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Brita 35557 Replacement Filters For Pitchers And Dispensers, 6 Count

  • Brita 35557 Replacement Filters For Pitchers And Dispensers, 6 Count
  • Brita 35557 Replacement Filters For Pitchers And Dispensers, 6 Count
  • Brita 35557 Replacement Filters For Pitchers And Dispensers, 6 Count
  • Brita 35557 Replacement Filters For Pitchers And Dispensers, 6 Count
  • Brita 35557 Replacement Filters For Pitchers And Dispensers, 6 Count
  • Brita 35557 Replacement Filters For Pitchers And Dispensers, 6 Count
  • Brita 35557 Replacement Filters For Pitchers And Dispensers, 6 Count
  • Brita 35557 Replacement Filters For Pitchers And Dispensers, 6 Count

Brita 35557 Replacement Filters For Pitchers And Dispensers, 6 Count

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • BPA FREE: Enjoy BPA free Brita Standard Replacement Filters made to fit all Brita pitchers and dispensers except Brita Stream pitchers. Height 5.31; Width 2.31; Length/Depth 2.31; Weight .13 pounds
  • CLEANER: Only Brita filters are certified to reduce Chlorine (taste and odor), Copper, Mercury, Zinc and Cadmium. Contaminants reduced may not be in all users' water
  • EASY INSTALLATION: A pull top cap makes filter change quick and easy with no pre-soaking necessary in order to enjoy great-tasting, filtered water in minutes
  • REPLACEMENT FILTER: Replace your standard filter every 40 gallons, about every 2 months for the average household. Brita filters last 2.5x longer lasting that Zero Water
  • REDUCE WASTE & SAVE: One Brita standard filter can replace 300 16.9oz water bottles. You'll stay hydrated, save money and reduce plastic waste
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Customer Reviews

