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Brilliant Evolution Led Puck Light 3 Pack With Remote | Wireless Led Under Cabinet Lighting | Under

  • Brilliant Evolution Led Puck Light 3 Pack With Remote | Wireless Led Under Cabinet Lighting | Under
  • Brilliant Evolution Led Puck Light 3 Pack With Remote | Wireless Led Under Cabinet Lighting | Under
  • Brilliant Evolution Led Puck Light 3 Pack With Remote | Wireless Led Under Cabinet Lighting | Under
  • Brilliant Evolution Led Puck Light 3 Pack With Remote | Wireless Led Under Cabinet Lighting | Under
  • Brilliant Evolution Led Puck Light 3 Pack With Remote | Wireless Led Under Cabinet Lighting | Under
  • Brilliant Evolution Led Puck Light 3 Pack With Remote | Wireless Led Under Cabinet Lighting | Under
  • Brilliant Evolution Led Puck Light 3 Pack With Remote | Wireless Led Under Cabinet Lighting | Under

Brilliant Evolution Led Puck Light 3 Pack With Remote | Wireless Led Under Cabinet Lighting | Under

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • 55 LUMENS - Super bright, long lasting LEDs. 3000K warm white glow. LEDs never need to be replaced
  • WIRELESS REMOTE - Turn the puck lights ON/OFF with the remote or the tap lens
  • SELECTABLE DIMMER - Select the exact level of brightness or press the 50% or 100% brightness button
  • OPTIONAL AUTO OFF TIMER - Set the lights to turn OFF in 15, 30, 60 or 120 minutes
  • 100 HOUR BATTERY RUN TIME WHEN SET AT 100% BRIGHTNESS - Last 4 times longer than other puck lights. Operates on 3 AA batteries (not included)
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Customer Reviews

Fantastic lights - I went back and forth over ordering ... Fantastic lights - I went back and forth over ordering a set that requires batteries or a system of puck lights that would plug-in to an outlet. Ultimately decided on these with rechargeable batteries.I researched the best lighting for the kitchen and decided I wanted a warm white light. The light these provide is perfect. I'm renting so decided to use the 3M tape. I had them all installed in about 10 minutes. One of my best purchases in a long time and probably one of my favorite DIY projects. So simple yet such a dramatic outcome. I love them! The remote is fantastic. Keep in mind when you install - the puck lights need to be in range of the remote signal. I installing one under the cabinet above my refrigerator (not that we needed light there but I still had an extra light and thought the effect would be nice) but it was too high and too out of range for the remote. I really appreciate the timer (you can set it for 15,30, 60 or 120 minutes) and the ability to dim the lights. I also really like being able to just reach up and tap on one light. When it's time to replace batteries you just give each one a slight, gentle twist. The cap comes off, exposing the battery compartment. Just replace the batteries and twist back on. Very easy. I highly recommend this lighting system and I also recommend you purchase a set of rechargeable batteries. I would not be thrilled to pay for 18 replacement batteries every couple of months. Rechargeables will give you a couple of years, at least, without the need for replacing. I ended up placing 5 lights under my kitchen cabinets and I put the remaining light under the sink for lighting up that area when needed. Really impressed with these lights and can't recommend them enough. 5Warm natural light. Great addition to our kitchen. Easy installation and the remote work well. The color of the light is warm and natural instead of the typical stark white of most LEDs. They use AA batteries vs. AAA which helps extend the time between changes.I highly recommend rechargeable batteries. Normal batteries will last for 48-72 hours of use. If you forget to turn them off for just one night, the brightness is reduced quite a bit.The remote includes a timer which is nice and helps to keep you from forgetting to turn off the lights. You will need to use the included screws to mount the lights to your cabinets. It is unlikely that the adhesive tape will hold after you change the batteries a few times.I started by mounting with just the tape and the lights began to fall after a day or 2. It is very easy to mount with the small screws and you won't damage your cabinets if you decide to uninstall the lights. 