the second one on top of the blade but screwed down at the base. This Blender jar threads are a bit off, so I figured it could use another gasket to prevent leaks. So far working great and I did not have to buy a new blender! Yeah, the original from the original company would have costs the same and a new blender. Glad this is available, but wish they would check on their threading a bit. 4Jar crakedJar craked in about 2 weeks of use 1BUYER BEWARE!!!This is a RIP OFF! . . . . This after market "5 Cup Square Top 6 Piece Complete Glass Jar Set" Is not made by Oster!!! Even before I opened the box to take it out I could smell this STRONG HORRIBLE "TOXIC" PLASTIC SMELL!!! : ( You need a gas mask to get near the black toxic plastic lid! . . . . Not flexible rubber, not made from the same high quality material that Oster uses for their (LIDS) products. This is a fake knock-off from China! I just threw the whole thing in the trash, then I had to get the trash out of the house immediately because of the horrible toxic gasing coming from the plastic lid!. . . DON"T WAISTE YOUR MONEY PEOPLE!!! : ( 1OK so it works, but not the way it ...OK so it works, but not the way it should so here is the deal - it will not fit (correctly) an Osterizer with the model or service number number 6650 - 375 w blender. The reason is that the plastic base on the glass jar needs to be inset upwards to accommodate the blender's drive shaft because the drive shaft sits above the base on the motor unit. That means it rocks around significantly and is not stable when you turn on the blender, probably not a huge deal but it is not what it should be. It does lokd in and it does mix, it is just not stable. Frankly it is just easier to buy a new blender and trash the old one if you break the glass. I'll use it till it blows up and then take my own advice next time and but a new one. 1The plastic base WILL BREAK, guaranteed.The plastic base of this blender jar that screws on WILL BREAK WITHIN 90 DAYS MAX. I have had to replace these at the rate of one per month for several months now. I m not even kidding. I ve had three replaced under warranty for the last three months in a row. I m starting to feel like an idiot for continuing to use this blender, especially with my wife in my ear. But the blender itself is fantastic! Why don t they make a more sturdy one, or even a metal one? Oster, are you listening? 1To small for beehive style Oster blenderMy 6 cup glass jar got chipped on the pour spout and she'd a little shared of glass in my foo. So... I decided since the price was right and I usually use my blender for small, one serving beverages, I decided to try this 5 cup blender pitcher. I like that it is a bit smaller, lighter weight, easier to handle, takes up less space, etc. But 3 cups of liquid tends to overflow in my super powerful beehive style Oster blender. It was a mistake to order it, but I'm going to make it work anyway rather than mess with ordering another 6 cup pitcher! I'm just that way. 3Worked on 2001 Oster until Base Broke after less than a month!So, finally dropped my original Oster glass blender jug, and this was cheaper than a real replacement.Used every other day for blending two hot coffees for less than a month, then the base broke, not exactly sure what happened, but it came apart when I was unscrewing it (with seal and blades) from the glass jug to wash it. It may have been over-tightened I suppose, but I managed not to break original Oster base in that manner over 15+ years of intermittent use.Not a huge issue for me, because I really only needed the glass jug, and this was cheaper than a new OEM jug, but if I didn't have the parts from the original jug, I would have returned this for a refund as it no longer holds liquids very well with just the parts which came in the box... 2
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