Unacceptable Either a Defective Product, or False AdvertisingI m a lifelong Brita user so I was thrilled to see they finally made a countertop filter that catches lead! I followed the set-up instructions precisely and at first everything seemed fine. The water filtered a little more slowly than the regular Brita filters, but no big deal, and it tasted great. However, within 2-3 weeks, each filter in this two-pack slowed to a CRAWL, barely filtering a single batch of water in 8 hours (!). I then looked up the official Brita instructions for unclogging these filters and followed those to a t. That didn t help one bit. Shortly after trying to fix each of the two filters, black flecks flooded out of them (see first photo).Now, the box specifically advertises no black flecks (see second photo) and lasts 3x longer than standard Brita filters so to have two of these filters last at most 3 weeks each and then vomit black flecks this is either a defective product or false advertising. I see on here a lot of people have complained about similar problems and Brita just offers coupons for money off your next purchase. That s ridiculous. Refund or replace, Brita! 1Don't botherWe purchased a Brita carafe water pitcher to filter our NYC tap water. I was very attracted to the idea of a long-lasting filter that would not only remove more contaminants than the basic white Brita filter, but also last much longer. We bought these Brita brand filters thinking that their much higher price would be offset by lasting much longer than the white ones. Wrong. They may be removing more stuff from the water but they clogged up way before the expected number of gallons suggested by Brita's literature. For the first few weeks of use, water flowed quickly. Then the flow slowed down and now you need to wait patiently for the filter to do its thing. End result: more expensive way to get filtered water than the basic white Brita filter. Can't comment on removal of the contaminants. The taste of the water was not noticeably different. 1Another disappointed customerI can't believe I purchased these filters without first reading the negative reviews. The negative reviews are TRUE. I installed the first filter on July 18, 2018 and could not believe how long it took to empty the reservoir. Then, on August 1, 2018 it STOPPED WORKING. This is 2 weeks for a filter that is advertised as being good for 6 months. Also, the taste of the filtered water is not as good as I expected it to be. Bottled water is better. After being a long time Britta user I am looking for a new filter system. With all the bad reviews it seems like either Britta or Amazon no longer care about their product or their customers. Maybe Mr. Bezos is more concerned with his space efforts than his company.September 1, 2018FOLLOW UP REVIEWFollowing my critical review I was contacted by Britta and given a telphone number and a reference number.I called the number and was given the option of a refund or receive a replacement 2 pack of Longlast filters. Since I have had a long and satisfactory relationship with Britta I chose the replacement option. BIG MISTAKE!! The replacement filters were as defective as those I received originally. The first filter was installed on August 17, 2018. By August 30 it was taking 6 to 8 hours for the reservoir to empty through the filter. AND there is now a blotchy, streaky substance on the interior of the white reservoir.When I initially called Britta I was told that about 10% of their filters from an un-named manufacturer were defective. What are the odds that I would get the defective ones a second time?BUYER BEWARE!! 1Not worth it!I rarely ever say I hate something, but I hate this filter. It takes SO long to filter a pitcher of water. If I fill it at night it will still not be filtered in the morning. We drink several full pitchers of water a day and this filter cannot even filter one pitcher in a day. I have filled it in the morning after filling my kids water bottles and there will still be water in the top filtering that evening if I leave it alone all day. It is long lasting because you can only filter one pitcher a day 1I Got Very SickWaste of money. I bought these refills in addition to the pitcher. I was sick for a month, couldn't figure out why, then I read more reviews on line. 100's of folks had the same horrible gastric symptoms, headaches, and didn't know why until this commonality was discovered in a group. I cannot say for sure, but when 100's of people are having the same complaints while using, then the symptoms cvompletely go away after stopping... you be the judge. 1... accumulated about 8 of these thinking they would be better than the standard filtersI unfortunately have accumulated about 8 of these thinking they would be better than the standard filters. Not sure if this first one is a dud but the Total Dissolved Solids stick I have for this has this filter doing zero incremental TDS removal vs what comes in from the tap. I was 108 coming in and 105 on the filtered side so basically nothing.The standard filters I have take my water (from a different floor) from around 102 to around 78-82 range.The water definitely is going through the filter and it is certainly slower than the standards but I am not seeing a reduction in tds at least on this first sample.edit - having had these for a while longer now, I will say, they have a funny plastic kind of taste to them vs the regular filters. I think they are all destined for the garbage. Am not going to buy these ever again. 2Non-functional crap. AVOID!Didn't work!!! Water didn't even squeeze thru the dratted thing when brand new, first week. Total junk.When the handle on my beloved snazzy-looking Mavea filtering carafe broke, I only opted for a Brita so I could get this specific supposedly-gets-out-all-the-things filter, and after working in a sad, slow, anemic fashion for a day or two, it started letting approximately one drop thru every 10 minutes or so.Only in a universe in which I needed a pitcher of water a week would this be acceptable. Please refer to accompanying pic, with full top reservoir, and perfectly still surface of the water accumulated below. Note there is nary a drop falling down to disturb the surface, grr.Now, since I can't even use it for the reason for which I bought it, I'm irate every time I have to look at the Brita pitcher, into which I've replaced the normal carbon doesn't-do-much-but-improve-taste (but you know, actually lets water thru!) filter.With so many people reporting the same unacceptable product performance, why is this product even still on Amazon? And why is Brita putting out so many hunks of useless plastic and labeling them filters?? Boo, hiss. >:/ 1The Good & The BadThe Good: I can t believe how good water can taste! The regular Brita filters did nothing for the taste of my water, & I was just about to toss filters, pitcher, and all when I saw this new filter. I m actually drinking water that I dont have to choke down for my health.The Bad: I cannot believe how long it takes to filter 1/2 of the pitcher - an incredible 14 minutes! My regular Brita filters took about 5 minutes. So dont fill this pitcher if you need the water anytime soon. Best to fill it and forget it. Waiting for the water to get through the filter is like waiting for grass to grow! 3It fits if you do this! I thought I had the wrong filter model at first!I have been using Brita filters for years. At first this filter, which is shorter than the latest filters for full-size pitchers, didn't seem to fit: The filter has only 1 groove and did not fit the cross frame of the pitcher, and didn't even seem to go down all the way to the frame. I almost wrote an angry email, then I tried 1 last time to insert the Longlast filter, TWIST AND TURN AT the same time WHILE PUSHING DOWN and the single groove of the filter did catch 1 part of the cross frame of the pitcher and lock in place. It is tightly sealed, although you can see that 3/4 of the bottom of the filter is not touching the cross frame. Fitration is slow but good and the seal is good. I bought this filter because of the multiple failures in lead contamination testing in schools around the good old city of San Diego. I will not go back to any filter that doesn't take care of lead. I took out 2 stars for the stupid design. Some people in the RnD department at Brita need to go back to school to learn the basics of ergonomics and customer satisfaction. They must have been on their phones checking Facebook and Instagram in class and taking selfies during the lectures. 3They need an O-Ring to seal them, but then they work greatThey work well AFTER you get an o-ring to seal them. After seeing the issue others have, water leaking AROUND the filter instead of going through it, and making very certain it was correctly seated, I put a thin rubber o-ring around the filter (most hardware stores carry these) which is reusable (I've had one o-ring for 7 filters so far). The o-ring makes seating it firmer as I push the filter in, and SEALS the filter so water must go through it. Get a thin one, it must fit between the filter and the wall of the insert area. I put the ring about 3/4" from the top of the filter, then push it in, and I can feel the o-ring "rolling" up the filter as I push and it seats the filter in very firm and tight. **See pics. This about a 2" o-ring, and they are cheap. Brita should use this idea and send a small o-ring with each 3 pack or pitcher. I think people who are complaining about the water quality don't realize the water is leaking around the filter and not being filtered. After the O-Ring, it takes MUCH longer for the water to go through the filter, so I know it's working. 4
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