5Completely worthless, turning off at random Unbelievably horrible product!I bought this product based on the over 2000 reviews and the 4 1/2 stars. How this product can receive so many good reviews is beyond my scope of comprehension! Well, I think I know how............. FAKE reviews! It's not a secret and it's all over the news. There is absolutely no way that I am one of the few who has problems with this product!I bought 2 boxes of these light pugs and over a period of one week none of them were working anymore. They started to turn on randomly and flash at short intervals. Completely and utterly useless for my art project.I contacted the seller who responded very quickly. She thought it was the capacitor and she sent me 5 or 6 replacement light pugs. She wanted to have a nonworking back so her "engineers" could look at them.By the time the replacement pugs arrived, I already found an alternative method to lighten up my art project.DO NOT BUY! 1Complete waste of money I bought this for the convenience of a remote and to avoid the hassle of having to manually install case lighting. Complete waste of money. Was impressed at first but quickly showed it couldn't handle even minor use. 100 hour run time is a complete lie. You will be lucky for these to last 10% of that time. I barely used mine, only lighting up when I needed them for a few minutes here and there. I can't imagine I went over 5 hours cumulatively. Once they get to a certain battery life they go dim making them completely useless. Realizing how much money these things were going to waste on batteries, I cut my losses and stopped using them once 1-2 of them went dim and stored them away. Now even though they aren't even being used they are all dead. They must continuously drain the battery even when not in use. Probably has something to do with it needing to work with a remote. Either way don't waste your money. Wish I could get a refund but its too late. Be smart and invest the time/money in to a proper lighting setup. 1Bright, cheap, makes you feel wealthy even when you're half-naked and alone, comes with sticky pads These lights have changed the way I feel about my kitchen and life and bedroom closet on a fundamental level. Combined with a buttload of rechargeable batteries, they re an affordable, life-changing force to be reckoned with.I live in a "cozy" old house that has a "quirky" "vintage" kitchen with "basically one" light in it, although my wife believes horrible garish overhead ceiling lights are acceptable to turn on and use for lighting, which they aren't. I'd rather not see shadows of rotting fly carcasses projected onto my possessions while I'm trying to eat my Dinty Moore over the sink like normal.So, for me, the hood-fan lights above our modern 70s electric coil stove (I'm told electricity is really catching on) are the only functional lighting the kitchen has...until now!Hot diggity, for 35 buckaroons per six pack, I turned my built-before-electricity black hole of a kitchen into a living-beyond-my-means, upper-lower-middle-class hipster coffee snob's wet dream...affordably! No longer are the beauty of my Chemex Hand-Blown series pourover, Baratza Virtuoso conical burr grinder, imported Hario coffee scale, and Bonavita digitally-controlled water kettle lost to the shadows of unappreciative dank corners. Without my new lights, might as well be a Mr. Coffee over there. Nobody could tell anyway.I put them under the cabinets, behind the weird recessed overhang in the corner above my various coffee-snob paraphernalia, and over the garbage can and decorative hand-painted owl key-hanger. They really give the kitchen that Modern Family-esque air of modernfamodernity.I also put one over the basement stairs so I can finally see my organic-flaxseed-seasoned cast-iron collection in the correct 3000 Kelvin twinkle, and one in my bedroom closet, so I no longer struggle to see and pick out one of the two shirts that I wear!They come with screws, but screw that (PUN INTENDED!). They also helpfully come with 3M Destroy-Yo-Paint sticky pads that preclude one from having to waste the battery on one's cordless drill to gouge destruction holes in one's landlord's property. They stick like the dickens. Quite convenient.Did I mention how bright they are? With the new LED pucks turned on, our kitchen now boasts, and I'm not making this up, 12,000 gigabytes of light! Astronauts can see us from the International Space Station! It's really good to know that, if our lights go out, NASA will notice and beam down their bravest Storm Troopers to assist us.The remote control makes it incredibly easy to waste over twenty minutes dimming and toggling the lights in a silent house like a moron child with pretend telekinesis via his Magical Pointy On-Off Phaser. Pew pew pew! On! Off! Dimmmmmm briiiiIIIGGHTT DIMMmmm briiiGGHHTT OFF! OFF OFF OFF! BAM ON! BAM ON! PEW PEW PEW etc. What a convenient feature.All in all, they make this dank old shitkitchen feel much more modern and expensive, and they're cheap as hell and don't require any wiring or hole-drilling or any of that other stuff I'm never going to do. And they're remote controlled, dimmable, and very bright. Oh, and you can click them on and off individually by hand when you just need to, say, find that last can of Dinty Moore in the dark.They are battery powered, and batteries die, and LEDs eat batteries. So the reviewers complaining about how quickly they die apparently thought those three little cylinders inside them were Wireless Electricity Receivers from a world where Nicola Tesla didn't die penniless and heartbroken. Nah bro, they're weak-ass batteries. So I would implore you future purchasers to also buy a load of Eneloop or equivalent NiMH rechargeable AAs, because 1. the batteries these pucks come with are abysmal, B. normal alkaline batteries cause these lights to dim over time (namely, a couple days), and 4. why not save the planet and junk? Also don't expect batteries to be magic, you ingrate.I love these lights with my whole being, and I highly recommend them for spicing up a dumbly-lit existence and room. At the very least, they make me feel slightly more well-off when I'm standing half-naked in my kitchen, eating cold Dinty Moore straight out of the can, bathed in the sparkling glow of LED under-counter puck lights. This must be how rich snobs feel. 5Good lights with a few flaws. These lights are really bright! I put in the batteries and nearly blinded myself. I chose to stick them to the bottoms of my cabinets rather than screw them in. The lights come with both options. When I turned them on they worked great. The remote is a nice option as well as a timer that has increments of 15, 30, 60, and 120 minutes. I also like that the lights have two brightness levels. One thing that has really been bothering me is that they randomly come on and turn off by themselves. I come into the kitchen and one of the lights will be on when I haven't turned it on. Sometime later, it will turn off by itself. I do not know why this is happening. It doesn't just happen with one light either. It is any of the lights at any given time. If the random turning on and off of the lights was not present this product would receive 3Buyer beware Using eneloop rechargeable batteries and I am still getting horrible results. Maybe I got a bad lot of puck lights. I really wanted them to work but I think I am going to return them. The lights drain batteries like I have never seen before. Fresh alkaline batteries last about 3-5 hours before they start to die or get dim. Eneloops fear no better and have a full life of about 10 hours. I am using these light about 15-30 min at a time. They are good for emergency use. 1A decent product The pros: At 55 lumens the light is quite bright when used in small spaces; The remote control or manual option for turning the lights on/off increases the ability to use these lights in different spaces for different purposes. I use the lights to provide display light in areas where it isn't practical to hard wire electricity - the remote works great for this purpose. But a small storage space where the light would be used for only a short time? The manual control would probablly be more useful. Customer service was excellent - one of my lights had a defect that the merchant replaced within a few days. The light disks can also set standard or rechargeable batteries.Cons Batteries have a limited life. For display purposes I found that disposable batteries needed to be replaced after about 50-70 hours of use; rechargeable batteries need to be recharged much sooner - I'm using 2400 MaH for mine (Amazon heavy duty rechargeable).Would I buy this product again? Yes, and I ended up with two sets. 5Easy DIY to upgrade kitchen cabs Bought a set to try out for under cabinet lighting as the price was too good to pass up given the extremes in prices for some of these. Other reviews mentioned having to use the double sided adhesive tape as well as the screws which I did and they have held up well. I placed them under all my cabinets and was able to cover the entire kitchen. Use of one remote for all is a bonus as well as the ability to just tap each individual light on as needed for specific task work at the counter. Because our kitchen is more of a horseshoe/square shape, not all the lights come on with one click of the remote and instead I have to directly target each light. Once on, however, you can set the timer to turn all off. This also came with batteries included which is an extra savings to consider when shopping around. 5Ok...... UPDATED 9-4-17 these are just awful. I have literally used these only 7 times and the batteries are all dead. Only 2 of those times were they on for extended period of time. At this rate I will be going through batteries weekly. Very disappointed.These are ok. They provide good under the counter lights when it is dark at night. I was looking for something to provide me with more light during the in between afternoon and evening times when the sun isn't quite down yet. These do not give me enough light to meet my needs. 1
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